The more things change, the more they remain the same. It is again the poor and oppress who remind we the people of who we are and how we came into being. Our slave masters today are the drug companies, health insurance companies, corporate greed and the need for extreme profits, impossible college tuitions and inferior public education systems, that are rounding up the unwanted in America and forcing them to work the plantations of their own prisons. Again a people stand trapped while private, religious and goverment systems use them as forced labor to imporve the profit margins of the self appointed masters of the people. Over 200 years ago, under similar circumstances, the people fought for their freedom, and a new system was born. The system was designed to elect representatives who would monitor, protect and preserve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the people. Our representatives sold our liberty for thirty pieces of silver, and we are back where we started. Perhaps, as other evils in society, the pain and anger expressed in the face and voices of the people will help us forge a vision of the intent of God for His people. Pay attention to the confusion of the voices of our politicians, it could be the voice of God speaking to Her people.

Racism in the colonies and America, although intended for evil, provided a safety net for many Irish and Africans men women and children. The ideas of inferiority and superiority in human beings resulted in nations consumed by greed, to transport those considered undesirable to far away lands for punishment and a labor force. The Roman Catholic Church used the colonies as a punishment destination for young girls who refused to obey sexual rules of behavior and found themselves pregnant with child without the benefit of marriage. These were often throwaway young women from powerless and indifferent families. Young street children were often snatched off the streets of Europe and forced into service aboard some cargo ship and sold into slavery in the colonies. The term “Kid napped” comes from this practice. That which was later destined to become the United States of America came out of these people and this history. Out of the racist and fascist beliefs of Europe and Africa, came a group of warriors and dreamers willing to fight against injustice, and seek new understandings about religion. The Scott Irish, so called to separate them from the Catholic Irish, became the Protestant non- religious group destined to become the future presidents of the new developing nation.  The American Revolution opened the doors to the penal colonies, freeing the Irish to become a major player in the new world. Less than 100 years later, the Civil War, open the doors to the prison plantations of America, and the African began to release his song in the chorus of America.

The African was also to become a major change agent in America’s Christian teaching and society. Liberation theology transformed American Christianity, as the Black man used the same religious principles that justified the enslavement of one man by another as the will of God, and turned the Bible upside down introducing another image of God and His Son Jesus The Christ. Separate institutions were created inside the American society, the people decided that they would develop equaland superior educational institutions to address the needs of the poor for better living. Churches became universities and vocational training centers. The Bible was translated into the language of the people for present day needs. Black churches dropped the hypnotic sermons about Abraham Issac and Jacob, and instead focused on the hidden in plain sight message of Jesus for creating the promise land on earth. Churches taught young men how to avoid the prison plantations, and role played the tactics used by law enforcement to trap the weak and the hard headed.

An entire entertainment industry was developed to use the creative talents of an oppressed people. Out of misery and injustice the poetry of jazz, blues, country western and hip hop, spoke the story of a forgotten people and provided the creative relief of the spirit speaking the message of the soul. The slave masters of course stole this medium and materials, providing the artist with just enough drugs and sex to keep the chains of the plantation strong. It was from this pain, struggle and confusions that the Republic was born and present day events suggest that it is time for a new and different “Born Again” movement to begin the thought process. God still is in America, it is time for the we are – to become. It is the study of these two major groups in America, which provides a doorway to look at the past, present and the future

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