Stand when you feel like falling, stand when all seems lost, stand when life seems to lose all of its meaning, stand will reality says hope has gone. Hariet Tubman stands as a symbol of a people guided by faith not reality, that life is worth living and holding on. Slavery and the African American demonstrates God’s power to stand with a people through any and all adversity, and they will see God’s Kingdom here on earth in the flesh. The Anglos and the Saxons, the same people who had the power to destroy the lives of oppressed men women and children make up the moral foundation of America, the results however are different. The fact that the results are different is one of God’s greatest miracle on earth, and a visible representations of the teachings of Jesus. It is not what evil does to people, it is rather how the victim handles evil and provides God an opportunity to demonstrate that He is still in charge.

Harriet Tubman, was formally commended by the Secretary of War for her work as a Union scout and as a nurse in the Sea Islands. Thousands of other blacks led Union troops to hidden valuables, buried cotton, and food stores left behind by fleeing Confederates. Southern blacks simply stopped acting like slaves once the War began and awaited the outcome of the fighting, especially slaves in the interior of the Confederacy.  To most southern whites’ surprise, no outbreak of slave rebellion occurred during the War. Indeed, no southern white women were molested or abused by angry slaves; no retaliation of any great extent occurred against white masters; and few acts of vengeance were demonstrated in acts of violence against southern property or southern whites. In many cases, the enslaved simply went away in the night, seldom taking anything but their clothes. Some even provided provisions for the families of their white masters before leaving. And much to the surprise of nearly all whites, the first to leave were the household servants: men and women believed to be loyal and contented slaves.

For most southern slaves and northern free blacks, the Civil War experience represented a high point in their history. After the War, the country abandoned efforts at providing justice for the formerly enslaved except during a few short years from 1865 to 1876, known as the era of Reconstruction. After that brief period, during which southern blacks experienced significant political and social empowerment, there descended upon the region over 100 years of segregation, lynching, disfranchisement, and racial violence commonly known as the era of Jim Crow.  The Jim Crow period was worse than slavery, African Americans were no longer considered property and subjected to the protections of property owners, poverty among white Americans brought out the worst part of their character. They became Anglo Saxon in thought word and deed, and some of the same behaviors used by the Saxon nation against the Jews could be observed in the southern areas of the country. The Brown shirts and the KKK has similar beliefs and behaviors, and how the African American survived the KKK Brown Shirts is credited to strong family instructions. The codes of survival were provided through black churches, which taught an enirely different doctrine than traditional christian churches. African Americans learned the codes of deception and duality of existence, creating for themselves survival plans for avoiding the wrath of emotionally disturbed southerners so angered by their very existence, that they would had destroyed them if the could. The intellectual energy required to survive segregation, made it possible for millions to out smart those individuals dedication lives to maintaining the status quo. In order to keep a man down, you must keep a foot on his neck. It is impossible to have any advancements if it is necessary to stay in one place to prevent movement of others. Blacks learned how to slide out from under the foot, through mass migrations out of heavy footed areas, and out qualifying the the foot and move into jobs, that the foot lacked competence to obtain. African Americans were the first to join the military and learn valuable shills required to change the course of power. Paul Laurence Dunbar, a black poet, whose father served as a Union soldier, wrote with pride about the Civil War experience of blacks who fought to free themselves from slavery, both actually and symbolically. During WW2, the oppressed group in Germany did not have an opportunity to serve in the military and learn the skills of agression, perhaps the story of history would have been different. In America, and her many wars, the African American male took the abuse from fellow officers and soldiers as he learned the skills of defence.

Dunbar writes:

The Colored Soldiers
If the muse were mine to tempt it
And my feeble voice were strong,
If my tongue were trained to measures,
I would sing a stirring song.
I would sing a song heroic
Of those noble sons of Ham,
Of the gallant colored soldiers
Who fought for Uncle Sam!…
Ah, they rallied to the standard
To uphold it by their might;
None were stronger in the labors,
None were braver in the fight.
From the blazing breach of Wagner
To the plains of Olustee,
They were foremost in the fight
Of the battles of the free….
And their deeds shall find a record
In the registry of Fame;
For their blood has cleansed completely
Every blot of Slavery’s shame.
So all honor and all glory
To those noble sons of Ham–
The gallant colored soldiers
Who fought for Uncle Sam!
–Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1895

Today, inspite of problems and negative feelings by some, the African American has become the wealthiest, most educated peoples of color on earth, with an estimated purchasing power in the trillions of dollars. Many immigrants and refugees come here to America because of that history and example of transformation. They endure hardships, rejections and at times discriminations, but they know that America is a good nation and a God nation, and as long as they have the faith and the courage to stand, they too can experience God’s kingdom here on earth.


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