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  1. The zip code you live in determines whether your children are educated for the multibillion dollar prison system or the multibillion dollar higher education systems. America rank low in many academic scores because she gambles with the lives of her children to satisfy greed and racial beliefs. America is willing to sacrifice world leadership as long as the financial markets shows a significant return on investments. America is willing to permit investors to ruin health care systems to increase the profit margins for insurance investors. America is willing to permit feeder system from select zip codes to determine who succeeds and who fails as long as a profit is realized for investors. African Americans and the working class poor discovered this a long time ago, and created system to get around these acts of injustice. Fathers have worked as janitors in unscaled communities in order to make it possible for his family and children to live in a better zip code and receive the educational benefits reserved for the priviledged. It is wrong, and that God for the Historical Black Churches and Catholic Churches, which took another path to doing the right thing. Zip codes should not determine the quality of your policemen, teachers, doctors and politicians, but it does, and it is wrong.
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  2. The Gods of Nubia and Cush were called upon to transform a future yet to be written. The Nordic nations were set on conquering the unknown world. It is not clear why the Nordic kingdoms were not content to stay and develop the lands of the northern skies, but for some reasons they were attracted to the lands where the Gods had planted men of color and promise. The lands of the Nubians, renamed Africa by the ancient conqueres of Rome and the historical sites of Biblical and spiritual significances, were once again visited and ruled. Man’s ancient history is in the Middle East, so his attraction is understandable. The need for Asia and India has not yet been revealed to this social scientist. The wonders of the Mayan and Aztec cultures seem to be greed and expansion. There is a reason the Gods sent the man of color to these shores; it is through him that the Nordic man has found his soul. The man of color is the symbolic Job of the Bible, a statement how the servant of God can and will serve him through all adversities. God stands with the man of color and increases his numbers, for he is truly the father of modern mankind.
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  3. Compassionate service to others.There is a common thread running through the challenges of our education system, our health care system and our urban police force. Each of these major institutions are involved in personal, physical and intimate contact with Americans at various, social, economic and emotional levels. Each field attracts individual into a similar type of service, a service that requires a look into the heart mind and body of individuals.
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  4. Being poor is not just about money, it is about so many factors that unfairly keep young people out of our better education system. Those who have and are blessed must pass on the wealth of God to others. There are children who are blessed with the opportunity to attend high quality and high performing public schools, usually placed in hidden selected communities. There are parents who work 2 or 3 jobs to keep their children in private schools. There are Catholic schools providing quality education for children demonstrating that race and family structure are not the determining factor in a child’s cognitive ability. There are dedicated teachers working day and night and often using their own resources to save students caught in educational environments planned for low expectations and failure. It is now up to we the people of God to bring our considerable resources into the battle and even out the playing field. Find ways to help teachers, find ways to help students, find ways to help families. It is time for Americans to get in the game and turn around our education system as a means of social justice for all. See a child, teach a child. Teach algebra, teach multiplication tables, teach spelling, teach comprehension. Tech companies should place a learning tool in the hands of all students not just the priviledged. Young people may have attention problems in other areas of life, but they can give total attention to hand help delivery devices. There is no ADD in the high tech industry. There is no poor attention skills, no poor processing skills, no poor perception skills, no poor spatial relational skills, no poor understanding skills or memory skills. The high tech industry does not play race games, they expect these qualities in all of its customers. If a student can operate a phone he has the cognitive ability to do algebra, teach him.
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  5. The Biblical account of Hebrews, Children of Israel and modern day Israel are not the same. The people in Israel today do not look like Nubians or share the same history of ancient Nubia. Egypt contains historical Nubia as part of its southern territory, and they are definitely not Nordic. We know the Romans named this part of the world Africa. The geographical location suggests that these were sun touched peoples with some evidence of color. Suggestions of color would change the whole conflict struggle in the modern day Middle East. Biblical history would also change the dynamics, for if these are indeed, the Sons of Abraham, then they are brothers, and need to find some way to settle family issues without dragging the whole world into the dispute If however, this is a Nordic invasion of the land of Nubia, then we are in for a long long fight.
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  6. There is a difference in the educational interaction of recent high school graduates, and adults returning to the class rooms after a persiod of absence for a number of years. Both groups must adjust to the change in expectation from the college or university. Adults may not have patience with 18 year old with no idea of the college experience, and the 18 year old will not have patience with the adult who may or not understand the newest technology and newest method of information delivery. Both groups however, will be studying and learning in the same environment. Some schools have special adult education departments where some students may feel more comfortable. The work will be the same regardless if you are 18 or 80 and the expectations from the professors will be the same. Select one discipline from the list below, and plan to take between 18 and 24 credits in that particular subject. This discipline will be considered your area of specialization. Always inclued some money course in your degree plan.
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  7. Born Black is either God’s greatest joke on the human family, or the instrument through which She planted the seeds of greatness. Blackness has its own definition of life and rules of survival. Blackness is the core foundation of human beginnings, and from it sprang the diversity of human form and complexities. Black turns into white yellow and brown; black mixes the various adaptations of the human gnome and genetic adaptations to produce a rainbow spectrum identified as homo sapiens. Blackness is the ability to be flexible and adaptable as creatures made in the image and likeness of God fight for their place and purpose in the universe. Blackness is at the center of the human life cycle dynamics where each man serves his time as ruler or slave depending on the time frame, geography and environmental conditions. My awareness in Blackness started in America; here the cycle of who is on top and who is on bottom and the excitement of what happens in the middle made up my human journey to awareness.
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  8. Ending racism in America and Europe would require the changing of the Gods or the physical features of God. The God of America is from Roman and Greek mythology. It is a Nordic white God. The God of Abraham is Nubian, with Nubian features and characteristics. Genesis 1:26-27 suggests that the Gods made man in their own image, male and female, Nubian in features and characteristics. The Nordic Gods come with ideas of superior and inferior beings. England definitely separated the classes of people into the royals and the inferior classes. The Nordic peoples stole the Nubian religions and gave the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit characteristics in their own image. The worth of a man is determined to the extent he looks like the Nordic God, with flowing long hair and blues eyes. Nubians are peoples of color from the land blessed by the Sun and color. Racism is based on negative feelings and beliefs about people who do not look Nordic or share Nordic customs and beliefs. England transferred her Nordic God and customs into her colonies, and along with it the belief that Anglo Saxons were destined by divine order to rule and be served. People in the British North American Colonies, later to become the United States of America judges a man on his color and features. The world is Nubian, but Nubian without history or power. In order to end racism, color must be restored to God, the Prophets and the Bible.American churches can have talks, seminars and sermons on living together in peace as one family of man, if however, man does not look like his God, he will feel inferior within himself, and will be treated by the priviledged Nordic people as inferior. Michaelangelo painted the image and color of the Nordic God, and all Christians carry that image in their minds. Racism too is in the mind heart and spirit, and must be addressed at its core.
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  9. Is the trouble in this world the results of Jews Christians and Muslims not knowing or accepting the reality of the ancient world? Does the mind influence the color of the Sacred books? Have whole societies been turned upside down because man is reading a colorless Bible? Could Israel survive with the reality of a Black Moses? Could Christianity survive with the reality of a Black Jesus? Will the Catholic Church gain the courage and stop hiding the Black Madona? Could a Black Noah curse his Black son Ham, thus causing the roots of racism throughout the Abrahamic world? It is time to ask the question, “What Color Is Your Bible?”
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  10. America is a special place, but she needs to teach her true history. America needs to teach that the Irish were the first slaves in the British North American Colonies that became America. America need to teach that the struggle and sacrifice of those first slaves, indentured servants, convicts and settlers, created this land. This is a land where no one is better than any one else. We all came here in the bottom of boats, some of us in chains. America needs to teach about the men who arrived in these lands 10,000 years ago, crossing over from Asia. America needs to teach about the Nubians and Moors, now called Africans, who were here before Columbus. America needs to teach about the accomplishments and struggles of the peoples in the hills, mountain and coal mining towns of Appalachia, still struggling for a better place in the sun. The past does not determine or predict the future, but it does give some knowledge about who we are as a people, and what are some of our strengths and weakness. The second wave of immigrants coming to the new world through Ellis Island do not define us, although they write our history books and control our education and health care systems. We the people have been the people for over 400 years. We are the forgotten, we are the angry, we are the forgotten America. It is time to tell our story, and thank us for providing a place where the world seeks to come. It is however, time to focus on the “other” American.
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  11. America is hurting. America is in pain, and that pain has resulted in a climate of lack of civility towards each other. We are rude to each other, we attack each other physically and verbally over minor incidents. We drive our cars with road rage, we bully chat buddies in chat rooms and social media. We are angry, we are hurting, and noone is paying attention to the cause of that pain.During Biblical times, man blamed the gods for their problems, and searched for way to please the gods and reduce their anger. Animal and human sacrifice was introduced, and the concept of “blood” as the fluid the gods wanted to calm over heated dispositions. Abraham, the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, was directed to kill his son and offer the child’s flesh and blood to the angry gods. The child was saved and another animal gave its flesh and blood.In America, the gods are again angry, and the people are offering the blood of black men, policemen, gay men, Mexicans, new immigrants and anyone able to fit on the alter of slaughter.America needs to deal with her issues and stop trying to sacrifice the blood of its neighbors to please unworthy gods.We are hurting because of health care, education, jobs, psychological issues and just plain meanness. It is time for our politicians to man up, step up to the plate and do the right thing inspired by the God of the universe. Put away the hate and try love.
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  12. Paterson New Jersey Public Education System could us some help from the Historical Black Churches in America. In an article appearing in the New Jersey Record October 8, 2016, Joe Malinconico, writes ” Paterson widens test score gap.” addressing the New Jersey Education Department PARCC test results. The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, suggest that black students are not ready for college or careers. No one is paying attention to the fact that teachers are taught one curriculum in college and tested on different knowledge, or that black students are also taught one curriculum and tested on another. It is the scores that count. Maybe it is time for the Church, the Black church and its members, to again step in and help New Jersey solve a problem that has been recorded in our American education system since its beginning. America can provide toucation to its citizens, when it is in its national and economic interest. The rich have always received the best education, and the poor and minorities were educated to their intended place in society. It was the Black Church that was responsible for the motivation and support of teachers, students and societies in the desire to do the right thing and have social justice for all. It is time for parents to return to the churches, and the educators, black and white, do what they do best, educate the children, inspite of and around the system. Churches in Paterson need to open their doors to After School Centers, and peoples of God, of all faiths and denominations, should educate the students and prove, with God anything is possible. The Catholic Schools educate all students without concern for color or economics, why can’t the Public Schools do the same?
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  13. Churches can help teachers. Churches can provide a place where teacher can come and receive support from retired teachers, co-workers, college professors and administrators. It take a whole country to educate our children and every citizen should be involved in the process. Teachers need help, not because they lack the competence to do the job, but because our educational system is not fair to students or teachers. Students are taught on one curriculum and tested on a different curriculum. Teachers spend years in colleges taking courses in Instructional Preparation and Instructional Delivery only to discover that classroom teaching and the curriculum they are expected to teach is an entirely different system and expectations. If school systems fail, the teacher is held accountable. If teachers help students too much, it is considered cheating. Many teachers become frustrated or just burnout of the systems. Parents elect to find alternative private or Charter School systems for their children. The community must help the teacher, and the church is part of the community. Riverside Church answered the call to help and set aside a place where teachers can come and receive support from the army of teachers who attend the Riverside church. Riverside Church offers a stop by for God program before and after work, and invites Public School Teachers to some and be nurtured and supported.
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  14. Riverside Church offers a Spiritual nurturing program for New York City Public School Teachers. Riverside Church has agreed to set aside some time and space for teachers working in the Harlem, Washington Heights and Columbia University community to come and receive instructional preparation support and spiritual nurturing. Our colleges are preparing our teachers, but they are missing the one crucial variable important for successful teaching. Teaching is a demanding and challenging profession. Many teachers burnout because they have given their all. There is a power and a process that can help teachers handle impossible situations. Stopping by for God before entering the classroom can help teacher remain at their post. Teaching is a “Calling” and spirituality is the variable, which sustains the call.
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  15. Teachers College, Columbia University owes teachers who attended the college in the 1970’s an apology. Teachers who entered the college were caught in a major shift in educational directions in the United States. There was a major focus in the destruction of America through changing the way students were taught, eliminating significant instructional preparation guide lines, developing separate instructional delivery for teachers working in minority community. In simple language, our teacher preparation system dumb down America. Minority teachers were caught in this change, and some fought to prevent the change and were punished. Teachers were taught that minorities were inferior and encapable of learning. Ebonics was introduced, and teachers were encouraged to have low expectations of minority students. Challenging incorrect data on minority students often resulted in failed classes and refusal to grant earned degrees to minority students. This not only hurt students attending the college, but transformed the entire education system in America. Today some school district are trying to correct an injustice and solve the problem with private schools, religious schools and Charter Schools. This was the start of modern day racism, and it will take congressional leadership to eliminate racism from the teacher preparation programs in American colleges and universities. Teachers need an apology, and I am one of them.
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  16. It is time to put down the Torah, the Bible and the Koran and just talk to each other. There is a lot of violence in those sacred books, and if we seek to live by the Books, we will continue to be a violent people motivated by history and confused beliefs. God is still God and still talking and inspiring man. With our heads to far in the history, we are missing the messages and guides for the present and future. Talk to your brother of a different mother, he too has directions and inspirations from a loving Father.
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  17. The evolution of Christianity is the evolution of history. The story of a child born to a “Virgin” mother and unbelievable understanding husband is only part of the story. Why did this birth of peace cause so much death and destruction in the world? There is another story, there is the story told through Jesus relationship with women. This is a different story, not one surrounded by violence and death, but rather the story about human feelings and relations. What can we learn from Mary and Martha, a family that was close to the heart and ministry of Jesus, and a place where He felt at home and at peace.
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  18. Appalachia and the inner cities should put aside any hatreds and indifferences they have for each other and realize that both groups have the same history. Both groups came here in the bottom of boats and some in chains. Both groups represent the foundation of these British North American Colonies, which became the United States of America because of their blood, sweat and tears. The Anglo Saxons play one group against the other in order to make sure they never get together and share their strength and resources. The Anglo Saxon hides records of white or Irish slavery, keeping it out of the education system and public knowledge in general. Both groups are the victims of planned poverty, poor schools, poor health delivery, and poorly trained police departments. Both groups have high incidents of drug addictions through the legal drug pushers, the doctors, who find some way to get mind controlling drugs into the systems of the poor. The Irish warriors who fought and won freedom from the British, and created America, we pushed into the back hills and mountains of Appalachia to be forgotten by a nation, which owes everything to their blood and bravery. Descendants of former African slaves have been dragged kicking and screaming into colleges and universities, giving them the skills to work their way out of poverty. It is time, for the other slave population of our history to run, crawl or jump into a college that can transform lives. These two brothers in American history and injustice, should unite and fight together to make this country what it was intended to be, a land with opportunity for all who understand the struggle and want to be part of God’s great vision for America. Come out of the coal mining towns in the beautiful hills of Appalachia and lead out in the open. The Irish has given us 75% of our presidents, they have given us our education system, and they have given us our spirit, it is time for brotherhood in the elimination of racism and poverty. It is time for black and white together, the inner cities and Appalachia to bring the ship in….immigrants and foreigners cannot do it, the live our glory, but they do not know the story.
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  19. The Black Church became the urban colleges of the African community, and college attendance was mandatory. It was in this college that psychology, sociology, government, political science, business and management, politics of survival was taught. The youth of the Church were forced to read and memorize scripture, and be able to discuss an analytical meaning of chapter verse and intent, resulting in high academic performance of youth who attended Church.
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  20. You cannot change tradition or culture. You cannot go against the roles of men and women in a society with thousands of years of traditions, habits and beliefs. Evolution is how living systems evolved and changed. Creation begins when the finger of God changes the direction and purpose of living properties and instills the image and likeness into a being. Changing the roles of girls and women throughout the world are evolutionary processes. The creation is a different process. Colleges must be set up to help this process. Colleges do not threaten tradition and do not attack belief systems, colleges provide different pathways to developing an understanding of the mind of God. The creator wants the creations to be made in its image and likeness. Colleges encourages thinking in the image and likeness of God. Colleges takes individuals on journeys where few have gone before. Every Church, large or small should become a College. Family Values College, Occupational Skills College, Life Skills and Health Care College, Intergenerational Colleges, Preparatory And Learning Support Systems. Colleges must become the creation step in the evolutionary path of man.
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  21. America needs to build 10,000 colleges a year. People colleges, colleges that reach the people where they are and serve the needs of the nation. America needs police colleges, Plumbing colleges, machinery colleges, medical colleges, nurses colleges, parenting and famil values college. America needs farming colleges, animal care colleges. We need goverment colleges, state and local resource colleges. Special needs colleges, military colleges, business development and management colleges. Women colleges and men colleges where diversity of issues and requirements are studied. America needs college planting all over the country, we know how to educate, it is time to make education, not the public school type, but a higher structure and order designed to make the type of citizen our great nations require and needs.
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  22. Command Sergeant Major Winston McDonald was laid to rest, with all the required respect and dignity, in Arlington National Cemertry. Family and friends gathered to celebrate not only the Home Going of this Catholic Ordained Deacon, but to see how America says thank you and good bye to a fallen hero. Laid to rest among 490,000 American soldiers, Winston was at last given his peace and rest in these sacred grounds.
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  23. It is time to take the pressure off women and permit them to assume intended roles as life giver and care giver. Women are working so hard in America that many have lost the heart that is necessary for the quality of life. Women help other women in childbirth and child rearing, and child safety. Women help other women to cope with the challenges of wife, mother, sister, and friend. As churches continue to decline in America, the role of the Christian sister is also being phased out. Who will visit the sick, and help with grieving and birthday parties? It is wrong to push women back into submissive roles as a foundations of religion. Scripture gives us examples of Jesus and his women friends. Mary and Martha reminds us that women have an important role to play in God’s scheme of things.
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  24. The Church was a major institution in the lives of the Black community and provided the social service needs of the community. Color does not determine if a church is to be considered a “Black Church.” The theology of the Black Church comes out of the Historical Black Churches, which traces its roots back to slavery. The church and the Bible were encouraged in oppressed people, because both stress, obedience, compliance and acceptance of slavery and positions in life. Slaves, in the Bible are encouraged to obey their masters and not to run away from life situations. The oppressed were taught that this world has no value, and the slave would receive rewards after death. After death rewards was not the theology of the Historical Black Church. The primary role of the Historical Black Church was survival on earth, not preparing people for heaven. Careful attention was paid to the Parables of Jesus to find God’s message for the poor and oppressed. Churches had to operate under the watchful eyes of a hostile population. Coded sermons and hymns were developed to help an oppressed people survive. Men played significant leadership roles in the church, and were considered role models for the community. Political decisions, economic decision, relational decisions and education decisions were sanctioned and formulated in these sacred locations. Men and women of outstanding intellectual ability were elevated to positions of leadership in the church. The Black Church operated its own teacher training academies; where men and women learned the skills of organizational development, classroom management skills, lesson planning and instructional delivery. Churches operated their own after school programs, Sunday school programs, adult Bible study classes and Seminaries Black Christianity was also different from traditional Christianity. Black people viewed Jesus as a living Savior, guide counselor and friend. It was he who made it possible to endure difficult circumstances in the personal realm and the political realm of society. Black Christians did not develop an anger or rage against the oppressors of the Christian community, who went to church on Sundays, and some wore white sheets on Monday to attend rallies planning violence and even deaths of individuals.
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  25. Black lives matter. White lives matter. It is time for the Inner Cities and Appalachia to join together in another Bacon Rebellion. Americans, Black and White should call for major changes in the country. People are suffering in the Hills and Coal mining towns of Appalachia, and deliberately kept out of the American dream. The inner cities and Appalachia both suffer from poor schools, poor health care facilities, legal and illegal drug addictions, poor job skills and no decent paying jobs. Amererica’s Congress should be building 5,000 colleges and universities a year. Colleges that address the real needs of America, Trade Colleges, Technical Colleges, Domestic Engineering Colleges, Business and Finance Colleges, First Responder Colleges, Police Colleges, Prison Prevention Colleges, Health Delivery Colleges, Cultural Diversity Colleges. Civics College. China is building 10,000 colleges a year, and dragging its people out of poverty, kicking and screaming into the world of capitalism, we can do the same. America keeps her people divided and do not permit select groups to talk together and plan how they can help each other. The two groups face the same challenges, but they do not know it. There are rich men in the country, and there are poor men, black and white who cannot find a decent job. Indentured servants both black and white joined the frontier rebellion. Seeing them united in a cause alarmed the ruling class. Historians believe the rebellion hastened the hardening of racial lines associated with slavery, as a way for planters and the colony to control some of the poor. It is time for another Bacon Rebellion.
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  26. Let the poor say “I am rich”. Let the weak say ” I am strong.” It is time for the people in poverty towns in America, laying by pools of depression and dispair, to take of their beds and move. America has some very fine states where citizens go to good school, receive quality health care, and young people are not forced into legal drug addictions. It is time to move. The silent majority is silent because America does not want to hear what it has to say, and what they have to say is that there is something wrong with America, a something that only individual actions can correct. Stop fighting poverty and move away from it. Poverty is a form of injustice, and fighting injustice takes more than a will, a gun and a strong back. You cannot fight against something built into the system Poverty is built into the system. Poverty has its advantages. Poverty is entertainment. Poverty motivates art and creativity. Music, the voice of the soul comes from poverty and dispair. Great performers from the screen and stage get their motivation and passion from the Muse of poverty. LBJ won the war against poverty, he just forgot to declare victory. A crack was place in the poverty system, and millions escaped and transformed their lives. It is time for Appalachia to move out of the hills and coal mining towns, and migrate to other states. Home is not where poverty is home is where the spirit of God is working in the lives of you and your loved ones. Education is intended to eliminate poverty, but when poverty benefits a state, you need to move. It is time for a resurrection. It is time for the dead to live again.
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  27. Riverside Church is transforming itself into the Historical American Church. Interracial, Interdenominational, international it has combined the knowledge of transformations of social classes from the Historical Black Churches and the strength of progressive social justice for doing the right thing for your fellow man from Fosdick and Rockerfeller. Riverside seek not only to live out it Christian witness through being the Hands of God, where possible. Riverside intentionally welcomes all to the Table of Christ, and sets a table large enough for all to take part in the Body of Christ. Riverside teaches God love not how to hate. Riverside welcomes all races, creeds, genders and sexual orientations. Stop By For God before going to work and after work. Stop by if you are happy or sad. Stop by for a cup of coffee on Sunday and a spiritual uplift on Wednesday. Stop by if you are a teacher and need some spiritual support and professional mentoring. Parents bring your children to be blessed before they go to school.
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  28. The hand of God touched the hand of Adam and man became a living Soul. Michelangelo beautifully portrays this picture as the finger of God touches the finger of man, and Homo Sapien – Erectus Africanus was transformed in the evolutionary process. “Australopithecus africanus inhabited the earth roughly 3 – 1.6 million years ago. The characteristic difference between the Ausrtalopithicus afarenis and africanus is the height and brain capacity. The height of the africanus is 1.4 m and the brain capacity is approximately 400 – 600 cc. Smaller incisor teeth and a slightly flatter face are also noted. The afarensis has a height of 1.2 m and a cranial capacity of 380 – 450 cc. Sticks, and stones were most likely used to gather food by the Australopithecus africanus. “
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  29. There is a difference between race and poverty, the negative behavior associated with different ethnic groups relate to poverty and not race. Literature and history demonstrate this idea clearly in the writing of William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway the Grapes of Wrath and the God Father Trilogy. The history of America’s Wild Wild West, provides examples of the gun and death as a means of settling minor disputes. How man works through his issues of poverty have become the entertainment thesis of most successful movies.
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  30. We must first feed people before praying for them. We must end world hunger before seeking world peace. We must feed people before we sit in conference on how to live together as riders on the same globe.
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  31. There is a Universal Mind, Spirit, and Intelligence that are the origins of everything: It is First Cause. It is God. This Universal Life and Energy finds an outlet in and through all that is energized, and through everything that lives. There is one life source behind everything that lives. There is One Energy back of all that is energized. This Energy is in everything. There is One Spirit back of all expressions. This is the meaning of that mystical expression: In Him we live, and move and have our being.” ( Acts 17:28) Ernest Holmes p.11
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  32. Before teachers can transform students and change lives and futures, they must themselves go through a spiritual transformation process. Belief system affects ability to be an effective teacher and teach all children. Colleges and universities do not prepare teachers to teach all students. Some societies require that select segments of the population are undereducated in order to replenish the service class and the blue- collar worker class. Teachers in public schools are not educated to change the social order but to rather maintain the status quo so that some indication of order and control can be maintained. This is especially true of teachers assigned to work in communities serving low socio-economic students. Before the teacher steps foot into the classroom, the principal will usually identify the socio economic and expectation status of the students. This information will be supported by the poverty theology of low expectations they learned in the teacher preparation courses. It is of course necessary to unlearn this theology of social injustice if they plan to transfer to other school districts serving higher socio economic students. The process of unlearning injustice theologies can be upsetting for some teachers, and often result in a significant number leaving the profession in burnout. What your college professors and textbooks told you were wrong and the sooner the teacher discovers that what is wrong with the American education system is not the students or the parents but the preparation process of the teachers. The teacher has the power to create his or her own success or failure through belief systems and clinical skill base. Suggesting if a teacher believes in him or herself and has the technological skills for effective teaching, confidence, competency and success will be demonstrated to all children.
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  33. Blue collar is the code word for white poverty in America. White poverty is a forbidden topic in educational institutions in America. White slavery exist because America chooses to ignore the problem. There are people living in coal mine towns in small areas of the country hidden away from the eyes of the media or social workers, and the people and the institutions with the power to help. White poverty is a taboo subject. The same conditions that the Irish endured as slaves in the British North American Colonies still exist in hidden parts of America. The same conditions that the Ellis Island immigrant faced while living in the slums still exist as they did in19th and 20th century America. America controls its poor by permitting religion to have free access to the poor with the doctrine of surrender, obedience and sacrifice. The poor are encouraged to give up this world with its sinful vices and work for joy in the next world. There are no voices for breaking out and leaving poverty and traveling to another land of the living, here on earth. The condition is not new to human behavior, Plato wrote about similar situations thousands of years ago, in his writings on the Republic. Plato writes about a situation in which poor people are afraid to venture outside of a community surrounded by a mental wall with images of horrible events occurring on the other side of the wall to anyone with the courage to step outside.
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  34. Left wing, Right wing, socialist, communist, fascist have little meaning in the American culture. Ellis Island immigrants brought over these terms with them, and they carry a long history of human behavior in a different part of the world. America is a nation founded and created by and for the oppressed. It is a nation of struggle. To Americans, we are a one bird nation with two wings. Sometimes the wings bank to the right and sometimes to the left, but still one bird representing us all. There are three significant groups in America, which can give some suggestions to the direction intended. Scott Irish, Native American Indian, African set the tone and spirituality of the nation, and the values of the nation are determined by how well it treats these three groups. If laws and policies are fair to these three major groups, then it will be fair to the entire country. The Irish were the first slaves in the colonies. The Africans, arriving in 1619 was the second group of people brought to this land in indenture and non- free status. 75% of all Europeans coming to the British North American Colonies came a non free men and women. The Catholic Church sent many young girls over to serve as punishment for having children out of wedlock. The Native American Indians were victims of robbery, the land was taken from them through trickery, so when the decision was made to fight for the right to freedom, these three groups joined together in the creation of this new land with new ideas about the humanity of man. America is founded on this union and diversity. Using political terms to identify us is meaningless; we all came here in the bottom of boats, some of us in chains. We are great because we threw off those chains.
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  35. All life matters, Negroid life matters, Mongoloid life matters, Causoid life matters. God the creator of mankind created man and woman at the same time with love and value for us all. If we are serious about our concern about human kind then we the people of this awesome diversity must take responsibility for how we treat each other, especially the members of our own family. The Bible does not teach man to love his children or his spouse. Spare the rod and spoil the child, is the first loving message of childcare. Put away a wife who does not follow rules. These loving directions have been responsible for more boys being whipped with the rod and girls running away before they are put away. Stop all the home beatings. The child is the father of the man, and if you beat the child, the police will one day have to shoot the man. If we learn how to handle family problems without violence then perhaps our police will learn how to handle misbehaving without taking a life. If a life does not matter, you beat it or shoot it. The same temper that makes a father want to beat the blood out of a son, whom he loves, is the same emotion that causes a policeman to shoot a citizen he only wants to protect. We have to be trained in other ways of solving human problems. Religions and churches encourage violence as a means of communicating. Churches are wrong, and religion is wrong, and yes, the Bible is wrong. Maybe it is time to take down the Bible and reread the words again, and seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to determine what is the Word of God? Is it God’s intent for religious institutions to punish women, and sanction the brutality against children and men/ Men hurt and kill other men, even their own blood in the name of God. Education institutions have discovered that they can teach children without beating the crap out of them, just using different strategies and changing belief doctrines. Policemen can also learn to protect society without killing the poor regardless of color and economic circumstances or mental challenges. This is an American 21st century problem. Fathers and police may have killed the disobedient in the thousands of years of ancient history in North Africa and the Middle East, but this is a new world, a new time, and a new understanding of God.
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  36. All major ethnics groups in America have made transformation out of poverty through crime. The history of many major corporation in America is the history of one generation entering into a life of crime so that the next generation can have a life of wealth and progress. Therefore, it is wrong for members of the minority population to place such a heavy burden on young men who have chosen to follow a life of crime for the purpose of accumulating wealth. Religion played a significant role in the lives of these men of crime. They followed their religion and they followed their passion, and those passions resulted in the establishments of corporations, which today support many of the families in America and the world.
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  37. The War on drugs has become a failure because churches were not involved in the war. Religious leaders have tolerated alcohol and drugs because it helps people cope with life, which would be impossible without drugs. America is in pain and often the first solution to easing that pain is the use of drugs of some kind. Children, who have to experience, in silence, pain in suffering in life, usually discover alcohol at a very early age. Women, who silently submit to domestic abuse at the hands of their religious church going husbands, take their pain to the doctor, who is more than willing to supply them with the prescription drugs to help them cope with the reality of their lives. Men who do not know any other way to express their frustrations with themselves and the direction, which their lives are taking, often find them selves taking some form of legal drugs, including alcohol to take the edge off of a nagging pain felt deep down in their souls. Clergy over whelmed from the inability to see meaningful changes in the lives of their congregations and struggling with generating the necessary funds to run the house of God, may sooth themselves with legal prescriptions to cover the pain of occupation responsibilities. This war on drugs has failed because the root cause of drug addiction has not been addressed. People are hurting and people are hurting other people and there is no one to call for to help. There are two major forces in society with the power to make mankind do the right thing for the self and others, and those two powers are the power of the law and the power of religion. Law enforcement guards the maker of the legal drugs that destroy lives, and the church is reluctant to become involved in family culture, which can trace the rights to abuse back to religious scripture. Sacred scripture does not prevent men from abusing women and wives. Sacred scripture does not address issues of feelings, emotional needs and care of the soul. Scripture speaks of the slap for both women and children, but does not address the need for the hug. Scripture can be used to justify the torment punishment and even death of individuals who may have different sexual orientations and gender based on cultural guideline developed thousands of years ago in a different time and place. Can this same scripture be used to heal broken hearts and spirits in religious families hurting from and by old traditions? We have a drug problem because the church does not see the use of drugs as a problem.
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  38. Life was so horrible for some during Biblical times and early European history, that the joy of dying and a promise of a better life through death became the foundation of the three major religions. Religious traditions such as the circumcision of males- the restrictions, silence and submission of females, and the practice of giving girl children in marriage to older men, caused unspoken pain in the obedient silent. The idea of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, although not a religious doctrine, does provide a look into the intent and mind of God. Scripture tells us the “ It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.” If this is so, why is there so much pain suffering and death in the stories we are encouraged to learn?
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  39. We the people are not smart enough to select the president of the United States. Americans have no idea of the qualifications necessary to be elected the leader of the free world. We have no idea what issues await the individual elected to carry the awesome responsibility of maintaining peace and security in a world of violence and hate. We pray for our representatives, the delegates and super delegates, that they will be guided by laws and agreements in the selection of the candidate. We the people do have cognitive and spiritual gifts, the question is how we use those skills. The media tells us who to hate and whom to love. Maybe it is time to listen to the Holy Spirit, known as the Spirit of God within. It is time to get through and past the journey of hatred motivated by experiences and media entertainment and get down to the serious responsibility of being an active participant in God’s world.
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  40. Researchers are still trying to determine how was it possible for millions of people to leave the institution of slavery without psychological scars. It is interesting when interviewing older members of the black population, and asking them what their grand parents told them about slavery, they answered,” they did not talk about it.” Men and women continued to marry and raise children. The children went to school and became professionals and successful members of society. It was not until the 1960’s that some scholars decided to look for problems within the group, and encourage rebellion against past wrongs. Revenge is mine said the Lord, and the best revenge is success. Perhaps the warring nations of the world could look to America and see how she handled her troubled past. When the colonist fought for their freedom from England, they took their victory, and moved on to start a new life. When the slaves were freed after the Civil war, they took their freedom, and started a new life. Those who turned around, and wanted more revenge, were turned to stone. When you adopt the attitude and behaviors of revenge, you too will be turned into a pillar of salt.
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  41. Two thousands years before and after the birth of Jesus, and Paul’s introductions of Christianity into the world, there were thinkers. Perhaps if we are going to address world shaking questions of man and his identity and purpose, we should go back to the greatest thinkers of mankind. If we cannot find the answer working through the Bible and the Christian religion, then perhaps we are asking the wrong questions, or asking the questions in the wrong way. Socrates and Plato, Greek scholars may shine some light on this question of solving humanities problems.
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  42. Black lives matter is designed to change the fabric of a society. Christianity teaches that black lives do not matter. The European and American education system teaches that Black lives do not matter. It is impossible to use the intellectual mind or religion to solve this problem, because the problem is in the mind. If the solution to the merging battle grounds between police, the goverment enforcer of cultural beliefs, and the people, and the belief that all men are born with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness, are to be achieved without a blood bath and another civil war, then a different path of leadership must develop. America cannot solve this problem, because America is the problem. America, the step child of England and Germany was founded on Eugenics.There is no way that the high priest of Christian thought or the intellectual minds of Ivy League Universities can solve this problem without going to the source, and time is almost out. Power does not surrender except through force. Black men do not march into ovens, the topic is not up for discussion.
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  43. The greatest hate love relationship in the world takes place between the two great oceans of North America. Black men white men and red men fought together and against each other to bring the greatest experiment of human diversity into existence. They marry each other’s women and father a rainbow of children, and blend cultural lines so that it is difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends. The DNA of America represents this struggle. This project could be about anyone of these groups. What role did religion and the church play in this exciting American trilogy and how they survived the process and each other?
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  44. The sons of Ham will not sit quietly while the German spirit in man work out the “final solution” for the problem of racism. Ham’s sons have used their resources to purchase high quality weapons, equal to the fire power of any solution thinker. Trained in military thinking from the many wars fought in over seas lands, the sons of Ham are mentally and emotionally soldiers. Germany depended on a good religious people to follow their prayer books and march quietly into ovens. Men women and children were subjected to medical procedures that only the depraved mind would inflict on another human being. Doctors, scientist and soldiers were able to do this because they were programmed to believe that the populations they were destroying were subhumans. The sons of Ham will not permit that to happen in the United States of America. A man fights back. As tragedic as it seem, the deaths, of 5 policemen will save the lives of millions. The death of these five men has shocked the brain of America into the conscious awareness of what they are doing. Many Germans said after WW2 that they were unaware of what was happening in their country, the sons of Ham have awakened the mind of America with a snipper bullet in Dallas.
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  45. Racism was taught to America through Christianity, history and the social sciences. We have been taught to be racist from Europe. Historical race concepts have varied across cultures and over time, and have been controversial for social, political and scientific reasons. Until the 19th century, race was thought by many to constitute an immutable and distinct type or species which shared particular racial characteristics, such as body constitution, temperament and mental capacities. One concept, that of Christian Western Europe, conceived of the races as constituting a hierarchical chain of life known as the Great Chain of Being, which was believed to have been created by God, in which the people thought the Christian European races were closest to God in perfection.
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  46. Riverside Church, an interracial, interdenominational, international, is the Flag ship of American Protestantism, and as such stands in the forefront of addressing racism in Christian Churches in America. Eleven o’clock Sunday morning has been called the most segregated hour in America; it is church time in the United States, and the time set aside to go to the various religious institution, which represent our faith. We may work together in areas of employment; we may ride the same transportation services in order to get to that work, but when it comes to spending time with thee Almighty, Americans prefer to sit next to family and friends or at least someone who looks like them. In America the country is better than the people. The views and values of the people do not always reflect the positions or visions of the country. It is the same in many churches. The church must at times be better than the congregation. The country holds high standards that each citizen must reach for. The mission of the church may at times exceeds the wishes and desires of the congregation. America works because she operates on this principle. Churches that are effective also work for the same reason. We must all seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit, and let our better angels guide and direct our feet.
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  47. Make America great again? When has America been greater than she is today. America ended slavery white and black, an institution started by the Mother land England. America struggled to get over fear and racism as she learned to respect each man regardless of his financial conditions in life. America took the people dying in the streets during the turn of the century and developed programs to address needs. America has been through some hard times, but always she was up to the challenge of making this one nation under God. We are great because of the visions of our Founding Fathers and the words of our Constitution, a living document, with the power to grow as we grew. We the people are the vision, we are the words and spirit of the Constitution. Before we use the words “again” about America, let us make sure we know and remember how far we have come and we are not finished yet.
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  48. This paper will use Hermeneutics, the tools of history and cultures to look into the search for the historical Jesus. Is it possible to study the geographical areas of the world to determine the birth and life of a given individual? Those of us, who are Christians, accept the life, death and resurrection of Jesus without question. I believe, help thou my curiosity. Today, in the parts of the world so vividly described by the writers of the bible, American troops travel. The media in an effort to describe location and activities, record biblical names and places. The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine is making history come alive in the 21st century. We can get a look into the lives of ancient people, whose traditions and life styles may not have change significantly in over 2,000 years. Today’s world’s events help us to understand that what we think we may know about people may not be factual. We know that Israel is today, as it was yesterday. We know that the children of Abraham are still in conflict over birthrights. We see the bitter dispute between neighbors, and we can just imagine what it was like during the time of Jesus.
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  49. Harlem on my mind. Charles Rangel has retired after serving Harlem for many years. We thank him for his dedications and his service. Rangel, who followed Adam Clayton Powel Jr. as the political leaders of Harlem, led Harlem through its most difficult times into the light of a new day. Most of the story tellers are gone, and color in Harlem is being replaced by individuals who come to celebrate and be part of the gem between two great rivers in New York City. The new comers are welcomed, Harlem has always had a multicultured diverse population. The new comers will know how to get the best of the schools and universities located in its historical community. Many great stories sweeten the bitter air of our memories of surviving the harsh, loving and demanding streets of the mother land. Our young people are not interested in our stories or our glories, most attend private or charter schools and are molded to be outstanding sons and daughters of Harlem.
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  51. The entire Bible is the story on God taking on human form. God taking on human form is the Son Jesus Christ. Therefore, the entire Bible is the story of Jesus Christ. The main characters of the Bible are those who demonstrate direct and indirect lineage to Jesus. It follows from the first chapter in the Bible with the understanding that God both male and female forms at the same time. A different writer comes in and starts a different story in Genesis chapter two, suggesting that man is created first, and the the female is not created from the Word or the earth, but from the “rib” making her completely under the control of man. The stories of the men and women in the bible all represent the one Jesus Christ. Adam is Jesus and so is Eve. Moses is Jesus and so is Ruth. Daniel is Jesus and so is Jeremiah, Haggai and Malachi are all forms of the Father preparing the way for the Son.
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  52. Unification Theological Seminary is one of the few Interfaith seminaries. Students will have professors from different religious and denominational backgrounds with the outstanding skills necessary to make sure each student understands that there are many paths of faith and each man’s path is to be respected. In UTS we study the different paths of faith throughout the world and learn the value and purpose of each and the role each contributes to understanding God’s complex world and the complexity of the peoples living in the world. We the students were preparing to be the hands of God here on earth. The foundation of UTS was to understand and know God, to love God and love our neighbor and respect his journey. I had many wonderful teachers at UTS and I am truly grateful to have had an opportunity to have them become part of my spiritual journey and preparation forever. Some of my professors are gone but not forgotten, we carry on their wisdom and their message.
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  53. The story of the birth and struggle of the Black experience and achievement in America inspires movements all over the world to change the power structure whereby the minority controls the lives of the majority through education and religious manipulation. The power of the minority to control the majority was a masterful piece of work, which has lasted for over hundreds of years, and it was done through mind control. The ability to convince the peoples of the world that they were inferior, and that a superior group selected by the “white” God on high, had chosen the ruling class to lead them out of their darkness. The wave of the future is in the appreciation of blackness, as the peoples of color of the world change the dynamics and the power structure gripping the world and releases the songs of billions of oppressed people ready to create the music of freedom. Researchers seeking to find the truth behind who are these people brought to a continent and destined to change the world; are turning to archives on the study of the black experience in America. Volumes of that research can be found in the Schomburg Center for the study of African Americans, located in the middle of central Harlem in New York City. Millions more pieces of research located in the National Archives in Washington D.C. are also in the research process. This study is often hampered by the surrounding culture whose belief systems are influenced by the media and a slanted and often untrue education system. Heroes and rules must be created in the minds of people if they are going to be effective and Hollywood and our public education system created our white heroes and our blacked oppressed. In spite of these fictional and altered historical events, some how the theology of blackness took root in the souls of black folks and the oppressed.
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  54. There is a difference between Black theology and the theology of Blackness. The theology of Blackness starts with the theory of the origin of life and that all life started in Africa, and that all life started in the cradle of blackness. Africans are the parents of humanity. Children left the continent birth –place, and their parents, and walked through the far corners of the world over a period of thousands of years. Environmental changes resulted in the differences in skin color, eye color and hair texture. Life styles, character development and response to environmental factors account for the diversity in cultures, and a common thread of family and community links all mankind. The soul of Blackness was brought to the new world to help give birth to a new area in human achievement. America is God’s newest experiment on earth, and without the African presence in this part of the world, there would be no America but an extension of Europe reaching into new areas. The dominance of the white man’s rule over the world has lasted for only 400 years, a short period in the time span of earth’s existence, and as that dominance comes to an end, it will be the African who will again give birth to a new man.
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  55. The three sub groups of mankind, the Negroid, Mongoloid Caucasoid are competing with each other for world domination. The 600 year reign of the Caucaoid is coming to an end. The Mongoloid, representing the Pacific Rim is pushing for their place in the sun.Europe is becoming confused and upset at this major change in information and leadership roles. Rome, Greece and Great Britain have left their mark on colonies and new nations throughout the world. Europe wiped out all of the accomplishments of the negroids of the ancient world, even going so far as to damage facial features on ancient statues presenting Negroid features. Rome stole the history of the Moors and the Nubians, renaming the area Africa and redirecting all interest to primitive cultures with half dressed people.The Bible comes in and whittens all characters and presents a causoid belief system. Educators wonder why there is a gap in the achievement scores of children from these groups. The world is still playing thiis race game making sure that Europe always comes out on top. If we are interested in improving educational delivery systems throughout the world, we need to get serious about issues of race.
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  56. Life comes from God, what you do with that life will come from you. No magical force will come and rescue you from poverty, it is up to you to rescue the you who is trapped in the circumstances of someone else’s behavior. Take control of that ship we will call your body and your self, and appoint yourself as captain. Do not permit any person, events or substances to take the controls away from you. Do not love, mate or produce children until you have taken your ship out of the waters of poverty. Do not permit others to use your ship as a pleasure craft without your total awareness and control. Get out of poverty, head your ship in that direction and do not stop until you are on the shores of wealth and independence.
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  57. The Parent The School and The Church have the major responsibility for the formations and development of the over 300 million individuals who make up this great nation. Your future and the quality of education your child receives is determined by the zip code in which he lives. It is the zip codes that determines who supports our prison industry and who occupies future seats in our colleges and universities. What we the people can do about it is to either work 2 or 3 jobs, attend college in the evening and work our way out of the culture of poverty or the zip codes of poverty. The power for change will come when we demand a quality educations for our teachers so they in turn can do the job that they want to dedicate their lives to, and that is to educate our children. Teachers suffer in the same way as students suffer. Teachers are often unknowlingly prevented from receiving quality training because it is in the interest of politicians to maintain the status quo. Parents want quality education for their children. America needs well educated citizens to meet the challenges of a changing global world. E. Stone has research answers to those questions, and the reader is invited to look at his work.
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  58. Pastor Forums, a time and place where pastors and ministers can come together and discuss issues relevant to their ministry and their lives. Pastor Forum provides a nurturing space for pastors and ministers. Riverside Church provides a spiritual and professional space for preachers and teachers. What happens after seminary and graduate school, Pastor Forum and Spiritual Formation For Teachers at the Riverside Church in NYC answers the question.
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  59. Pastor Counseling- Case Studies- Difficulty in working with friends
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  60. There is a song that says, “Give me that old time religion, its good enough for me. It was good for the Hebrew children and its good enough for me.” There was a time when people came to church, sang, shouted, listen to loud music and loud preaching, and went home. They had their feel good fix for the week. They were satisfied with the church and the minister, the minister prayer over their babies when they were born, and over their parents when they died. They were content.
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  61. Who Do You Want To Shoot? The second admendment must have a purpose. Who did the founding fathers want to shoot and why? Did the founding fathers want to shoot their spouses, their family members, a disobedient son who wrecked the horse carriage, or the noisey neigobor who always sang loud church music? Who made the founding fathers angry enough that they passed as law giving men the right to own death delivering power? Was this about preventing an army from occupying the country and taking our homes away from us by force? How did this turn into the right to own automatic weapons capable of wiping out small towns? Perhaps we have just become mean spirited and intolerant of each other. Do we really want to be a nations that shoots and kills each other over, race, creed, gender, religion, how we speak or whom we love?
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  62. Riverside Church in NYC provides an opportunity for teachers, students, parents, university and community to have a place where space is provided to nurture and support the people of God. There was a need for a Spiritual Formation for Teachers Program for the Columbia University, Washington Heights and Harlem communities.
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  63. America is a good country and she has a good history. The goodness of her history comes from the challenges and struggles she has over come. America does not teach her history or her struggles. People have short memories or incorrect memories. We are encouraged to believe that some people are better than others, and for some taking a superior attitude over others helps them to give meaning to their own lives. The truth is we all came here in the bottom of boats, with some of us in chains. The greatness of our nation is that we the people, white and black have lived through our chains and struggle and have produces a nation of outstanding men black and white. We celebrate our history and our challenges, most of all we celebrate our transformation. The world comes here because of our transformation powers. Yesterday’s slaves have transformed into captains of industry. We celebrate and witness to God’s work in America, and we bless this land and its people.It is from the Scot Irish that we get our presidents of the United States, they have earned the right to lead this great nation.
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  64. Who plants the seeds of hate, careful study will be directed at this question. Is hate family inspired, school inspired or religious inspired? Are we in danger from foreign interest, or are we home growing the seeds of our own problems? Research and investigations will have to provide answers to these questions. If hate is religious inspired, then seminaries and religious training institutions will have to review what part they may be playing in preparing individuals with incorrect and distorted scripture understanding. Looking back on my own seminary studies, I remember loving devoted professors opening doorways to understanding the will of God for the people of God. I am proud that we were encouraged to learn the many paths of faith used by man to understand his God. Seminary was an important part of my life and training and I am proud that the foundations was always love for each man in his quest to know God. I am proud to attend the Riverside Church, an interracial, interdenominational and international Body of Christ welcoming and affirming the acceptance of all to the feast of God.
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  65. Teaching hate through religion is wrong. Teaching racism is wrong. The Council of Nicea decided in336 AD, what would go into our sacred writings, perhaps they were wrong in the selections made. It is through a misunderstanding of scripture, intentional and non intentional that Christians learn who is to be acceptable to God. Preachers teach from scripture designed to control the mind of the weak and make some turn against a neighbor because of race, creed, gender, nationality and sexual identity. When we hate and kill over religion, then religion is wrong. If we shoot our brother over sexual orientation supported by church doctrine, then church doctrine is wrong. God is about love not hate, and no religious institution should ride on the tax exempt status paid for and assumed by the citizens of the United States of America. Maybe it is time to have a more understanding of Noah and Paul, it is the theology coming from sacred scripture relating to the lives of these two men, to which we can trace the foundation of racism towards the man of color, and hatred towards sexual orientation. The seeds of racism and hatred comes from sacred scripture in the Abrahamic faiths. Wisdom and understanding will come from the head and heart of man, when he himself studies the intent of his God. Know your God, then ask what would Jesus think, say and do about racism and hatred among the faithful?
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  66. Nubians, the Africans of the ancient worldThe Nubians explored in the Americas before Columbus, and many returned to their native lands with stories of a land with endless possibilities. Ever since ancient man of color walked out of his Nubian homeland, the drive to explore the world has always been in the hearts of man resulting in the building of ships and developing the skills of ocean navigation. The children of the Biblical Old and New Testament, especially the Hebrews preferred to walk to their destinations or maybe take small fishing boats out still staying close to familiar shores; there were however, more adventurous Vikings, Egyptians and Chinese. Our Biblical stories did not produce an adventurous spirit from people who had selected a God who kept them in a condition of benevolent bondage for thousands of years. Of course living in and near a desert, surrounded by talking mountains and no exposure to the oceans of the world would tend to limit the expansion of the mind to endless possibilities.
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  67. I like taking groups to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the City of New York. The Museum has an excellent Egyptian display. What our text books and movies fail to teach, the Museum provides an excellent opportunity to study history without words. Students would find it interesting that all of the significant statues of history are missing a nose. Each nose has been shattered as if by the blast of a gun. Research suggest that the Romans when they wanted to take over that part of the world, they first wanted to eliminate any sign of previous cultures.
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  68. Do not watch the series “Roots” until you know what effect the series will have on you and your belief systems about others.American peoples of color should not think about looking at the New Roots television series. The author cursed himself and this country by writing the original series and placing it in the American mind set about Nubians transported to the New World centuries ago.The term Nubian is used, by this Anthropologist, to reference the part of the world, given the name Africa by Rome. The fifteen million Jews in the world avoid any connection to the word or its history. Jews are very careful in the education of its people to use a controlled amount of violent history as an image of its people. Black Americans should be as careful as Jewish Americans in the use of history, real or artistically created, which can cause negative beliefs about another ethnic group. Color cames to Riverside Church and upset its core image and belief systems, and questioned its core religious beliefs about social justice and acceptance and love of others. Color also came to the presidency of the United States, also forcing a nation to look at its foundational core. Who are we, what do we think we know about each other, and what do we really know?
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  69. Over Eighteen years ago, the Riverside Church in the City of New York called its first African American to be the senior pastor. In 2007, The Reverend Doctor James A. Forbes Jr. resigned that position. The calling of Dr. Forbes, and his ministry for eighteen years challenged a congregation to look at issues of social justice and how a congregation views itself and its Christian image. In 2008, America called Barack Obama, the first man of color to be president of the United States of America. The experience of both men are similar in many ways, both were instruments of needed change in America. Both challenged America in ways that cause discomfort to its core values and revealed some hidden truths. Forbes revealed the major problems with Christianity and Christian teachings. Obama opened up the soul of America and her core principles of social justice in a country used as an example in a world struggling to find its better angels. Both men were successful in that each pulled back the curtain of a problematic belief system, a belief system founded on the incorrect thought that the greatness of America’s most powerful church and powerful nation was determined by the number of Anglo Saxons in seats of power. The call to making America great again should not mean making America “white” again.
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  70. The more things change, the more they remain the same. It is again the poor and oppress who remind we the people of who we are and how we came into being. Our slave masters today are the drug companies, health insurance companies, corporate greed and the need for extreme profits, impossible college tuitions and inferior public education systems, that are rounding up the unwanted in America and forcing them to work the plantations of their own prisons. Again a people stand trapped while private, religious and goverment systems use them as forced labor to imporve the profit margins of the self appointed masters of the people. Over 200 years ago, under similar circumstances, the people fought for their freedom, and a new system was born. The system was designed to elect representatives who would monitor, protect and preserve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the people. Our representatives sold our liberty for thirty pieces of silver, and we are back where we started. Perhaps, as other evils in society, the pain and anger expressed in the face and voices of the people will help us forge a vision of the intent of God for His people. Pay attention to the confusion of the voices of our politicians, it could be the voice of God speaking to Her people.
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  71. 75% of the presidents of the United States of America are Scott Irish men. The Irish have given us our greatest politicians and educators. Over 75% of the Europeans coming to the British North American Colonies were not free. These words are engraved on the walls of the Ellis Island Museum located in New York and New Jersey telling the world the truth about who we are. We all came here in the bottom of boats, and some of us in chains. We select our president from the lineage of the Irish because of the great sacrifice made by this group to our freedom and prosperity. First slaves and indentured servants, it was the Irish who are the unsung warriors of our nation. Rejected by the British, they laid the stones of the modern world’s greatest nation, dedicated to the ideas that no man is better than any other man, we come here as equals in the eyes of God. We do our struggle and hard times, but that struggle is for all men regardless of race, creed, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We are scrappy, and we will fight for our own rights and the rights of others. It is time to stop hidding the true American history, and release the songs of our brothers and sisters still trapped in the backwoods and hills of ignorance.
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  72. Billions of dollars are given to educational instutions by individuals seeking to give back to a country they love. Bill Gates gave billions to colleges working with students of color. Ivy League Universities receive billions, so why are Americans drowing in student loan debt? University buildings are paid for, and colleges pay less than minimum wages to its adjunct professors, so where is all of this money going and who is receiving all of this money? Why are the Representatives of the Republic in Washington and state and local Houses of Representatives not paying attention to a financial injustice happening to millions of American families? Who is selling out America, who has sold our financial and educational institutions? Maybe it is time to stop fighting over presidential candidates over which we, the people have no control, and focus on the people for whom we voted to represent our better angels and daily concerns.
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  73. Barack Obama has been an inspiration to many, but for the almost 40 million African Americans, his presidency has been personal. The 8 successful years in the Whitehouse was achieved through the prayers hard work, and dedication of millions of people, black, white, Latino, Asian and God’s beautiful mixtures. Jews, Christians, Muslims, contributed to this achievement. Over 10 million people were transported, out of the African continent, and sent to the Colonies in the new world. Only 5.8% or about 600,000 ended up in the land that was destined to become the United States of America. We celebrate that 600,000 for the sacrifice and contributions made to this nation in progress. In celebration of the Obama presidency, the seniors at the Martin Luther King Senior Center in Hackensack New Jersey, had gathering. Dr. Delores E. Harris Harrison was the keynote speaker, here is part of that speech given in 2008.
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  74. The Irish and the African were dragged over to the British North American Colonies in the bottom of boats, some in chains. They were brought over here to serve the ruling class and to be the labor force for what was to develop into one of the greatest nations in modern history. America was to become the Rome and Greece of the post ancient world. This group was used and abused until after two vicious battles, The Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and with a great loss of life, they secured freedom and became the foundation and soul of the United States of America. Today the spirit of these brave men must again rise up and unite with each other to save the future. It is time for another Bacon Rebellion, where black men and white men, poor struggling and forgotten, take back America. Our empty churches should become restoration centers and universities for taking back America through education. Our kids are becoming zombies to technology they do not understand. The are not being prepared through our education centers for the jobs making it possible to take part in the American dream. The dream will be restored, and this time the dreamer will include Appalachia.
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  75. Getting In Through and Out Of College Adult Edition – America is a second chance society, founded on the principle that everyone should have a chance at success. Education in America is like a conveyor belt; you can jump on at any point and jump off when necessary, and jump on again. Many adults had to stop educational careers because of life emergencies, helping parents, marriage, raising children, or just not ready for the challenges involved in a commitment to self. I want to thank The College of New Rochelle School of New Resources for the opportunity to work with many adult students making the transition into the educational environment. The School of New Resources has designed a program for adults returning to college. It does it better than any institution, and is considered the gold standard in adult education. I taught at the School of New Resources for 28 years-It is time to stop the excuses. You are smart but you are not appreciated or respected, but used. People less competent then you THINK you are get the better positions. You are getting older, and you want something different out of life. You have knowledge without education or credentials, and like it or not, the job market pays for education and credentials. You are a failure because you do not have the courage to be a success. You have to walk through some hard doors and do things you do not want to do. It is time to step up to the plate and earn this Kingdom God has planned for you. It is time to go back to college and complete your education. Welcome, come in, sit down, shut up, listen and learn, this is your life, live it.
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  76. Systematic Theology, the study of God. It is difficult for me to determine how the intellectual analysis of the character and qualities of God expands my faith. I am reminded of the story of two men, who were friends, decided to go on a search for the meaning and origin of life. One man had a successful career as minister; the other found success in the fields of science and technology. Both men started out in different directions and on different paths. The scientist, climbed many mountains relating to empirical data on the cause of events. When the scientist reached the top of the mountain and he discovered first cause was “God,” he found his friend sitting on top of the mountain. His friend had said God all along. His friend said to the tired man, “I told you so.” I am like the person sitting on top of the mountain. It is not necessary that all the proof be provided in order for my faith to work for me. As a seminary student, I am excited with my studies, I will just make sure that on the way to becoming an ordained minister, I do not lose my religion through too much thinking. I am a thought in the mind of God. I have faith in that thought.
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  77. What does it mean to be an American? We must remember that that the name America identifies millions of people on two major continents of the earth.God had blessed this land and this people, located between two great oceans filled with food and with a bounty of animals and clean air, water and resources. Canada the United States and Mexico all call themselves American and neighbors on the continent of North America. South America has many countries, and as the major recipient of the African Diaspora, who are also entilted to be called American. South America, especially Brazil, has yet to reveal the major accomplishments of her multicultural peoples. The peoples of the many countries in the Americas love and respect their country as much as we, living in the United States respect ours. We should be very cautious about talking about putting up walls between land that is not ours. Half of the people living in the United States are immigrants from European countries, and Americans on the North and South American continent find it offensive when Europeans discuss preventing them from travel to and from the land of their forefathers.
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  78. Do the right thing, fix America. America has hungry people and she should not. America has people who have difficulty reading and writing, and she should not. America has sick people who cannot afford prescriptions or decent health care, and she should not. America has unemployed people who would like to work but cannot find the right job, and she should not. America has transformed the modern day world, but at home her citizens live in the backwards Hills of Appalachia growing more angry and frustrated. Our young people have tuned in and dropped out, believing that they have no part of this America of their birth. There are many problems in the country and many solutions but no fixing. It is time to fix America using our own resources.
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  79. Free College education should be available to every American citizen. A college education is the doorway and prevention of poverty. A college education for everyone will pave the way for a better society; America will have the responsibility of determining what kind of society she wants to represent her visions. America does not need the Anglo Saxon model of human placement, everyman in his place and a place for everyman. America does not need an Upstairs Downstairs Remains of the Day European model used for hundreds of years by England and Germany to either separate people into classes or burn the unfit in ovens. America prefers instead to us the Scott Irish model of giving everyman a chance to do what is best for himself, and for the group as a whole. Free college education benefits the individual and benefits the society. Governing Dynamics is the term used in economics; it adjusts the ideas of capitalism to benefit everyone. Free colleges would provide the country with the doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, engineers, firemen, policemen and public servants educated to give the best service to all people. Children will no longer be automatically failed in public school based on zip code, color of skin and language skills, the government will set a common standard for all citizens.
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  80. Common core, common curriculum, common body of information. A student in North Dakota, Kentucky or China should be learning the same body of information. Knowledge is knowledge, Scinece is science, technology is technology, engineering is engineering and math is math. The process of reading and writing are the same with adjustments for language differences. Teachers should be educated the same way with the same core knowledge with specializations in geographic locations and demographics. The education between grades 1 through 12 should prepare students for college or university throughout the world. America must stop teaching to and for failure and eliminate the idea that teaching excellence is cheating. Our students are not doing well in the education market place, not because the do not have the skills, but because many of our dedicated teachers have not be taught how to teach. It is hoped that this blog will begin the conversation of common core teaching of all children.
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  81. The family is the basic connecting unit in human societies throughout the world. Families define individual realities. Strong families have rules, which all agree to live by. Families break up because one member has broken some rule of behavior. Treat family members better than you treat strangers. Give respect to each member of the family. Do not take frustrations out on people who are close to you or who loves you. The family is not a safe place to let out your frustrations; you can ruin forever-family relations through careless speech and careless behavior. Children will not stay connected to you or the family if they are abused, disrespected or hurt. Do not violate fragile trust of family members through inappropriate behavior with children. Mothers should never permit passion to interfere with their primary role in protecting their children. The female is the eyes, ears, heart and strength of the family; she is God’s hand on earth with the responsibility of protecting her family. Expel any member of the family who violates family rules on abusing children. Child abuse is the silent destruction of families; make the punishment for child abuse so severe that members will not want the punishment. Domestic violence encourages female members of the family to mate with future abusers. Male members of domestic violence families, will themselves become domestic violent people, and destroy their own future families. Make God the center of the family and when in doubt, ask, “What would God want me to do? ”
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  82. The decline in church attendance has directly and indirectly influenced the society as a whole. Churches and schools had the responsibility of preparing young people for the reality of expected roles as American citizens. Church and school attendance prepared young citizens to search for employment and also have the required attitudes and behaviors to sustain employment. Churches taught Americans how to dress for the business world, and the manners expected in the business world. You do not speak out in church because you are not permitted to speak out on most jobs. Your washed yourself, dressed yourself and left the house very early to get to school because job required the same behavior. Churches were not just a place of worship, it was also the enculturation center of America, for immigrants and citizens. The success of the African American in this country can be directly traced to the church.
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  83. The only way to influence the thought patterns of African Americans is to change theological belief system. Christianity is design to give preference to white people, by whitening the characters of the Bible, which is a history of North Africa and the Middle East. Color is totally removed from the Bible with the help of The Church and Hollywood. The Church totally whitened Christianity with its magnificent art works depicting a white God, a blue-eyed Jesus, and a blond Mary Magdalene. All of the prophets are white, and Charleston is the pictoral image of Moses.
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  84. Theory does not give the teacher the skills required to analyze, prepare, teach, transform and evaluate a classroom of students. Individuals should prepare for the classroom the same way a medical student prepares for the operating room. No hospital would permit a graduate student operating privileges in a first class hospital. Before permitted to enter the room with live individuals, the doctor has demonstrated competence in all procedures regarding operating room procedures, one would hope there are no on the job training operating procedures, if so, I would not want to be the patient depending on this novice for my life. The doctor would have read the theoretical information regarding life saving procedures, but unless he has also had practical opportunities to learn practical procedures for entering the body, no sane person would submit to becoming the training manual for theories learned in a classroom
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  85. What color is your God? The mental color of your God determines if you are an oppressor of mankind or a victim of oppression. Man is made in the image and likeness of God, and thus when we see man, we see God. The closer the resemblance to God, the more worthy the man; it is the perception and conception of the God principle that is preventing peace in the world in our time. The Christian God is German and presents the modern day image of what God is expected to be in the mind of men. Rome significantly influenced the German culture; Rome laid the foundation for modern day Christianity. The gods of ancient Rome could account for the 20th century killing of the Hebrew people in World War 2. The gods of ancient Rome could have inspired the continuation of slavery and oppression of American Nubian people in the 19th century. What color is your God and do you hate others through your religion and concept of that God?
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  86. America should not give tax relief and exemptions to religious organization that teach racism or promote ideas that one group is superior and one group is inferior. Churches that encourage racism as its core beliefs should not receive tax dollars or exemption for any of its programs. The Bible Belt, the area of the country, which serves challenging populations, depends upon the Bible to educate themselves and children on belief systems accepted by God. In order to stop racism and oppression it is necessary to get to the source and root cause of these behaviors. The Bible Belt is racist because the Bible tells them that the man of color is cursed and deserves to be cursed. Anti gay beliefs are strong in the Bible Belt, because most suggests that the Bible, through Paul, encourages hatred and mistreatment of gay people. The question is, should the rest of the country pay for churches to preach, teach and have the rights to hate others validated by scripture. If scripture does this, then scripture is wrong, and taxpayers should not support wrong thought and behavior.
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  87. Wisdom of teaching, Spirituality of teaching. Teaching is like ministry, often the reluctant are called. Those who have no patience with the behaviors of life and are disappointed in individuals, small or large who cannot get their act together and act in responsible ways. Not liking children is not a disqualification for becoming a teacher. Impatience with the sinful nature of human beings will not stop the call to ministry from driving the heart the soul and the body into field that serve the family of man. Education will provide the skills for handling any and all human situations, and the more prepared with education, the more success and enjoyment will come from success in the profession God in His/Her wisdom has selected for you.
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  88. The rags to riches story of America inspires the world. The slavery to wealth story validates our glory. The mass movement of millions of people from all nationalities, greeds and genders demonstrate to the world that peace among human beings is possible. America has reluctantly assumed the responsibility of trying out the “Brave New World” before other nations join in. America is an awesome responsibility, and thank God He sends the best to lead this great nation. President Obama understands and has provided excellent leadership in these challening times, as did president Bush through his challenges. America must now lead in the area of education as a means to eliminating hunger and poverty in our time. Education must go after racism and religion and make sure man is doing the will of God rather than creating beliefs to justify the mistreatment of others. If Christianity is the source of racism in America, then Christianity must change to adjust to the belief that all men are the same and from the same family of God.
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  89. Christianity must take the lead in ending racism in America and in the world. We are racist because we are Christian, and Christians are Jews, and Jews are Muslim. Abraham the father of us all was a man recorded in sacred Torah scripture, Biblical Scripture and the sacred writings of the Koran. We all believe and drink from the same fountain but we are nurished in different ways and encouraged to do different things. We hate each other because tradition encourages that hate. Christianity, at this time, is the largest world religion with 2 billion identifying with the faith. It will therefore, be the challenge to Christianity to end racism by challenging flawed religious beliefs.
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  90. Stand when you feel like falling, stand when all seems lost, stand when life seems to lose all of its meaning, stand will reality says hope has gone. Hariet Tubman stands as a symbol of a people guided by faith not reality, that life is worth living and holding on. Slavery and the African American demonstrates God’s power to stand with a people through any and all adversity, and they will see God’s Kingdom here on earth in the flesh. The Anglos and the Saxons, the same people who had the power to destroy the lives of oppressed men women and children make up the moral foundation of America, the results however are different. The fact that the results are different is one of God’s greatest miracle on earth, and a visible representations of the teachings of Jesus. It is not what evil does to people, it is rather how the victim handles evil and provides God an opportunity to demonstrate that He is still in charge.
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  91. Harriet Ross Tubman face will be on the $20 bill, replacing Andrew Jackson. Tubman is the best symbol of the untold story of America, where black and white men and women of God, and Churches dedicated to true Christian values helped the victims of injustice. Studying slavery, white and black, opens up the doors to America’s truths. It is the American Revolution, freeing the indentured servants of Europe, and the Civil War free oppressed peoples of color, which defines who we are as a country and a moral nation. Yes, a new nation came into existenance, with the Revolution, and the Union was secured through the Civil war, but it is the African American backstory that tells our glory.
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  92. America is going through an emotional and psychological crisis, and in New Jersey some people are checking out of life. This is a time for the white depressed to walk the path of their black brother and learn how to survive and excell all adversities. Do not move out of life, cross the George Washington Bridge and move to Harlem. Pack up the family and the kids and move. You will find good schools, good friends, good neighbors, who will not judge you, because they are too busy rebuilding their own life. You will not need a car because public transportation is first rate.Your children will gain strong neurological strength and they learn how to focus and pay attention to urban living. Jobs are plenty and the pay is good and the excitement of creating a new you will give meaning, purpose and fun to your life. Visit the Ellis Island Museum and study how your ancestors went from rags to riches,follow the guidelines and you too may get back on financial track, or find the wisdom to blaze a new path. Find a church, an interracial church, do not check out on God because She will not check out on you.
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  93. Using drugs to handle life’s realities can destroy experiencing the joy of who you are cold sober. Who are you without the drugs, can you handle life? Can you reach your purest self without chemical stimulation? You are who you are without drugs or alcohol. If you can sing, you can sing, if you can act, you can act, if you can play sports you can play sports. If chemical substances are needed to deliver performance, then you are cheating yourself and your audience. Learn to love and accept the authentic self without chemical alteration, it is there you find peace and true love. Someone will accept you with all your flaws, missed notes, missed dance steps, high sports achievements and a face with no make up. Performing for the wrong crowd could destroy the self that is you. Men survived difficult circumstances, because what they had to endure did not define who they were. In my ancestral literature my great great great grand father wrote, that although he was in Bondage, he was never a slave, and that spiritual freedom enabled him to purchase his whole family out of Bondage ( Alexander E. DeBose).
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  94. Prayer is not enough. Prayer will not reduce rage and violence. Prayer will not stop child sexual abuse or abuse of women. Prayer will not stop gang violence. The answer is in the Bible if and when we read it right. Before Jesus preached to people, He addressed the reality concerns of their life. Looking at how Jesus handled life’s problems can give directions for addressing world’s problems. We look to the miracle recorded in the Gospel. Food played a significant part in Jesus ministry to the world, suggesting that food causes behavioral changes in the brain releasing a calming substance effecting the pleasure nerve centers. Jesus gathered thousands of individuals on a hill to hear a message He was commissioned to deliver. Thousands of people with thousands of views and thousands of cultural beliefs. Thousands of people each possessing the human characteristics to fear, hate, anger, love peace, kindness, hostility, patience, joy and greed. With the bounty of the earth represented by four loaves of bread, and gift from the great seas, suggested by the two fish, He fed the multitude. The symbolic message is that all the resources needed to sustain life are contained within the earth, created million of God’s years before the creation of man. Food was provided on the earth before man and woman were created and given the task of caring for the earth and its future. The secret to addressing the problems confronting human civilizations may be the field and the vine. The bread of the field and the wine of the vine. The fish from our vast oceans may yet contain the mysteries of life. We must first feed people before praying for them. We must end world hunger before seeking world peace. We must feed people before we sit in conference on how to live together as riders on the same globe.
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  95. The rein of racism and hatred is over, there are too many problems of global concerns to continue to fight school yard battle of the bullies to see who is better and stronger. Space and unity can offer answers to universal problems of health and prosperity. There are enough resources on this planet alone to feed and sustain 7 billion people and more. What other world’s can we explore, are there answers to mortality and an improved quality of life out there in the universe among the stars? When we have time to gossip, hate and try to destroy each other, it is an indication that there is too much free time around and idle minds and time can and will produce problems. If the last silly battle will be the battle of the gods, then we earthlings are not up to the task. We are not up to the battle of the gods, but we can humbly and courageously do our part for the betterment of humankind.
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  96. What color is our Bible? What color is our God? Are the answers to these questions the keys to having peace on earth? Who does God look like, and is it a He or a She or a combinations of both? Do we hate others because of our lack of clarity to the answers of these questions. Our friends and our group of preference will not only be people who look like us, but who also look like our God. Judgement of good and evil are determined by the color of the Bible, the color of the God we serve and how close in physical appearance someone is to that frame of reference. White and light, you are alright, dark and brown we do not care to have you around. It is human behavior, but it is not Christ behavior, and we call ourselves followers of the Christ.
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  97. Wisdom is leaving our churches through Dementia, Alzheimer’s and absence of intergenerational activities. Churches are closing doors because the bridges between the past and the future are destroyed through health issues, cultural challenges and the arrogance of stupidity. It is time to stop standing by in helpless tears while our children, our young men, young women march as innocent dumb lambs over a hill of destruction.
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  98. God’s wisdom is in the Bible and other sacred religious scripture. Seeking negative scipture to validate the right to hate other groups is not of God but of man’s descriptions of his belief systems. Individuals seeking to reject or hurt others seek out human writings in the Bible, which validate the right to discriminate, reject, punish and even kill those who are different and present different life styles, creeds or beliefs. Ecclesiates and Proverbs are books of wisdom, if your preacher is not preaching from wisdom but rather from writings suggesting who is acceptable and not acceptable by God, it is a warning signal that you are hearing the soul of man and not the message of Godari.
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  99. . The spiritual formation of any person of color with roots in the Americas centers in and around a personal responsibility and relationship with God and His son Jesus the Christ. America needs to develop more awareness of what is happening to the oppressed peoples of Appalachia and some Bible belt southern areas caught in the culture of poverty and a time warp. Progress has been made with the African American, the Ellis Island American, and the millions of immigrants coming in from all parts of the world. There is no suggestion of the same level of progress demonstrated in the Appalachia areas. Racism, hatred, anger and frustrations are strong in areas where progress and opportunity are limited. Why has the rest of America made significant progress, black and white, and Appalachia remains trapped in the 19th and 20th century? There are areas of the country still fighting the Civil War, and fighting for the right to fly flags representing Civil War views and beliefs. Religion, and especially Christianity has failed these areas. They had no Moses to lead them out of Egypt; they are still trapped in Egypt under the occupation of a powerful outside government. It is time to drag Appalachia, kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Top institutions must be in place to educate good people out of ignorance. Free colleges preparing individuals for top paying American jobs, and opportunities to upgrade the quality of life for a man and his children must be provided at once. America can build nations, but she neglect home base just because the base in combative and hostile. America should not permit any of its people or its lands to withdraw from the Union and form states of stupidity and backwardness as a right. The Constitution does not give citizens the right to stupidity, and when in the national security of the country and its people, changes have to be made, and then it is time to make the changes.
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  100. The symbols of blood and violence are not the way a compassionate God communicates with His/Her people. The ancient history of man is violent and symbolizes the long transitional period between Evolution and Creation. Man is an animal and animals need blood and meat, we are still in the beginning of our Creation stage. It is time for the major world religions to put down the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, and their stories of sacrifice and suffering and talk to each other. Start writing Creation stories of love, struggle, accomplishments and great adventures. Christianity is founded on blood and violence as described in the Mel Gibson film, The Passion of the Christ.
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  101. Love is not suppose to hurt. Love does not require the sacrifice of another individual to prove itself. Take no substance or individual into your system, which requires total control submission and obedience to provide a feeling of worth or value. See the God within, and work from the knowledge and strength of that God to know that as made in the likeness of His/Her image, you are complete as you are. Others cannot fill holes of emptiness inside, those are places reserved for God. Fill up the reserved spaces with and for God, and you will have the strength to avoid toxic drugs, behaviors and people. Any relationship requiring you to give up family, children, friends and spiritual beliefs should be considered warning signals of danger, stay away before the passions control your being.
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  102. Can women in ministry assume the responsibility of taking over churches due to the lack of interest in men continuing the responsibility. Can the woman assume the responsibility of power given to men to lead others when they are reluctant to go? Leadership is power and it does not work with what is expected of women. Some women want to appear to be powerless in order to be attractive to men and acceptable to other women. That will not work in ministry. Strength is an important variable in leadership, and true leadership is not a popularity contest. The church is not in the business of popularity contest, the issues of living and spiritual dying are too important for cuteness. If you cannot walk tall and carry a big stick, then perhaps the role of leadership is not for you. Women considering taking over the leadership role in large church may benefit from reading literature on the Historical Black Church and how it differs from the traditional European base institution in theology and technique. Women in ministry could benefit from understanding the process of duality. Still strong as wives and mothers, they can expand to fulfill the need of leadership of God’s Church and people, without missing a step, suggesting that women can not only give birth to the word, but care and nurture those who are to receive the word.
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  103. Women all over the world serve the needs of men domestically, reproductively and recreationally. They are the scriptural servants and property of men. These universal positions areculturally approved and programmed through sacred writings, especially in the Abraham faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Western societies are beginning reluctantly to free women, but many women still fight for the right to their own captivity.
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  104. Women in ministry must find themselves in sacred scripture. Some traditional mainline denominations can quote Bible and verse when scripture suggest discriminations agains women as unclean, evil and unworthy of any position in the house of God. Women in ministry must know and believe that is not the intent of God, and seek wisdom and verification beyond the written word to validate their right to existence for other purposes than just procreation and service. Women must not participate in their own punishment. Women carry the culture of ingnorance and intolerance towards each other. Women are called to find the message of the “calling” in the unwritten words of the scripture, remembering that it was a woman, first, last and always in and at the heart of the Christian message.
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  105. Women entering ministry must be prepared to learn many things. They must learn how to take care of themselves during the time they are walking and working in a “man’s” world. Like it or not Christianity over 2,000 years has be written for and by men. Humankind is created both male and female and at the same time with equal strengths and powers. ( Genesis 1:26-27) When preparing for the ministry the male strength within must lead. This is not the time for submission, humility and obedience. Ministry will require strength and masculine thought. Ministry is not Bible study and prayer sessions, where good kind gentle people come together to share God’s goodness and grace. Ministry involves rolling up one’s sleeves and getting down into the struggles, challenges and dirt where people live and suffer. The first challenge is to enter a seminary and do some background study of the religion and faith used as an instrument of change and transformation. Church Histroy is not pretty and some of the informations revealed will at times be difficult to comprehend and accept. Read on and digest, and if you have the courage to comply with all of the requirements for credentialing, you are only beginning the greatest and most significant challenge of your life, working with God’s people, a very thankful unthankful task. Watch your back and your front, and remember men are men regardless of what religious garment they may wear. Make sure the robe you select to wear has armor plate, which can handle the slings and arrows that will come your way.
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  106. Slavery exists in America today and it is in two forms. There is indentured servitude, where you sell your body and soul to someone for a given period of time until you have paid the due price and won your freedom. There is slavery for life, where you inherit the institution through birth circumstances, your mother was a slave and all the members of your family are slaves, and slavery is the only life style you know. You adopt learned slave behaviors and only associate with people who are themselves life members of the slave institution. Poverty, mental illness, learning disability, or the inability to listen and learn how to avoid dangerous behaviors, which will place you in confinement to others and under the total control of others. Freedom is a God given right, man has fought and died to have it and keep it. Drugs legal and illegal are the doorways to America’s modern day institution of slavery. It is an institution that most people walk through willingly, with the ignorance of the wisdom to think and believe that they will have the power and ability to walk out whenever desired. The greatest sin in life is to place oneself in the institution of slavery. America’s greatest sin is to have children born into slavery with no means or desire to end the institution.
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  107. The biggest challenged faced by the church is its identity of itself. Does it want to be a private clubhouse, deciding who can or cannot be a member, or does it want to be in the transformation business? Does the church want to be a mega entertainment industry hiring expensive stars to entertain people, and give the a few hours of feeling good, or does it want to do the work of Jesus, helping the blind to see clearly to walk his way out of darkness, and helping the many crippled by doubt and fear, to take up his bed and walk. What are we going to do about all of this confused thinking and mental demons, how do we cast them out? The question is what would Jesus do about some of the people in the church? The bible said, he healed them, and sent them on their way. If the church is a hospital for sinners, then where do the well people go?
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  108. Riverside Church invites the children of Abraham, their cousins and friends to come to a place where all men are respected, and the voices of women in ministry can be proclaimed. Riverside Church is the American Church and mirrors the challenges of a multicultural and diverse nation, doing it better than most. Welcome to the conversations about religion, sacred scripture, historical reliability and the joy and freedom to enjoy the gifts and talents of each other’s minds. Riverside has the space, the talents and the resources to hold mountain top gatherings celebrating diversity.
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  109. The three children of Abraham should focus on the presence and the future of these great peoples, and find way they can all work together for the betterment of mankind. Muslims have got to stop beheading people, it does not make for friendship on the global scene. Israel cannot bring a German focus to the land of color, and the idea the God is going to let them take over the Middle East and Africa will not fly. Five million Europeans cannot take land from billions of brown men, it may have happened in the past, with Africa and India, but this is a different age.
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  110. Some of these rules were passed down through slave writings. Some of the rules come from Thomas DeBose writing about ideas passed down by his great great grandfather Jacob Debose 1789. It also contains rules passed down by Alexander Debose 1834, and his son James DeBose 1864. Included in the writings are the ideas of William Fleming 1865. William Fleming was Irish/Scott who married a Black Indian. Some were slaves, some were not, those who were slaves, worked during their free time, and eventually earned enough money to purchase the freedom of their relatives.This was especially true of Alexander DeBose, born a slave, but obtained his freedom, and purchased the freedom of his family from the Brevard Plantation in Florida in the19th century. Our ancestors can teach us a great deal. They teach us about our strength and our courage, and that no man can make a slave of your spirit, unless you give your permission. Most of our ancestors were ministers and teachers; therefore, a significant part of this rulebook will focus on preparing to teach.
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  111. A few years ago, I went on a journey to find my family roots. The journey was hard and long but I was determined. I was a Columbia University graduate with training in Anthropology and genealogy research, I was well prepared for the task. I knew that man records and conserves all informations on human society. The journey took me through and into the lives of an exciting family of people. Learning about great great great great grand father, Jacob DeBose, born into slavery in 1789, the year George Washington became president of the United States of America, and touching the graves of his son and grand son carefully cared for in a family plot in Gainesville Florida, I gained strength from validating the reality of my history and existence. Forget what the school books teach about African Americans, go search for your relatives, you will come away with a new sense of pride, I know I did.
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  112. There are problems in American churches just as there are problems in other major institutions in the country. People do not trust the institutions, the institutions are not living up to the hopes and beliefs of the vision for the country. Our schools do not educate our children, our hospitals do not heal. Our citizens walk around confused and angry, and often taking that confusion and anger out on each other. America can do better, America’s institutions can do better. American religious institutions have the responsibility of being an example of God’s goodness. Biblical doctrine should be the directions of our call to do the right thing for God and by each other. Biblical doctrine should not be the written source that validates our rights to mistreat and separate ourselves from each other.
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  113. Thinking about the question of religious education I began to ask myself when and How did I become a member of my faith-based denomination? What was the process of
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  114. Each one teach one, each one help one, help a child stay in school by showing him how to do his algebra problems. Help an adult return to college in order to learn marketable skills so she can raise her family out of poverty. Mentor a young man in how to survive the streets of America without ending up dead or with a felony record. Americans need to help each other break out of the poverty trap designed by this society to maintain the status quo. Making it from welfare to wealth fare is a difficult journey, but it can be done. You cannot do it on legal or illegal drugs or alcohol, you must love yourself cold sober physically and spiritually clean. God wants us to live for the sake of others, when we live for the sake of others we will not become depressed and need prescription drugs to bring meaning back into our life, just passing on some secrets of success in America.
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  115. Do women have to give up rights to be loved and accepted by God? Does God require suffering and submission of women for the continuations of life? For the sake of a family, should women submit to the authority of her husband or religious rules even at the cost of sorrow and life? Why doe the major religions in the world, place major restrictions and punishments on women, and what is the role of women in ministry in these situations? How do pastors counsel dysfunctional families, and families abusing women and children? Are we as members of the faith and the cloth teaching women and children to become victims of the abuse of others?
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  116. Religion teaching hatred is wrong. Religion teaching it is right to kill other men and take their property, is wrong. Religion teaching that it is alright to stone women to death for sexual misbehaviors is wrong. Religion teaching hatred of gay people using the Bible to support hate is wrong. Church doctrine teaching it is God’s will that divorced members of the faith shall not be permitted to take part in Jesus sacrements is wrong. Denominational policy teaching hatred and non acceptance of other Christian traditions is wrong. Islam encouraging the existence of sects in the religion dedicated to beheading people and blowing bodies to pieces in other countries is wrong. You do not need religion to be hateful, man can be hateful without religion. There are so many positive needs for religious institutions in this complex age of non belief, that perhaps it is time to re think the role of religious institutions and the role of the Church. As a child, church played positive roles in my life, what role is the church and other faith institutions playing in the role of handling challenges in the world?
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  117. America can solve her racial problems and she can do it in short order. America will need her African American and the old Republican party to solve the problem. It was the Republican Party that ended Slavery in the United States, It was the Republican Party that paved the way for the election of Obama to the White House, and it will be the Republican Party and the African American that can and will end racism in America, and significantly influence America’s leadership role in the world. Racism comes from poverty and the fear that someone will take what you have. America’s racism is not the same as Eugenics, such as what was witnessed in Germany or started in England. In America racism is about white poverty. America needs to pour services into the deep south and her Appalachian territories, they are the other America, they are the angry poor and determined racist. How did the African American survive in a hostile land and what lessons can be learned from history to improve the present and save the future.
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  118. Heavenly Father, we thank you for this opportunity to come together as sisters in Christ. Bless each one of us and tend to our individual needs that only you know about. Bless Women Ministry as we seek to represent the Heart of God to His people. Heavenly Father let us remember that you had such love and faith in us as women, that you made the decision to send your beloved Son Jesus down to be delivered through the body of a woman. We thank you for Mary, a woman giving birth to the Word. Thank you oh God for your faith and trust in us as women-strong enough to carry the Word. Bless our president and congress of the United States, and inspire them to also be carriers of the word to the American people. Bless and all the work she has been doing to make Women Ministry an important arm of ACLC. Help us to learn how to love each other and to respect our different paths of Faith. Let us not focus on who or what we hate, but whom we should love in Thy name. Bless the ACLC and its mission to do your work on earth. Bless our individual ministries, and let us continue to dedicate our lives to your purpose. We pray this in the name of the Father, The Son, and the Blessed Holy Spirit.
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  119. The church must open its doors to the communities in which they serve. They should make it known that available to all who wish to come, will be a place and a time where a helping hand and a spiritual commitment is available to help them to complete their important job. Riverside Church offers a safe haven space for teachers where they can come and in a spiritual environment, be nurtured and educated with the skills they need to return to the front lines of the American educational system and continue to be hands of God in the lives of students.
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  120. Spiritual Formation for public school teachers, the idea was sound, but was it possible, how do you get busy people to stop by a church before going to school? Would the time factor work, would they be interested? It was necessary to try this idea out on busy people. What better place to test this idea than on a college campus. Students are rushing to and from classes, they all have busy schedules and pressing assignments, a ready captive environment of professional graduate students working on Doctor of Ministry degrees, preparing to go out into the world to help others. I was an Anthropologist and this was a great field to accomplish field work, the biggest problem would be securing permission from the college administrators, and get students to participate, both proved to be very successful.
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  121. Biblical and Theological Framework of The Role of the Church in helping teachers.This biblical and theological framework looked at the works from St. John and St. Paul. John was Jesus’ friend and helped to clarify what he was trying to say. Paul revealed the spiritual Jesus and provided the foundation for Christianity. The fourth Gospel, the book of St. John, and the writings of St. Paul provide wisdom from the scripture on the mental formation of teachers. The Gospel of John, takes us to Jesus, the heart of God and our spiritual role as teachers; Paul takes us to the heart of Jesus as he provides us with guides for coping with the stress of our profession. Saint Paul wrote more about Jesus the Christ in the New Testament than any disciple. Paul was special, as an apostle. Never meeting Jesus in the physical form, his writings demonstrated a personal relationship with Jesus. Fourteen letters are credited to Paul. These letters contain the earliest systematic account of Christian teachings, and the life of the infant Church. Paul can also be found in the pages of the Acts of the Apostles, which are usually attributed to Luke. Paul’s letters were written for the churches he founded. He was a traveler, visiting Asia, Cyprus, Greech and Rome and teaching about Jesus. His letters are full of rules and guidelines on what Christians should believe and live. Paul is careful not to tell too much about the life of Jesus, seeking to focus on events surrounding the end of his life: the Last Supper, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34; the crucifixion and resurrection, 1 Corinthian15. His reference to Jesus’s teachings in 1 Corinthian 7: 10-11, 9: 14 only provide a limited look into the life and teachings.
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  122. THE ROLE OF THE CHURCH, SPIRITUALITY, AND SPIRITUAL INTERVENTION IN ADDRESSING ISSUES OF TEACHER BURN OUT- A special thank you to my cousin Dr. Gloria Harris, a professor of education at Queens College of the City University of New York, who provided the emotional, spiritual and educational support necessary to stay the course and bring this project into existence. Thank you Dr. Thomas, of the Riverside Church, in New York City, for the patience in waiting for the project. Thank you to Rev. J Hill, Minister of Youth and Young Adult services, and to the Career Day Committee for agreeing to expand our Career Day programs to include the Ministry for teachers. Thank you to my friend Lynn Moore, a guidance counselor for the Board of Education who helped me to remember the days when we started out teaching together, and what is was like being a new teacher in the system. Thank you to the public school teachers who attend the Riverside church, for agreeing to participate in one of the pilot studies and focus groups after church. Thank you to all of the public school teachers and principals who sat down with me and discussed issues relating to their feelings and concerns about school. It is also important to remember and thank Jacqueline McDonald, Cheryl Anderson, David Harris, Kevin Harris, Rachelle Bradt, Tim Alcolesse, Andrea Stevens, Danette Henry and Raymond Weis, for their contribution to the initial ministry and supervision of the Youth at the various Church facilities.
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  123. Teachers are taught that there are students who cannot be taught because of racial, nationality, language, family background and support systems. Recently reported on a television program, that medical doctors are also being taught that individuals should receive medical treatment and decisions based on biology, and that there was a difference in the type and quality African Americans should receive and other patients. There is something wrong with both of the theories coming out of the knowledge base of two of our outstanding professions. If teachers can not teach minority students and doctors cannot provide quality service to African American patience, then both groups should get out of the business of serving Americans. This is not an American position, and it is no God’s position. It is time for institutions with the responsibility of training and preparing our servers for humanity, review what is taught in classrooms. Are we teaching racism in our institutions of professional learning?
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  124. Harlem today is the fastest growing upscale uptown area of Manhattan. Poverty has gone or is in hiding, and in it place came young bright ambitious white, Asian, Latino, North African, Middle Eastern men and women, seeking to take part of the American dream. Autism and ADHD are low, children develop the neurological strengths to survive a multicultural environment with strong parenting skills and traditional values and manners expectations. Its history is exciting, and today it was on my mind.
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  125. America has lost her way, she does not trust her institutions, she does not trust her representatives, she does not trust her goverment to do the right thing for all of the people. In America goverment does not mean the same thing as it means in other parts of the world. In America goverment means policemen, firemen, teachers, schools, hospitals, the supervision of the drugs we take, prisons, colleges, universities, churches, congress, the White House, the Supreme Court and everything relating to national and international affairs. Almost half of the country works for the goverment, so the goverment is us, and we have disappointed us.
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  126. As a Christian, a follower of Jesus The Christ, and a seeker of world peace, I wonder why there is so much conflict in the world? Peace comes through works, through living for the sake of others, through following in Jesus footsteps, feeding the hungry, caring for the poor and providing comfort to the grieving. Some say this is wrong, it is not what you do for others it is how well and often you read the Bible and say selective Biblical words. Talking Christ and doing Christ are separate belief systems. Perhaps there is too much religion in religion and religions and sacrid writings get in the way of God’s business of peace on earth.
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  127. What would happen in America if we told the correct history about who we are as a people and how this great land came into existence? Can America handle the truth about her history? America is influenced by the media, the scripts written and the stars selected to create the image and intent of the script. It is romantic to think and be told that we all came over here to the new world in search of religious freedom, and that we were good people seeking to do good things in a new place. The idea that most of us came over here in the bottom of boat and some of us in chains does not fit the image of praying settlers seeking peace and justice for themselves and willing to give that same justice to others. Slavery in America gives a more raw picture of our history, and the fact that we have worked to overcome so much of that history gives us the spiritual truth about who we are as a people and our still becoming vision.
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  128. Have teachers in the 21st century lost the art of teaching students from challenging backgrounds? Have they lost the heart and the spirit required for effective teaching? Teachers have taught the sons and daughters of the Italian Mafia, children of Jewish Organized Crime Families and difficult Bowery Kids of the New York Irish gangs. Teachers know how to transform rags to riches, making the impossible possible with just pencil, paper and a chalkboard. Research is now suggesting that many teachers have lost something necessary to do the job. Research is further suggesting that teachers are failing at the task of educating students because colleges and universities are failing at the job of preparing teachers. There is too much politics in teacher preparation, there is too much analyzing of reasons why select students, especially minority males cannot learn and not enough instructional preparation, instructional delivery and classroom management methods in getting the job done. If immigrants coming out of the poverty of Africa and Asia can come here to America and benefit from our education systems, why are American teachers failing American students? Teachers are unprepared, tired and burnout by the challenges of educating the children of America, and this is true in the urban centers of Wisconsin or the back hills of Appalachia. It is time to stop placing our American students in jail and put them in college classrooms where they can earn decent wages and support families, when teachers fail it is the start of a whole society failing, and America cannot afford failure.
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  129. Love God, Love Your Neighbor. Who is my neighbor? He is the diversity of human kind; he is African Asian European, and the complex mixtures of those three racial groups. He is the man adjusted by environment, geology and psychology. He is the man who in attempting to understand the forces around him created gods and religions in his own image. He is, at times, difficult to love because of fear and experiences, and his animal nature needing to subdue and destroy. The basic rule of survival of the fittest is to find a God to love, and to find a neighbor to love.
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  130. We study about poverty around the world but we never look at poverty in the United States, and the root causes of poverty. We do not look at how individuals escape from poverty in this developed country, and what prevented those still caught in poverty from escaping.
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  131. Teachers as important member of the American education and cultural society should and must have a personal and regular relationship with their own houses of faith and worship. The teacher must have the skill to call on supernatural powers within the environment to bring the students into the spirit of acceptance, submission and trust. It is a very spiritual process, which requires a great deal of lesson planning and command preparation. The students are members of a school play, in which each child has a role and significant part to play, it is important for the teachers to teach them the part that they must play and give them an opportunity to be a star. Others will view performances of the play during the day, and how well the students play their parts will be commended. The teacher as writer and director of the play must know the script and know how to motivate the students to be excellent players. Teachers who enter a classroom without a script, and no skills in production and directions will fail and blame any and everything for that failure. If the teacher fails to plan, she holds in her hands the plans for failure.
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  132. Man must find his way to his God, through his God, and at times in spite of his God. Man was given the Holy Ghost to help him on this intellectual and spiritual journey. There should be some clarity about what man is expected to do. It appears that man starts off problematic especially with the command given by God to “go forth and multiply.” Did God expect Adam to make life the same way God made life? Did God expect Adam and Eve to sit in the garden and say let us make children and have children appear? Was Eve’s mistake in finding the secrets of life by eating the forbidden fruits of pleasure? Without instructions nature found a way to bring forth life the same way as it did for other living creatures on Earth. It appears as if man kind is punished for the sin of procreation and not using the method used by God to produce life. The Bible suggests that those who are considered sinless produced life through the spoken word rather than through physical contact. Mary, the mother of Jesus conceives the Word through the word, you will bear a Son. Is it thus fair to punish all of mankind because the definition of creating new life was not clear. Bob Deffinbaugh, gives us a walk through the Book of Genesis, it is included here for your discussion.
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  133. Christianity should be a sacred word, and only individuals pledge to live in God’s word should be permitted to use the word. Political religions should find another word to use to express hatred and dislike of people who do not look like them or have behaviors that are hated. Christianity and racism should not be used in the thought patterns. Racism and Christianity are incompatible beleifs or behaviors. Churches should be welcome centers for all who seek to follow the Christ principles such as loving God and loving your neighbor.When a man is more concerned with who has an abortion and show little or no concern about who is hungry, homeless, or hurting. Christianity is the foundation of compassion, and if you are in the business of hate, do not call yourself a Christian. All life is sacred, those who are already born and God’s children yet to be born.
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  134. The alarm went off at 5:30 am. A quick shower, and a rush to catch the 6:45 am bus located just outside the door. The bus was on time, and arrived at the George Washington Bridge Bus terminal around 7:10. A quick dash for the subway made it possible to catch the 7: 25 A train. The ride to 59th street was pleasant and usual. Walking down to 62nd street and Columbus Circle, an air of excitement was all around. This was the Lincoln Center area, and it was the center of life and culture in New York City. One block for the school, was a Roman Catholic Church, the Red doors were opened as usual welcoming all to come. The church was filled with working people, stopping off to be a spiritual blessing before entering the world of obligation. The service lasted thirty minutes, but in that half hour, transformations were taking place in the lives of many who attended. Leaving the church at 7:55 am provided just enough time to make the three-minute walk to the school building located on West End Avenue. The morning prayers and the communion had provided the exact spiritual support needed to be an effective teacher to excited fifth graders. Saying the same prayer each morning set the tone for the day, ”Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you oh God, my source and my strength.” It was that daily experience at a nearby church in a different denomination, which serve as the motivation for this project. The idea of having a spiritual place where teachers could come before work is the passion, which encourages this project. .
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  135. It is wrong for teachers to have negative views of students and families. It is wrong for Christians to learn one set of beliefs in the church and then go out into the world, especially our schools, and use a different set of beliefs. A Christian should be a Christian 24/7. Our schools are failing because we have failed individuals in our schools as teachers and administrators. Christianity is not something you teach it is something you become and are. We become Christians when we replicate the life, ideas and teachings of Jesus the Christ.
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  136. Rites Of Passage must be taught in church or other faith institution. The role of the church is not just to get people into heaven, but also to keep them alive while living on earth. Riverside Church in New York City had a Rites of Passage program for youth transitioning into adults. As a mentor in that program we had the responsibility of bringing reality into the lives of youth and place into their heads, minds and hearts the rules of survival and knowledge. College professors, medical doctors, policemen, businessmen, bankers lawyers, ministers and lay people guided young minds away from paths of destruction and made it possible for them to enjoy a future for which they struggled so hard. The urban schools and urban streets of America requires survival rules and those who break the rules will end up in the American legal system, fighting for the rights to freedom. All schools public or private are under camera observation and supervision. All streets in America are under camera supervision, and all people in America are recorded in some type of face recognition system, suggesting that whether you do good things or bad things, you are on camera.
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  137. Family values represent who you are as individuals and the guiding spiritual values that keep you connected to a family unit. Without family values you are wild and irresponsible, doing what you will and want to any and everyone, you will find that it does not work for you and you are often alone and discontent. Peace and contentment comes from God and are achieved by us as mortals through our behaviors. The DeBose/Welch family has traced its lineage back to Jacob DeBose, born the year George Washington became president of the United States of America. We are a gifted family producing generations of preachers and teachers dedicating our lives to the service of mankind.
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  138. Lots of under used and empty churches in America, some of those underused churches can be transformed into Spiritual Family Learning Centers. Wealthy individuals and corporations seeking to give back to the communities could walk into some of these empty churches and sponsor Spiritual Learning Centers for children. America needs more private and charter schools, our public schools need our help, children can and must learn, bring in the professionals who know how to teach all students without race or blame. We do not need excuses, we need churches as schools. Churches were the major institutions making it possible for families and generations to end poverty. The doorway out of poverty was the school and the pathway to the schools usually started in the church. Churches motivated school attendance and ran before church and after school programs to help students and parents get through the complex system of education. The Catholic Church held the lead in educating teachers and helping them to understand the spirituality in teaching. Riverside Church devotes a considerable amount of it spiritual and academic resources to the support and improvement of the the needs of the vast diversity of people in the Washington Heights Harlem and Columbia University communities. We started a Spiritual Formation for Teachers, and now would like to expand it to a Spiritual Formation for families.
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  139. There are colleges and universities all over the country using instructional preparation and instructional delivery curriculums in teacher preparation programs providing faulty and incorrect information. Individuals in teachers education program are taught to think and believe that minority students and students living in homes where English is not the primary language, are incapable of learning and therefore, the goverment should not be using programs and resources for impossible task. Adults are taught not to expect academic achievement from minority students. Parents and teachers cannot solve these problems, wealthy churches must help to see that all American children receive a qualified education, and no child should be left behind. This theology of education in America is wrong and a great sin and injustice to the country.
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  140. America has to change its education system, and it has to change it fast. It cannot be turned over to committees to debate how and why it should change, and what is the exact meaning of change. Educators are intellectuals, and intellectuals are notoriously famous for hot air and no results. This is not a time for intellectual discourse, this is an emergency. This is a time for red hot mental and physical energies focused on a solution, and we need one yesterday. Taking a page again from the Black Church, they identified the problem, and put solutions in place. They did not discuss the right or wrongness of the problem, they put together the solutions to deal with the problem.
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  141. Stop By For God before going to work. Riverside Church opens its doors to the community as a place for spiritual growth. Before entering the classroom, stop by the Church for Spiritual Formation for Public School Teachers. Before going to the challenges of the business world, stop by for God and renew your strength. Bless your children before they go to school, Riverside Church can help. Christian children can get religious symbols to remind them that God is watching over them from our religious book store.Stop by for God for spiritural centering before entering the challenges of the world. Morning blessings are timed so you will not miss your train, bus or first class. Public School teachers serving the Washington Heights, Harlem and Columbia University area are welcomed to stop by for God before reporting to the classroom, 9 minutes can make a difference in your day.
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  142. Every public school teachers says the same thing, and every public school teacher saying it is wrong. We can and put be able to educate children with or without parental support, and if you cannot, then get out of the classroom. We should not be saying the same thing. We should not be speaking as if we have been programmed with a specific position of thought. Children do not fail, teachers fail children. Teachers fail children because colleges and universities have failed teachers. College and universities fail because state legislators, responsible for curriculum and instructions in teacher preparation are not doing the job intended. We are all responsible, and it is time to stop, someone has to be the adult in the room and stop the blame. There are many children living in foster home, shelters, with grandmothers or other relatives, or just slleping in some hole in some place we know nothing about, they show up each day in our classrooms with their secrets, we are obligated to teach these children and not add to their secret pain. Some children have to be their own parent, and find the mother and father within themselves and survive in silence, we owe it to them to teach.
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  143. My first teacher’s license in the Board of Education for the City of New York, was CRMD, Children With Retarded Mental Development, what ever that mean. My first teaching assignment was working in a Junior High School in a class called EH, Emotionally Handicapped. I was not afraid, I grew up in Spanish Harlem, and these were Spanish Students, and in Harlem, we did not do crazy. You could not survive the streets if you were crazy. The term was meaningless for me, especially scince I noticed that these same children functioned normally when walking through the communities and engaging in day to day activities outside of the classroom. With credentials from Columbia University and the help of the Riverside Church in New York City, students became decertified out of Special Education and went on to become outstanding citizens in the community.
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  144. American churches sit empty, the pews warmed by the few remainig senior citizens wait for their turn to be call up to the heavenly gates to rest with Jesus. Problem is Jesus has delayed the heavenly call and has instead extended the lives of our seniors, but has given them little to do with this extended time. Where are the children and young families? A church without children is a dying church, and churches are dying every week in America. God has extended the lives of seniors because He has something for them to do. Fill my churches and feed my people. Young people are hungry for the Word of God, but there is noone to give the Word. Our young families substitute the Word of God for “thumb talking” technology not requiring throught but the speed of texting, words without sounds, ideas without visible people. The emptiness inside is medicated with prescriptions drugs designed to alter and change perceptions of reality. Church doors are locked during the week to prevent the young from using the church for unholy activities, God forbid, youth would have fun in the house of God. Perhaps it is time for seniors to heal the present through restoring the past. Bring back the glorious memories that seniors have stored in their heads, stories of how churches really work for the effectiveness of God’s glory.
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  145. The Historical Black Church and the Roman Catholic Church saved America from becoming just another European colony of England. The fight for Irish justice and black freedom made America. The Native American gave the spirit of the land and the secrets of living with diversity. The Scott’s/ Irish /Native and African form the DNA of this great land, how they handled challenges and conflicts is the story of America. The African transformed the religion of the European into a theology of liberation. Spiritual mental black and liberation theology make it possible for African Americans to survive and thrive and become the educated and wealthiest peoples of color on earth. This is about the role the church played in that miracle.
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  146. Jesus is the symbol of love and life. Jesus is about possibility, Jesus is about love even in hardship and diversity. There is too much teaching about sin and suggering. There is too much teaching about hardship and expected and accepted wrong doing and violence. Our religions are violent because they worship histories of violence among men. Jesus came to teach us that we can be a better people inspite of ourselves. Man should not seek to understand or accept his violence as unchangeable human behavior. Man does not have to be violent because of events in his life. We do not want to accept and understand traumatic distress as a reason for inhumanity to others.
    26-Mar-16 • 0 Comment
  147. Christianity and the Church, there is a difference. To be a Christian means to follow Jesus, the man, humble in birth, the essence of God sent down as man to demostrate how to handle the challenges of life. Jesus, the Spirit, Jesus the man, Jesus the friend, Jesus the Savior. Jesus became The Christ. It is up to us those who elect to call ourselves Christians, to learn the Christ Principles and use them for a guide to our lives. The Christ Principles come out of the two admendments, first to love God and second to love your neighbor. The Christ Principles are manifested through the “Fruit of the Spirit” love, joy, patience, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and selfcontrol. Jesus is the story of a people from the Middleeast, struggling through the deserts of life. Christianity is not the story, of urban Emperos, kings and violent rulers seeking power and control that is the Church, and there is a difference.
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  148. America is a different place. European social science will not work here. America was determined by individual and world events, not situations of birth and separation of classes. The high born and the low born became one people, one nation dedicated to doing a new thing in a new time and new space. Man was placed on a journey and the success of that journey did not depend on the wealth and privilege of his father. We beat our priviledged Anglo/ Saxon ancestors, and sent back to the mother land in defeat. We the fighting Scott Irish were determined to make something out of nothing and make sure no man would ever have to suffer what we suffered as slaves and servants to an oppressive class. We will and have made our mistakes, but as soon as we were able to free our African brothers also caught in the bonds of slavery, we set out, with the help of our Native American Indian sisters and brothers, to make this a land second to none, a vision still in the process of becoming.
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  149. Angry Americans, millions of Americans are angry because the system worked, the poor and the wretched came here and found their way through the light of the world, now what? We are all here and we are all doing our own thing, but some of that doing is hurting others.Some are actually breaking down the systems that made it possible for the wretched poor to succeed. Where are the free colleges that the immigrant attended here in America? Where are the benefits many worked years for, only to have them cancelled in their senior years when they were necessary? Why are the new immigrants who now become health care attendant taking out their anger on helpless seniors? Yes America is angry, and our congress, who are suppose to be the watch dog at the gate, is too busy selling our interest to paid lobbyist and special interest groups and no longer take care of the peoples business.
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  150. Governing Dynamics, as theory developed by Professor John Nash of Princeton University, is very similar to the system set up by the Founding Fathers for America. America consideres what is good for the individual and the Union as a whole. This idea of greed is not American, although people come here with greed in their hearts to make their fortune. If it does not help and improve the quality of life for Americans, as a whole, it will not last. Wealth is God in circulation, share the wealth, give it away, then you can keep it.
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  151. Language is a weapon, God, the creator of the Universe, transformed the selected animal into an image of Him/Herself by giving man an apposable tongue. This different tongue was connected to the brain and vocal chords. This tongue was given the power to persuade and subdue other men, and it was given more power than the fist, the sword or the gun. God later sends the tongue down, as the Word, in the physical and Spiritual form of His Son Jesus The Christ.
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  152. After hundred of years of living in the new world as bondsmen, convicts, settlers, servants and slaves, the people had enough of second class treatment and decided that they wanted to live as and be free men. The rejects, those to be punished, those who sought after a new chance in life, were sent to live in this new land of challenge and danger. The rough, the ragged, the angry and the brave, took whatever weapon they could and with sheer determination, and right on their side, defeated the seasoned armed forces of the British Empire and declared that they were free from the tyranny of far away lands. These men of courage eased out of the British North American Colonies, and united the colonies into separate states; with an appointed group of men they formed a congress, dedicated to representing the hopes and dreams of a new nation.
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  153. The Four Freedoms and becoming the Beloved Country. The brave and learned men who fought intellectually and physically to develop this nation were not interested in giving man the right to verbally offend his neighbor or the right to shoot his neighbor. The rights centered on how to protect a free people from a powerful system. The Founding Fathers did not want another England or Europe. They wanted the right to gather and express feelings and the right not to have a foreign Church force one religion on all of the people. What has developed, over the years, is offensive speech, neighbor shooting neighbor and the decline of religion in general. It is time to re read our Bible and our Constitution with some understanding.
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  154. CAUSES OF PASTORS LEAVING MINISTRY -So what causes a pastor to leave the vocation, which was entered a few years earlier with enthusiasm in response to the call of God? The most significant reason is conflict. This conflict may be with ·local lay leaders and other pastors and difficult relationships with denominational leaders
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  155. Churches want to find leaders who can address the everyday concerns of congregations. People want to bring their problems and concerns to the church, but they want the Church to have on hand, a counselor for the kids, and financial planner for the husband, effective family programs, after school programs, employment training and referral, senior citizen centers, medical centers, attached affordable housing, a school and a good college preparatory program. They want the pastor to teach the neighbor how to be a better person, the husband how to be a kinder father, and the mother how to stay home and take care of the kids while working two jobs going to college at night. They want a relevant Jesus and an understanding God, and they want to hear about him in sermons lasting no longer than twenty minutes.
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  156. America will not be able to complete in the global markets of today and tomorrow, if teachers are finding it difficult to educate children, and if individuals are refusing to enter into the profession then it is time for the church to return to its old traditional role of educating those who society does not value. White Christianity has traditionally encourage minorities or colonalized people to get “saved” work to get into heaven, and live a better life beyond the pearly gates; problem is you have to die to get to Heaven, and a lot of saving is almost a hidden call to wait to die for the better life.
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  157. See beyond the apparent. See beyond the reality of your existence. See with the faith, knowledge and skills of someone who knows the path out of the dark caves of life. Cave dwellers can out talk almost anyone brave enough to enter into their world to try to lead them out. Most have logic and understanding of arguments supported by real data, but it is logical but incorrect. The logic of a cave dwellers mind must be handled with professional skills. The ability to fight any and all attempts to change social conditions and class is the power and definition of culture and institution. Failure to bring Americans out of the caves is not an option. Most die in the modern day caves of addictions, and most who die in the caves are not the children of poverty, these are the children of priviledge chained to walls of death who must be rescued.
    6-Mar-16 • 0 Comment
  158. It is time to break out of the culture of poverty. It is time to break out of the culture of disrespect and being rude to each other. Frustration and disrespect comes from feeling powerless about events happening in our lives. Working together for the benefit of us as a nation, we can provide decent and free health care for all, and a quality and free education for all Americans from nursery through university levels. America is God’s country and God wants His people to have and be the best so they can be an example and welcome symbol to all who would breathe free.God Bless America and God Bless all of the people of this world.
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  159. We the people do not elect the president in our Republic, that is the responsibility of our representatives, we do however elect the men and women who serve in our congress. It is time to remove from the congress those member who are not acting in the best interest of the people and the country. Congress runs the country, and if we are angry over injustices of corporate America, then it is time to change our caretakers. Congress loyality belongs to the people and should not be bought off by deep pockets. Congress is responsible for this racism mess, racism comes when people are frustrated and seeks a scapegoat. Scapegoats are religious issues. Congress needs to take care of business, and our churches had better get back into the Jesus business and out of the race and hate business.
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  160. Why does God need a blood sacrifice? The force of good must check the drive for evil if life is to survive. Man’s greatest challenge is to know the power of the God force within and search for the better angels of the Abraham story, which prevents destruction of the future. If Abraham had killed His son Isaac, he would have destroyed his future. Let us not be so quick to offer and carry through sacrifices without listening to the silent powerful voices of the angels pointing the way to a different path. God does not need or want His people to sacrifice sons and daughters to Her glory. God made each and every one of us, and therefore knows what is in our hearts and minds. God does not require the blood of humanity as a tribute to Him.
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  161. During and after slavery, the church was the institution, which kept men of color our of the prison system. It was in the church where the rules of survival in an hostile environment were taught and enforced. The church not only provided strict lessons in how to survive an encounter with a law enforcement officer who had to make his daily total of arrest and tickets by finding ways to arrest black males or give them tickets for minor offenses. The church also provide educational and employment opportunities within its own institutions. Black men left the church and began to fill up the prisons. It is time for the Black church to go back to the past and correct the injustices of the present in hopes for a better future.
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  162. It is time to take out the coloring pencils and add some color to bibical characters. The people in the part of the world recorded in our sacred scripture, were influenced by a constant and direct relationship with the Sun. In order to have protection from the helpful and harmful rays of the Sun, nature provides a substance to the skin giving it the protective color of protection. To think of man in a colorless form has caused a significant amount of problems, resulting in man worshipping colorless forms and contributing more respect to less color. It is time to return color to the skin of Biblical characters. And yes, the color of Adam, Noah, Abraham Issac, Jacob, and Jesus does make a difference in human behaviors and relationships.
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  163. Our prison systems are filled because segments of our American society does not want to see black doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, professors, scientist, bankers and captains of industry. Slavery is not legal, but denying the black man equal opportunities is the greatest challenge to those who think because they look like God, they alone are entitled to the benefits of His world. World War 2 was about entitlements and rights, and those who were considered inferior did not have the right to life. Here in America, we do not have ovens, but we do have life killing prison systems. All life matters and those who think they are better than others are in for a rude awakening.
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  164. The prison systems of Europe created some of the best parts of America, perhaps it is time for America to use her own prison system to create another world. Racism, injustice, police frustration and abuse, people our American prison system, and is sustained by that same abuse by prison guards who participate in or turn a blind eye to those suffering in our prisons. Society is not judged by its wealth, fine cars and beautiful people, but how it treats the least and the weak. We are who we are when no one is looking, and no one is looking at what is happening in our prison systems. Who are the people in our system, and how did they get there? America came out of a penal system created by England, it is time to get rid of the one we created out of the call of liberty and justice for all.
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  165. One individual who had a significant influence on Christianity and the early church was Marcion (c 85-c. 160 A.D.) Many of his views are being discussed 2,000 years later.
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  166. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Sadly our nation of immigrants develops feelings of entitlement, and work hard to prevent other immigrants from coming to this country. Descendants of immigrants use words like legal and illegal, they lack the story of how relatives before them came to this country and the painful ordeal many had to experience. Not only should we as Americans say there but also for the grace of God this could be my family, or me and then wipe the tears from your eyes when you learn that100 years ago, this was your family, and they survived.
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  167. It is time to return to our world of paper and brain thinking. Our children are not smarter, different but not smarter. The communicate with their thumbs and not their mouths or human interaction. Technology is not human, and regardless how smart and enjoyable it appears to be, it is a machine and the response of a machine. There is a joy and a spiritual connections in sitting with a group of friends and just solving problems through talking. The world carries around their friends in a small flat instrument in their pockets, the cell phone is not your friend, and if sounds come out of the phone are human, your friend is really not there, you have a thumb friend.
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  168. Racism has no place in the Christian Church or in the hearts and minds of an American self identifying as a Christian. If you church spends too much time dealing with racial issues, then it is time to close the doors of the church and encourage members to find other places to worship. Church should not be battle grounds or conflict resolution centers. If you are running a sinners rehabilation center, then do not call yourself a church. Your church should be ready for a visit from Jesus at any place and any time. If the police visit your church more than Jesus, it maybe time to consider your churches mission. A church should be a house of love, service and prayer, not a place where you go to learn who to hate or which people are unworthy of God’s grace. I welcome you to come to my church, we welcome a visit from Jesus and we stand ready to welcome you.
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  169. America had and needs to return to a free college program in order to continue on her path to greatness. The Ellis Island immigrant and the greatest generation were poor people who could not afford to pay for college, they came to a country that helped smart people become successful. It is sad that the sons of these greatest generational members, fight so hard to prevent others from receiving the same benefits. When you fight against free college, stop and ask yourself, how did my father make it, and stop changing the reality of the past. When America does the right thing, funds come to make correctness possible. Ask not how will free colleges be paid for, ask what can I do to help this country that has given me life.
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  170. America is a special place; it is the greatest recycling nation in the world. In a little over 200 years, we have turned what the world, at one time, considered unwanted trash, into gold. In this land we have the sons and daughters of black slaves, white slaves, black indentured servants, white indentured servants, convicts and settlers; the oppressed and the oppressors have become doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, college professors, presidents, senators and governors. People, who were bitter enemies in far away lands, live, work and play, peaceably in one nation. Many, black and white, dragged here in chains to be a labor force for King George 111, of England, who needed the goods and services from the colonies, descendants have become captains of industry.
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  171. Pastors are in the God business, sometime they are placed in the mental health business. Seminary provides training in pastoral couseling, but the counseling is spiritual and relates to individuals having a close relationship with God and an understanding of sacred scripture. Clinical cases are best referred to health care professionals specializing in the challenging needs of the mind and body. Man must have the capacity to know good from evil and there should not be any biological or chemical reasons for this understanding. Pastors must know their limits and seek professional support in difficult cases or cases outside of guidelines of theology.
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  172. Our clergy are dedicated men and woman who after receiving the spiritual call to service, spend many years and thousands of dollars preparing for this difficult task. The clergy cares for us in our time of need, we the people must also care for our clergy. As we need love and support in our journey through life, so the need is present in each pastor called to serve. The needs of the congregation and society are constantly changing, and more and more pastors are called upon to be mental help support systems. Churches have become the new mental health centers, and the pastor is expected to manage and advise all who need service from the center. Keep our pastors in our prayers, and let us be a little more kind to each other, especially in our churches. Many are called, but fewer and fewer are refusing to answer, or giving up the calling. Let us keep our pastors in place with love, support and decency.
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  173. These guidelines are shared with churches and community based centers seeking to serve people. Churches have permission to use these program as ideas, and as resources for work with children or families. The RDLC will provide additional technical support if needed. The churches are responsible for following all legal guidelines for working with youth and families. In America when you work with children you are in partnership with the goverment, and the goverment must give you permission to work with children and will supervise all activities. If you are not willing to follow goverment guidelines, please do not use this program. There is no separation of church and state where american children or children living on American soil are included
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  174. Systematic theology is the study of God. This paper will compare and discuss the writings of Erickson and Gratsch as it relates to the Divine Plan of God. It will also be necessary to return to scripture in order to get some understanding of the nature of God.
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  175. There is a plan for living. There are rules for behaviors in groups and families. Jobs require that you know how to behave in a public environment. If you are someone whose life is not working, there may be a reason for your concern about your behavior and its results. Go over the rules and suggestions by Stephen R. Covey, see to what extent you are outside of the expected behaviors. Make adjustments on you own and for your own reasons. Make your life work, make it work for you and others, make it work especially for your family. God wants strong and loving families
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  176. We teach the world how to end poverty and hunger. We teach the world how to accept Capitalism as a means to ending poverty. We teach the world how to develop its middle classes and not just having a ruling class on the top and the rest of the country on the bottom. My trip to China and South Korea demonstrated that the world is listening. I saw wealth and prosperity and a growing middle class. It is time to re-teach America, some of our people have forgotten how to work themselves out of poverty. Put down those prescription drugs and get back into the game, it is the Fathers good pleasure to give His people the Kingdom here on earth.
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  177. I am a Methodist, and I love this Pope. The Riverside Church, an Interdenominational, Interracial, International Church loves this Pope. Perhaps his message is for protestants and all peoples of the world, that it is time to address the man made problems of the world. Racism, inequality of ideas and services are man made. Man decides who is worthy and unworthy. Man decides for himself, who will be blessed and unblessed, who will have and have not. In America it is not nature who decides who makes it and who does not, these are often man made decisions. Health care is a man made decision, education is a man made decision. Whole populations could be educated into planned failure. God gives us His/Her gift of wealth, knowledge and resources for us to go forth and make His world a better place. Man decides on concepts of equality, what is the purpose in seeing other suffer when you have the resources to help.
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  178. The invisible culture codes for surviving America are all contained in the land between the two Rivers called Harlem. You can cross town and walk from river to river. In that walk you can find the nationalities and colors of the world. You will see million dollar mansions and affordable apartments and projects. You will meet doctors, laywers, engineers, teachers, bankers and store clerks, all shopping in the same supermarkets.Children ride the same busses going to private, religious, charter schools or the changing public schools. Harlem is black, white and brown, smart and sharp, and if you can live in Harlem New York, you can live anywhere. It is in Harlem that children get the neurological strengths to handle the reality challenges of life. Research has not investigated why the neurological challenges, such as ADD/ADHD and Autism, are not epedimic as in other parts of the country, but there appears to be something in this little stretch of land, which strengthens the mind and disciplines the behaviors. You need to be mentally tough and emotionally strong, and kicking and screaming stretched out on the floor will not make it in Harlem, the environment says in secret codes, pull yourself together and Function!
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  179. If you firmly believe in your heart and soul that peoples of color are inferior and incapable cognitively of any significant achievement, then these times must be very difficult for you.The idea of having a man of color in the White House, even though he is Irish and traces his lineage back to a king of England, challenges everything in your belief and education system. How did the impossible happen? How did and could Ham, the son of Noah, lead the Free World? Christians ask themselves these questions, and the fact that they do suggests there is something seriously wrong with Christianity and scripture.
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  180. DeBose/Welch, the story of a family, sent to this new country, to share its gifts and talents in the development of a new world. The African selected to come over here were selected because each had a specialized skill, for which the slave masters were willing to pay significant amounts.
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  181. Riding the poverty train should be a one time experience. Circumstances of birth and life may place you on the train, but it is your decisions and plans on when, where and how you get off. There are some thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that will place you back on the train, shame on you if you have a return ticket, tear it up and get off that train. I have seen the blind, lame and emotionally dead, crawl off the train and resurrect themselves into God’s kingdom on earth
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  182. Religion should be about helping people find the Kingdom of God here on earth. If your religion turns into a death preparatory session, providing instructions for getting into heaven, it is time to change churches. Remember you have to die to get to heaven, Jesus came to teach us how to live and experience the kingdom of God during our earthly experience. We are going to talk about the culture of poverty and suggest some methods for getting out of poverty and entering the kingdom of heaven on earth.
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  183. Public universities should control the public schools in the United States. Several states have already recognized the need for over site and supervision of select schools in select communities, they should go further and place all public schools under state universities. Universities can train and certify teachers, supervise the performance of the teachers and provide additional course work where required. It is necessary for American education to get on the same page. Teachers are taught one body of information, and placed in positions expecting a difference body of knowledge resulting in teacher failure and student failure. This failure cost the goverment billions of dollars, suggesting the goverment, Federal State and Local is paying for its own failure of its teachers and students. Religion has led the way in addressing this problem, the RCC and Protestant Universities and churches have taken the lead in correcting this wrong in some American education institutions.
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  184. The Bible needs to be in color. Color the pages of the Bible and color the people of the Bible. Europe has stolen Biblical history, and the problems we are having in the Middle east has some relationship to an European nation trying to control land and territority belonging to peoples of color. Using European tactics and with the help of a major military power, color and tradition are being removed from the Holy Lands. It is time to bring color to sacred scripture. The Old Testament and the New Testament are distorted and that distortion, with the rewriting and designing of ancient history remains the central cause of world tension.
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  185. Bill Gates gave billions of dollars to the United Negro College Fund, there is enough money in our college system to educate our black males. Bring the Historical Black Colleges and Universities up north and distribute that American education system all over the country, and especially in states and areas serving black males. Gates and others are doing their part in righting the wrongs of injustice. We need another Malcolm X, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Perhaps they are here in the spirit of Bill Gates, his family and foundation.
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  186. Black men in America should avoid using drugs, legal or illegal, at all cost. Drugs are the 21st century method used to capture a labor force for the underworld. Selling or using drugs is the path way and process to modern day institutionalized slavery. There are no Malcolm X’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Angelia Davis to inform the man of color of the traps used to trap modern day slaves. Blacks are stripped of their rights and citizenship, if and when they become labeled as Felons. The new slavery system depends on taking away all rights and freedoms and make individuals dependent upon a trillion dollar industry. Those who show potential leadership ability, are no longer lynched but merged into a capitalist society as millionaires. Blacks have the resources and skills to turn this evil around. It is time for another great migration, this time not of people leaving southern states, but colleges and universities marching to the north, east and west to save the historical and endangered black male child.
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  187. Israel is Hebrew and Hebrews are Egyptians from the land called Africa by the Romans. Current Israel considers itself European with European thoughts and value Systems, they are in conflict with their cousins of color. America DNA is slavery, Scott Irish, African, Native American Indian. The slaves do not want to acknowledge that they are connected and blood kin. They fight each other in bloody battles, seeking to prove who is the better. It is time for America to acknowledge who she is, and who are the people responsible for her dreams ideas and inspirations, and put down the racism crap, and work together for the visions of the founding fathers produced by our blood.The world is a mess, but we the inhabitants of this same world are called to be a light house shinning in a sea of storm. God has given us the assignment of bringing His people home. It is our job to demonstrate how we can work in Her world.
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  188. Harlem today stands as a symbol of America, the land of diversity and transformation. Million dollars homes and high rise apartment buildings attract people from all over the country, black and white, participating in this experiment of God for His people on earth. Man can and must live together in peace and harmony, it is the secret to the future. Expensive high end stores now seek to be part of this great excitement. In my youth and post depression days, Harlem still had the excitement, which continues to make it great and a mecca for all who wish to touch the heart and diversity of America. I sing Harlem it is the place of my birth and salvation. It was from its warm shelters that I learned the strength to survive and the courage to excell.
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  189. We cannot solve homelessness until we solve the problem of how we act and behave in social enviroment. There is a rites of passage that each individual must go through to be successful in life. Schools should teach this rites of passage as part of curriculum. We must be taught how to react to policemen, we have to be taught how to act in communities with challenging socio -economic issues. We have to be taught how to put a guard on our tongue, that death and life are often in the power of the tongue. Filters must be placed in the mind through education so we learn not to say everything that comes to the mind, some things should not be said even if it is the truth.Mental illness is often exhibited as the need to say and do exactly what the mind wants without any concern for cause -effect and accountability. One may be emotionally challenged but it is not necessary to act out on those emotional challenges.
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  190. Breaking out of the culture of poverty is the hardest challenge of your life. Poverty is a warm cuddly tar baby, it holds you close and will not permit you to leave. You are surrounded by warm non judgemental friends who will love you, cuss you and kill you in a fit of unintentional anger. Poverty kills its own, it does not have the courage to venture out, and frustrations not medicated by drugs are expressed in violence towards those we love. Violence is the language of love in communities of deep cultural poverty. Men beat their women and parents beat their children, all in expressions of love. The doorway out of poverty is education, but getting to that door required the individual to make the strongest run of his life, overcoming impossible obstacles designed to drag you back home. Keep running, millions have made it out.
    8-Oct-15 • 0 Comment
  191. Education is the doorway out of poverty, and standing in that doorway blocking the poor and the minority are the people with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. “Critics blasted the department of educationfor linking federal dollars to state adoption of standards such as the Common Core…clashes with teachers unions over strong support for charter schools, a system that does an end run around those standing in the doorway to block progress and using teacher scores to evaluate teachers. The secretary of education will resign after spending his years in service to the Obama’s administration, draging a system kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The people standing in the doorway are religious and secular, preachers, teachers, politicians, all determined to see that America continues to have its share of toilet scrubbers. The very idea of the poor becoming rich and upsetting the status quo is too difficult to comprehend. The idea of the country needing a poor class for the other groups to have merit cannot even be discussed. When you go to sleep at night, think about the zip codes, which are used to plan the future prison population, and the zip codes used to prepare the university seats for the leaders of tomorrow, and ask yourself, is this the kind of country in which I want to live? America owes itself a better answer, and better yet, it owes itself better behaviors.
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  192. Research and Development Learning Centers started in 1975, by a Columbia University graduate who was interested in providing for the needs of youth living in middle class America who needed positive activities and mentoring. Churches and community centers were encouraged to address the needs of these middle class children. The goverment was already addressing the needs of the poor and the challenged, but what about the other youth? Today churches and community centers are encouraged to open its doors to American youth, mentor them into adulthood, provide activities that will help them in areas of STEM and social development. America needs all of her youth, and she needs churches to become welcoming centers for youth, with opportunities to improve academic and social skills. Churches need to make Christ a living example of how to love God and love our neighbor, and sometimes the neighbor we need to love are our own youth. We love each other and together we can make America into the loving family of God she is called to be. Each church should be a learning center and a drop in center for all who seek God’s love.
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  193. Riverside Church became a feeding center for families and public school children. Years ago, as a New York State certified public school teacher, I made arrancements with my church and my supervisor to permit me to bring by class, after school, to the Church to help me do what was impossible to do during school hours. I wanted extra time with the students, they were already well behaved and smart, I wanted to take them higher. The parents, the Church and the school agreed, all papers were signed, and the Riverside Church became an extension of the school. The Church provided warm meals for the students, extra mentors to help with advanced work, and a full library donated by the members. Family members joined their children in eating and learning. There was a place where the community could come and celebrate the accomplishments of the children.The children went back to school and changed the environment, and peace and academic excellence was demonstrated through higher scores on state test. The church stepped in and made a difference
    3-Oct-15 • 0 Comment
  194. Challenges to the Christian faith during the 21st century and beyond. We must learn to love God above, through, around, with and without Holy Scripture. The Old Testament of the Bible is the story of an angry God, who selected an angry disobedient people and gives them rules and behaviors to make their lives miserable and make them intolerant of stranges and their neighbors. This is also the God who created people who would lay down their lives to protect and serve strangers they do not know. This is the God who created all the love and beauty in the universe, the God of our soul and being and the meaning to our being.
    1-Oct-15 • 0 Comment
  195. Churches have important roles to play in helping people get out of the trap and culture of poverty. Churches can help with most problems in life, but first you must walk through the door. Education is the train you must take to ride through the challenges of life, and get out of the comfort of poverty. If you are a parent with sons, register them in Catholic School, they will hate the experience, but it will make them strong good men. Select large churches with strong social programs, they will guide you through the reality of living in this world. Small churches prepare you for living in the next world. Get God involved in the religion and education business, and leave poverty behind.
    29-Sep-15 • 0 Comment
  196. The pope came to America and brought a message of love including a curriculum and instructional manual. We know how to hate, but this pope, the Holy Father and vicar of Christ, inspired in the world, the doctrine of love. As a Methodist, I heard the message and listened with care to a message needed so vitally in a world motivated by hatreds demonstrated by the world’s major religions. Abraham, the father of the Jews, Christian and Muslims, could not come back and speak to his children, so God sent a modern day messenger to speak. The popes message was simple, love God, love your neighbor.
    28-Sep-15 • 0 Comment
  197. Leadership challenges in the field of social justice and the role played by America as world leader in moral justice in the world. America still remains the teacher in learning how to adjust to mass immigration and mass internal migration. The world has come to America and America had to figure out how to handle the diversity of the world. America was also left with the mess England created, when Great Britian imported Africans to the new world to be a replacement work force for the Irish slaves and indentured freed as results of the Revolutionary war. Now the new country had to deal with free Irish, yet to be freed Africans, the influx of Immigrants coming in from an improverised Europe. We did it, and now the world studies how, and many still want to come for this American transformation experience. America has led her people kicking and screaming into the struggle for social justice, this essay is a little look in how part of it was achieved.
    17-Sep-15 • 0 Comment
  198. College education at all goverment state and local colleges and universities should be free to all high school graduates. Education is a spiritual proces, it is the means through which God transforms a society and its people. A perple without education will turn on each other and take to the streets in violence and death. Education teaches the individual how to use words instead of the knife or the gun. Violence is on the rise in our challenging communities, and quality education is on the decline. It is the failure of our public education system that is indirectly responsible for the violence in the streets in select communities. Put those young minds in a college classroom, let them learn about the world and endless possibilities, make them too busy and too smart to use a gun to solve a problem. God is in the classroom, get people in classroom, and perhaps church will also remember that they are intended to be classooms not death instructions and waiting rooms for heaven.
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  199. Education around the world, information taken from the internet. This information is used as printed in order to better help Americans understand their own system. This level of teaching and information is seldom presented in American classrooms
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  200. Education ends poverty, education is the means by which the goverment goes against the will of the people, and works to fulfill the Founding Father’s vision of freedom, liberty and an opportunity to achieve equality for all. The American people want the poor to struggle and forever stay in their place, the Country however, does not operate on the wishes of the people, but the better angels of the people. It is the teacher who becomes the instrument for making the vision of America a reality. The teacher is the spiritual and academic transformational agent of the country. Kicking ans screaming, it is the teacher who eliminates poverty and violence in the country. It is the teacher who makes hidden and unexpressed dreams the reality of America. It is the teacher who will end violence and poverty in this country and the world
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  201. Education ends poverty. The crisis in America’s public education system is an indirect cause of the increase in violence in our urban centers. Rich people do not fight, and in America, the pathway to wealth is education. The failure of education in struggling communities has lead to a hopelessness, which projects its self as street violence. Get America back in meaningful education program giving them hope for the future. Community control over schools will not work because the community is brainwashed to fight for failure. The problem is in the system, at the very top, the teacher training colleges, the state legislators control the colleges and the curriculums taught in those colleges. Start at the top, goverment put change its education curriculum in teacher preparation. The teacher created the society, if the teacher is wrong, then the society is in trouble, and a society in trouble will take to the streets.
    15-Sep-15 • 0 Comment
  202. The teacher, the student, the classroom and the church, the role played by each in making America great and creating success out of failure in public schools The teacher cannot teach any religion in any public school classroom, that is not her job, he can however be the representative of God in the classroom, and by professionalism and example be a witness to the God within.
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  203. Teachers returning to school will be facing big challenges especially in New York City Public Schools.The goal of public education in America has changed, the education system has not had sufficient time to retrain teachers and make the colleges and universities aware of this change. Many teachers in the system have been unhappy for the last few years, many do not understand what is going on and some are not prepared to handle the major changes expected from education. Schools have been shut down, half of the teaching staff removed, and the principal relocated. This is done for school failing academic review. Educators are floating on the rubber chicken system, either sitting in administrative offices, or shifting from school to school on a daily or weekly basis. Teachers are burnout and depressed but voiceless. Those who are returning to burnout, or new to the system, this essay is for you.
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  204. Religion and sacred scripture may be telling us the wrong thing, and unless there is an angel on hand, people can suffer and die. Abraham, the father of the three major faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, made some bad mistakes and judgement calls. He bartered his wife for his freedom in Egypt, saying she was his sister, partially true, but at the time she was his wife. Abraham, has intimate relations with his wife maid, then banishes the maid and her young son to the desert to die. David, the earthly ancestoral seed of Jesus, takes to bed anoth man’s wife, and sends the man off to war to be killed. The bible is filled with truth and wisdom, just make sure you have an angel sitting on your shoulder to help you understand God’s word.
    14-Sep-15 • 0 Comment
  205. Reduce the cost of living so that the American family can enjoy the dream. Profits have gone up, but wages have not, a poor man cannot buy goods and services, and the elimination of proverty increases the bottom line of corporate America. America is eliminating proverty in the world, not with the gun, but education. America teaches the world about wealth, and a wealthy well fed man is not a fighting man. Rich people do not fight. It is time to bring the formula home. help American families to live the dream of wealth by reducing the cost of living.
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  206. Challenges for teachers- Called upon to transform an entire society without the tools for that transformation, we are asking impossible task from our teachers, but we know that the possible is easy, the impossible just takes a little longer but can be done. Our teachers can do the job and have a historical record of transforming lives. Behind every successful person is a teacher saying, “you can do it, go for your best.” We bless our teachers as they start out in this new season, the seasons of making the impossible happen. They Believe Work and Expect the best from students, and with and through God, all expectations bench marks are met
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  207. Freedom of speech in America is different than Europe or other countries of the world. In America you are not free to insult your goverment or your neighbor, you are not free to roast your neighbor in ovens, or hang your neighbor from trees like fruit. You are not free to throw out goverment just because you do not like them, your vote is your voice, not your fist. Freedom of speech is the right to adress your goverment without fear of punishment, and there is a system and procedure for that freedom. Americans fought and died for its freedom, and it is wrong for new comers to try to change and disrespect its meaning. We need to cool down our speech, and think before we speak, then shut up. We have bigger problems, and that is the mental strength of our children.
    30-Aug-15 • 0 Comment
  208. The Role Of The Church In Eliminating the delivery of inferior education to the poor to benefit the rich. It will be the role of the Catholic Church, Historical Black Churches and professional Americans, Black and White working together to eliminate Eugenics from the curriculum and belief systems of educators. Outstanding men and women are changing the face and direction of education in America. Professionals are teaching the poor and turning around our education system. The question becomes what will happen to America when we no longer have the poor, can a nation dependent on poverty handle a fully achieving society?
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  209. America has the best education system in the world. We were the country and the education systems, which educated and transformed the millions of Ellis Island Immigrants, coming here in rags into captains of industry. It was the American education system, which educated and transformed the lives of millions of African Americans migrating out of hateful environments in the southern states of America, and making them the wealthiest most educated peoples on earth with a purchasing power in the trillions. We know how to do it, so what happened?
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  210. Goverment cannot do it alone, in America help is needed from the traditional churches to solve the problems of religion and education. The more things change the more they remain the same. Politically people were hoping for a massive change in the country over the past eight years, at a fundamental level the country is the same, spiritually we believe different things about each other, and it will be spiritually that we learn to become one people.
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  211. Teachers in universities across America are trained to work with Eugenics and the inferiority of minority students and the poor. They are trained to expect little or nothing from them because of Darwin proved inferiority, and the inability of parents to help or motivate minority students. All of this data is incorrect and is the foundational cause of the failure of our public education system in some areas. America’s neurological problems are white not black, and students with problems come from financially well off home, with borth parents with advanced degrees and well paying jobs. Since the students facing problems such as Autism are white and not black, the media does not address this issue, and teachers are not prepared to handle challenging student of non color.
    4-Aug-15 • 0 Comment
  212. The Scott’s Irish became the building blocks of this great nation called America. The stone that the builder rejected became the corner stone of one of the greatest nations in the post modern world. The Irish were the first slaves brought to the new world called the British North American Colonies, later to be followed by men of color from Africa, they blended their skills, strengths and warrior spirit to create the United States of America.
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  213. The Historical Black Church, Black Theology are the foundation and soul of America. It is through these organization, this theology and a people rising from the depths of oppression to become one of the wealthiest, most educated peoples of color on earth. Immigrants come to America because of the miracle of the Black man, and to know America, you must know his story and his theology.
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  214. The City University and the State University in the State of New York City and New York State should take over the management, instruction, curriculum, teachers and performance of students students. Failure is the responsibility of the educational institutions preparing teachers and students. The goverment has found it necessary to bring in corporate America to educate students considered impossible to educate. The goverment is going around a system it cannot correct. Put the responsibility for the training of teachers and the education of students under the responsibility of the state Higher Educations Institutions. Teaching to the test is not cheating, teaching for failure is cheating and dishonest.
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  215. Celebrating The Single Mother. God could not do it all, so She made woman. It is the role of the woman to carry out God’s will here on earth. The best means for sustaining life is to have a mother and a father working together to care for the young. There are times in life when the woman must go it alone, and assume the responsibility of the single parent supporting the life of the child. In recent years, many fathers have decided to assume the single parent role and have achieved outstanding success. God is an awesome God, His wonders are still being demonstrated in the lives of men.
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  216. The theology of American vision and values can be found in the theology of the African American.
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  217. Education in America must be given away free. Individuals who are wealthy have the resources to pay for the information required for success in America. That is not Democracy. Use this program as a guide to help you as an adult return to college, and also help you guide your children through college. Giving educations away free makes America the place she is intended to be.
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  218. Grand parents have an awesome responsibility in the lives of families and the emotional health of the country in general. The emotional health of our senior citizens and our youth determines the direction in which the country is heading. Grand parents can help in the field of religion and education. Churches need to become education centers rather than religious center of segregation and negative thought. College education in America should be free, and it should be free through religious centers. Many grand parents are professionally educated, it is time to give that education away for the benefit of the country. As seniors we are doing something wrong, and our middle class is suffering, it is time to do the right thing for all of America.
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  219. America does not have any programs for her white poor, she does not acknowledge them, and many consider the poor trash. Black America was different, all are worthy. It is time for another civil rights revolution, this time include all of America, especially the third world forgotten peoples of Appalachia. Racism is a disease, which develops when the poor are neglected. Appalachia needs a Sharpton, a Jackson and a revision of the Fundamentalist Christian Church. We have rights for blacks, women, gays, elderly, children, handicapped, its time for rights for the Other America.
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  220. Is religion the breeding ground for primitive racial beliefs and who is reaching a generation of increasingly empty churches with messages of truth, hope and God’s directions for living together? Are the events happening in America and the world more about poverty and not about race, and is it time for the topic of the redistribution of wealth to occur, without violence?
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  221. Prayer works and is an on going process in America. A white policeman saves an African American baby from SIDS, and prayes for his recovery, citizens pray every day for the president and the congress, we pray for our military, and for the people they must fight, we pray for family friends and enemies. It is through these prayers that God sustains life. We may not have all the data to support how and why prayer works, but we have the evidence. The question becomes, whose prayers are you running on and are you living a life in appreciations of the prayers of unknown strangers?
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  222. The stone that the builder rejected, became the corner stone of building one of the greatest nations in the histroy of civilization. America the home of the hurt and rejected gives God a chance to show why God is God. Racism is a tool used by God to inspire men of oppression to higher levels of potential, so that God receives the glory.
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  223. The concept of justice in the world is not about religion, it is about the needs of the human family wherever they are located. The distribution of food does not center on who is giving it, or who is receiving it. A mother giving birth to a child does not need to say special prayers before the doctor or midwife can help her. She needs clean supportive care for herself and her child, and any hand can provide that service. A hungry child has no religion, but can respond to the God within the person who feeds him. When a man laughs, cries, dance or dies, it is more important to have someone share those human moments with him, than to worry about belief systems.
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  224. The African American is the wealthies most educated peoples of color on earth, with a purchasing power in the trillions. It is time to give back and build Educational Institutions to teach the contributions made made by the African American and the contribution and history of the African disasopora. Scattered all over the world, it is time to use the gifts talents and wealth to build educational institutions. Major African research institutions in America belong to the goverment and are part of goverment libaries. Documents given to these institutions belong to the goverment. It is time to build institutions for research and education, which belong to African Americans.
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  225. The Christ Principles are specific guidelines for human behaviors. It is the Christ behavior, which separates us from the behaviors found in the animal kingdom. It is not a religion, it is a way of life. God sent His Son Jesus down to earth, in human form, to demonstrate that man could follow these principles, it is founded in loving God, and loving your neighbor. All successful human societies, regardless of what they call their religions, follow these principles. Love God- Love your neighbor.
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  226. Is there meaning and significance in the Abraham story that we do not understand? Is there some significance is sacrificing doves, rams and children? Are we missing the bigger picture and the bigger message? Perhaps it is time for the children of Abraham to have a Council of Understanding to make sure we are on the same page, or at least reading the same book. Maybe we the children are the story, and not the myths of the grandfathers?
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  227. Are we developing leaders to address the challenges of the post modern world?
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  228. Leadership challenges in churches, schools, family or country, are the same, it involves individual behaving badly in environments serving humanity. Some where along the way to freedom, America received the wrong understanding of freedom of speech, and the right to hurt others with the mind and mouth. Our challenge is to study the effect of verbal hurt on others, and to make intentional decisions, not to permit them in our homes, our schools or churches, our communities or our country. Your right to speak ends where my ears and my spirit begins.
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  229. Common Core Curriculum suggests that all American students in the 50 states should learn and know the same body of information. All colleges and universities with teacher education programs are required to instruct individuals preparing to enter the profession of teaching to be prepared to teach a quality education curriculum, to any and every student, in any education facility located in the United States, this would eliminate the program of the rich educated to be rich and the poor educated to be poor. It is our law makers and curriculum and instruction policy makers who decides what America needs to know.
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  230. The daughters of Appalachia must see themselves as worthy of respect and capable of great accomplishments. The doorway out of poverty and oppression is still education, find the doorway, escape and they go back and lead more out. Before young people escape within themselves through drug use and sex, Appalachia must become the symbol and place for nation building within a developed nation.
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  231. Racism is a religion. It starts in sacred scripture and is the foundational belief found in sacred mythologies.God it not racist, but writers coming on the scene created stories of racial thought and diversity. The story of Noah is totally racist, and can be considered the genetic core of racist thought. Michaelanglo comes along and creates images of a white God and plant the seeds of the way man must look to be one with and accepted by God, the closer one is to whiteness the more entitled they are to the keys of the Kingdom. The man of color has no chance in the traditional religions, he must find God on his own, and know the Word.
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  232. The right people in the wrong place, can make significant changes in the status quo. Teachers are often hired, without their knowledge, for their ability to maintain the status quo. Private Colleges and Universities Educate Individuals To Become Teachers For The Middle And Upper Classes. Public Higher Education educate for the botom to remain on the bottom. What happens when Private School Education reaches the lower socio economic classes? What happens when the right person ends up in the wrong place, and does the right thing?
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  233. Evolution and Creation have been in long debates in the religious community. Some Christians believe to believe in evolution is to express a disbelief in God. God is science and science explains God. The exact moment in which man steps out of his animal form and takes on the image and likness of the creator is called creation, evolution is the process.
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  234. Church Attendance Is In Decline In Traditional Mainline Churches. The Need For The Services Provided By Churches Has Increase Significantly. Addressing The Needs Of The Post Modern Family Is The Challenge Of The Struggling Church.
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  235. Basic Rules For Living. So Many Young People Are Ending Up On The Wrong Side Of The Law. Jobs Are Complaining That Many Employees Seem To Lack Basic Understanding Of Rules Of Human Behavior. Society Is Calling Some Of This Mental Challenges, Or Behavior Problems. Maybe They Were Not Taught The Basic Rules For Living Effectively In Family Settings.
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  236. The Fruit of the Spirit, and Steven Covey’s Theories of Why Some People Succed In Life While Others Fail. It is The Role Of The Church To Save The Lost From The Pitfalls Of Life.
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  237. Christianity will continue to decline in America unless we understand the role of the church. Churches are not intended to be halfway waiting rooms for the death transitions into heaven. Churches are intended to be universities of learning, not hospitals for the dying. Jesus is a teacher sent from the university of God, preparing man for the Kingdom of God here on earth
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  238. Black Neurotheology answers the question of how was it possible for the African American to endure the difficult challenges and contradictions of Christianity, in America, and remain neurologically sound in mind and theologically grounded in the principles of Christ.
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  239. Changing Faces Of American Christianity, Asian And African American Challenges To Leadership In Churches In America.
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  240. Riverside Church Welcomes A Visit From Jesus.
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  241. There is power in blackness. The blackness of my skin gives me the historical courage to handle any of life’s adversities. The deep rich blackness of the color is what keeps me out the the pits of dispair. My ancestors survivedall kinds of conditions to deliver in me the skin of survival. Being born black is God’s gift to me and reminds me that I am a continuation of past greatness and future possibilities.
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  242. Leadership Challenges In Social Groups Going Through Transformation. It iis Time To Change Our Education System, And Elevate The Role Of The Policeman And The Teacher.
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  243. Black life is not cheap, the African American is the wealthiest, most educated peoples of color on earth, with a purchasing power in the trillions, he is one of the largest groups in America and part of the DNA of this nation. He is the visible indication of how America treats her people. The whole world is watching and taking notes, fix this.
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  244. Christianity with its 2 billion members is the largest religion in the world, can Christianity maintain it majority position with the leadership challenges she faces? Seventy five percent of the earth’s population are peoples of color, is Christianity ready for that reality?
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  245. Mean girls or mean boys should not be in the church, neither should mean women or mean men who hurt others in the home or work place. The church should be a place where the people of God come to learn how to love God and love their neighbors. Those who are struggling with the need to abuse others should be in healing centers, not the church body.
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  246. Teachers already in the system should not be punished for the failure of educational institutions to give them the skills to be job ready for the requirements of a modern sophisticated state of the arts educational system. Teachers in the system should be paired up with well trained teachers to help bridge the gap between incompetence and failure to properly prepare professionals.
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  247. Teaching for the test of life is the role of the teacher. Teachers should stand by students and let them know that they stand with and by students. Education is unfair in America and teachers should not be innocent bystanders to injustice.Teaching is a spiritual act, and should never be a tool of politics for injustice to some.
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  248. Has God called you to ministry? Has God called you to build His Church? Has God given you the intellectual skills to complete Seminary? Can you lead others out of dark places? Do you have the skills to make the blind to see, and the lame to walk out of a life of dispair? Are you just stumbling through life yourself and really just interested in Bible study? Before you step out and ruin the lives of others, ask yourself, are you ready and really the one to answer the call?
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  249. Breaking out of the culture of poverty is the hardest thing you will ever try to do. There is no help, everything you know and believe is design to keep you in the status qou. It is time to run away from home, join the service, go to school, visit relatives, relocate, work 2 or 3 jobs, go to school at night, but breaking out of a cycle designed to destroy your life. There is no help in your escape, but there is freedom on the other side of the road.You will not make friends, and your family will disown you, break out anyway, people come to this country for the opportunities on the other side of the road.
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  250. What America is doing to its teachers is wrong, Colleges and Universities are not teaching teachers to the test of Certification. If doctors or lawyers were educated the way some teachers are educated there would be a cry about injustice. Imagine a medical student not receiving information on anatomy or a lawyer not receiving information on legal questions. Teaching to the test is required in medicine and legal studies, but teaching to the test in education is considered cheating.
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  251. Churches had better success in accepting all people as made in the image and likeness of God, and churches have had better luck with education, they have had success in teaching students difficult academic subjects. Churches do not reject students or develop racial decisions or economic decisions that prevent quality education for teachers and students. Churches should become educational institutions and effectively train teachers how to teach all students, and teach students what is expected of them. God does not make trash or junk, stop using race and economics to destroy lives.
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  252. Historical Black Churches and Historical Black Colleges should help the forgotten people of Appalachia. Black Americans, Scotts Irish Americans and Native Indian Americans have the same common history and some of us have done better than others. It is time for the poor and oppressed of America to stop hating each other over race, the issue is not race, it is economics.
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  253. Maybe we are fighting the wrong war, we are all one people living on this globe together, perhaps we are fighting the same enemy, poverty, injustice and power. We need to stop selecting scapegoats to blame for our failing to solve the challenges to the human spirit. There is one God, Mother to us all.
    28-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  254. It is time for a Historical White Church to teach Appalachian Theology and Liberation Theology and help people. Black and white churches should join together and help each other. White Appalachian churches could study Historical Black Church on strategies of defeating the enemy within.
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  255. Christianity may be creating its own Isis in America, we have people doing things almost as terrible as what is happening in the middle east, and for the same reasons. Religious people are frustrated with God and have decided to take matters into their own hands. The world must address the issues of poverty, abuse and injustice, these are the breeding beds of radicals, and all three of the Abrahamic faiths have their radicals.
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  256. Racism is the results of sexual abuse in children, known and unknowned, physically and socially abused children will find a scapegoat into which they can release stored up anger about early life events. Poverty produces racism, it is time for America to speak about the other America, the white poor male, abused and future skinhead and racist. We saved the black male, it is now time to save the white male, he too sings America. Who speaks for the white prison system the breeding ground for our destruction?
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  257. Research and Development Learning Centers 40 years of serving the community. Churches and pastors may use this material to set up outreach programs. The RDLC wishes you the best in set up and operation. All programs working with children are in partnership with the goverment. There is no separation of Church and State where children are concerned.Select the best qualified staff you can afford. The budget is included to provide operation expense for the program.
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  258. Getting In Through And Out Of Seminary. Dissertation writing will be the most difficult part of seminary experience. The dissertation is about a plan or project you will bring to the field of ministry that will strenthened your ministry and help other ministers. Select on project, review what other professional have said on done on the topic and how your work will contribute to the field. Ministry is a serious field of work, and if you have paid careful attention to your responsibilities, you should have no problem completing the requirements for getting out.
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  259. Spiritual Formation for teachers was a program started at the Riverside Church in New York City, other churches and houses of worship are invited to start Spiritual Formation and spiritual support ministries for teachers and school children. Celebrate teachers, have morning sessions where they can come and prepare themselves spiritually to enter the classroom. Program design is included on this web site. The church must take an active role in helping teachers. Do not break the laws or attempt to change curriculums or guidelines, help the teacher to know the entire community is with them as they give the very best to our students.
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  260. spiritual Formation for public school teachers, the series.
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  261. Fixing our failed education system without the investments of billions of dollars, it is not money that caused failure, it is attitude, belief and preparation. Charter and private schools do not do it better, they just do it different, they start with a can do attitude. Some teachers fail students before the students enter the classroom. Spiritual Formation for teachers may hold the answer to the problem.
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  262. Before we can fix our education problem, we have to look at how and why it was broken. America had and still has one of the best education systems in the world, she also has one of the worst.The challenges of the former third world countries, now leading world nations, are forcing us to fix what we broke at home.
    14-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  263. Preparing yourself spiritually before entering any field of service. When we leave our homes and enter into the world of serving others, we must serve in and with the right spirit. Prepare yourself to mentally and spiritually to handle the challenges of working with human populations.
    14-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  264. Teacher preparation should be turned over to the Catholic Churches, The Historical Black Churches, The Quakers, and to institutions dedicated to training the whole person as a spiritual being, rather than someone filled with incorrect Eugenic ideas of who is inferior and who is superior. Teaching is a spiritual, not religious act, and spiritually trained people should have the job.
    14-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  265. The Bible Is Coded To Be A Book Against The Man Of Color. Racism Is Directly Traced To The Bible, We Hate Blacks And Gays Because The Bible Teaches Us Whom To Hate. God Is A God Of Love, We Must Learn To Look Above Sacred Writings To Find God. Man Designed Hatred And Separations For His Own Reason, Seek And Find The Lord Our God. America’s Constitution Is Her Bible, And It Says That All Men Are Equal, No Man Is Cursed Or Better Than Any Other Man. Our Prophets Are Our Presidents, And A Living God Inspires Their Vision And Direction
    12-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  266. 50 Years Ago,Christians Catholics Jews And Muslims Marched In Selma For Justice For The Black Oppressed – Today The Question Remains, Are Christians Oppressing Others, And Can A Person Really Call Themself A Christian And Be A Member Of A Group Oppressing Others Just Because Of The Color Of Their Skin Or Different Religious Or Political beliefs? Can We Hurt Others And Still Call Ourselves Christians?
    8-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  267. Beowulf And Christ, The Fight For Men’s Souls
    6-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  268. Historical Black Churches, Finding The Path Again To This Time Serve A Multicultural, Multi religious And Diverse America And Its Education Needs. The Historical Black Church Knew How To Do Religion And Education Under The Same Roof Without Breaking Any Laws. It Is Time To Pull Out The Old American Blue Prints To Solve Our Educational Crisis
    4-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  269. The Church Must Again Become The Village And Find Means To Support All Members Of The Village In Living For The Sake Of Others. Congress Is Suppose To Work For Us And Care For Us, In The Absence Of Congress, We Must Again Turn To Our Church And Other Houses Of Worship, Let Churches Become Financial Centers For College Student’s Loans
    4-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  270. Mad As Hell About My Student Loan-Student Loans Are A National Security Issue, Students Are Afraid To Go To College Because When They Graduate They Will Be Burdened With Financial Responsibilities They Can Never Repay. America Needs An Educated Population, It Is Time For Churches, Community Centers, Corporate America And Good Peoples Of God To Stop The Injustice Of Student Loan Oppression.
    3-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  271. Genealogy Can Provide A Different Picture Of The American Experience. Americans Are Suffering Deep Emotional Pain From Dissapointments In People And Events. They Try To Medicate Themselves Out Of This Pain, With Impossible Results. The Writer Suggests That African Americans Go Back 200 Years, And Ask How The Ancestors Made It Through. We Are Stronger Than We Think And We Have The Strength To Survive.
    1-Mar-15 • 0 Comment
  272. The Courage To Serve, The Strength To Survive, The Rev. Alexander DeBose Earning Enough Money As A Slave Minister For The Methodist Episcopal Church, To Purchase His Entire Family Out Of Slavery- The DeBose /Welch Family Distinguish Preachers And Teachers, Doctors And Dentist, A Family That Serves.
    27-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  273. Women In Ministry- Doing God’s Work From A Different Point Of View- Care Of The Family, Rights Of Women, Elimination Of Abuse And Bullying, Decent Living Conditions On Earth Without All The Focus On Death And Heaven. God Does Not Require Women To Be Obedient And Submissive, Regardless What Man Inspired Scripture Says. There Is One God, Mother Of Us All- America Is Called To Do A New Thing In God’s World, And That Is Causing Many Enemies In Man’s World.
    25-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  274. The Bible Gives Nine Principles For God Centered Relationships And Non Abusive Marriages- Joy, Love,Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control – There Are Too Many Women Sitting In Prison Today For Responding To Abusive Relationships Because They Did Not Seek The Best In Themselves And In Mates Selected.
    24-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  275. Put Down The Bible And Create Our Own Allegorical Stories Of America. America Had Her Genesis, Her Time Of Struggle, She Had Her Chosen People, Her Struggles And Her Prophets, Sent As Presidents, Tell Her Story. Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Us. Let The Mother God In All Of Us Lead Us To Peace Among Nations
    23-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  276. America Still The Master Of Spiritual Transformation, Because Inspite Of All Of The Obstacles Placed In The Paths Of Her People, They Manage, Black, White, Brown, Jew, Gentile, Muslim, -To Succeed- We Are One Nation Under God, And God – And The Country – Works
    20-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  277. Great Teaching Is An Art Form. Watching A Great Teacher Perform Is Like Watching An Academy Award Actor Earn Her Statue Or A Great Metropolitan Artistic Performance. Teaching Is Pure Spiritual Art, AGift From God. Find A Great Teacher And Watch Him Or Her Work And Demand That Level Of Excellence For All Students
    19-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  278. Racism Is Wrong These Words Should Come From Every Christian Church In America. We Are Commanded To Love God And To Love Our Neighbor Christians Must Be Taught How To Love God And How To Love His Neighbor
    9-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  279. Black History Month And The Role Of Religion In Helping And Hurting The Rights Of Man
    8-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  280. Releasing The Intellectual Energies Of All People Would Threaten The Status Quo, And The Belief Held In Anglo Saxon Countries, That They Alone Are Entitled And Superior. Its Eugenics And It Is Wrong.
    8-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  281. Black Americans Have Made America Carefully Look At Her Anglo-Saxon Roots With Regards To Who Is Inferior And Who Is Superior. Racism And Eugenics Has Caused Wrong Decisions In America’s Health System And America’s Education System. All Men Are Made In The Image And Likeness Of God. Evil Is Evil Regardless Of How Much Science It Has To Support Its Views.
    8-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  282. Who Speaks For America – Churches Do Not Speak For America, Many Teach The Hatred Of Gays, Politicians Do Not Speak For America, Many Speak The Voices Of Foreign Lands Teaching Hatred And Racism. The Response To Ferguson Was A Whisper Of The Voice Of America, Where Men And Women, Black White Jew Christian Muslim, Old And Young Joined Arms Marching And Saying -This Is Not Who We Are, We Are One People Seeking Social Justice For All Men. We Are Called To Love God And Love Our Neighbor
    7-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  283. Born Black And Called To Teach. The Greatest Untold Story Of America, The Land Of Transformation, Is How This Transformation Takes Place. The Writer Speaks About Christianity And The Role The Church Played In The Transformation Of Peoples Of Color
    4-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  284. The Secrets Of Ending Poverty In America Can Be Found In The Historical Black Churches, They Transformed A Whole People And A Society, And Some Of Its Strategies Can Be Used To Inspire The Hopeless. America Is The Land Of Miracles, And The Doorway Out Of Poverty Start In The Classroom And The Colleges
    1-Feb-15 • 0 Comment
  285. Black Greeks, Historical Black Churches, And Historical Black Colleges, The Factors Which Help Make The African American The Wealthiest Most Educated Peoples Of Color On Earth With A Purchasing Power In The Trillions, The Secrets Of America’s Transformation, And Why People From All Over The World Still Want To Come Here-What Our Enemies Do Not Know, And Why They Cannot Defeat Us
    31-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  286. The Elite African American Could Care Less What America Writes About Them, They Give No Interviews, And Live Their Lives On Their Own Terms, They Attend Historical Black Colleges And Are Members Of Historical Black Fraternities And Sororities, Selfsufficient, They Remain The Silent Background Of This Great Nation
    31-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  287. The Stone That The Builders Of The Old World Rejected Became The Foundational Corner Stone Of The Development Of The Greatest Diversity Nation In Human History, The Secrets Of Neurological Strengths Are Contained In Untold Stories Of America’s Slaves, Black And White
    31-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  288. Association Of Churches Can Come Together And Decide How They Can Help Each Other In The Task Of Re Educating America, The Dumb Down Period Is Over, God Has To Step Into The Business Of Helping America To Help All Of Her Children, Leaving No Child Behind, And The Church Must Be The Village Through Which This Is Done
    30-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  289. Columbia University School Of General Studies Alumni Association And The Riverside Church, Two Institutions Of Love Service And Dedication To Mankind, Seeking To Do More
    30-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  290. Professionals Interested Religious Academic Assistance In Church Building, Doctoral Writing, Establishing Outreach Programs, Inreach Programs, Pastoral Counseling, College Academic Support For Adults Or Professionals, Please Contact Us.
    29-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  291. Six Hundred Thousand Africans Arrived On These Shores For Slavery In The British North American Colonies, Millions Walked Out With Wives And Children, And In Between, America Found Her Soul And Purpose
    29-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  292. Freedom Of Speech Does Not Mean The Right To Disrespect The Pope, The President, Religious Leader Of Another Faith, Leader Of Another Country, Your Neighbor, Or To Bully A Kid In The School Yard, Our Right To Speech Ends Where The Ears Of The Other Person Begins.
    27-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  293. Martin Luther King Jr. The Man Who Changed Christianity In America And Caused People Of God Black And White To Fight For Social Justice
    19-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  294. There Is A Need For Free College Education For All American Students, And The Goverment Should Pick Up The Cost Of All Current Student Loan Debt In Exchange For Two Years Service To The Country
    14-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  295. The God Business And The Religion Business Are Not The Same. Religion Teaches Man Who To Hate And Exclude, God Is The Synbol Of Love, Churches Should Teach How To Love God And Love Your Neighbor
    14-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  296. Worshipping God On Sunday In Our Segregated Churches, And Hurting Our Neighbor On Monday In Racist Health Care Systems, It is time for Churches To Eliminate Racism From Congregations And Christianity.
    9-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  297. God’s Special Prophet For America, The Black Man, Surviving Slavery, Segregation, Oppression, Poverty, Racism And Christians, A Messenger Of Social Justice In The Country.
    7-Jan-15 • 0 Comment
  298. The Immigrants Of Yesterday Are Trying To Prevent The Young And Poor Of Today From Reaching The Promises Of Tomorrow By Making The Responsibility Of Student Loans An Impossible Cross To Carry
    29-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  299. Love God – Love Your Neighbor- It Is Upon These Two Basic Commandments Given By Jesus -That The Future Of The World Depends.
    24-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  300. One Million Year Old Africans With An Exciting Story And Journey To Talk About -The Black Christ Within, The Hope Of Glory
    23-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  301. Anthropology Science And The Bible Conquered The World
    23-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  302. Strategies For Success In College Is More Than Hard Work And Determination, Pitfalls Are Designed To Trip The Smart. If You Think You Are Smart, Read This.
    22-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  303. The Black Madonna And The RCC Have The Power And Authority To End Racism In America-Releasing Our Better Angels From The Inner Source Of Goodness.
    22-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  304. Racism Started In Universities, It Is Time For Universities To Eliminate It- Racism In America Should Be -Gone With The Wind
    13-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  305. God Is Male And Female, It Is Time For Mother God To Step Up To The Plate And Solve Abuse And Racism
    12-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  306. America And Christianity A Struggle In What Each Means And Who We Are As Individuals And As A Nation
    12-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  307. Is God Black Or White, Riverside Church Unspoken Struggle To Find The Answer To This Question
    11-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  308. It Is Time For The World To Change. Let The Weak Say I Am Strong. Let The Blind See A New Reality-Let The Lame Grow Strong
    8-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  309. The Courage To Prevent Bullying – The Responsibility God’s Or Man? Did God Set Man Up To Fail, Or Is The Creation Of Good The Real Meaning And Purpose Of Living?
    8-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  310. Put Down The Torah, The Bible ,The Koran, And Talk To Each Other About The Rights And The Common Humanity Of Man
    5-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  311. Cain And Abel- The Difference Between Evolution And Creation, Rise Up The Lazarus Spirit Of Abel And Bring Good Into The World
    1-Dec-14 • 0 Comment
  312. Teacher Whisper – Seeing Children Made In The Image And Likeness Of God- As A Member Of Humanity – Stop By For God Before Serving Man.
    29-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  313. Dangers And Pitfall In Pastoral Counseling- The Bible And Prozac In American Congregations, A Study Of Two Cases.
    28-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  314. It Is Poverty Not Race That Caused The Riots In Missouri, America is Called Upon To Solve Issues Of Poverty And Social Justice
    26-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  315. Congress Is Not Called To Represent Our Fears And Frustrations, But Our Unspoken Hopes And Aspirations.
    22-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  316. Leadership Challenges In Religion Politics And Education In America
    21-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  317. Women In Ministry – It Is Time To Have A Talk With God About Conditions Of Women In The Abrahamic Faiths – Is Scripture Fair To Women?
    19-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  318. God Sends Prophets To America, And Angels To Prepare the Way
    19-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  319. America Has The Best Education System In The World, It Is Time To Share It With Poor And Minority Students
    12-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  320. America, Who We Are And How We Came To Be – The DNA Of Our Great Nation
    12-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  321. The Messiah, Annointed One, Has Come In Many Sizes Visions And Places, We Just Do Not Know The Annointed – The Spirit Walks Amoung Us
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  322. Bible, Old Testament- Some Questions About Intent And Consequences Of Mis-Understanding The Word Of God
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  323. Riverside Church Leadership- Leading the Way On Issues That Matter To People
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  324. Wisdom Is A Woman – Women In Ministry Brings a Special Wisdom From God
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  325. Issues And Needs In Ecumenical And Interfaith Relations In A Post Modern World
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  326. The Major Sin Is Preventing The Poor To Touch The Tree Of Knowledge In The Garden Of Eden
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  327. Catholic Churches and Protestant Churches Should Lease Space To The Government For Public School Education For The Poor
    3-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  328. Mind Science For The God Power Within – Getting From Welfare To Columbia University- The Secret Codes.
    2-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  329. God Back In The Classrooms Of America, Not The God Of Religion But the God Of Doing The Right Thing.
    1-Nov-14 • 0 Comment
  330. Stop The Pain And The Suffering, Make Life Beautiful For Yourself And Others
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  331. The American Constitution, God’s Inspired Guide For America- It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom- just share it.
    19-Oct-14 • 0 Comment
  332. Religion And Education – Working Together For God And Man
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  333. Systematic Theology – The Study Of God And His Plans For Man
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  334. Uniting The Family Of Abraham, Jews Christian Muslim Around The Greater Good- The Children
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  335. God – Poverty And The Resurections Into A New Life – Surviving Hard Times
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  336. Riverside Church Welcomes A Visit From Jesus
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  337. Riverside Church And Columbia University- A Partnership Of Religion And Education- A Research Project.
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  338. Cut Out The Eugenics And Transform New York City’s Schools
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  339. God Needs To Get Out Of The Poverty Business, It Is The Fathers Good Pleasure To Give Us The Kingdom
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  340. America Works Because She Works God’s Plan
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  341. Eugenics And Christianity Cannot Exist Together
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  342. Violence Against Women Is It Scriptual Or Pathological ?
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  343. America Is A Spirit
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  344. Historical Black Church And America’s Cultural Values
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  345. America Got It Right, She Just Does Not Know It
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  346. Joy Comes In The Morning
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  347. Life Does Not Owe You A Living, Your Are not Special
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  348. Well Done Mr. President
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  349. Christianity- The Art Of Following Our Better Angels.
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  350. Celebrating The Lives Of Outstanding Black Men At Rest
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  351. One Nation Under God With Liberty Justice And Education For All
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  352. From Martin To Obama – The Torch Has Been Passed
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  353. Research And Development Learning Centers – Religion And Education
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  354. Create Your Own Reality- Be The Captain Of Your Own Soul – Bring Your Ship In
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  355. Spiritual Intervention Guide For Public School Teachers
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  356. It Is God’s Pleasure To Give You The Kingdom – Work For It And Claim It.
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  357. Poetry From The Chest – The Home Of The Heart
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  358. Egypt Must Step Forth And Lead Africa To Her Peace And Greatness.
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  359. It Is Time To Study Eve To Understand The Mysteries Of God
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  360. America The Modern Day Israel
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  361. Christians As Followers Of Jesus- And Christians As Racist – Why The Diffenerce ?
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  362. Time To Take Out Our Jesus Books And Go Over The Rules – Christians Behaving Badly
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  363. Every Church Should Be A Small Villiage – It Takes Many Villages to Save The American Family
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  364. Biblical Hermeneutics – There Is More To The Bible Than Just Reading Words.
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  365. Spiritual Formation For Teachers – Do Not Enter A Classroom Without It. Solving the problem of American duality in education.
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  366. America- God’s Chosen People And Chosen Land – A Home For All People Of The World
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  367. Broke- But Not Poor – The Courage To Survive
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  368. The Myth Of Asian Superiority Over America – Asia Comes Here To Study
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  369. Spiritual Formation For The Soul
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  370. Secrets Of The Past – Holding Keys To The Future
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  371. EduThe Rise And Fall Of American Education
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  372. Getting God In Your Battle For Life And Prosperity
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  373. Bullying – Nature or Nurture – Is The Fault God’s Or Man?
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  374. Riverside Church- Getting Its Act Together
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  375. Pastor’s Forum
    9-Jun-14 • 0 Comment

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  377. Did We Get The Wrong God Scripture _ God Inspires- But Who Wrote Some Of This Stuff ?
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  378. Anthropology Of Three Transitional Churches
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  379. The Bible Of America Is In Harlem- The Chosen Peoples Of God
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  380. The Church Is An Instrument Of God’s Love And Compassion – Not For Teaching Hatred Of Gays
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  381. Understanding Christianity- We Need To Do More To Make Better Christians
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  382. Spirituality – The Missing Variable In Teacher Preparation
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  383. Second Born – Second Best- Always God First
    29-May-14 • 0 Comment
  384. If You Do Not Love Everyone- How Can You Be A Christian? Gotta Love Blacks-Whites- Gay- Straight- Jew- Muslim- Catholic -Or Do Not Use The Word Christian.
    27-May-14 • 0 Comment

  385. 23-May-14 • 0 Comment
  386. Rev. Alexander DeBose- The Courage to Serve- The Strength To Survive – Slave Minister
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  387. The Role Of Education And Religion In Solving The Crisis In Public Education In NYC
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  388. Riverside Church- Spiritual Formations For Public School Teachers
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  389. Riverside Church Provides A Forum For Public School Students And Public School Teachers To Improve The NYC Education System
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  390. Congregational Development
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  391. NYC Public School- The Power Of Failure On The Education Market
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  392. Leadership Challenges of Churches in Transition- A Study Of Three Churches
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  393. Pope Francis- A man for all times- Education and Inequality
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  394. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To Barack Obama
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  395. The Children of Ishmel And Issac – Religion For The Future
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  396. UTS Theological Seminary- Series
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  397. Riverside Church -Giving Back
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  398. What Would Jesus Do About Our Education System ?
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  399. Breaking Out Of The Culture Of Poverty
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  400. Classroom Management System
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  401. From Martin to Obama
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  402. The Role Of The Church In Addressing Drug Addiction In America
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  403. Yes I Can – The Anatomy Of A Teacher
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  404. China-A Different World
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  405. Time To Move
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  406. Korea Trip-The Power Of Love
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  407. Changing Role Of The Church
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  408. Riverside Church-Career Day-Hospitality Report
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  409. Clergy Forum-Supporting Clergy Involved In The Reality Of Congregations
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  410. Riverside Church, The Return Of The Shepherd
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  411. The Individualization Of God
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  412. The Changing Role Of Churches From Hospital To University
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  413. Out Reach Programs For Pastors
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  414. Two Men Who Changed The Modern World
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  415. Three Stages Of Christianity
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  416. Helping Students Stay In College
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  417. Something Is Wrong With Christianity
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  418. Churches Breeding Grounds For Hatred And Violence
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  419. Out Reach Programs For Pastors
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  420. A New Look At Slavery In America
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  421. Hermeneutics, How To Read The Bible
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  422. Building Healthy Families
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  423. Dr. James Forbes, Emeritus The Riverside Church
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  424. The Search for the Historical Jesus
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  425. How Science And The Bible Conquered The World
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  426. Destruction of Public Education Systems
    29-Nov-13 • Comments Off on Destruction of Public Education Systems
  427. Jesus Visit to the Riverside Church NYC
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  428. After school Instructional Guide
    27-Nov-13 • Comments Off on After school Instructional Guide
  429. Leadership Challenges in Churches in Transition
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  430. Methodist Slave Ministers
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  431. See Thou, Tell No Man
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  432. Getting In Through and Out Of College
    27-Nov-13 • Comments Off on Getting In Through and Out Of College
  433. Greatest Generation, Unsung Heros
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  434. OutReach Program
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  435. Conflict Resolution UMC
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  437. American Theology
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  438. Korea Speech
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  439. Spiritual Autobiography
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  440. Pedagogy of the Oppressed
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  441. The Great Escape
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  442. Migration Causes and Patterns of African Americans Out of the South
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  443. Leadership Challenges in Churches in Transition: A Study of Three Churches
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  444. America is a Special Place
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