Wisdom of teaching, Spirituality of teaching. Teaching is like ministry, often the reluctant are called. Those who have no patience with the behaviors of life and are disappointed in individuals, small or large who cannot get their act together and act in responsible ways. Not liking children is not a disqualification for becoming a teacher. Impatience with the sinful nature of human beings will not stop the call to ministry from driving the heart the soul and the body into field that serve the family of man. Education will provide the skills for handling any and all human situations, and the more prepared with education, the more success and enjoyment will come from success in the profession God in His/Her wisdom has selected for you.

Spirituality and Teaching

Buber defines spiritual teaching as having a relationship with God; he calls it taking on the God-self within. The individual enters into a relationship with God based on mutual respect. This, I-thou relationship with God, makes it possible to see and know thy self, and will become a valuable asset when interacting with children. Teaching children requires a special kind of relationship; the child must enter into a special relationship with the teacher and give permission for learning to take place. This permission is granted when the fruit of the spirit or spirituality in operating in both individuals. The spirituality within the teacher greets the spirituality within the student and in a special place of peace and surrender learning is interchanged. If the teacher has any disturbance in his or her being, there is no acceptance from the student and conflict will occur. The student comes to receive, but first he or she will check and test the spirit of the teacher. Teachers are responsible for their own spiritual formation.

                         THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT


Spirit for the teacher means the qualities of the human heart spoken of by Paul in Gal.5: 22-24: The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. If we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit. It is the role of the teacher to teach and develp these skills you young children. Children who do not learn these skills in earlychildhood settings will experience difficulties in life. Everything I learned about living in life, I learned in Kindergarten. Every thing I learned about how human beings respond to life, I learned from teaching Kindergarten.

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