Who Do You Want To Shoot? The second admendment must have a purpose. Who did the founding fathers want to shoot and why? Did the founding fathers want to shoot their spouses, their family members, a disobedient son who wrecked the horse carriage, or the noisey neigobor who always sang loud church music? Who made the founding fathers angry enough that they passed as law giving men the right to own death delivering power? Was this about preventing an army from occupying the country and taking our homes away from us by force? How did this turn into the right to own automatic weapons capable of wiping out small towns? Perhaps we have just become mean spirited and intolerant of each other. Do we really want to be a nations that shoots and kills each other over, race, creed, gender, religion, how we speak or whom we love?

Thank God I live in an American community where we pay our policemen 100k to carry guns, and the supermarkets have nice packages of meat already prepared, so we do not have to use a gun to hunt for food.

Its a nice community, listed as one of the best places to live in America. Our schools are great so we do not have to shoot our teachers. Our hight quality teachers are dedicated to placing our young people in college and university seats and not prison benches.

Yes we work at being Americans, we work at being children of God. We are Jewish Christian and Muslim. We share our town with Hindu, Budhist and free thinkers, but we are all American, and it America, the land of cultural diversity we practice tolerance and manners.

We think before we speak and we take responsibility for the consequences of our speak. No we are not free to call each other racial, hate or offensive names, and we practice civil behavior to all.

Crime is low to non existent, and we do not shoot each other or neighbors.

In an emergency, small or great, a police call is answered in less than 2 minutes. Before you can put the phone down a policeman is there to respond to whatever help is needed.

It is an American town living American values, perhaps it is time to review our American beliefs and think about our Constitution and intent of the founding fathers. Find the better places to live in America. Select the best people to serve and protect you. Demand excellence in public school systems, and practice good family values in our homes. In America we are our brother’s keeper, we demand excellence for ourselves and our neighbors. The right to bear arms does not mean the right to shoot your neighbor. If you need to own a multi assult rifle in the 21st century, then it is time to move.

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