The Church Must Again Become The Village And Find Means To Support All Members Of The Village In Living For The Sake Of Others. Congress Is Suppose To Work For Us And Care For Us, In The Absence Of Congress, We Must Again Turn To Our Church And Other Houses Of Worship, Let Churches Become Financial Centers For College Student’s Loans

Every church should become a student college finance center. Every church should have a system in place to help church members and community members interested in going to college. There should also be learning support centers available to help students, of all ages, remain in school.

Parents are over burdoned with school loans they cannot pay and students are struggling with physically and time demanding jobs trying to help handle living and education responsibilities. Americans must learn to take college problems to the church. The church must step in and be the village for the whole family and community. Prayer meetings are important, but so are family support meetings.where the future is not only planned but supported. During the 20th century, America experienced the greatest injustice in human history, America used segregation laws to attempt to shut out the African American from participating in the opportunities and accomplishments available to other citizens.

The south led the way in the oppression of the African American. Millions of African Americans left the south and took human resources to the north and west. Thousands of churches were developed to serve as support systems for this mass internal mirgration taking place ween the two great oceans protecting this land.

Millions were coming through Ellis Island from Europe to escape the oppression and hard times of the old world. Millions more were escaping America’s home grown oppression against her own peoples of color. Europe’s immigration built factories and the entertainment industry, African Americans migration of millions into the urban centers, built churches. These churches were not intended to be used as prayer and moaning houses, but were educational, financial and family support institutions. Black America built its silent and invisible middle class through the churches out of sight and sound of all who would attempt to shut them down.

There are some who will say that there is no such thing as a Black church, but they are wrong, the Black church functioned under the radar with its massive organized support system, and a Black Theology and Liberation Theology making it possible to turn planned failure into witnesses of God’s ability and success..

The south wanted separate accommodations for everything, and this separation benefited the African American populations in ways even they did not know. Those benefits came through schools and churches. Pastors had the role of guiding major religious and educational institutions designed to get people to an earthly promise land. Traditional mainline churches, in America followed a European format and European doctrinal creed, the curriculum and intent came out of Europe.

In 20th century America, the Historical Black Churches, were free and separate to follow God’s guidelines for a population working its way through and out of oppression. Blacks were treated as second class citizens, but the church treated them as first class among God. Schools tried to miseducate them, so churches opened up schools and after school centers. College professors were teaching about the inferiority of the Black family, so the Black Church became strong family values support centers, providing relational training, deportment, dress, work ethics and strong mental health. Banks refused to lend money to minorities, so churches opened up its own Credit Unions providing financial opportunities for its own members.

Thurgood Marshal, a lawyer, pleading before the Supreme Court, won the case against sepregations in schools, by saying that white children were being deprived of the opportunity to learn from diversity and the accomplishments of peoples of color. Segregation ended because it was proven that white children would suffer, not that it would benefit black children. Thurgood Marshal later became the first black Supreme Court judge in America.

Civil Rights, although good for the country, was not a positive move for Black people. Gone are the special programs designed to get black through the system without a stop over in the prison system. Gone are the leaders who struggled to bring equality to a nation and its people. Gone are the role models who were committed to giving back, and getting the next generation through unscarred and unbeaten. Our churches have become halfway waiting houses for people trying to get “Saved” so they can go to heaven when they die.

It is time for America to study the model of the Historical Black Church and churches, black and white start helping the community to handle the concerns of every day life. As an educator, my concern is with education, and its role in helping America. My concern is also helping parents get students and themselves into college, and also find some other means, than the student loan oppressive system. Student loan oppression is just as damaging as racial or class oppression. Banks hold students with promises of support for education, and place students in life long obligations harmful to credit approval and work opportunity.

When society turned against African Americans during the 20th century, African Americans made their own villages with all of the resources required to live in the village. In the 21st century this means loans for education. Funds to pay for an education required to play in the game of life designed by what appears to be some sort of relationship between financial institutions, educational institutions and the job market.

Someone appears to have entered into a multibillion dollar ponzi scheme to get rich off the American people while at the same time deliverying nothing but hopes, and making people pay for those hopes for the rest of their lives.

America needs doctors, engineers, technicians, clergy, health care, managers and workers, and all of these requirements require a college education. In order to get the education, individuals must sell their future to the money controllers. Money controllers have some how persuaded higher education institutions to ask premium prices for courses and degree granting. I have worked for a number of years as a college professor, and I can say, the money is not going to the professors, who suffer under loads of work with poor compensation, this in itself is a silent tragedy.

Who ever set up this scheme must have convinced the United States congress to get in bed with them, it appears as if congress is controlled by various fractions designed to deliever the least amount of service to people for the highest cost and no regulations. This hands off policy in health, education and finance, has left the American people in a corner sucking thumbs in frustration.

Churches can and must step in and help America. We the people of America give pur churches 501.c.3 tax exempt status, because they are suppose to serve as our safety net, to keep us from drowning when the water gets too high. America is drowing in a sea of ocean debt in the form of student loans, churches must step in with safety nets.

Corporate America should make arrangements to set up through churches educational financial centers covering the cost of financing America’s future through helping her citizens to be able to afford college. Private individuals should make arrangements to pick up partial or total student debt for individuals entering into professions serving the betterment of the country.

Churches should be the fiduciary agent for members receiving grants from private citizens dedicated to give back to America. Children should learn that where there is a church building there is someone inside who will help them with school work and paying for college.

Community members should be able to see the local churches as help centers. Many churches stand empty all week and the community is in need 24/7. Senior citizens could serve as tutor and home work helpers or even a milk and cookie grandmother there to listen and help. Businesses could be encouraged to contribute to the financial help of reducing student loans through the church.

We need help in opening the doors of our churches and make them helping centers where people can just walk off the streets and say, “I need help.” Some one from the congregation should step forward and say, “Let me help.” It takes a whole village to raise a child and the village should meet in the church. Give your time and your talent to help America’s student loan crisis. Ask your pastor what can your church do to help a family achieve its goals. The secrets of wealth is giving it away in the service of others, it returns to you double, trippled and with interest.   If you cannot work let your money work it is still doing God’s work.

If your church is interested in setting up educational and financial outreach programs, at this time, the RDLC Ministries are available to help. Programs can be down loaded free of charge for pastors and clergy interested in working with youth. You cannot run a Hospital For Sinners and an Educational Achievement program at the same time unless you have a large physical facility and a significant number of certified educators in your congregation. You cannot combine or have any cross over between the two ministries, remember God forgives, society does not, and all individuals participating in any program servicing you will have to go through extensive background checks. If you have the space, the approved facility, and a competent congregation

Consider bringing the church back into the village business, make your church a living room instead of a death waiting room.









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