The story of the birth and struggle of the Black experience and achievement in America inspires movements all over the world to change the power structure whereby the minority controls the lives of the majority through education and religious manipulation. The power of the minority to control the majority was a masterful piece of work, which has lasted for over hundreds of years, and it was done through mind control. The ability to convince the peoples of the world that they were inferior, and that a superior group selected by the “white” God on high, had chosen the ruling class to lead them out of their darkness. The wave of the future is in the appreciation of blackness, as the peoples of color of the world change the dynamics and the power structure gripping the world and releases the songs of billions of oppressed people ready to create the music of freedom. Researchers seeking to find the truth behind who are these people brought to a continent and destined to change the world; are turning to archives on the study of the black experience in America. Volumes of that research can be found in the Schomburg Center for the study of African Americans, located in the middle of central Harlem in New York City. Millions more pieces of research located in the National Archives in Washington D.C. are also in the research process. This study is often hampered by the surrounding culture whose belief systems are influenced by the media and a slanted and often untrue education system. Heroes and rules must be created in the minds of people if they are going to be effective and Hollywood and our public education system created our white heroes and our blacked oppressed. In spite of these fictional and altered historical events, some how the theology of blackness took root in the souls of black folks and the oppressed.

America wants everything the Black man has but his history and his blackness. Although the quest to get a sun tan at all cost may suggest that they want the black man’s color also. Elvis Presley and Justin Beiber all want the voice and the style, the creative energy and the spiritual gifts, they want to do black without being black. Is the secret to America’s problems in the black population? What is it that the black man has that has proved so valuable to white America. Black children are heathier and smarter, they test dumb on instruments designed to project stupidity and incompetence.Blacks survived slavery better than Europeans survived the horrors of the people and times of history. It is time to elevate the black man in America to his rightful place. When we know the truth about each other, then we can work together to cure Autism, Add/Adhd, emotional distressand life styles that can give pleasure without mind altering drugs. During the most difficult times in life, the black man created dance, and musical instruments to record that dance. Dance can cure many illness brought on by stress. Movement project confidence and produces healing. Black make no stories of the horror and injustice or celebrate tragedies, blacks know when and how to be black. The chess game of pushing ahead and moving back. Wear the mask and wear the crown and know when to have on which.



The oppressed of southern Europe immigrated to America and created an entertainment industry born out of that oppression and viewing the stories of another oppressed people through their own eyes and realities. Much of the information is incorrect and provides an historical and cultural account of peoples of color living in the new world. They wrote scripts based on their own life stories and their limited exposure to the ruling class. Black Americans showed up in Hollywood scripts as a backwards inferior group doomed by an oppression, making it impossible to achieve any level of competence and greatness. America and the world learned about Black people through the entertainment media rather those personal or historical interactions of an invisible people. The tragedies of pre World War 2 Europe, which included a body of information designed to prove to a ruling class that an oppressed people were not worthy of living. Millions died as the results of this hatred of one man for another based on cultural and religious differences. Those who escaped the terror of Europe came to America in search for freedom, and bring with them the seeds of confusion and a design of how to educate groups into submission and inferiority. The Silent movie, the Birth of a Nation became the story of a people of color, and the Alex Huxley’s series of Roots on National Television became the anthropological research on black people, their origin and potential. Oppression and the oppressed were given a face and the face was given a color and the results were that Hollywood enables racism to be spread all over the world. It was all a movie and a lie, and it did more to hurt the image of the Black man in America, than 200 years of slavery.

The theology of blackness uses the Bible formatted on the Abrahamic scripture with a change in cast, characters and script. Abraham has color, and he is headed for Egypt, the capital of blackness and it not only saves his life, but represents a profound change in who the represents the chosen peoples of God. The story focuses on Ishmael, the son cast out into a wilderness to die, but lives to build great nations of the unwanted and the oppressed. The American Ishmael story covers about 400 years and tells the story of a people leaving slavery and wandering through the wilderness of the post Civil War period through the continual struggle to become true to core of American values. Moses for Black people is understood through the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Our spiritual prophets are Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas and Marcus Garvey. Our apostles are embodiment of Fannie Lu Hammer, Medgar Evers and Harriet Tubman. Our heroes are Ophra Winfrey and Maya Angelou. Our historical angels are Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, The Quakers, our Catholic and Jewish brothers, who marched with us into battle, and shared our punishment in America’s prisons, and in some cases, shared the sting of death in a final resting place.

As Black Christians were thrown to the lions, angels had removed the teeth and claws of those lions giving a chance to fight animal to animal and survive. Our Jesus did not get nailed to a cross, but many sacred men became the fruit swinging from trees grown in Christian yards. Moses used liberation theology in his role of delivering the Hebrew people out from the land of Egypt. Egypt symbolizes a state of living where people are oppressed and submit to that oppression in the belief that they are helpless to do anything about their conditions. Social scientist and social workers come to help them to understand the oppression and the helpless of their situations and to provide them with spiritual talk to help them accept an impossible situation with grace. God in His hidden wisdom, place us in conditions under the Great Britain system, which although believed in conquering the world, and benefiting from their resources, believed in education and leaving her subjects with the tools of the oppressor enabling them to excel. Fascism as a system of rule would have used a final solution as a means to handle a people who many considered inferior. Today most of Great Britain’s subjects are free, thrust into the 21st century acting and speaking like little Englishmen, but ready and able to hold their own as members of the round table designing the future. Would India be a world player if her conqueror had been Germany instead of Great Britain? Would non-violence have worked with Fascism? We are the results of a British North American colonial system, designed to control, sustain but educate, and our former owners knew that if they destroyed God’s people, they themselves would be destroyed. Therefore, they put in a two- tiered educational system, one for the rulers, and one for those destined to be ruled. Those who were ruled, if they paid attention, learned both systems and were able to move freely between both systems. The Bible was the major rule book used to give the rulers the courage to rule, and the subjects the guidelines and the rationale for accepting their conditions.

Black theology is the exact opposite of Christian theology. Christianity as practiced in European culture provides a framework for the minority to rule the majority. Christianity made it possible for Rome to rule the world. Christianity made it possible for Great Britain to rule the world, and conquer continents, transporting millions of its citizens all over the world, without a major military battle. The Bible was more powerful than the sword, and with careful use it subdue whole continents into submission enabling the conqueror the exploit the wealth in human resources and earth resources with courage and entitlement. With the use of a white Jesus and a large image of a white God pointing a finger at a large white man in the Sistine Chapel. Christianity has provided the means by which, the weak were able to conquered the strong. Fist it was necessary to teach the strong to believe and say I am weak and helpless; second you must place into the minds and heart of a people the sense of delayed gratification, and convince them to give up willingly any right to earth’s resources, and instead wait for post death rewards of the after life. Third and most important it was necessary to whiten the Christian Mythology Theology system. God had to be white, Adam and Eve had to be white, Noah and his family had to be white, Abraham had to be white almost avoiding his slip up with the Egyptian woman. Hollywood comes along later and makes Egypt white. Historians and mapmakers had long placed this country outside of the African continent to dilute any color suggestion. We get a white Cleopatra and white pharos and a mental theology of the rightness of white and the wrongness and weakness of Black. Satan was portrayed as either black or red and a source of all that is forbidden and evil.   Jesus, the Messiah of the white man had to be white, White people were given the earth and life, and black people were given heaven and a spiritual life of salvation. The earth was described as the devils playground, and any and all pleasures of the earth was under the rule of the boogieman referred to as Black Satan.

With black people praying to a white Jesus and carrying around a white plastic Jesus, and having a white bleeding Jesus hanging around their necks, the task of rescuing them out of Egypt was going to be difficult. It is possible to see the role the Black Church had to play in order to rescue a people from their own religion, which was designed to keep them in bondage. Enter the role of the Black Church, Black Theology and Liberation Theology. White society was not going to give up its prize easily. White Christians did not like the idea of Black Christians attending their churches. Those who did believe in Heaven were not too happy about sharing their eternal resting places with those who they were taught to believe were not made in God’s image and were in fact God’s pity and mercy people, who out of the kindness of his heart permitted them to gather the crumbs from his table.

The role of the Black Church and Black theology, was to present the truth to a confused people, open the eyes of an emotionally blind people, help the cripple emotionally helpless to stand on their own two feet and walk, and bring back to life a dead Lazarus. Jesus is the Moses for Black people, and in order that the message is received for those for whom it is intended, His words are coded and spoken in parables. An oppressed people cannot go up against the oppressor with physical strength. The oppressor has used mental conditioning to get the subject to willingly accept oppression without revolt or violence. The oppressor has convinced the oppressed that it is the will of God for them to be oppressed, and that they must be obedient to God’s will and the messenger of his will. Jesus come in and says the He is the way the truth and the life, and no man can reach the father without going through the truth. The Black theology had the daunting task of providing that truth but providing in coded form so that it would not be blocked out from the ears and heart of those intended for the message. There were many in the Christian church who had the role of Judas, and to turn in all those who tried to teach a different theology. Many ministers had to leave main line churches and denominations and open up their own independent churches. Mainline churches are usually owned and operated with a European format and Litigury, and control what can and cannot be said in institutions bearing a corporation name. The Black church, in America, became a separate society within a society, and can be credited with the development of the wealthiest most educated peoples of color on earth. They did not change the color of Jesus or any of the main characters, they focused on decoding the Bible and the parables spoken by Jesus, and made them relevant to people’s lives and human conditions. Jesus walked in the gardens of our hearts, and stepped out on the waters of obstacles and adversities and conquered forces in the environment sent to defeat him. He demonstrated to an oppressed people how to endure the death of their old life of mental and physical oppression and resurrect into the Easter of a new day.

Black Church, a major institution in the lives of the Black people, provided the social, educational, intellectual and moral service needs of the community. Men played significant leadership roles in the church, and were considered role models for the community. The women were the pathfinders, guides, head and heart of these institutions often taking the back and powerful role of overseer of the operation. Men were placed and supported in the leadership positions of these churches, and the clear lines between power and leadership were played outside the view of the general public. In public religious education classes young people received academic support through Sunday school classes and After School centers operated through the churches. If a child way falling behind academically in public school, this was corrected in the religious support system provided by the church. The Bible was an excellent book for teaching language arts, and analysis and discussions of the many Biblical stories, provided opportunities for you people to sharpen their problem solving skills.

Political decisions, economic decision, relational decisions and education decisions were sanctioned and formulated in these sacred locations. Men and women of outstanding intellectual ability were elevated to positions of leadership in the church. The Black Church operated its own teacher training academies; where men and women learned the skills of organizational development, classroom management skills, lesson planning and instructional delivery. Churches operated their own after school programs, Sunday school programs, adult Bible study classes and Seminaries Black Christianity was also different from traditional Christianity. Black people viewed Jesus as a living Savior, guide counselor and friend. It was he who made it possible to endure difficult circumstances in the personal realm and the political realm of society. Black Christians did not develop an anger or rage against the oppressors of the Christian community, who went to church on Sundays, and some wore white sheets on Monday to attend rallies planning violence and even deaths of individuals.

The Black Church prevented the development of emotional and mental victim personalities as the results of individuals in the outer society placing obstacles in the pathway of progress for countless men and women of color. Jesus was a God of love, and the Black Church and Black Christianity taught people how to truly love the enemy and not permit the sins of the enemy to become their sins.

Men were encouraged to study and become preachers, and women were encouraged to study and become teachers. These preachers would hold the family of God together while they endured the trials of living in a hostile environment. The teachers would dedicate themselves to the task of educating the children so that they would be prepared for a world of the future free of oppression. Teachers were believers of a better world and a better future here on earth.

Black Christianity focused on the quality of life on God’s earthly plane, while at the same time helping Christians to understand that there was life after life, with God in the heavenly realm. The Black Church and Black Christianity had the most effective anti depression and anti neurotic program in the country. Black Christians learned that the attitudes of the behaviors of other Christians, were not their concern, and they had to work out their own soul salvation.

Black Christians learned how to avoid the psychotic behaviors of other Christians who were determined to destroy them in mind, body and spirit. There was a spiritual separation of the two groups and a separation of theologies presented in the churches. Black Christians learned a Black theology, and a theology of liberation.

Fighting An Education System Designed to Create The Superior And The Inferior Class.

The Black Church played a major role in transforming the message of white society into a positive one for black society. I was not alone in that role. The school system in the country as hard as it tried to provide an inferior education to some sections of the population was a major force in helping Black people to not only prepare to leave the Egypt of their oppression, but to be prepared with the gifts and talents provided by Egypt in order that they would be able to survive in the wilderness, in the event they decided to leave the area and start out on their own. Black parents made it possible for their children to sit in the middle of white children so that what ever the teacher was teaching they would be exposed to the same body of information. The had to teach some of the children how to shut up listen and learn, because the knowledge they were receiving was not intended for them, but they were going to get it anyway. Students struggling in educational systems, which did not want them, and which made every opportunity to shut them down, referred them for counseling or special services, or just frustrate them until they just left. Most stayed, endured and learned. The cost of trying to use injustice on a segment of God’s people enacted a great toll on teachers. Many became unaware of the reasons for their despair and frustrations as they slowly burned out of a system set up to restrict and prevent the movement of a smart people. Scientific data was complied to convince teachers, parents and students that the Black student was incapable of learning. The result was that the student remained to fight for his rights, and the teacher left. This burnout of a significant percentage of teachers was noted by the Black Church, and researchers blamed parents and students for the teacher’s ability to remain in an unjust system.

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