Time To Take Out Our Jesus Books And Go Over The Rules – Christians Behaving Badly

The world loves Christianity but  does not like Christians.  The world loves America, they at times do not like Americans. There is a difference between America – the vision of God working through man  – for man, and the American people- especially those feeling entitlement and privileged. America has been struggling for over 200 years to live out the vision of its purpose. She is successful because America – the country, is not a popularity contest representing majority rule. The Republic operates under the spirit of God.

There is something wrong with Christianity. There is something wrong with Christians. Where are the church voices and traditional mainline clergy speaking out against this slow destruction of the religion? People calling themselves Christians have committed horrible acts against innocent people. There was nothing in the theology  causing  ideas of wrong- doing teaching  doctrines of hate and violence. This a dangerous  doctrine of hate and violence – at the core of the country, was not in the vision of the founding fathers. When and where did America go off track? Was  the soil of America dirty at arrival or did the immigrants bring the ingredients for dirt with them?  America  was viewed as the fertile soil of dying people immigrating from dying lands and dying ideologies, or did the land, itself give birth to a violent doctrine? Was evil imported to America, or bred in America? Is the DNA of America founded in hate? I think not, I think the people who made up the DNA of America, were the first victims of this disease imported from the old world. The Scott’s-the Irish- the Native American (Indian) the African make up the DNA of this land and carry the moral, spiritual and cultural codes of who she is. What happened – who happened and why did what happen – and why does it fall under the banner of Christianity – a religion of love and peace?

What inspired the need for man to meet his evil self and find fertile ground for his growth? The miracle of America is that evil gives God an opportunity to work  the reality to manifest the highest levels of compassion and service to others. America works but there are still serious questions in need of discussions. Why the need for evil, and what is it about Christianity that provides opportunities to bring out the worst in men -while at the same time calling ourselves children of the most high. Do we know when we are doing wrong – do some people really believe that wrong is a constitutional right- and how can so many good people think and do wrong? Something is wrong with Christianity  – either people do not know what it means to be a Christian or we picked up the wrong book from the shelf of sacred scriptures.

How did America become a land where millions joined organizations like the KKK, dedicated to the punishment of immigrants, Jews, Italians, Catholic, Irish and African Americans? There is something wrong with Christianity, when it took “ The Mafia” to bring down the evil KKK organization, individuals identifying themselves as Christian, killed to prevent government from working on behalf of people. They work hard to prevent procedures permitting immigrants from coming into the country; they work even harder to find methods of deporting. Christians are hard at work preaching hatreds towards gays and the different, and would resort, if permitted, to violent behavior against those whom they believe God considers unworthy. Something is wrong with a religion that teaches and support such behaviors.

In the 20th century, professional people of the Christian faith planned emotional and physical hurt on others. Pastors and congregations joined together in acts and behaviors that did not cause any concern in their consciousness. Racism and Eugenics found a fertile ground in the Christian religion. What is it in Biblical scripture that lays the foundation for racism and Eugenics? Where is this hidden curriculum on racism found? Which book of the Bible provides the On Ward marching orders for Christian soldiers of hate? People found justification for slavery in the pages of this sacred text; where are the secret codes of racism, which converts people into doing bad things? In the 20th century, the people who joined the KKK were not the dumb and the uneducated. The conversion was designed for Christians, people who thought they were doing the God thing. What is it in Christianity, which caused this conversion? The RCC, the keeper of the flame of Christianity, put boots on the ground to stand with the oppressed. They were on the front lines of the Civil Right movements, and gave their lives in an act causing the downfall of the KKK. It is suggested that Federal, state and local government officials joined in with the KKK and marched in white robes and pointed hoods singing support songs of the Christian faith. Judges, lawyers, senators, policemen, and even a potential president of the United States were alleged to be part of this organization. (Source TV Documentary, Military Channel, The Mafia Vs The KKK). The tentacles of this powerful organization reached every seat of power in the country, resulting in few if any convictions of any wrong doing on the part of any member of the KKK.

There was something wrong with Christianity, and Black people became aware of the problem with white Christianity very early. Historical Black Churches filtered out messages of inferiority, and soul salvation without earthly accountability and took a holistic approach to Christian teachings. Historical Black Churches were not hospitals for sinners, but educational institutions for living in an oppressed environment. Mainline Traditional Protestant Churches, the Quakers and the RCC tended to be unaware that their separated curriculums added, through sermons, converting people off message. Two types of Christians were developing in the world (Germany) and the country. A political Christian, is a Christian in name only, and is caught up in social, economic, and ethnic beliefs in society. A spiritual Christian, is a follower of Jesus and His teachings, the teachings of Jesus defines and influences his character and actions. They think Jesus before any action or behavior. Family culture and traditions are Jesus centered and hurting another person would be considered a mortal sin. They fight, but they fight against injustice and for the rights of their family and others. Northern states tended to separate religion from politics. Northern Christians tended to focus on the Gospel and teachings of Jesus, and the message of love and compassion. White Northern religion and Churches had long had the history of operating the Underground Railroad for slaves seeking freedom, and had open and welcoming doors for immigrants arriving to our shores. While the KKK Christians were teaching hate and oppression of the different, northern Christians were involved in social justice issues. This is not to say the KKK was not able to reach its tentacles into northern communities and find welcome and new recruits. Racism was the religion of America and Christianity was the vehicle through which the message was spread. Where is the voice of the majority of Christians, the silent majority, saying this is not Christian teaching? Good people of God stand with the oppressed, and place the army of God around His people. This is a good thing, but it is still time for Churches representing the Christian faith to take a stand and say, this usage of the word Christian will not be permitted in activities designed to hurt others. Hurting others in thought, word or deed is not the Christian message, and not the message of Jesus the Christ. Christianity is a copy write by the people of God. American’s are sitting quietly and permitting Tea Party members to reinstate the goals of the KKK in its hatred of blacks, Jews, Catholic, Immigrants, gays, immigrants. This article is included as written About Erin Nanasi Liberal, free lance writer, mom and wife. Currently Site Admin | Theme by Niyaz Politicus USA’s Archives Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved Liberal, free lance writer, mom and wife. Currently working on creating a bill that would make certain types of bullying a hate crime. I am an advocate for children and frequently write about children’s issues as they relate to politics. I am the creator of “The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann’s Fictional Diary” and am working on a book of satire aimed at the hate movement in America. For the past 21 months, and during this election cycle, there is an increase in hate and vitriol from groups like the Tea Party (led by Jim DeMint et al) that are directly tied to the Ku Klux Klan‘s ideology. There are members of the Tea Party who are not blatant racists, but for the most part, teabaggers espouse a return to a white-only America that is in direct contrast to the Constitution and freedoms it guarantees for all Americans. Unlike the KKK, teabagger groups mask their bigoted philosophy with notions of protecting liberty and returning to the strictest interpretation of the Constitution. Regardless the teabag rhetoric, at the core is a hatred of gays, immigrants, Jews, people of color, and non-Christians, which is exactly the same philosophy of the KKK. The “birther” movement that denies President Obama is an American citizen and the 14TH Amendment revisionist movement are a direct response to a black man in the Oval Office. Like the Ku Klux Klan, these bigots insist that America is a whites-only nation, and a black man as President is unacceptable; and in their opinion, illegal. The birther movement and the KKK share the belief that our first black president is not a real American. There is an alarming movement in some states to deny citizenship to immigrant’s children in violation of the 14TH Amendment, and it is aimed primarily at Hispanics. The KKK hates immigrants and minorities, and now they have agents in the teabaggers who are trying to drive minorities out of the country. It is a step to denying citizenship to any person of color, and like Nazi Germany, people are getting caught up in the herd-mentality and joining the battle against non-white Americans. It is no coincidence that the KKK uses the swastika as their symbol, and it is ironic that tea-baggers accuse President Obama of being a Nazi when they follow KKK ideology. People who live in the southern United States understand that the culture of bigotry is ingrained in many from the South, and many southerners condone the KKK and its philosophy. If the South had the assets, they would fight the Civil War again for the sole purpose of banning immigrants, people of color, Jews, gays, and non-Christians from being American. Politicians like Jim DeMint, Ken Cuccinelli (VA-R), and many other Republican/teabaggers from the south are imposing their Christian morals on the American people by demonizing gays and Muslims. Teabaggers believe America is a Christian nation, and like the Ku Klux Klan, campaign to purify America by enforcing archaic biblical laws to purge non-compliant citizens from the country. The Ku Klux Klan burns bible-crosses to glorify Jesus Christ and openly declare their hatred for Jews, Muslims, and Catholics. It is not far removed from Daniel Webster’s (FL-R) wishes to make biblical stoning punishment for heresy. In the case of Webster and the KKK, heresy is any teaching that is NOT evangelical Christian, and their beliefs are those of the Christian Reconstructionist movement. This week the NAACP released a report showing the connection between 6 Tea Party groups and extremists like the Ku Klux Klan, supporting the idea that teabaggers are racially motivated. Observers have felt the teabags are racist based on the representation of white people at teabagger gatherings, and their hatred for immigrants; the NAACP report substantiates that belief. With the rise in popularity of the teabag movement, the true bigoted nature of many in America is made manifest and one has to wonder just how prevalent the KKK’s influence on American politics will become. Obviously, the KKK and teabagger mentality is not confined to southern states and shows the scope and breadth of bigots all across America. Hopefully, exposing the connection between the Ku Klux Klan and the Tea Party will alarm and anger decent Americans enough that teabag candidates and their racially motivated policies will be shunned. However, with the mood of the country becoming more hateful and bigoted toward minorities and non-Christians, it looks like very dark days ahead for everyone in America. Because just as hate and frenzy steered Nazi Germany, it is having the same effect here in America…land of the free, home of the bigoted . America needs to wake up, or it will have a nasty history it its future. Germany woke up too late to discover that mad men were ruining the moral history of the country right under their noses. Germans said, they did not know what was happening. It will take more than a century for the world to forgive Germany for her moral judgment. Today America has the opportunity to pay attention to the evil that is growing, and transmitted through Christianity. What is it about this religion that attracts the evil, residing in all men, and why has the cross been used to symbolize that evil? Maybe Historical Black Churches had it right. The Historical Black Churches separated themselves from traditional Christianity.

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