It is time to return to our world of paper and brain thinking. Our children are not smarter, different but not smarter. The communicate with their thumbs and not their mouths or human interaction. Technology is not human, and regardless how smart and enjoyable it appears to be, it is a machine and the response of a machine. There is a joy and a spiritual connections in sitting with a group of friends and just solving problems through talking. The world carries around their friends in a small flat instrument in their pockets, the cell phone is not your friend, and if sounds come out of the phone are human, your friend is really not there, you have a thumb friend.

It is time for America to take back the lead in technology. Recent events involving 21st century technology are causing problems for which technology was not indented. As this is being written, a major computer technology corporation, through its highest officer has mad a decision not to comply with the United States government on matters of National Security. Legal arguments are being heard relating to the privacy of individuals over the safety of the country. I wondered how was it possible for an instrument to be developed that was outside of the educational and intellectual capabilities of people with the responsibility of protecting the millions of people in this country, but the billions of people in the world? I am just an old-fashioned certified teacher and retired college professor but I know something is wrong. We the educators train the masses for any and all technological and research methodologies in all fields of knowledge, suggesting that someone had to come through some teacher or institution to learn how to crypt and encrypt technology. Why have courts fights over this information, go to the institution where these skills were learned, and talk to the instructors of cyber technology and get answers. There should be no system operational in the country or any of its institutions with the capabilities of hurting the country and the world without the knowledge of National Security officials. Like I said, I am just an old fashioned teacher, but it was my rule that nothing happened or was said in my classroom that I did not understand. I could not protect my students. Teachers are trained to have sharp hearing and eyes in the back of the head, and to know and see everything in the classroom. Perhaps we have gone too far out in technology, perhaps thumb talkers are not the best communicators, and thumb talking will not have a positive place in the future. Maybe it is time to go back to pencil, paper and the biochemical machine located between the human ears. Brain talking coming out of the throat is far superior to thumb talking and secrecy. Know what is being said in your environments, cyber thieves cannot steal from your brain unless you place its information in some form of technology. Medical records should be in the heads of doctors and medical personnel and not distributed over electronic devices, which can be controlled by individuals seeking to hurt for profit. It may take time, and may cost significant amounts of money, but it is time to return to human information systems and paper information storage. We still have trees and the trees are still making paper, so what is the need to get rid of resources provided by nature. Returning to paper and brain storage would also solve the unemployment problem, we may need to hire more human brains to take over the cyber brain but at least we will know what the human brain knows and not need a court order to break the encryption.

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