The three sub groups of mankind, the Negroid, Mongoloid Caucasoid are competing with each other for world domination. The 600 year reign of the Caucaoid is coming to an end. The Mongoloid, representing the Pacific Rim is pushing for their place in the sun.Europe is becoming confused and upset at this major change in information and leadership roles. Rome, Greece and Great Britain have left their mark on colonies and new nations throughout the world. Europe wiped out all of the accomplishments of the negroids of the ancient world, even going so far as to damage facial features on ancient statues presenting Negroid features. Rome stole the history of the Moors and the Nubians, renaming the area Africa and redirecting all interest to primitive cultures with half dressed people.The Bible comes in and whittens all characters and presents a causoid belief system. Educators wonder why there is a gap in the achievement scores of children from these groups. The world is still playing thiis race game making sure that Europe always comes out on top. If we are interested in improving educational delivery systems throughout the world, we need to get serious about issues of race.

I visited Bermuda recently, I wanted to do a follow through on some research I did on the island years ago. Bermuda is an excellent country to study. It is a wealthy country, with the problems that come with wealth, color and expextations. Bermuda is not America, but it is an excellent place to study what is wrong with the American education system. As a Columbia University Anthropologist and Educator I found valuable material.

If you are not an American, but are involved in the education or religious field it can help you understand the unspoken variable, which influence some behaviors in some schools with some teachers and some students. Some of the information will lead you into back doors of topic not discussed in teaching and create dilemmas for those preparing individuals to enter into the profession. Professors cannot change curriculum content or the socio cultural dynamics of a given school, but they can help the individuals preparing to enter into the field to understand, that it takes more than academic preparation to be an affective teacher.

It is the responsibility of the new preparing teacher to add the most important variable of spirituality to the preparation process of teaching. Professors and advisors can advise individuals who may not have the spiritual personality necessary for teaching that perhaps they may want to talk to their faith advisor to determine which path they should follow in their career in order to avoid serious challenges in the future. This project can serve as a guide for faith leaders working with teachers.

If you are a teacher who walks into a classroom and based on the diversity of the student population make a judgment on their academic potential, you are part of the dumb down problem, because you will teach to your level of expectations. If you are a college professor and judge your students by the levels of their diversity, you have change the dynamics of the learning environment because students pick up your lack of intellectual respect for them, and return the same vale judgment to you. You may even be involved with working with teachers who are preparing to work in a public school setting, and these impressionable teachers will carry over your expectations and respect into their own environments and may fail on their jobs. There must be something that can intervene and break the cycle of failure through lack of respect. This process can lead to teacher and student failure, and teacher burnout.

The church, and other faith institutions, can provide the tools for intervention into the problems of teacher burnout. Teachers, who enter the New York City public education system, soon find out that they may have to take a bite out of forbidden fruit if they want to teach all children, and leave no child behind. The education system is a coded system, and without the codes, it can be a difficult task for some. The intervention could be as simple as agreeing to see all people as made in God’s image with endless possibilities.

Teachers unknowingly program students to fit into the social class prescribed by society. The statement unknowingly is made here because the teacher will not find any instructions or direction for the enculturation of students into various social classes. The teacher is not alone in this process of dumbing down students; other socializations agents of society are also involved. The media and entertaining industry are active participants in writing the scripts for the lives of the children who represent America’s future.

If students in economically challenged communities became aware that their life styles and the factors, which contribute to those life styles were the same regardless of ethnic composition, and they were being educated to maintain and remain in those life styles it would result in a change in the education system. Frustration, which leads to conflict and violence against the nearest victim, would reduce as students directed their anger at their common enemy the injustice in education in the American society. Students are kept unaware of this information, and teachers who try to change the system often fail and leave.

Those who elect to stay must be aware of the battle and the strategies involved in a battle with an enemy that is determined to win. When the teacher takes up the cross to help the oppressed and the marginalized, a realization of the consequences of that choice is important. The teacher may be persecuted, treated with disrespect and challenged, and sometimes from the very individuals efforts are directed towards helping. The education system does not welcome change agents, and will put up verbal and non- verbal obstacles in the path of the teacher. It is difficult for teachers not to comply with curriculum guidelines and content designed for the social stratification of society. It will take skills in spiritual teaching to use prescribed guidelines and turn them for good and God’s service in helping students. Careful prayerful preparation is necessary before entering the teacher preparation process and should be continued throughout the career. Teachers will be challenged to turn negative information into information received by students as positive resources for their future advancement, and that is a spiritual process.

This writer, as a teacher, added ancient history and scheduled trips to Ellis Island to the curriculum before teaching American history with it focus on the slavery issue. Students were prepared to see the world from a broader perspective and how human societies treated each other throughout history rather than feel victimized by the American story, which for some is negative. The spirit of the class was changed and prepared to receive information without it causing emotional harm. The teacher is often unaware of the affect the teaching of American history, with its focus on enslavement and injustice can have on some students. This teacher, as an African American, and a student exposed to the experience was aware of this factor and it became the foundation for effective teaching. In the medical profession, there is the statement in an oath, “first do no harm,” this statement should also apply to teaching. Spiritual teaching has at its core that statement.

When preparing to become a teacher, it is necessary to be wide-awake to what you are learning. You are the major socio- stratifying agent of society. You, the teacher, like it or not are the main instrument through which racism and classism is spread through the American society. And, the process is taught through college professors and preparation programs. The information becomes part of who you are, and decisions and choices have to be made on what will be taken that will be useful in the full development of the human spirit. Eve, in the mythical story in the bible, took a bite into the fruit of knowledge, and the course of human history was changed. The teacher’s bite can do the same. It takes spiritual awareness to even see the fruit and the intervention necessary to bite into the fruit can change the course of individual human histories. The biblical story about the New York City education system is yet to be told.

The fruit of knowledge is still forbidden to select populations, and few teachers have the courage to take a bite and share that bite with students. This lack of courage can cause frustration to occur in some teachers resulting in some eventually leaving the system all together. Twenty to thirty percent of new teachers leave the system within the first three years. For those who have the courage to bite into the fruit, this project is dedicated. Teach students that it is acceptable to be smart, and even how to be smart. In some economically challenged, being smart can be dangerous. Some students in some of these areas, both boys and girls, adopt attitudes and behaviors of non- threatening dumbness. Boys will not want to carry books and some girls will be reluctant to raise their hands in class to give answers to questions they know. Smart is not considered a symbol of strength and an intelligent female is seldom viewed as an attractive mate. This knowledge is important because new teachers feel that avoidance of work is directed at them, or that students are not motivated to work from home. Ignorance and acting up may be a survival factor for some students. It may be necessary to secure learning environments outside of the community, and scheduled field trips where interactive learning is featured.

Now the question starts, what part does the Bible play in these challenges of trying to improve educational systems around the world. The Bible makes it difficult, because racism starts in the Bible. You can get around it, but you need anthropology, sociology, ancient history and political science.

Children around the world can operate complicated technical operations, but are always presenting low scores against Europeans. Perhaps it is time to develop different evaluation instruments. Let Negroids compete against negroids, mongoloids against mongoloids and causcoids against causcoids.



               In an effort to attempt to address the issue of what is wrong with our educational system, it is necessary to go back to the source. America is a Judeo Christian Nation. The culture is influenced by Judeo Christian culture and beliefs. If the problems started with religious belief, then it is necessary to look at those religious beliefs if any attempt is to be made in addressing the problem. The question is who is black and who is white, and what is the Biblical meaning of blackness and whiteness?

             The Torah does not discuss racial classification the story in Genesis is actually about Canaan, and assigns racial characteristics and rankings to Ham, and early Jewish writers focused their attention from Canaan to Ham and interpreted the Biblical narrative in a racial way.[1] The Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 108b states: “Our Rabbis taught: Three copulated in the ark, and they were all punished—the dog, the raven, and Ham. The dog was doomed to be tied, the raven expectorates [his seed into his mate’s mouth], and Ham was smitten in his skin.” {Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 108b} The nature of Ham’s “smitten” skin is unexplained, but later described this as a darkening of skin.[2] The text states that the “smitten” skin referred to the blackness of descendants, and a later comment by rabbis asserts that Ham himself emerged from the ark black-skinned[3]. A non Scriptural book called the Zohar states that Ham’s son Canaan “darkened the faces of mankind”. The Hebrews married Egyptian women and Moses marrying a Kushite has been construed by some as evidence against this interpretation of ‘darkening.’ The Bible goes on further to confuse when Aaron and his sister Miriam question their marriage, she is punished with white skin. Jewish Rabbis continue to question this issue, the medieval Jewish commentator on Torah, explains the harshness of the curse: “Some say Ham saw his father naked and either sodomized or castrated him. His thought was “Perhaps my father’s drunkenness will lead to intercourse with our mother and I will have to share the inheritance of the world with another brother! I will prevent this by taking his manhood from him! When Noah awoke, and he realized what had done, he said, “Because you prevented me from having a fourth son, your fourth son, Canaan, shall forever be a slave to his brothers, who showed respect to me!” Jews are permitted to debate passionately different views and some medieval Jewish commentator on Torah, disagrees and writes: “And the meaning of ‘[Cursed be Canaan, he will be a slave] unto his brothers’ is to Cush, Egypt, and Put [only], for they are his father’s [other] sons. And there are those who say that the Cushim [black skinned people] are slaves because Noah cursed Ham [the father of Cush], but they forget that the first king after the flood [Nimrod] was a descendant of Cush, and so it is written, ‘And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylonia.[4] ” I.e. since Nimrod was descended from Cush, and Nimrod was king, this proves the Cushites, i.e. black skinned people, cannot be under Canaan’s curse of slavery.[5]


               Christians are not permitted or encouraged to question scripture and would never go that deep into scripture to determine meaning and reference, it is however referenced here because this scripture influences American thought about peoples of color and how they should be treated. If teachers tend to come from these two major groups and influnced by religious teachings, then it would be almost impossible to alter ind set or change beliefs. If the Bible reference peoples of color as a cursed people, then something is wrong, since 75% of the world’s populations are peoples of color, and the Hebrews, themselves are an ancient people of color. Then what is the meaning of this chapter and where is the falacy in its teachings? The Old Testament is the history and stories of the recorded events occurring to the people on the continent of Africa, specifically north Africa. The New Testament follows up with mythologies and events passed down from the Middle East. These are all peoples of color, this begs the question with respect to who is God cursing, and what is the nature of that curse? Who transformed this story of creation and early history, and for what purpose? This would suggests that the birth place of man, which scientist have identified as Africa, is cursed, then all of humankind was cursed from creation, the question is why? Why create a people and develop various story lines to justify that curse? Can or would God curse him or herself, and if mankind is made in the image and likeness of God, then to curse mankind is to curse the self, this does not make logical sense. Perhaps it is time for the Christian faiths to enter into the discussions of scripture and come up with meaning and purpose, which can bring man closer to his purpose and his creator. With this thought and reference out of the way, this writer will now address the question education in New York City and what part can the church play in the transformation of people and belief systems?






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