Teacher preparation should be turned over to the Catholic Churches, The Historical Black Churches, The Quakers, and to institutions dedicated to training the whole person as a spiritual being, rather than someone filled with incorrect Eugenic ideas of who is inferior and who is superior. Teaching is a spiritual, not religious act, and spiritually trained people should have the job.

Spiritual Teaching, it is not about race or economics, it is about respecting the dignity of the soul of all men.

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Delores E. Harris, Harrison, B.A.,M.A.,Ed.M., Ed.D(ABD) M.Div., D.M


     This course is designed for individuals who are planning to enter into the field of teaching. Teaching is a spiritual act and the teachers must understand how to relate to students in a spiritual manner in order for classroom management and instructional delivery to take place. This course will cover the policies and procedures necessary for survival in a classroom, and how to know and fulfill the expectations of the principal, the students and the parents. Students will have an opportunity to review the art of teaching, the science of teaching and the spirit of teaching. This course follows the New York State requirements for teaching strategies, policies and procedures. Students are responsible for knowing and completing the guidelines required for certifications for teaching. This is a skill-based course designed to help students to be job ready when they enter the teaching classroom. 


Students will be able to prepare themselves spiritual for the career of teaching

Students will develop skills for spiritually effective classroom management

Students will develop skills for spiritual instructional preparation and spiritual Instructional delivery. Students will develop a guide for spiritual teaching.

Students will understand that there are many Paths of Faith, and how to use their own path as an aid in teaching.





Martin Buber, I and Thou


Ernest Holms, Religious Science


How the attitude, behaviors and believe systems of the teacher influence student performance.


What role the church can play in preventing teacher burnout?


What your professors did not tell you and your friends did not know about the reality of teaching. 


Week 1            ……..What is Spiritual Teaching? 

Week 2                     Who Is the Teacher? 

Week 3            ………Who are the American People? 

Week 4            ………Policies and Procedures



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