The War on drugs has become a failure because churches were not involved in the war. Religious leaders have tolerated alcohol and drugs because it helps people cope with life, which would be impossible without drugs. America is in pain and often the first solution to easing that pain is the use of drugs of some kind. Children, who have to experience, in silence, pain in suffering in life, usually discover alcohol at a very early age. Women, who silently submit to domestic abuse at the hands of their religious church going husbands, take their pain to the doctor, who is more than willing to supply them with the prescription drugs to help them cope with the reality of their lives. Men who do not know any other way to express their frustrations with themselves and the direction, which their lives are taking, often find them selves taking some form of legal drugs, including alcohol to take the edge off of a nagging pain felt deep down in their souls. Clergy over whelmed from the inability to see meaningful changes in the lives of their congregations and struggling with generating the necessary funds to run the house of God, may sooth themselves with legal prescriptions to cover the pain of occupation responsibilities. This war on drugs has failed because the root cause of drug addiction has not been addressed. People are hurting and people are hurting other people and there is no one to call for to help. There are two major forces in society with the power to make mankind do the right thing for the self and others, and those two powers are the power of the law and the power of religion. Law enforcement guards the maker of the legal drugs that destroy lives, and the church is reluctant to become involved in family culture, which can trace the rights to abuse back to religious scripture. Sacred scripture does not prevent men from abusing women and wives. Sacred scripture does not address issues of feelings, emotional needs and care of the soul. Scripture speaks of the slap for both women and children, but does not address the need for the hug. Scripture can be used to justify the torment punishment and even death of individuals who may have different sexual orientations and gender based on cultural guideline developed thousands of years ago in a different time and place. Can this same scripture be used to heal broken hearts and spirits in religious families hurting from and by old traditions? We have a drug problem because the church does not see the use of drugs as a problem.

Family values, a family without rules and values will self destruct. Never, never live in a poor happy neighborhood.If you have sons, and you want them to live, find the middle class community that you can afford and grab your sons and run, run for their lives. There are many communities in America where a male child will not live so see his 21st birthday. It is your responsibility to save your son’s life. Keep you sons safe, they can find happiness later. Poor communities and poor schools are feeder areas for our billion dollar penal system, and multibillion dollar drug industry. Run, run from these areas, communities and states. 


The family is the basic connecting unit in human societies throughout the world. Families define individual realities. Strong families have rules, which all agree to live by. Families break up because one member has broken some rule of behavior. Treat family members better than you treat strangers. Give respect to each member of the family. Do not take frustrations out on people who are close to you or who loves you. The family is not a safe place to let out your frustrations; you can ruin forever-family relations through careless speech and careless behavior. Children will not stay connected to you or the family if they are abused, disrespected or hurt. Do not violate fragile trust of family members through inappropriate behavior with children. Mothers should never permit passion to interfere with their primary role in protecting their children. The female is the eyes, ears, heart and strength of the family; she is God’s hand on earth with the responsibility of protecting her family. Expel any member of the family who violates family rules on abusing children. Child abuse is the silent destruction of families; make the punishment for child abuse so severe that members will not want the punishment. Domestic violence encourages female members of the family to mate with future abusers. Male members of domestic violence families, will themselves become domestic violent people, and destroy their own future families. Make God the center of the family and when in doubt, ask, “What would God want me to do? ”


Respect your mother and father.

Get to know God

Get an education. Start with religious books, they are useful for language and human value systems.

Select one of the Abrahamic faiths to learn (Judaism, Christianity, Muslim)

Help each other

Help the poor

Do not be poor

Do not marry poor people

Treat people with respect, but do not associate with people living in poor neighborhood

Avoid men and women with disturbed family backgrounds

Look for educated people to associate with and mate.

Give people a chance to redeem themselves

Give people a chance to start over

Drug Rules

If you use drugs, then drugs are your family. Drugs control of brain, and the brain controls your behavior and your life. No exception

Avoid people addicted to substance abuse

Never rescue a drug addict with the hopes of changing them.

If the parent of a potential mate is an addict, then the child will also be an addict. Select another mate

Look for educated people to associate with and mate.

If you use drugs it is easy for you to be recognized, all public officials know you.

Drugs put a stamp of identification on you.

Your eye change, the pupils dilate. Your skin changes. You talk fast. You talk a lot

You lie. You think you are smarter than everyone else. You think you can fool people. Drug companies put special substances in their product, which makes it possible to identify users. Anything you put into your system has the power to control you. The purpose of drugs is to keep you out of the work force.

Drug addicts usually lie, and have distorted views of themselves and their lives.

Do not rescue people who play games or take advantage of friends and family members

Help family members in need

Do not support drug or anti social behavior of family members

Family Gatherings

Plan picnics, social parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthday or special occasions to get together and serve plenty of food. Weddings, Birth celebrations, funerals, and serious illness, are must family attendance. Family gatherings are important. It is a way for cousins to get together and see how each is doing.

Do not bring into the family anyone who will harm the family

Blood first, when there is a question, always support your bloodline

Do not include members of the bloodline at family gatherings if they have done something to hurt members of the family

Do not fight at family gatherings. People, who over use alcohol, may lose control during family gatherings.

Food is important during family gatherings

Each person should prepare or purchase something to bring to family gatherings.

Care of Children.

Pay careful attention to the younger members, especially the children in the family.

Never be cruel to children

Never abuse children, it is a curse, and will come back and punish you.

Help children in school

Help children to see and understand the joy of life and living

Teach children about God

Make holidays, birthdays, and religious days special for children.


Put a guard on your mouth. The mouth is a weapon.

Do not gossip, a dog that brings a bone, will take a bone. If you talk about people in the family, they will talk about you. Take trash outside; do not bring your trash into the family

Help members of the family who are confused to understand the rules.

Responsibility of Male Members

Male members should watch out for the care of women and children in the family.

Male members should join together to help each other, and also to support female members of the family.

Spouses of female members should not be able to abuse female members of the family.

Male members of the family should visit female members of the family at least once a year, and present a supportive presence to the female.

Male members of the family should make phone calls at least three times a year to determine the health and emotional state of female members

Females sometimes mate and marry individuals who may have behavior adjustment challenges

Female members of the family should try not to be attracted to the “bad boy.”

Male members should try not to be attracted to “bad girls.”

Present potential mates to the “family”

Family members should ask question on the person’s background.

The Role of Women

The mother is the heart of the family

Women have the responsibility of caring for men. Black men respond to their mothers and consider them the source of their strength. Males must be mothered; they must at some point in their lives become “momma boys.” Males who do not become “momma boys” can end up in the penal system. It is the role of the women, to keep the males out of the penal system. Males cannot see danger; they do not like rules or being told what to do. They do not know how to protect themselves from the traps set by society. Males will follow the pack, and fall off a cliff; it is up to the female to let them know about the edge, and the areas of danger. Regardless of what anyone says, never kick your male children to the curve. A mother’s role is a lifetime role, and God gives the women the strength to be mother and father if necessary. Save the child at all cost. Men who think they know more than their mothers usually end up in the penal system. If a male child ends up in the penal system, get him out as soon as possible, and move as quick as you can to new surroundings. Drop any and all relationships, which do not support the care and nurturing of the male and saving his life. Sometimes you have to give up family, friends and lovers to save your child, but it is the woman’s responsibility to make that choice. If the female is not ready to sacrifice her life for the child, then she should prevent conception. Do not throw away life, all life is precious.

The male child cannot make it without the mother. The child without a mother figure will become soulless. Some men have the ability to activate the female part of their being and become male mothers, and can bring forth a healthy male child. These men also make the same sacrifices that females make. They may have to give up lovers, relationships, family and friends who do not support their role as nurturer and care- giver of the child. Males compete with other males. The male-mother cannot be in a competing relationship with a male child and develop a healthy man. To be a male mother takes a lot of support, hugs, kisses, healing bruises, and defending against the outside world. This type of support permits the manhood to thrive and come out in full without fear. You cannot force manhood with threats and cruelty, you will kill the spirit. The guidelines to raising the child will be whispered in your ears from the heart of God, listen to that voice and no other.

The new system of slavery is the penal system. The system send out teams of people to capture and bring in new people, and these people are branded for life. The penal system supplies an underground employment, slave labor, human resources population for organized crime, and the various underground activities operated by a powerful control syndicate. Individuals can be trapped in this system for life, and will also produce children who will be the new members of the system. It is very difficult, almost impossible to get out of the underground system. Women have the role and responsibility of keeping their male children out of the system. She will move to neighborhood where there are no hunting parties. If she does not have a mate to help her, she can place the male in a parochial school, which should provide some protection for males.

If the female provides the love and support the male needs, then he will not leave home and join a group of other males, who will be captured. The female must give up any and all relationship, which discourages the commitment to the male child. Sometimes this may be the father, but often it is another male who sees the male child as a threat, and forces the female to give up the male child to the streets. The female, after giving birth to a male child, should not enter into any relationship with anyone or anything, which prevent them from their prime responsibility, and that is to care for the male until he reaches the age and period of accountability. This time varies with different individuals; it however, does not happen until the third decade of the male’s life. It maybe earlier, or it may be later, the responsibility remains the same. Some mothers are lucky if the males enter into relationships with other females who are willing to act as invisible and silent guides for them. These women, usually “momma wives” are able to guide and support these men to reach their highest potentials. All great men in history have “momma wives” or were “momma boys.”

Look for educated people to associate with and mate. Intelligent people have intelligent children. If you do not select someone with a positive background, then use birth protections. Every life you bring into the world will be part of you for life. Careless sex is expensive.

Do not ride the poverty train more than once. Get off as soon as you can, and select a different method of transportation. If you commit a felony, you make your life difficult. There are positions in life you cannot hold with a felony conviction. You can still make it, but your life will be harder, and you will have to start over in life. Life does not owe you a living. You owe life your best contribution. Do not blame other people for your problems. Life happens, you are still in charge

Join the Armed Service

Give at least two years of service to the country. The service builds character.

The service will also help you to get out of poverty

The service will also help you to get away from negative situations and people.

People and relationships are responsible for the choices you make. The choices you make will lead you to poverty or wealth. Never let passions lead you into choices, which will destroy your life. A wise man controls his passions. You are not entitles to life or a life style, it is a gift.

There is cause and effect. You are responsible for your own life. People can throw their garbage in your direction, but you do not have to accept it as your own.

You can avoid family members with negative social behaviors. Pray for them, and leave them alone.

Do not serve excessive alcohol during family gatherings.

Pay attention to the environment. Take care of the environment; it is the home of man planned by God.

Pay attention to the people in the environment

Do not be needy, a needy person can develop an addiction personality, and addictive personalities can destroy

Treat people the way you want to be treated

Do not steal

Do not take other people’s property

Do not mate with blood relatives

Do not mate with relative’s mates

Women are the nearest source to God, and the pathway to the heart of God

Respect women

Take care of wives

Take care of children

Take care of husbands.

Watch girl children around all male relatives

Watch boys around male relatives who are violent or angry

Develop a personal relationship with God

Career Rules

Stay in school

Sit down, shut up, listen and learn.

You may be smart, but without a teacher and an education, no one will know how smart you are.

Teachers work for the government, so do not cause problems. Few students really like school, but education is the doorway out of poverty

Without an education you will be poor

Without an education you will not attract the best mates

Without an education you will not attract the best job.

Education teaches you how to make the best choices in relationships and life.

Common sense is important. Common sense is an internal feeling about what is right and what is wrong.

Common sense teaches you cause and effect. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. After age sixteen, the choice to drop out of school is yours. You have the right to be dumb and ruin your life.

Make yourself stay in school.

Do not make life difficult for teachers because you are angry about staying in school.

Only idiots select drug dealing as a career. It does not matter how much money you make in illegal activity, you are still considered low class, and not welcomed at family events.

Money does not make a person. Character and class defines a person

Class is a set of behaviors and respect.

Basic education consists of a High School Diploma and at least two years of college.

Desirable education consists of a High School Diploma and a four years degree

College graduates make more money than non-college graduates.

A college education will make you intelligent. It will help you to organize your thoughts and prepare you for the world of employment.

Most jobs will not hire you if you do not have a basic education or a desirable education.

When you get a job, sit down, shut up, listen and learn.

Do not take anything that belongs to the company. All jobs have hidden cameras, and people to observe your behavior.

Be on time, and do not take too many days off.

Do not have family or friends call you on your job.

Give your best service to customers. Do not give your opinion.

If you cause trouble, or fight with co-workers, you will be considered a misfit and fired, so try to get along with people.

If respect is important to you, study to become a professional, you will get respect.

Associate with the best, and leave the rest. You are judge by the people with whom you associate.

Prepare to teach

If you are planning to enter the teacher education field, demand high quality course work. Make sure you have the significant method courses to teach the subjects you will be required to teach. If you plan to work with elementary school children, remember, this is a difficult field, and you will be required to teach and excel at all the subjects in the Liberal Arts curriculum. This means that you have taken the following courses:


  • Math
  • Teaching reading
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • History, world, American and, Ancient
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Statistics
  • Literature, English and American
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Theology
  • Government
  • Political Science
  • Multi cultural studies
  • Needs of Special Children
  • Identifying Abuse in children


You must also have taken methods courses in teaching these subjects:


  • Methods in teaching reading
  • Methods in teaching math
  • Methods in teaching science
  • Methods in teaching social studies
  • Methods in teaching Art
  • Methods of teaching Music
  • Methods in teaching physical education
  • Classroom management and organization
  • Methods in writing lesson plans


If you have not had basic liberal arts courses, and the necessary methods courses, you are not ready for the classroom. Avoid any short cuts, the better your preparation, the longer you will last in the system, and the more effective you will become.

When you prepare to sit for the certification examination, remember, the ideas and philosophies of your professor will not be tested on the examination. The Federal, state and local governments set the curriculum for what you are expected to know and what you are expected to teach. Many professors have separate agendas, which influence their teaching. The certification examination does not rely on common sense, or common wisdom. There is a specific body of information, which you will be required to know, and you will either acquire this information through course work, or you may have to obtain it on your own

You will not be able to enter the teaching field if you have a prison record. Choices you make during your teenage years can and will affect your future. This is also true for law enforcement and the legal profession. The best way to avoid these problems would be to associate with people who will help you in your future. Your best friend represents who you are. We are attracted to be who are like us. If you like school you will attract to your life people who do not like school. If you are ambitious and respectful, you will attract people into your life who are similar to you. Do not reach out to people with negative behaviors because you want to be “liked.” You should be an example to others, and let them reach for you. Do not dumb down yourself to fit in.


Good Careers


Health Care

Computer Science

Lab Technicians

Municipal Employee

Administration Assistant

Animal Care

Insurance Agent

Banking and Finance




If you mess up your life because you think you know more than anyone else and you drop out of school, you will have a difficult time. If you mess up your life do not blame race. If you end up in the penal system do not blame your family, your life is your choice, and you will be held accountable for its directions.

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