Slavery exists in America today and it is in two forms. There is indentured servitude, where you sell your body and soul to someone for a given period of time until you have paid the due price and won your freedom. There is slavery for life, where you inherit the institution through birth circumstances, your mother was a slave and all the members of your family are slaves, and slavery is the only life style you know. You adopt learned slave behaviors and only associate with people who are themselves life members of the slave institution. Poverty, mental illness, learning disability, or the inability to listen and learn how to avoid dangerous behaviors, which will place you in confinement to others and under the total control of others. Freedom is a God given right, man has fought and died to have it and keep it. Drugs legal and illegal are the doorways to America’s modern day institution of slavery. It is an institution that most people walk through willingly, with the ignorance of the wisdom to think and believe that they will have the power and ability to walk out whenever desired. The greatest sin in life is to place oneself in the institution of slavery. America’s greatest sin is to have children born into slavery with no means or desire to end the institution.

America has a big problem; there are a significant number of people caught in a chemically induced mental condition that prevents them from solving problems in their lives. They talk fast, they talk over people, and they have an incorrect idea that they contain the wisdom and insight in the world to solve all problems. They also believe they most live in the fire of a significant event and must repeat the factors of that event to who ever is willing to listen. In my work, I try to avoid such people, but sometimes circumstances forces involvement. This article is written with two individuals in mind, they are from the same family; these are instructions for Alice on how to get out of the rabbit hole. America has provided a way for those who are born into modern slavery to get out. No savior will come and free you. Some girls think they can use their body as a ticket out of slavery; some marry only to find they are in indentured servitude. Some boys think they can use hostility, bullying and aggression to fight their way out; they usually land in prison, and in slavery for life because you need a clean reputation to work in the freedom world. Crawl, walk, run to the nearest college you can and start the process of freedom.
Breaking out of the culture of poverty
First get an education. You cannot get any where in life today if you do not have an education. Find the nearest college and do the following:
· Go to the college
· Find the registers office
· Tell the people in the office you want to find out how to get into the college
· Ask for the instruction book
· You are a high school graduate- you will need to send for a copy of you high school transcript- they will send the transcript to the school.
· A college education will give you a new view on life
· A college education will keep you from getting depressed when your life does not work
· A college education will put you with friends who will talk to you while you learn about the new events in life
· Regardless what kind of job you want- a college education will make you feel better about yourself and life.
· Lots of adults go to college
· Many adults could not go to college before because they had to raise their children
· A college education will help you organize your brain
· A college education will help you change focus
· Get off the health kick
· You need something else for your mind to think about
· The door way out of poverty is through the college
· Change your thoughts and change your life
· Get some new thought through going to college
· Ask the people in the college how you can find money to pay for your education
· Take one class at a time
· It will not be easy- but you have to start
· The college will teach you how to think- write and read material
· Register for an English course- it will teach you how to write about yourself and the people and events in your life.
· Take an American History course- it will help you to know the country and how it works.
· Take a psychology course- it will help you to know how and why people are crazy and how to identify crazy behavior.
· Take Sociology course- it will help you to understand why some people are rich and some people are poor- and what the country does with poor people.
· It does not matter when you graduate- just get in the process.
· The school will have people to help you with selecting the other courses
· The answers to your questions and concerns can be found in education

Legal chemicals have messed up your mind and your thinking- you cannot do better until you get better. Medical prescriptions designed to help reduce the pain you have been experiencing- have destroyed healthy tissues in your body- doctors will only prescribe more medication- you are on a poverty medical program- these programs attract the worst doctors- and the rest of the country does not care about your pain and suffering-
You are trapped in the Culture of poverty- you receive poverty help and you are controlled by a poverty support system. It is not the role of society to get you out of poverty- the decision to leave poverty is a personal one- you may be broke and not have financial resources- but poverty is something else- poverty is a life style – These are my suggestions to you
· Look for a different place to live
· You are in a poverty community
· You attract people just like yourself- they are a mirror of you
· You need to be where you have transportation – near an urban center
· You need to work your way into the work force- but you cannot enter the work force if you do not have transportation- you cannot get transportation if you do not have a job
· Even if someone were stupid enough to give you a car- you need funds to purchase insurance
· You need fund for maintenance
· You need gas money
· You cannot complete college- because – the medication will make you think you know more than the instructor
· You will not be able to handle the stress of completing the assignments
· If you can- secure employment in a department store- Home Depot or Costco are excellent working environment- with good health plans
· You must want someone more than you want medication
· You must win back the respect of your children
· When you take medication you destroy them- they will hate you for your weakness
· A therapist will not help you because you can out talk and out think them- and they will give up on you
· You are trapped in a cave- and you must find your way out alone-
· Pretend you are trying to save someone you love very much- use that over excellent brain of your to work out solutions to an impossible problem-
Do not think logically- think neologically- think out side logic and the mind.

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