Stop By For God before going to work. Riverside Church opens its doors to the community as a place for spiritual growth. Before entering the classroom, stop by the Church for Spiritual Formation for Public School Teachers. Before going to the challenges of the business world, stop by for God and renew your strength. Bless your children before they go to school, Riverside Church can help. Christian children can get religious symbols to remind them that God is watching over them from our religious book store.Stop by for God for spiritural centering before entering the challenges of the world. Morning blessings are timed so you will not miss your train, bus or first class. Public School teachers serving the Washington Heights, Harlem and Columbia University area are welcomed to stop by for God before reporting to the classroom, 9 minutes can make a difference in your day.


You are invited to participate in a early morning Interfaith spiritual formation service. These services are only nine minutes long. You are invited to stop by for God before work. Nine minutes before work to center on the fruit of the spirit.

Public School Teachers

Teachers Stop By Your local church before going into the classroom. You cannot teach religion, but you can get spiritually centered before entering the classroom

9 minutes for God before going to work. Get spiritually centered before class.

Parents, take a few minutes to stop by for God and have your children blessed before they go to school

Pastors, stop by the Riverside Church before going to your own church.

stop by and get nurtured before you go to nurture your flock





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