The sons of Ham will not sit quietly while the German spirit in man work out the “final solution” for the problem of racism. Ham’s sons have used their resources to purchase high quality weapons, equal to the fire power of any solution thinker. Trained in military thinking from the many wars fought in over seas lands, the sons of Ham are mentally and emotionally soldiers. Germany depended on a good religious people to follow their prayer books and march quietly into ovens. Men women and children were subjected to medical procedures that only the depraved mind would inflict on another human being. Doctors, scientist and soldiers were able to do this because they were programmed to believe that the populations they were destroying were subhumans. The sons of Ham will not permit that to happen in the United States of America. A man fights back. As tragedic as it seem, the deaths, of 5 policemen will save the lives of millions. The death of these five men has shocked the brain of America into the conscious awareness of what they are doing. Many Germans said after WW2 that they were unaware of what was happening in their country, the sons of Ham have awakened the mind of America with a snipper bullet in Dallas.

Racism is a disease, which overtakes an ignored and uneducated mind and the need for a living sacrifice is required to appease the gods of injustice. Black America avoided a lot of this suffering and behaviors because of specific planned strategies put in place early in slavery, enabling an individual to blame outside sources, and not internalize the injustices of men.

The Black strategy involved Christianity, an altered Christianity. European Christianity was designed to control and conquer people; Black people used the Jesus strategy, and translated the hidden codes of the Gospel and the Parables, designing a Jesus path for surviving in America. Churches for black people were not Hospitals for sinners, waiting to be saved to die and go to heaven. Historical Black Churches were universities and there is a big difference.

In traditional Christianity, the church is considered a hospital, where people with all types of illness and different stages of illness come to be healed or “saved.” The Historical Black Church was not a hospital it was The University.

Members were not considered sick, they were oppressed, and the church provided intellectual instructional guides with specializations in family relations, employment opportunities, conflict resolutions, education tutorial and deportment in manners, class, self-awareness and citizenship. Churches were not halfway houses to heaven but specific instructional centers for living on earth. The pastors were the professors, and the approved text was the Bible. The major difference between the Black Church and traditional Christian church was its proven ability to transform a whole group emotionally, physically, cognitively, economically, and politically. The Black Church created the heart and soul of America and is the lightening rod, which keeps America true to her vision.

Black folks saved America from becoming just another European colony of England. The fight for Irish justice and black freedom made America. The Native American gave the spirit of the land and the secrets of living with diversity. The Scott’s/ Irish /Native and African form the DNA of this great land, how they handled challenges and conflicts is the story of America. The African transformed the religion of the European into a theology of liberation. Spiritual mental black and liberation theology make it possible for African Americans to survive and thrive and become the most educated and wealthiest peoples of color on earth, with a purchasing power in the trillions. This is about the role the church played in that miracle.

America’s religious hands are not clean, during the early parts of the 20th century she exhibited the worst kind of behaviors in the name of Christianity. Today she is quick to look at the Muslims in other countries and is aghast at the levels of violence and calling such behaviors inhuman. The history of Christians in the southern parts of the United States matched or exceeded that of Muslims. The Church of the KKK marching under the banner of Christianity lynched Jews, Catholics and African Americans as directed by their god and pastors. Silent are the horrors of these events including burning churches with children inside, horrors unable to be accepted in human memory. Early events and thousands of acts of inhumanity resulted in 9 million African Americans leaving this American Hades and heading for northern and Central American states. The massive freedom march is referred to as the Great Migration, omitted from most American schoolbooks. Perhaps it is time for America to look at the other side of her character, the side that she keeps hidden to the world, but the side that comes front and center whenever there is a change to the status quo. The stratification rules were changing the bottom was shifting, a slave class was free and demanding to not only eat a piece of the American pie, but to get in the kitchen and help make the pie. Israel is safe today in the Middle East, not because of her prayer power, hoping her neighbors would do the right thing, but she remember that she to is a son of Ham, and a right to the land and willing to fight for that right. Today Israel is invited to any table discussing the questions of rights and survival, and she does not bring a Holy Book.

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