Religion should be about helping people find the Kingdom of God here on earth. If your religion turns into a death preparatory session, providing instructions for getting into heaven, it is time to change churches. Remember you have to die to get to heaven, Jesus came to teach us how to live and experience the kingdom of God during our earthly experience. We are going to talk about the culture of poverty and suggest some methods for getting out of poverty and entering the kingdom of heaven on earth.

America has always had slums, and poor sections of town. People in poverty come in all sizes shapes and colors. During the depression years, poverty had the face of Europe and immigrants escaping starvation and oppression. Those days are long gone, and most immigrants have lost the memory of those days, and try to pretend they have always been part of the wealth and privilege of this nation. Today the color of poverty in America is brown, but the stories are the same.

You break out of poverty the same way it has been done over the decades. Find the cheapest apartment you can afford, seek employment in minimum wage positions; work McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King at the same time and squeeze one evening of school or college in and get on the transformation train. Go to school, shut up, listen and learn.
Listen for clues to the doorway out of poverty. Learn skills, which someone will pay to share for a salary. If you live in poverty, you know nothing- when and if you know, you move. Fast-talking and loud talking are the mark of ignorance, and until you know enough to move, shut up. Make education your drug of choice, and study until all of your friends leave you, your family will think you are strange, and you will not even know yourself. The path to transformation is walking through the door of fear and the unknown.
Breaking out of poverty will be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, the failure rate is very high and the price expensive in the cost of emotional capital. If you are serious you must be prepared to become an immigrant in a new country. You must follow all of the steps taken by immigrants and prepare your self mentally and physically for a journey that will take a toll on your identity and your health.
Individuals who are motivated to leave the land of their birth have at some time made the decision that they cannot survive in present surroundings, and for the sake of their own well being and the future they make extreme sacrifices and changes. Carefully research the area you are to which you intend to immigrate, learn the culture, including behavior traits, expectations, music, foods, shelter, relationships between men and women. Pay careful attention to what is acceptable and expected. Identify the leaders and determine how they can help you adjust to the new environment.
Be prepared to change your clothing and physical look with respect to hairstyle and clothing. Pack your bag with all of your worldly possessions, say goodbye to your family and close friends, and accept the idea that once you immigrate to the new country, you will no longer we welcomed into the inner intimate circle again.
If you are strong enough to endure these challenges, welcome to the world of changing social classes and moving out of the culture of poverty. The doorway out of poverty starts with education. There are really two doors, the first door is education and the second door is religion. These are dangerous exit paths, if you select the wrong path in education, you will fall down a dark hole of despair. If you select the wrong path in religion, you will fall down the same dark hole, you will just be shouting and singing. Public schools serving minority and poor students in New York City are path to dark holes. Churches helping you get into heaven as fast as you can with out experiencing the joys of life are also paths to dark holes. You will need both the school and the church for your great escape. Rescuing Someone From The Culture Of Poverty

Drug abuse, legal and illegal are often the bio- chemical substances used by the poor, and distributed by the status quo to prevent any serious movement among the social and economic classes and are factors in the poverty sustaining game. What is interesting is the sometime relationship and similarity between some caught in the culture of poverty, and children of the wealthy and privileged. At times, members in both groups have an empty feeling often disguised as unhappiness or depression. The emptiness is caused by the absence of a spiritual center, that spirit that reveals that the individual, in America, is a co-creator of life and can choose responses. In America the social class and the economic class are manipulated in planned games. Today in 21st century America the legal and illegal drug epidemic has transferred to the white middle class community and is destroying the gains made in the suburbs and rural communities. This suggests that the rich can become the next poverty group if they do not get control over this drug issue.
It is called a game and the players in the game are unknowing participants. Individuals caught in this system can often rationalize why they are in situations, and most honestly believe that they have the skills and the ability to change their system when desired. Many see themselves as victims responding to major changes in their lives and will be able to right any wrongs given enough time and circumstances.
Most are unaware that the system is like a web designed to trap them and the web grows stronger the more the individual struggles for freedom. Major institutions in American society are designed to sustain the system. Education, health care and religion play a major factor in preventing the individuals from obtaining the skills necessary for escape.
It is impossible for the individual to use intellectual energy to solve problems of entrapment because entrapment starts in the mind, and unless they are “Renewed by the transforming of the mind.” It is impossible to use the mind to solve the problem, entrapment occurs in the mind making it impossible to use the mind to escape the system.
Women and girls, rich and poor, trapped in the system have often been the victims of some form of abuse in childhood, and developed a feeling of worthlessness and low self esteem as the results of not being protected by care givers from the abuser.
This poor self worth and low self-esteem directs some into behaviors resulting in negative response from family members. If the abuser was a member of the family or care giver, there will be an unspoken resentment of the individual for becoming a victim and a sincere desire that the abuse matter will quietly go away and not discussed at family events.
The family becomes more important than the victim and all efforts to maintain and encourage silence will be expected. Abusive behaviors destroy the soul of the child and results in sexual behaviors on the part of females and anti-social violent behaviors on the part of males. Low self- esteem makes it difficult for individuals to mate with responsive and correct partners, and cycles of abusive relations continue into adulthood or until some form of healing takes place. Through long series of events individuals find themselves involved in the legal system, and or system preventing them from securing employment or completing educational programs enabling them to change the economic status of their lives.
Educational opportunities determine socio-economic environments. Economic disadvantage communities attract educators and civil servants skilled in maintaining the status quo. Health care services are designed to medicate individuals enough to keep them out of the mainstream of society. Churches help individuals prepare for a better life after death and do not address the issues of living a fulfilled life on earth.
The poor relate to poverty religion and a type of service where emotional expressions are encouraged. Individuals are taught to accept their sinful nature and seek forgiveness in the next world. Social workers are not prepared to help individuals make significant changes in social situations and the role is to make sure the individuals have food stamps and basic and ineffective health care service.
Individuals are often places on high- risk pharmacological regiments with side effects more harmful than the condition for which they were prescribed. Individuals caught in this system often surrounds themselves with similar individuals caught in the same system; they offer warmth and support for each other.
Poverty on the outside appear negative to outsiders, but a closer review would indicate that they are supportive of each other, non judgmental and offer the emotional psychological support a healthy family would provide.
Individuals caught in this system must accept:
· Their perception is not reliable
· They must back out of the system they are living in
· They must secure employment in a minimum wage position, and often two or three positions
· They must make arrangements to register in a college program for adult learners
· They must submit themselves to a credential program enabling them to take charge of their lives
· Do not work for yourself, the creative forces in the mind will be working, but the discipline to work for someone else is what is required to change your life.
· Pay for quality health care; do not use manage care insurance programs for the poor. Find a doctor in a different neighborhood and save enough to pay for health care in cash. Use cash until you are able to secure health insurance through employment.
· Give up poverty churches or find the largest church with progressive programs designed to help people meet the challenges of life rather than prepare for death. If everyone in your church is poor and stressed, it is time to find a different church.
· Drop all of your friends, wish them well and tell them you will see them on the other side of recovery.
· Drop your family if they are a contributing factor in your pain and dysfunction.
You can change your life if you change your thoughts, forget the forgiveness routine and get on with your life; the best revenge is success, and no one has the power or the right to define your existence or abuse your body or predict your future. The greatest achievers in human society have been individuals who took back their lives from abusers and went on to live out the life they can achieve. The past does not predict the future, achieve success and reward your self in the name of the person who tried to destroy your spirit. Do not forgive, forget, move on and excel.

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