Stop The Pain And The Suffering, Make Life Beautiful For Yourself And Others

 Be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind suggesting that wrong thoughts are the reasons for the suffering of man.  Drugs, legal or illegal cannot end most of the pain in the world, but a different thought pattern can, rethink God and eliminate violence suffering and pain.

God does not want to see His creations suffer and since the mind reads the nerve cells to the brain we must learn how to implant God renewing cells into the pain receptors of the brain. The brain tells the mind to hurt and suffering occurs. God can tell the brain to regenerate healing and create stems of healing. Alcohol and drugs mask the receptors and provides  a false uncomfortable feeling to the mind, resulting in strange behaviors. Drugs transform the mind and the individual into a new person outside of their own mind control. 

Giving up one’s life to chemical control destroys man’s knowledge of his relationship with God. God wants His people back, but going into a mind  manipulated and controled by toxic chemicals is not a task for the untrained.

God is more powerful and the original creator and knows how to enter the pathways of the mind to heal the brain, this is done through the spirit and the soul. The spirit and the soul is the essence of man and controls the mind and the body. It is pure love, and that love is the unconditional God.

Sometimes it is necessary for a loved one to act as a stand in for the beloved before God until the healing recepitors are made. The person seeking healing learns to trust the mind and the heart of the beloved in place of their own toxic mind. God heals through the power of universal love and right actions. Ghandi understood this principle, and many transformations from drug addictions, and some mental illness benefit from this concept.

Man creates God in his own image time and culture, it is time to go back and re-think the original plan.

 Eating from the tree of wisdom is not a sin, but you need to develop strong teeth to chew on God’s word. The bible is milk for babies or meat for men, the Gospel requires teeth. Put the nipple away and find God.

God’s people have to be taught to be good and do right, the messages cannot come from society  and unfortunately, in some cases, it cannot come fromreligion or the home.  Some religions teach the hatred of other men through scripture, and some of man’s most violent behaviors are found in the home. God is not in violence abuse and suffering, even if scripture is. Violence through religion is wrong as any violence against the weak is wrong. Salvation means freedom from suffering and not a death trip after life.

The Bible speaks of men using strict rules and inflexible religious rites in order to get biblical man to conform.  Jesus says something different, and He was sent straight from the Father to give a different message to man. Some one, some how and with some strategy must give that message to man as a guide for life.

Fear only works for a  short time, the strong will abuse the weak until the weak discover wisdom and strength. The key to eliminating the abuse by others is through education. This is difficult because it is the role of the abuser to keep victims away from knowledge. The churches were intended as houses of control, where messages of obedience and compliance were taught, those not obeying and submitting were promised eternal suffering in the after life. Those who were obedient heard a message of structure rules and eternal rewards for life’s suffering.

There was another message hidden in the pages of the Gospel and the life and purpose of Jesus, the Christ. There was the message of salvation, not the message of Jesus as the sacrificial blood price paid for the sins of mankind, but a different salvation.

A suffering woman does not need a blood sacrifice, and a child submitting to daily abuse, is not impressed with a bleeding helpless figure tortured on the cross. There is a message of salvation, and Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. Follow the message, learn the truth and walk into a new light of possibilities. We need to ask some basic questions, who was Jesus? Jesus is identified as the Son of God. How did He come to earth? Jesus came through the body and womb of a woman.

What was Jesus purpose in coming to earth? Jesus came to set the captive free, He came to help the blind to see, the broken and cripple to walk, and He came to call the dead back to life. If you work on that curriculum, and focus on how Jesus carried out His mission on earth, you will discover a new guide for life. God does not need  nor created worthless sinners struggling through life with an impossible stacked deck. God is love, and perfect love does not hurt.

Man was created in the perfection of God, and man must search for that perfection. The abuser needs you to feel hopeless and helpless, but seeking wisdom provides hope and help through God. Wisdom comes through education; it is necessary to step out of the known world and into the world of the unknown. Regular traditional 12 years of schooling will not do that; primary and secondary education prepares the mind to receive knowledge. School provides little receptacles in the mind ready to receive God’s wisdom. College is the path way to wisdom, and there are many paths on the way to creating a new person. College will not baby you, and will not fight with you, or enter into psychological street debates on the value of the college experience.

Many schools in America fail, because the students think they are smarter than the teachers, and in some cases they are, but college is a different world. Some schools think that students are so dumb that they do not need smart teachers, and will hire unqualified and unprepared teachers.

 College takes you into the world you do not know, the world of the mind with interesting and challenging trips you know nothing about. College is your resurrections from  the death of ignorance and poverty- into a new life. You discover God without religion, and you discover the way and the truth. The way is not easy and the burdens are often heavy, causing many to give up in hopeless frustration, but for those who stay the course, transformation takes place through the renewing of the mind.

College renews the mind and lights the pathway to a better life. Education frees the enslaved body, where individuals believed they must do as they are told because they see no other way of survival. The future is in the mind, and what the eyes see is not always God’s plan for your life.

The past and the present does not predict the future. It is God who reveals mans future to him, and this is done through education. Education is the process of learning how to think new thoughts, and let those thoughts create your future. Thoughts are things, so think right thoughts, and right things will manifest itself in your life. Let the weak think and say, I am strong; let the fearful thing and say I am brave; let the poor think and say I am rich with the wealth of God. Jesus came to deliver that promise to man and for that He gave His life. There are those who have a vested interest in keeping the promises of God away from the knowledge of man. Hard work and sacrifice will not get man to the promise land of wealth and prosperity, knowledge can open the doorway to wisdom, where man learns to work smart and not hard. When the age of awareness comes to you, and you look around, and do not like what you see, look for pathways to find God’s promise.  God, education, family are the guiding paths to the kingdom on earth. Love God, seek education and care for the family of God and the wealth of the universe will be places in your reach. Know this God of power, and learn about this awesome world created for you and claim your inheritance as a son of the living God. This is education, not religion or faith, but the knowledge of endless possibilities.

It is through a college education that a woman learns of her value to the society and the world God created. She learns how to step out of the victim’s role into her rightful place with or without her mate. It is through education that a young man learns that the past does not predict the future, and he will have an opportunity to construct his own future.

Pain and abuse can only last as long as the victim submits to the abuse, through necessity or ignorance. With education, there will come a time when the lame will walk away from abuse. Some religious groups encourage women to pray for the abuser, and submit, leaving all events to God, the intent is not to hear the cry of the woman but to help her to understand and work with the will of the punishing God.

Jesus came down through and to a woman, suggesting that God heard her silent cries. It is time for Jesus to come to America and her churches and give them directions in how to relieve the emotional pain and suffering not heard by organized religions.

Legal and illegal drugs cannot smother emotional pain. Pain is pain, suffering is suffering, and God is and can be an effective relief. God works through the mind of man, and since emotional pain started in the mind, the mind is where the healing has to take place.

Physical pain comes to the body through various factors and realities, it is not the intent, at this time to deal with physical illness. There are many excellent health care professionals addressing those issues.

The individual may have contributed to his own pain through life choices, usually events and people in the early life of the individual placed in the thought patterns of the mind, the worthlessness of the individual. When an individual is connected to the awareness of God in his life, he uses the perfection of God as an image of himself, and as long as he follows a God  Path he will be all right.

There are some who experienced a disconnect from the creator, permitting events and circumstances to alter the plan- they begin to see themselves through the eyes of man rather than through the eyes of God. Churches, clergy, congregations must reconnect man to his God.

It is wrong for churches to reject man based on color, creed, nationality, gender or sexual orientation, rejection causes pain, and God’s people should not be in the rejection business. If the Bible says to reject them, put down the bible and see what God says. Education teaches man how to search for and hear the voice of God even above culture and traditions.

Women, who silently submit to domestic abuse at the hands of religious church going husbands, take their pain to the doctor, who is more than willing to supply them with the prescription drugs to help them cope with the reality of their lives.

Men who do not know any other way to express  frustrations with themselves and the direction lives are taking, often find them selves taking some form of legal drugs, including alcohol to take the edge off of a nagging pain felt deep down.


Sacred scripture does not prevent men from abusing women and wives- but education can. There is a hidden curriculum in the Gospel, but few people know how to release its meanings.

 Sacred scripture does not address issues of feelings, emotional needs and care of the soul, but a college education will give you the tools for caring for your own feelings. You can find the hidden voice of Jesus in the Gospels-  Socrates, Plato and Aristotle spoke of the hidden voice and wisdon, 2500 years before the birth of Jesus, suggesting that the wisdom is universal and timeless.

Scripture speaks of the rod for both women and children, but does not address the need for the hug. Scripture can be used to justify the torment punishment and even death of individuals who may have different sexual orientations and gender based on cultural guideline developed thousands of years ago in a different time and place. Can this same scripture be used to heal broken hearts and spirits in religious families hurting from and by old traditions? We must learn to put new wine in new wine skins, or perhaps go back to the vinyards and find out what went into the growing of the grapes for the wines, perhaps, the answers are still in the sacred writings and we need new minds to understand God’s word.



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