The City University and the State University in the State of New York City and New York State should take over the management, instruction, curriculum, teachers and performance of students students. Failure is the responsibility of the educational institutions preparing teachers and students. The goverment has found it necessary to bring in corporate America to educate students considered impossible to educate. The goverment is going around a system it cannot correct. Put the responsibility for the training of teachers and the education of students under the responsibility of the state Higher Educations Institutions. Teaching to the test is not cheating, teaching for failure is cheating and dishonest.

The City University should take over the public education system in New York City. The State University should take over all the public schools in the state of New York. Our educational system is in failure because of the poor performance of these major educational institutions. Universities train teachers to understand the concepts of education, but does not prepare teachers to be job read to instruct student in the information’s and skills requir4ed for success in America. Our public higher educational institutions have trained teachers to believe that teaching to the test is cheating, and teachers who are successful in educating student are doing something illegal and are therefore subject to investigation. If teachers are trained to believe that minority and poor students cannot learn because of personal and historical obstacles poor students face, and if a teacher is successful with this populations, they are cheating, then the problem lies with higher education, not the public schools. The public higher education institutions should be accountable for teaching all American teachers how to teach the Common Core, and they should assume the responsibility of supervision and management of all public education institutions to make sure that excellence in education is carried out and given to all.

            The government in New York City is going around the public education systems and bringing in corporate America to set up charter schools and a separate system designed to educate all students without excuses. This is a government issue and a government mess. The state sets the curriculums and guidelines for teacher preparation, instructional delivery to students and methods of evaluating success or failure of all programs. State representatives permit failure in systems and do not change instructional preparation, instructional delivery and instructional evaluation of all systems. Teachers suffer in silence and are powerless to change anything. Some teachers seek outside preparation, purchase their own materials and supplies, and close their doors and teach for excellence and not failure. New and inexperienced teachers do not know how to do this, and as results many burnout of the system in the first five years. The general public is confused, guilty and helpless, struggling to find the best education for students. Teachers are beginning to question a system, which teaches an individual one curriculum in teacher’s preparation, and enter the public education system with orders, procedures and material to teach students on a different curriculum. Teachers discover that they are held accountable for student failure, and even more upset when they discover that the students have been tested by a third and different curriculum. It is planned failure, the question becomes, for what purpose? If private industry can teach students in charter and private schools, why can’t the government do the same? Who brought out the American public education system, and why? Put the people paid to educate in charge of education, put the City and State Universities over our education system.


Information taken from a dissertation study on The Role Of The Church And Spirituality In Addressing Issues Of Teacher Burnout.


Looking at Models of Teacher Success


This model was used because it was available to the writer.


Little attention has been given to investigating how teachers handle stress. A review of the literature provides no model of teaching coping skills, which have developed from studies on teachers. This project provides a look into how one segment of the education population handles stress, and recommends that it be considered as a possible solution to the question of burnout. Daycare avoids the problem of the lone teacher in the classroom. It further provides opportunities for new teachers to learn their craft on the job without negatively affecting the academic performance of students. Daycare teachers learn the culture of the environment with the moral, physical and spiritual support of other adults in the immediate environment.

The result is that the life cycle of a daycare teacher is much longer than the life cycle of a new public school teacher. Public school teachers are encouraged to assume personal and individual responsibility for their classrooms and all events and activities within the classroom. Challenges in a classroom, and student’s progress, can affect new teachers in various ways. Challenges in daycare classroom are a shared responsibility and are usually handled in problem solving sessions with the other teachers in the classroom. Public school new teachers have to learn how to ask for help, and have to depend on the culture of the school to determine how that help will be provided. Daycare teachers share responsibilities and challenges. The care of the students involves many hands and shared skills. It is easy for a new teacher to observe the working relationship between individuals in a multi-teacher classroom. Personality conflicts are handle through rearrangements of staff assignments. Staff do not like rearrangements, and work hard to have positive relations with each other. The director of the centers, responsible for hiring staff selects carefully, taking personality into consideration. Daycare centers have governing boards, which oversee the operation of the centers, and is responsible for fiscal management and community relations. The director is considered the spiritual and moral leader of the center, and as such is responsible for the physical and emotional concerns of the staff. The director would be able to notice concerns of the teaching staff, which could suggest burnout, and provide support services for the individual.

This is possible because the individuals who may be experiencing challenges are not the lone teachers in the environment, and can depend on others in the environments to provide assistance. Group or head teacher is responsible for legal records and documentation, and she knows that while she is record keeping the care and support of the students continues with the other teachers in the room. This suggests that this model provides coping skills to prevent burnout through support from others, and care and concern of the director. Teachers depend on the directors to have the structure and leaderships skills necessary to have an affective center, but also compassion for their personal and emotional needs.


Other teachers in building
Lone teachers in the classroom
Policies and procedures
School Culture












Daycare classroom, three adults with different roles
Head Teacher
Assistant Teacher

















Students, Program, Social Development, Cognitive Development, Spiritual Development.











Daycare Study

The multi teacher environment


This part of the project now related to data obtained in the daycare study. The project so far has provided information on the purpose of the study, which was to help teachers who were experiencing burnout to come to the church to receive spiritual nurturing and support in their classrooms. The project also provided information on the Church where this type of service was available.

The Riverside Church was selected because that is where the writer’s ministry is located. The project also provided information on how the concept was tested out to determine if it was something that selects individuals would respond. In an attempt to get some information on the needs in the teaching field, the project described the results of focus groups held in the Church to discuss some past experiences of teachers, and how they viewed the needs of some teachers working in some systems in New York City.

The project used the research database of the writer relating to teachers and decided that the daycare teacher research could contribute to the study. The daycare study involved a significant amount of work the writer had done on the question of how teachers were feeling about their jobs. The review of the literature had suggested that teachers were frustrated, but had not identified a specific cause of the frustration.

The literature did not suggest that personal problems were a factor in teacher frustration. This suggests that some thing must have happened to the teacher before entering the classroom, and during the time the teacher was in the classroom. This project suggests that it was a combination of lack of preparation and lack of the spiritual skills necessary for success in an educational environment. This project also suggested as a method for helping teachers, that a model used in daycare could be helpful in preventing teacher burnout. The daycare model suggests that new teachers should be placed in an environment with other teachers in order to avoid the feeling of the lone teacher in the classroom. It also suggests that some form of spiritual formation and spiritual centering should be practiced before entering the classroom.



The daycare model demonstrated how the director of the centers guided the teachers through spiritual centering activities in order to help them in their interaction with the children and each other. The study provided some information on how the teachers felt about the supervisor of the school leadership style and how it influenced their job satisfaction.

Time line of a teacher
Intervention strategies
Role of the principal


Leadership style

School culture
School environment
The cause of teacher burnout

























Director as spiritual guide demonstrating a balance between structure and compassion.
New Teacher
Group Teacher
Assistant Teacher
























High school



Secure position as a part-time as

Teacher’s aide and

volunteer to work in a


Youth program or

Sunday School



College degree.

Continue working as an

Assistant teacher or group teacher. Plan to complete two years in teaching in the multi classroom environment.

Take state certification examination. Register for graduate school. Take courses related to reality teaching for the 21st century. Take several math courses, courses in diversity, courses in special education, curriculum and instruction and classroom management.

Take the complete series of method courses: Take courses in Law and Education

Teaching Reading

Teaching Math

Teaching Social Studies

Teaching Art and Music

Teaching Computers

Teaching Physical Education

Identifying Child abuse








Complete 60 college credits

Secure position as

An assistant

Teachers. Learn classroom

Management skills and

How to work with children

and other

teachers in the environment.










































The directors provided leadership behavior styles, which nourished the development of teachers. The directors and the teachers were not randomly selected, but were selected for, in the opinion of this writer, qualities which can be shared with the educational field in general.

Further research is needed to determine what part, if any; individuals acting in supervisory roles play in the job satisfaction of the teacher. It has been the experience of this writer, working as a teacher in the public schools and the daycare settings, that it was the leadership behavior of the supervisor, and the attitudes and behaviors of co-workers, which determined job satisfaction. Research to date on teacher burnout address other external variables, such as students and economical-social conditions, further research is needed to determine who in the environments contribute to teacher burnout, rather than what are contributing factors. This study contributed information on how teachers feel about their supervisor, and how supervisors feel about themselves in relationship to the teachers.

The directors and teachers used in this study were familiar with the researcher, and trusted that care would be taken to not put their jobs in harms way. Teachers in public schools and daycare centers must be responsible in presenting information for public use. The writer was sensitive to this issue.

The staff of the center would be given free choice as to whether they wanted to participate in the study. Several of the staff members of various centers elected not to participate in the study.




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