The pope came to America and brought a message of love including a curriculum and instructional manual. We know how to hate, but this pope, the Holy Father and vicar of Christ, inspired in the world, the doctrine of love. As a Methodist, I heard the message and listened with care to a message needed so vitally in a world motivated by hatreds demonstrated by the world’s major religions. Abraham, the father of the Jews, Christian and Muslims, could not come back and speak to his children, so God sent a modern day messenger to speak. The popes message was simple, love God, love your neighbor.

Love God, Love Your Neighbor.

Who is my neighbor? He is the diversity of human kind; he is African Asian European, and the complex mixtures of those three racial groups. He is the man adjusted by environment, geology and psychology. He is the man who in attempting to understand the forces around him created gods and religions in his own image. He is, at times, difficult to love because of fear and experiences, and his animal nature needing to subdue and destroy. The basic rule of survival of the fittest is to find a God to love, and to find a neighbor to love.

Gods created out of fear and ignorance will not inspire love; fear encourages violence, and experience requires violence as a necessity. It is the law of the animal kingdom, eat or be eaten. A neighbor is someone you do not have to eat it is not a food source. Man was created for love and not nourishment. Loving God without loving your neighbor is a lie in concepts. Love is a power that flows through spiritual living forms and its existence comes from serving the needs of others. Living for the sake of others, loving for the sake of others.

Religions that teach, hate for the sake of god is wrong, God the pure purpose of love does not seek or require hate as a symbol of obedience. Religions that kill others for the sake of God are wrong – headed religions. Religions that punishes or reject for the sake of God, celebrates the animal nature in man, not the spiritual nature. Oppression and control is not a requirement of God, but a fear in man over powerlessness; the need to control comes from fear and selfishness.

Man, by nature, does not want to love his neighbor, he seeks to subdue and control his neighbor for his own sake of selfishness. The woman is the neighbor of the man and the man is the neighbor of the woman. Creation is the evolutionary step between the animal nature of man and the spiritual nature of humanity. Man takes on the image and likeness of the divinity of God, and becomes co-creators of his world. The thoughts of God created the universe, and the thoughts of man, became things, and advanced civilizations. We love God because God is the self of man, and we love our neighbor because our neighbor is the reflection of God.

America has been struggling with the issue of loving God and loving neighbors for over 200 years, a drop in the bucket in the time sequence. America has worked out a plan for love through rejection of cultural values that restrict interactions between neighbors. Love has been codified into a set of rules and expectations from neighbors, a non – religious document inspired by God called the Constitution. In this document it suggest that no man is any better than any other man, regardless of situations of birth. It further suggests than all men had a right to seek the kingdom of God on earth. Happiness is a gift from God, and man has a right to pursue that happiness.

A generation of struggle over loving God and loving your neighbor has brought greatness to the cause of the birth of a nation, and is the fuel of our greatness. America’s greatest struggle is her open door policy, she invites the world in, and the world freely comes with suitcases packed with old traditions and cultures of hatred neighbors but also the God of neighbors.

Traditions of abuse and mutilations of women flow freely into the country with the demand to practice individual cultural and religious beliefs. America expects new comers to love our God and love our neighbors, and has yet to work out these difficulties in understanding. America worries about who is trying to cross her borders, rather than paying attention to who is coming through our airports, and what are they bringing with them? We can search the luggage, but searching the content of the head and heart becomes a difficult exercise. Immigrants want the happiness quest, but they want to use the same restriction of the quest to traditional guidelines used in the lands of birth. Some find it hard to accept the non-restricted guidelines for admittance to all worship facilities applying for tax- exempt status.

Many come to America seeking the new, but holding tightly to the old. America does now welcome or want hatred of God or hatred of neighbor on her shores, she is still struggling with her own future, as she seeks to do a new thing, as the new kid on the block. The world has had thousands of years of struggle with the God and neighbor battle, in a little over 200 years; she has tried to create a new Eden on earth with the descendants of the people expelled from other Eden’s of the world. We seek neither to enslave nor behead other world populations, and although we do occupy another peoples land, we are trying to use the spirit of the original native inhabitants to develop a doorway of welcome to God’s real estate for mankind.

America is a spirit, and our Constitution is the inspired words of a living God.

The greatest event in human religious history is the evolution of the United States of America. Traditional Abraham religions, from the creation of Adam, to the Fall Of Man focuses of violence, human sacrifice, and restrictions on who one could worship with or share a meal. Religion was about obedience, submission and compliance. There were strict laws even to punishment by death, by the religious, for those resisting traditions.

Life was so horrible for some during Biblical times and early European history, that the joy of dying and a promise of a better life through death became the foundation of the three major religions. Religious traditions such as the circumcision of males- the restrictions, silence and submission of females, and the practice of giving girl children in marriage to older men, caused unspoken pain in the obedient silent. The idea of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, although not a religious doctrine, do provide a look into the intent and mind of God. Scripture tells us the “ It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.” If this is so, why is there so much pain suffering and death in the stories we are encouraged to learn?

God is love, but His people do not love through religion. Jesus was here for three years, and those most religious, participated in His suffering and death. Two thousand years after the death of Jesus, a new kingdom arises, dedicated to the idea of the equality of man. Dedicated also to the idea that all men had a right to seek happiness, in this world, and not have to wait, die and have a better life in the next world; new thoughts- new ideas and new promises of expecting God to deliver on His word on the earth plane. America is not perfect but her image of a perfect God and man as a perfect creation. Scripture and religion teaches that man is sinful, hopeless, and unless he goes through specific rituals and utter religious doctrine, he has no chance of seeing God or the good Kingdom.

God rises up a group of men from the ashes of a failed European dream, and inspires them to write the bible for America. There are no horror stories of a people seeking to know and do right, but a complex guide on what are the God given rights of all men. The Constitution sets out to do a new thing without the restrictions of any organized belief or condition system. The constitution is written so different populations at different stages of time and understanding can use the language. There are no references to what the early people did or thought, or punishment if the guidelines were not followed. The Constitution started the evolution of the country, and the people would together evolve into a new creation in God.



America- Is A Spirit

Birth in America, makes you legal, not American, it will require at least three generations resting in the soil of America to produce the rich fertile spirit of America. Immigrants long for home, and dream of the lands and stories told by their parents and grandparents. It is only after the compost of the physical form returns to the dust of the earth that the dreams and the stories become the spirit of America. Americans dream in red white and blue; they see stars and stripes as the back – drop for all adventures.

When the stories and pictures of 9/11 cause deep pains in your heart, and tears flow freely at the thought of the bravest and the finest rushing into the tunnel of death to save lives, it is then you know you are an American. The process of Americanization is also the process of creation, the transferring of the spirit of God into the nature of man and giving the evolutionary stages of life a soul and living spirit. Color is important in America, not because of diversity, but color makes it easier to see the complexities of man’s challenges. Color prevents blending in and fading into backgrounds; color is bold and adds to the richness of life.

Adam is the first man on earth, and he is African, suggesting the story of man is African. The Bible provides descriptions of man’s struggle development and challenges on the African continent. The African is the chosen man of God, and from his loins, all mankind came into existence. The struggles of peoples of color around the world suggest living together is not an easy process. The Biblical characters of Abraham Isaac and Jacob tell the spiritual story of men of color and contributions to human value systems. In America the story of man continues, with a constitution rather than a Bible, as historical guide. It is necessary to study the Biblical story of America to see the modern day workings of God. Again, the man of color is placed in the center of all human accomplishments, and the country is defined by how well it meets the challenges of guiding man above and beyond his human tendencies to reject the different, and embrace humanity in all its shapes colors and variations. If you want to find out how America is doing in her human experiment, check out how Adam, the man of color is doing. Adam is our soul, an outside manifestation of our inner character.

America is the modern area Israel, she is the land selected by God to represent the hope for all mankind. Ten thousand years ago God sent people across the Bering straits, from the continent of Africa, to settle these great lands. Native Americans, as we call them today, brought over the concept of spirituality and introduced the idea that the earth belong to living creatures of nature, and no one had a right to claim privilege over another. European and African explorers would later come and lay the foundation of what would become the greatest battle for the identity of the chosen peoples of God. The spirit of Europe, Asia and Africa – make up the DNA of this great nation and continues to be the motivating theme of our conflicts and miracle of human achievement. God placed the battle- ground here – that through pain and struggle man could see how great he is and the important part he plays in bringing the kingdom of God here on earth.

America is a special place; it is the greatest recycling nation in the world. In a little over 200 years, we have turned what the world, at one time, considered unwanted trash, into gold. In this land we have the sons and daughters of black slaves, white slaves, black indentured servants, white indentured servants, convicts and settlers; the oppressed and the oppressors have become doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, college professors, presidents, senators and governors. People, who were bitter enemies in far away lands, live, work and play, peaceably in one nation. Many, black and white, dragged here in chains to be a labor force for King George 111, of England, who needed the goods and services from the colonies, descendants have become captains of industry.

The British North American colonies were considered a punishment for most people coming here. Few came for the romantic reason of freedom of religion, fewer even came as settlers, looking to start a new life. Ellis Island research data suggested that 75% of all people coming out of Europe, to the colonies were not free. Boat – loads of convicts were shipped over to the new world to help relieve the poverty and the violence, which covered most of Europe.

The demand for goods and services became so great that it was necessary for England to negotiate with the more populated countries of the world for a labor force. Africa and Asia, had consistently held the record of high birth rates, so when there was a need for people, that is where the European powers went.

Africa is the cradle of civilization, and to suggest, as our history books tend to do, that Europe was able to conquer a continents, and kidnap its people, and drag them to a new world, would not seem possible, but that is what millions of school children are taught. Research suggests that through the use of religion, anthropology, money and the control of information, England, and later America have played the greatest con job in the world on the minds of millions of peoples.

Anthropologist went in and studied the behaviors of the African peoples, and finding weakness, sent in missionaries to work the field. The capitalist world, negotiated with significant tribal leaders, and a deal was cut to provide an able-bodied labor force for the new world. North Africa also became part of this human transport system, reaching into sub-Saharan Africa, for its rich source of human capital.

Chinua; Achube[1] the African scholar writes in his series of books about Africa, a detailed description of how the European was able to get into the continent, and appear to have power and control of some areas. In his book, Things Fall Apart, he writes beautifully and movingly about some of the problems the African communities were experiencing. Anthropologist moved in and determined that some women were unhappy with some traditional customs. Specifically the custom of men deciding on life and death decisions effecting newborn infants. Women in Africa were unhappy with the traditions of powerlessness and submission required in many areas, and in most societies around the world. Christianity addresses this unhappiness, and provides an entrance into the lives and culture of oppressed peoples and gives them forms of release.

Without systems in place of oppression and injustice towards the weak, it would not have been possible for the minority to conquer the majority Achebe discusses, the class system, and how the poor were treated. Missionaries brought salvation and Christianity to the poor and oppressed, and little by little gain a strong hold into communities. Christianity became the most powerful military tool in the world bring down billions of people, sometimes with blood shed, but most of the time through the emotional nurturing so beneficial to the oppressed masses.

Christianity made it possible for Constantine, the Roman Emperor, managed to control the known world through the use of this powerful tool. England became Great Britain through the divine destiny of the Holy Scripture, and made it possible to transport million from one part of the world to another without firing a single shot. Children of Ham were prepared and cratered off to fulfill the decree in the Old Testament that the sons of Cannon would serve the chosen of Europe.

History tends to avoid the accomplishments of Egypt or China, and even the devastating plaques of Europe and focuses instead on the divine right of Europe to control the world. Christianity was especially effective during the period of slavery in the colonies, special efforts were made to convert all slaves. It was believed that with Christianity, it would be easier to control the slaves. Christianity is the significant factor in the length and of slavery in the new world.

Christianity separates the secular world from the sacred world. Slaves were taught that, the secular world belonged to the white man, and the sacred world belonged to those who served in submission and obedience. They sang songs such as “ You take the whole world but give me Jesus” they believed that they would enter their world upon death, and would receive all of their rewards for being faithful. Contrary to the belief that slaves were not permitted to read, they were encouraged to read the Bible and the sacred word of God. They read it, they believed it, and that settled it for many. Potential leaders among slaves were quickly selected and trained to be ministers. This was especially true of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the South Carolina and Florida Plantations.[2] This is also the same system used on some poor peoples in this country, and in some Latin American countries, where the Catholic Church is the dominant religion.

The protestant church kept slavery and low expectation on an even footing in the British North American Colonies, and what was to become the United States of America. It was the invention of the Black Church, which provide and avenue to free the mental abilities, and true spirituality of a people who were conditioned to believe that God considered them second-class citizens, and to please God, they should be obedient and patient.

Black churches preached a different theology, unknown to white churches and totally ignored, they sang loud and call out the name of Jesus so often that white society believed them to be no threat. Black churches were free to become, not only religious centers, but also university centers where individuals learned the skills necessary for them to be successful in a competing society. Behind the Jesus doors, transformation was taking place in the lives of oppressed peoples. Black theology and liberation theology were the coded curriculum guides for bring man out of the cave prisons of the mind. The America educational system stratifies its students and track them into prescribed paths set down for them through racism. The Black church de-stratified the African American student by teaching him that the past does not predict the future, and it was the Father’s good pleasure to give each of them the kingdom, and no man had any right to write on their life slate what they could be. The educational system brainwashed teachers into expecting low expectation from students of color, the Black Church said, be your best, God’s got Her eye on you.

What the schools failed to teach the children, the church would fill in the gaps. The Black Church used the King James English Bible written in the form and style of Shakespeare, as a text- book and taught the rules of grammar, history and public speaking, which enabled many young men and women to become successful in the outer world. The men who would under different circumstances, have been selected as college professors, became pastors of churches, and used their professorial style to decode the meaning of the Bible, its allegories and parables, as a guide for understanding the complexities of life.

Racism in the colonies and America, although intended for evil, provided a safety net for many African Americans. They were excluded from many of the activities of the outer society, and as results avoided the negative effects of those activities. It also provide an opportunity and incentive to develop different and inventive paths to success, and required that African Americans bring their “A” game when applying for employment or educational opportunities. Other religious groups began to adopt the religious and academic support services started by the Black church, and as a results, many foreigner students are able to compete in a society, which was unfamiliar to them.

During the periods after slavery, more young people were in school and in college than in prison. It is safe to say that many of our young people are diverted from the college classroom, to the prison classroom. Many complete their education at the expense of a planned penal system. If we can get two million young men in college, we would have continued on our assignment of being the hands of God in this new land.

The African was sent over here because of his special gifts and skills. It was those gifts and skills, which made it possible for America to be. The African is the heart and soul of America, and every original American has the blood of three continents running through their veins. The American is African, European and Native American (Asian). The European would still be fighting each other if it were not for the presence of the African. The Native American would still be living on the plains, if it were not for the presence of the African. Africa made the America look at herself and decide who and what she wanted to be as a society. Thousand of young men gave their lives, bring this nation into existence, and it was the African indentured servant and the white indentured servant, fighting together, in what was called the Bacon rebellion, which caused the King of England to eventually lose control of the colonies.

It was again the African, the symbol of injustice, in a society, which called itself just, which caused America to face the cancer in her heart. The operation was costly, 650,000 men died, to define this nation. Today, nations of the world look at our hard fought struggle, and us and use our history and our strength to encourage them to make significant changes in their identity as a people. The 1.5 billion people of China are copying us, as it seeks to become the largest capitalist country in the world. We are better than we think we are, and we have so much more to do. God has sent the people of the world here to America to make His kingdom on earth. The solution to the educational crisis’s in America is in the history and success of the Black Church, but first, the church has to find its way back to becoming the center educational, moral and spiritual force in people’s lives, as the Black church lost her way, so did America.

The question becomes how as it possible for a select people to bring such profound changes in a nation and profound changes on the African American group. In order to answer this question it is important to look at the people selected to come to the British North American Colonies. History books provide a romantic view of people leaving Europe to find a place where they could have religious freedom and a place where they could some transformational effect on their lives.

The British North American colonies were owned and operated by England, and as such were subject to the same laws and conditions of any individual under the British crown. England decided who would come to the new colonies, and she also decided, which church or religious services they would engage in. The colonies were an extension of Great Britain, not the development of a free and new society. Assignment to the colonies was not considered a pleasurable experience, and those who were assigned and transported, were expect to work or participate in some kind of service or punishment.

The colonies were a new world with dangerous challenges, and the cream of British society, were not encouraged to take of the experience in a new world. Governors were appointed to supervise the operation of the distance land for the Home office in England. Those who were considered the peasants and the lower classes were, usually Irish men held in little respect by England. Those individuals deemed to be undesirable and criminal class, were shipped off to the colonies. The Church also shipped over women who may have had questionable character in the eyes of the church and were also sent over as punishment. Young boys and men were often kidnapped from the streets of poverty and places in boats and shipped to the colonies. As results of all this punishment, kidnapping, and assignments, the colonies, especially in the northern areas, had acquired a large servant, and indentured class to serve the privileged in the new colonies.

This short Anthropological overview of America and her education and religious challenges should help the reader to understand something about who we are. America is a nation of creative thinkers- through art- science and education – problems of the world are viewed in an atmosphere of entertainment- and science. Answers come to problems- when man can step out side of logical thought and experience the other that God has for this world.




[1] Albert Chinụalụmọgụ Achebe (born 16 November 1930) Chinua Achebe is a Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, and critic. Best known for his first novel and magnum opus, Things Fall Apart (1958), the most widely read book in modern African literature.


[2] The Brevard Plantation in Camden South Carolina and Gainesville Florida sent selected slaves to the Methodist conference for training. Jacob DeBose born 1789 and his son Rev. Alexander DeBose born 1832 were part of that training. DeBose is the family name of the writer.

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