Riding the poverty train should be a one time experience. Circumstances of birth and life may place you on the train, but it is your decisions and plans on when, where and how you get off. There are some thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that will place you back on the train, shame on you if you have a return ticket, tear it up and get off that train. I have seen the blind, lame and emotionally dead, crawl off the train and resurrect themselves into God’s kingdom on earth

Rescuing Someone From The Culture Of Poverty

Do not attempt to rescue someone caught in the culture of poverty if you do not have life saving skills. Love, patience and religion will not help you help someone who is caught in the American system of planned poverty. Become a point of reference, the example people think about to give them hope in times of deep thought and frustrations.

Drug abuse, legal and illegal are often the bio- chemical substances used by the poor, and distributed by the status quo to prevent any serious movement among the social and economic classes and are factors in the poverty sustaining game. What is interesting is the sometime relationship and similarity between some caught in the culture of poverty, and children of the wealthy and privileged. At times, members in both groups have an empty feeling often disguised as unhappiness or depression. The emptiness is caused by the absence of a spiritual center, that spirit that reveals that the individual, in America, is a co-creator of life and can choose responses. In America the social class and the economic class are manipulated in planned games.

It is called a game and the players in the game are unknowing participants. Individuals caught in this system can often rationalize why they are in situations, and most honestly believe that they have the skills and the ability to change their system when desired. Many see themselves as victims responding to major changes in their lives and will be able to right any wrongs given enough time and circumstances.

Most are unaware that the system is like a web designed to trap them and the web grows stronger the more the individual struggles to free them. Major institutions in American society are designed to sustain the system. Education, health care and religion play a major factor in preventing the individuals from obtaining the skills necessary for escape.

It is impossible for the individual to use intellectual energy to solve problems of entrapment because entrapment starts in the mind, and unless they are “Renewed by the transforming of the mind.” It is impossible to use the mind to solve the problem, entrapment occurs in the mind making it impossible to use the mind to escape the system.

Women and girls trapped in the system have often been the victims of some form of abuse in childhood, and developed a feeling of worthlessness and low self esteem as the results of not being protected by care givers from the abuser.

This poor self worth and low self-esteem directs some into behaviors resulting in negative response from family members. If the abuser was a member of the family or care giver, there will be an unspoken resentment of the individual for becoming a victim and a sincere desire that the abuse matter will quietly go away and not discussed at family events.

The family becomes more important than the victim and all efforts to maintain and encourage silence will be expected. Abusive behaviors destroy the soul of the child and results in sexual behaviors on the part of females and anti-social violent behaviors on the part of males. Low self- esteem makes it difficult for individuals to mate with responsive and correct partners, and cycles of abusive relations continue into adulthood or until some form of healing takes place. Through long series of events individuals find themselves involved in the legal system, and or system preventing them from securing employment or completing educational programs enabling them to change the economic status of their lives.

Educational opportunities determine socio-economic environments. Economic disadvantage communities attract educators and civil servants skilled in maintaining the status quo. Health care services are designed to medicate individuals enough to keep them out of the mainstream of society. Churches help individuals prepare for a better life after death and do not address the issues of living a fulfilled life on earth.

The poor relate to poverty religion and a type of service where emotional expressions are encouraged. Individuals are taught to accept their sinful nature and seek forgiveness in the next world. Social workers are not prepared to help individuals make significant changes in social situations and the role is to make sure the individuals have food stamps and basic and ineffective health care service.

Individuals are often places on high- risk pharmacological regiments with side effects more harmful than the condition for which they were prescribed. Individuals caught in this system often surrounds themselves with similar individuals caught in the same system; they offer warmth and support for each other.

Poverty on the outside appear negative to outsiders, but a closer review would indicate that they are supportive of each other, non judgmental and offer the emotional psychological support a healthy family would provide.

Individuals caught in this system must accept:

·         Their perception is not reliable

·         They must back out of the system they are living in

·         They must secure employment in a minimum wage position, and often two or three positions

·         They must make arrangements to register in a college program for adult learners

·         They must submit themselves to a credential program enabling them to take charge of their lives

·         Do not work for yourself, the creative forces in the mind will be working, but the discipline to work for someone else is what is required to change your life.

·         Pay for quality health care; do not use manage care insurance programs for the poor. Find a doctor in a different neighborhood and save enough to pay for health care in cash. Use cash until you are able to secure health insurance through employment.

·         Give up poverty churches or find the largest church with progressive programs designed to help people meet the challenges of life rather than prepare for death. If everyone in your church is poor and stressed, it is time to find a different church.

·         Drop all of your friends, wish them well and tell them you will see them on the other side of recovery.

·         Drop your family if they are a contributing factor in your pain and dysfunction.

           You can change your life if you change your thoughts, forget the forgiveness routine and get on with your life; the best revenge is success, and no one has the power or the right to define your existence or abuse your body or predict your future. The greatest achievers in human society have been individuals who took back their lives from abusers and went on to live out the life they can achieve. The past does not predict the future, achieve success and reward your self in the name of the person who tried to destroy your spirit. Do not forgive, forget, move on and excel.

We study about poverty around the world but we never look at poverty in the United States, and the root causes of poverty. We do not look at how individuals escape from poverty in this developed country, and what prevented those still caught in poverty from escaping.

In the developing world, those who control power plan strategies to maintain the status quo. The rich want to remain rich, and the powerful want to continue their hold on power.Class and economic position must be transferred from one generation to the next. It is necessary for some form of mental and visual transformation to take place before a physical and behavorial transformation occurs.

Each society has its means of maintaining social order and preventing transformation from occuring, or occuring to quickly. In America social order is achieved through a planned failed education system. Only so much education is put into the pipe line and distributed to the various communities in America, and that education is carefully filtered so that any insight or motivation for social change is eliminated. The poor get the messages and education intended to help them to remain pooor and the service class to the middle and upper classes.

The middle class, usually composed of those who through struggle or luck, found themselves on a track out of the economic class of their fathers or grandfathers, but exposed to a new world with all of its challenges and few guided directions. Being fighters and risk takers, they work through challenges and adversities, and are often rewarded with wealth and power unheard of in the sacred stories of their ancestors. The risk takers stopped listening to the stories long ago, and decided to go out and write their own stories making them up as they go on their way. This group even abandoned the gods of their ancestors; gods of fear, which exacted a dear price and demanded total obedience and surrender of thought. The poor all over the world are religious to the death, and continue to worship at the feets of gods of poverty, ignorance, dispair, hopelessness and violence.

In America, the worship of the god of ignorance is the most sacred, and a considerable amout of time and ritual is dedicated to its service. Our educational system is not only our god, but it is the banker to the poor. It is the source from which those who are assigned to the bottom tier of society come to and get their daily hand out for survival. Our public educational system issue out pablum of defeat as nurishment for a planned life. Our colleges and universities, offer watered down instructors to teach water down courses, which do not provide the information or direction required to make significant changes in life’s conditions. If America is truly interested in addressing issues of poverty, inequality and injustice around the world, it must first look for the core reasons for this poverty, inequality and injustice. It could start with looking at its own country and what part it plays in designing this planned socio economic system designed to benefit the choosen, the quest is who are the chosen, and how did they become the chosen?

Poverty in America is entered into through its failed education system, and is existed through one of the best educational system, respected throughout the whole world, and located in the same country. The best and the brightest come here to study, and the most challenging and difficult are here to be studied upon as a labatory of how to keep social order through keeping a select people in its assigned economic place through education. Western thought prevents the idea that man has the ability to change his conditions in life; these conditions are predescribed by the gods and the children of the gods. We have pictures of those gods, with their blond hair flowing in the wind, and their piercing blue eyes suggesting that they see with the eyes of heaven. The closer the children of these gods look like their father, the more entitled they are believed to be. It is the children of these golden gods who are considered the chosen, and as such are entitled by divine right to the wealth of the earth. The problem is that 75% of the global population do not look like the golden gods and as such are not children entitled to the inherited wealth. They however must be taught their place as a majority serving the minority, and this is done through education and strategies placing puppet governments in place all over the world.

China has elected to play its own game without the class intervention and group separation. China wanted to eliminate the poverty system in its own country and she decided to do it through her own education system. She invited experts to come in to teach, but not to preach. They welcomed the technology of the western world, but not the gods of that world. Without the god fear and restrictions, China is releasing thecapabilities of the human potential without restrainst or planned restrictions. She has problems, but she also has the progress that comes with releasing the potential within. Her greatest challeng is controllong the freedom of the mind, and developing a sense of obligation and responsibility without the traditional fear check mechanisms.

America has not yet decided how to release all of her citizens to the freedom of their capabilities. She still has her golden gods to worship, and the children of those gods work hard to make sure those who are not considered chosen play in the muddy waters and not permitted into the clear running waters of health and wealth. Our educational systems are still the gatekeepers to upper mobility, and the pathway from the schools of the poor lead into a multibillion dollar prison system, while the road from the schools of the middle class leads to the university system. These are pictures, which the country does not like to talk about and will seldom acknowledeg.

How do you help the poor trapped in failed education systems, designed to encourage failure, frustration and drop out, rather than to encourage success. In our higher education systems, individuals filled with hope of the possibility of an opportunity to transform their lives and economic conditions, are met with poorly prepared instructors lacking the skills to break down conceptual thought necessary for learning. In many American colleges, students learn what what they came in with, what they know is what they have acquired through previous interactions with outside sources. Instructors test what information was brought into the learning process, and not information given to students from and by learning experiences in the classroom. In some cases students do not even need to personally interact with the instructor, but exchange ideas through an electronic medium requiring the cutting and pasting of thought, rather than the development of thought through inter personal relations.

If we cannot get into human to human relations with students with whom we have been assigned to transform lives, then how can we in all honesty handle the problems on a global scale, where the world is looking for answers on how to change the quality of their lives, a life design they are no longer willing to accept. Do we really want the poor to think rich? Do we really want individuals to take responsibility for their own health and sexual behaviors? Do we really want to free women from the control of men? Do we really want the son or daughter of the poor field hand, thinking that they are entitled to the same rights and privileges as the master of the house? Do we really want people in developing countries knowing the value of the resources beneath their feet and in the hills and mountains, and possessing the skills to get those resources? Do we really want to turn our prisons into learning centers and universities and have our public schools become transformational centers designed to equalize chances regardless of the inequality of our birth? These are the hard questions we must ask before we embark on systems of global awareness and change.

Education achieves its purpose by maintaining the status quo, where children of the lower socio-economic class become the lower socio economic adults, and middle and upper class children become middle and upper-class adults.[1] This cycle occurs because the dominant group has, over time, made it their bussiness through curriculum content and design to closely aligned education with middle class values and aims, thus alienating people of other classes[2]. Hunger and poverty in the world follows the same design.

World leadership will change directions in the future, the focus policies and attention will come from the Pacific Rim. The age of Rome and Greece are over. The age of the golden gods are over. The world has color, awareness and experience, it has become risk takers, and taking risk beyond their own borders. Many are following the American model of multiculturalism, encouraging the world and its diversity to come in and share their gifts and talents for the benefit of all. The wealth of the future is not monetary capital but human capital, the countries, which can harness the intellectual energies of their own people to challenge the gods to become co creators of this globe, will be the leaders of the future. Poverty is slowly becoming a dying economic system built by the gods to keep unneeded people in their place. With the need for human capital to build stairways to the stars, man is once again the most important resource on earth.

It is possible to program the mind with thoughts you want to manifest into your own realities.

The mind and the subconscious does not know if what you are programming it with are factual or not, but the mind and the thoughts placed in the mind does have the ability to bring into your world the content of your thoughts. Thought are things, with the power to create substance and events. I wrestle with God all the time and in the process, She reveals to me the secrets of life. I am not perfect and I have made some mistakes, fortunately not bad ones, but I am not a passive player in my life.

Poverty is an addictive drug and that is why it is so difficult to break away from its influence. Poverty provides warmth, acceptance, no expectations and no judgment. It is a free floating space, with the only requirement that you show up the same way each day with no changes and no thoughts for the future. Living for the now is all there is and anything, which can pleasure the now is acceptable.

There is no past or future in the lives of members of poverty, there is only the now. When you arrive in a poverty environment, no one is interested in who you are, what you have done or are doing. No one cares about your accomplishments the only time is the now time, and when you leave, it is as if you were never there. It is pure pleasure. How does one avoid the culture of poverty, and how would a person trapped in poverty break out? In order to avoid poverty never acknowledge its reality.

Think, see and behave as if a different state of reality were part of your existence. As children, my mother would dress us as if each day were special. We would set the table in a special way, and speak to each other as if each person were special. If there were a shortage of something, there was no acknowledgment of that shortage, and something else was move into its place as if normal occurrence. My grandfather worked in a butcher shop, and his contribution to the family was to deliver a daily supply of meat and chicken each day. When you have plenty of meat, food is never an issue. My mother use to do a lot of praying so for some reason there was always enough food for us, and some left over for any visitor who would chance by.

Wealth is a mental attitude influenced by the way you think about yourself and the environment around. A wealth conditioning had nothing to do with economic reality; the small bi monthly welfare check was not designed to give a person a sense of comfort. The idea that this was a transitional stage of life, and we would get through it was encouraged and became the unspoken words of our being. I remember having great images of a future I would design for myself, the more challenges faced, the stronger and clearer the vision became.

Perhaps, this suggests that we were never in the culture of poverty; we were going through financial circumstances demanding strict attention to the distribution and use of money. Money did not make us rich or poor, money was what was used to pay bills. We were raised as children of intellectual wealth, responsibility and talents. I selected all relationships with the same purpose, deciding in advance what part they would or could play in my future vision.

My mother put visions in our heads by taking us to other neighborhoods and providing an opportunity for us to see the possibilities of another world. During the years spent as a public school teacher in New York City, working in challenging communities, I used the New York City enriched environment as my classroom and repeated this process

Field trips were a weekly event providing the student with exciting material to use in the state required curriculum. Teaching across the curriculum we used mass transportation in our geography lessons; the Museum of Natural History for our science and social studies, we wrote about and spelled all the streets involved in our walking exercise, and we watch a building going up, and secured permission from the Donald Trump builders to show us prints and designs of a apartment building going up on West End Avenue NYC. Each day I would take the students and have them sit across the street from the buildings and teach them geometry. They learned angles and vectors from watching the corners of the buildings, which were always at 90-degree angles. We obtained permission for one of the designers to show us the plans for the building. Today when I walk by that up scaled apartment building for the rich, I remember that I taught a group of students bussed into the area from Washington Heights how to do math by watching the construction of those buildings.   The students were taught outside of the box, and scored high on inbox state examinations. These learning opportunities inspired many families to move out of the area and dream bigger dreams for their future. The teacher is often the vision creator and guide to a students avoiding the poverty trap and escaping the institution as soon as possible.


Going to school is a spiritual act; you must prepare yourself for this spiritual experience. If you are an adult returning to school after years away from this experience it may seem difficult, after you adjust to the spirituality of the whole experience you will feel right at home. You must prepare yourself for this experience, it will be the journey of your life; you will and should fall in love.

The feeling of new life and awareness should come over you as you open up the areas of your being and sensitive frailties to take in new awareness. This is the process by which you are on your way to becoming a changed being. When you enter the classroom door, it is not the son or daughter of someone, you drop your external roles at the crossover sill and enter as you, ready for your own experience.

If you are returning to school for your friends, they will not notice or care; if you are returning for your family, they will resent your steal valuable time from their self centered world, and think you are selfish. If you enter for the race or good of mankind, they will resent you showing them up, by inferring through your behavior that they are failures and lazy. Family will sabotage your efforts; friends will consider you a traitor; your boss will feel you have too much time on your hand so he will try to increase your work load, blocking your school hours, and even you yourself may on occasions doubt the validity of what you are doing. These are demons and obstacles, and it is up to you to prepare for them, and have strategies for how to handle them when they do, and they will appear.

The best advice is to keep your own counsel, “see thou and tell no one” until you send out the invitations to the graduation. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and you may kill your own chances for success through your own mouth. Boys who use to live in tough neighborhoods refused to carry school- books because they did not want to be attacked by the neighborhood kids. Recognizing this study and homework time was provided during school hours so that the male students could keep up their grades and save face. Saying to a child forget them and be the bigger person, will not help, and result in many fist- fights and crushed spirits.

Work out a plan to handle the many obstacles, and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. You will work smarter, and you are more ready than high school graduates completing the thirteenth year of education. You bring life experiences into the classroom with you, and that world knowledge will help you in your social science courses in psychology, sociology, political science, government, philosophy and religion. Get those soft courses out of the way before you take the hard courses, the courses where someone has to teach you new ways of thinking and methodologies.

College is about reading and writing, and reading for content, and writing in the form and style approved by your professors. Remember your thoughts mean nothing unless they are backed up by some writer or acknowledged authority in the field. Learn the skills of research and citing. Do not fall into the trap of giving your professor your own thoughts and ideas; he will knock them down, unless your thoughts are supported by cited research. Your thoughts are valid and valued, but this is college, and college is the process of learning. You know what you know, the question becomes, do you know what other’s know? College is about learning what other’s know, and determining how you can add to the process. You may have been tops in high school, but college is another world. You may have been a star in the business, sales or military world, you will need all of that experience to sustain you in the process of academic learning. You are the learner, so learn, and demonstrate learning. The professor knows if you are learning or falling back on your past star reputation, and trying to wing it. An experience professor can see learning by the way you present yourself. Only the immature steps out in front to get attacked and have ideas discredited. The process of learning teaches you to develop a strategy. The strategy will involve, having a though or an idea, and deciding that since humanity is riding the same globe, and influenced by the same environmental factors responsible for thought, check out humanity. Go to a library, physical or technological and throw your idea out to the universe, past and present, and see how many hits you get around the same idea. The more hits you get, the better you are and the stronger paper you can write. Your professor will be impressed with your research of the universe, and the way you place your idea in the middle of universal thought. If the professor is of the temperament to shut down your ideas, and some are, he will have to shut down your cited sources. The purpose of college learning is to learn from others, and you will find yourself in a win – win situation. This is also where the “A” grades are. Failing while smart is a familiar problem in college, especially with students who mistakenly think they know all there is to know. Education is a process, the degree is the product, you must go through the process to get to the product.

Put your ego on the back burner, and develop a strategy for getting through and out of the institution, and the gatekeepers to the exit door are your professors. Through the doors of the college walks your future, do not slow it down or mess it up because of you. Life is not fair, and all the obstacles you will encounter are in place to maintain the status quo. When you return to school you are stepping out of one stratified position to go into another. The American system is designed to keep people in their assigned places, you are preparing to change the rules and the players, and it will be exciting.

The world of the 21st century is a world of technology. It is therefore suggested that you include some money courses in your degree program. The basic liberal arts degree will qualify you to work today in restaurants, specialty shops and department stores. You will be knowledgably without knowing how to do anything. The market pays for skills and talents; therefore take subjects and areas of concentrations that will make it possible for you to secure employment and be able to pay your student loans. Computer engineering, math, science and education will place you in a more favorable job market. You will become a better person as the results of your education, it is however your responsibility to earn a living for yourself. Your degree could be your entrance into the technology field, health services, legal services, architecture and design. Make your education more than a talking platform.





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