Religion and sacred scripture may be telling us the wrong thing, and unless there is an angel on hand, people can suffer and die. Abraham, the father of the three major faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, made some bad mistakes and judgement calls. He bartered his wife for his freedom in Egypt, saying she was his sister, partially true, but at the time she was his wife. Abraham, has intimate relations with his wife maid, then banishes the maid and her young son to the desert to die. David, the earthly ancestoral seed of Jesus, takes to bed anoth man’s wife, and sends the man off to war to be killed. The bible is filled with truth and wisdom, just make sure you have an angel sitting on your shoulder to help you understand God’s word.

This paper will discuss the idea of the development of a merged path of faith for the 21st century. Today the members of the Abraham faiths, Jews, Christians and Muslims, are behaving badly. Israel, the home of the Jews, have become a powerful nation, and demonstrates thoughts and behaviors of oppression towards  Palestine, refusing to accept the idea that they are the same people from the same heritage, and instead- demonstrating behaviors and attitudes of  European oppressors of WW2.

Christian churches in America spend more time and sermons on hating and excluding gay people from houses of worship or rights in the American society, than teaching the Gospel and how to love God and love your neighbor.

In the MiddleEast, home of the third branch of the Abraham faiths, Muslims permit pictures of beheading people in the cause of religion and sacred directions. Something is wrong, it is time to look at who we are as the seeds of Abraham, and perhaps there is another way to carry out the ancient beliefs and traditions, in other words, we need an angels to check our mistakes.


The Torah, the Bible, the Koran contain the coded messages for the people of God to carry out and fulfill his/Her awesome purpose. There are those who engage in complex writings and speculations concerning the reality and purpose of the creation. There are those who may engage in mental gymnastics discussions concerning good, evil and its purpose or origin. The discussions may make for exciting mystery reading, but it fails to address the questions concerning the people of God in the 21st century.


There are three major religious traditions effecting billions of people through ideas, beliefs, conflicts and directions. There are 15 million people in the world who are considered Jews by virtue of their birth and traditional beliefs. They carry with them the oral and written traditions coming out of Africa and spreading throughout the known world. The history of the world, past present and future are held in the coded wisdom of the divinely inspired writers of the Torah. Jews hold fast to this divinely inspired wisdom with selfish devotion, thinking that they alone should posses God’s keys to His kingdom. They pass these secrets down to their children and grandchildren, and as a results of these God given secrets, they have managed to survive in the face of hostility against them by the peoples of the world.


Secret knowledge and wisdom tends to engender jealously and hostility. Selfishness will attract the anger resentment and violence from others struggling for basic survival. There are 15 million Jews in the world. There should be at least 1 billion, and there is the possibility of those 15 million reducing in number if they do not open up the books of the Torah, and reveal and share its wisdom with the people of God.

Christianity[1], which by world census accounts, is the largest religion with 2 billion spoken members. Its focus on suffering, pain, forgiveness and relief, has presented a message that is receptive to the world. Christianity is God’s attempt to address the needs of the underserved and undercounted. It goes into the dark cellars of oppression and provides some ray of light for those covered in the darkness of despair. Christianity is the soap and the salve of the world. It cares about those covered with the crawling insect, which tends to thrive on dead or dying flesh. It cares about the child who can only sit quietly and try to ignore in flies sucking the living fluids from wide sadden eyes. It cares about the woman who must continue to bear pain and bring life into the world even though the process of conceiving that life was through force and pain. It cares about the mental confusion of those who have minds clouded by the torture of their existence and go about their daily life with the invisible scars seen only to their helpless soul Christianity has a message for the hopeless and loveless, that in the heart of God as represented by His Son Jesus the Christ, there is the soap of cleanliness and the salve to sooth the pain, and more important than anything, the eyes of God sees and knows of their existence. Christianity has the secret to manipulate the cellular structure of the physical body, through the mind, and transform lives and conditions. This is a powerful tool, and the reason why the religion has international acceptance wherever the people of God learn about it.

The Koran [2], with the writings of the “last prophet” is the fastest growing religion in the world. It has 1.5 billion people, and will soon surpass Christianity as the largest religion in the world. There is an advantage in being the “last.” The last usually contains the wisdom of the first, the following and combines what has been tried and proven and provides directions for avoiding mistakes. The Koran takes the best of the teachings of the Torah, acknowledges the teaching and power of Christianity, and provides some effective rules of living for the people of God.

The Torah and the Jews have the secret codes of life, but they do not share them.

Christianity accepts all who are sick and heavy laden and gives they relief and rest, but it does not demand anything of them, or provide directions for how they could avoid some to the self induced stress which could be the results of life choices and life styles. With the acceptance of a few truths and the repeating of a few words, Christianity promises the power of forgiveness. Christianity weakness comes from a history of repeat business. As soon as the soiled are cleaned and the wounds are healed by the salve of restoration, the mind clouds over, and forgetfulness sets in. The power of forgiveness often produces the condition of forgetfulness and the cycles are often repeated.

The process of being “born again” is, in some cases, repeated over and over again. Most prisoners “get religion and “get saved” while they are sitting in a cell waiting out their sentence. Christianity works for them in prison, but it does not guide their lives outside the cells of confinement. The flaw in Christianity is that it is a convenient religion and does not ask of its members to demonstrate lives of permanent commitment.

The Torah gives man the Laws of God as given to Moses through the Ten Commandments. Then the Jewish people themselves put together a congress of thinkers and planners to study the meaning of the Laws. They established a Supreme Court to interpreter the meaning of the laws, and they encourage scholars to argue and debate the meaning of the law as it applies to the human condition. They then made a declaration of what it meant to be Jewish. They defined their existence and identity. They set up rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to be considered to be in compliance with the law. The Torah gave the Jew the power to set up governments within the family. Each home was a miniature state with rules and governing boards and together these families make up a separate nation.


               The secret and strength of the Jewish nation is that it has no rules prohibiting it from interacting and living with outside nations. They can engage in commerce in order to support their own individual family states. They have the secret of understanding that God is money and commerce in circulation, and the free use there of has resulted in Jews becoming some of the wealthiest people on the planet. This has caused much resentment because their numbers are not large, but their religion permits them access to power and thought. This they do not share. This history of not sharing the secrets of God’s plan has resulted in the deaths of millions on the cross of resentment and envy. The mind of God is with the Jews and contained in the secrets of the Torah.

Christianity, coming out of the Jewish history and traditions, elected to follow a different path of faith. Christianity elected to center itself on the forgotten of humanity. There were successful Jews and were praised and celebrated for their accomplishments. They followed the laws of Moses, as they understood them, and did well. There were however, those who could not follow the law, questioned the law, or for some reason refused to follow the law. What was to be their fate? The forgotten Jew? The misfit Jew, the questioning Jew, the emotionally troubled Jew, the fallen woman who was Jewish, these the torch of Christianity lifted up its light in a darken harbor to show the way. The unwanted, the unwashed, and the rejected the message of Christianity said come and is accepted. And, they came by the millions.


The Koran, with the power of hindsight, and being the late comer, looks over the people of the world, and with the inspired wisdom given to the “last prophet” writes down God’s guide for living on this complex planet called earth. The Koran takes the rules of God as given as laws to Moses, and followed by the Jewish people, and records them and shares these secrets with others.

The Koran takes the compassion of Christianity and its insights into the causes and cures for the people stressed out from the reality of the conditions of the world, and teaches the necessity of awareness and service to those who are lost and needy.

It is now time for the development of a new religion, which will incorporate all the wisdoms of the past, the errors of the present and develop guideline for universal living as members of one global family.

Man needs religion, and that is why he created them. There must be a set of understandable rules and laws relating to the human condition, which most men of reason can agree upon. The period of the wars of the gods is passing. The gods of the east and west have lost. They fought brave battles. They killed or caused the death of millions in their quest for power. The gods of heaven have had centuries of power and rule over thought. If we return to the secrets of the Torah and the scriptures we note that it says that the carbon unit called man was created from the ground.

Creation was a ground formation, not a heavenly formation. Perhaps this means that the gods of the future will center on man and his earthly formation. Perhaps man cannot look completely to the heavens for solutions to his problems.

Perhaps man must accept the fact that he cannot compete with the heavenly gods and their endless battles. Man will always lose when competing with the gods. Perhaps the mythological tree of life and wisdom in the Garden of Eden was meant to be eaten. Perhaps it is necessary for man to accept his bite of the apple of wisdom and go forth and become co creators of the universe.

The Torah, Christianity and the Koran block this trend of thought. The three major religions however all report on Adam, the man taking the bite out of the tree, which God placed in the garden. It is time for man to chew that piece of apple held in his mouth and swallow it, and let the seed develop inside of him and branch forth into a new understanding of the meaning of life and purpose.

The new religion will allow man to explore the universe, visit the world of the gods and explore new world and different creations. In order for man to this, he must release himself from the confines of traditional religions of hate fear and separation.

We may spend centuries trying to get to understand the religions of this world. We may never be able to accept the do’s and don’t required by the three major world’s religions. Forget the acceptance and understanding and bravely go forth where no man has ever gone before.

The 21st century will be an age of exploration. Religion must not prevent man from going on his greatest adventure. The Mecca of mankind is the journey into the unknown. Each religion will give us a guide with respect to how to treat and accept differences. Moses gave us the laws for human interaction, and could be a guide for entity interactions.

Jesus calls us not to judge but to be open to conditions, which life gives expression to. Mohammed clearly helps us to understand, that if it is not written, it is not an effect guide for behavior. The role of the prophet is to point the way to the future and to help prepare the way for what is to come.

The Abrahamic religions are combined into one powerful religion, the word of God as revealed through the prophets. The purpose of that revelation is the Elijah process, the preparing the way of life’s journey into the new world. The Messiah of our human nature will lift us out of despair and darkness, and give us the courage to take the first steps into the kingdom.

Perhaps we the Jew, the Christian and the Muslim can call ourselves Abrahamics, the people of the prophets. We can accept the history of our bondage in a strange land as a time of preparation and reflection. We can accept the suffering death and resurrection and the birth process necessary to enter into a new life. We can accept the Wisdom of Mohammed as the observer and recorder of human history, and the finger pointing the way to another doorway to reality.

As we walk through that doorway we meet the Buddha, a religion developed from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama who in 535 BCE, received enlightment and assumed the title Buddha. He points a way not centered on extremes of flesh mortification or hedonism. The philosophical nature of Buddhism has avoided much of the conflicts of the Abrahamic religions. Through the paths of faith to enlightment we meet the Japanese religion of Shinto founded in 500 BCE   and we can include the wisdom of the “Four Affirmations” in Shinto[3]. These and the ideas from Confucianism founded in 500 BCE, Jainism founded in 420 BCE, Taoism founded in 440 CE, helps man to understand that God speaks to all men. There is no source of wisdom more valuable than any other. Western traditions have ignored theses world traditions, but the future of the world will depend upon the extent to which it can review and use these wise inspirations and consider them pages in the book of life and living.


[1] Christianity started out as a breakaway sect of Judaism 30 + CE about 2,000 years ago. There are many forms of Christianity, which have developed because of disagreement on dogma, adaptation to different cultures, or simply personal taste. There may be so many different forms of Christianity that it may seem like different religions.

[2] Mohammed the Prophet in Medina founded Islam in 622 CE. It is the world’s youngest religion. It teaches the 5 Pillars of Islam which are: 1. Recite the shahdah at least once. Perform the salat (prayer) 5 times a day while facing Mecca3. Donate regularly to charity via the zakat, a 2.5 % charity tax, and through additional donations to the needy.4. Fast during the month a Ramadan, the month Mohammed received the Qu’ran from Allah5. Make at least one pilgrimage to Mecca if economically and physically possible

[3] Shinto Four traditionsTradition and Family: the family is the main mechanism by which traditions are preserved. Love of nature: nature is sacred and natural objects are to be worshipped as sacred spirits. Physical cleanliness: they must take baths, wash their hands, and rinse their mouths often. Matsuri: festival, which honors the spirit.

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