Teaching hate through religion is wrong. Teaching racism is wrong. The Council of Nicea decided in336 AD, what would go into our sacred writings, perhaps they were wrong in the selections made. It is through a misunderstanding of scripture, intentional and non intentional that Christians learn who is to be acceptable to God. Preachers teach from scripture designed to control the mind of the weak and make some turn against a neighbor because of race, creed, gender, nationality and sexual identity. When we hate and kill over religion, then religion is wrong. If we shoot our brother over sexual orientation supported by church doctrine, then church doctrine is wrong. God is about love not hate, and no religious institution should ride on the tax exempt status paid for and assumed by the citizens of the United States of America. Maybe it is time to have a more understanding of Noah and Paul, it is the theology coming from sacred scripture relating to the lives of these two men, to which we can trace the foundation of racism towards the man of color, and hatred towards sexual orientation. The seeds of racism and hatred comes from sacred scripture in the Abrahamic faiths. Wisdom and understanding will come from the head and heart of man, when he himself studies the intent of his God. Know your God, then ask what would Jesus think, say and do about racism and hatred among the faithful?

Churches throughout America preach hatred towards gay people, and it is wrong. Churches enjoy a tax exempt status under the 501.c3 agreement. This is an agreement stating that organizations engaged in activities and programs designed to improve and help American citizens in quality of life experiences addressing emotional, physical and spiritual needs, can do so without tax burden. The Founding Fathers did not intend for Freedom of Religion to mean freedom to teach racism and hatred. It is time for a new Council of Religious Intent to be called for Christians clergy from various denominations to agree on what does it mean, in terms of behaviors, to be considered part of the original Christian family. There are too many rules of exclusions and written doctrine on who is on the hate list.

Hating gays should not be on the Jesus agenda or guidelines for Christianity.

The history of the ancient world and Europe describes a culture of abuse. Strong men would show power over weak men by using them as women. The practice of removing the sex organs of weak men and turning them into non sexual being was also a practice in ancient times. In Christian theology, Paul, the writer of most of the New Testament Books of the sacred Bible, speaks against this practice of the powerful abusing the weak, especially in Rome. His condemnations of the practice of men being used as sex objects the same as women, gave rise to an anti gay belief system, which has turned into deep misunderstanding and profound hatred for a class of individuals born genetically different. Modern day Christians do not have a loud out cry against sexual abuse in the prisons across America. It is in the prisons of America, that strong men use weak men and boys as women, often under the knowing eyes of prison guards. Churches do not call for the hatred of these men for abusing others. Christians are not developing help programs for young men and boys traumatized by being used as women. Paul alone speaks to this issue, but Paul’s words are turned into an anti gay movement. In 2016, America experienced the worst anti gay attack in its history. People were killed for being gay, if churches have played any part in motivating Christians to think God is in the killing, then something is wrong with Christianity, churches and Christian preaching.God is love, Jesus is the heart of God, and America is one nation under God, and the spirit of Jesus the Christ.

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