Reduce the cost of living so that the American family can enjoy the dream. Profits have gone up, but wages have not, a poor man cannot buy goods and services, and the elimination of proverty increases the bottom line of corporate America. America is eliminating proverty in the world, not with the gun, but education. America teaches the world about wealth, and a wealthy well fed man is not a fighting man. Rich people do not fight. It is time to bring the formula home. help American families to live the dream of wealth by reducing the cost of living.

 I have not got it all figured out yet, but I woke up to a report about the decrease in gas prices at the pump. I also saw a report about the Jersey Shore and families planning to spend their Labor Day Holiday going to the Shore. I heard one business man say that business was very good because his business took the emphasis off tourist trade and tried to make a more family friendly environment. He noticed that teenagers were coming with their families, and fathers were proud to be able to bring their families to entertainment events suitable for the entire family. It reminded me of my childhood days when our family use to go to Atlantic City as special event. Families could been seen all over the Boardwalk and beaches. Atlantic City, over the years switched to a major profit event for the rich and famous, all most totally blocking out the needs of the family for the enjoyment of God’s resources, the Atlantic Ocean shores. Today Atlantic City is the entertainment center for wheel chairs, walkers and canes, children are hidden and not visible, and without addressing the needs of the American family inclusive and in total, the question of sustainability becomes evident. The family is the foundation of the American dream, and helping the American family to realize and achieve its goals is the secret of wealth. Help God’s people to live the promised kingdom of God and the universe itself will unlock the secrets of sustainable profits. Feed the family spiritually, emotionally and physically and profits will increase. Make a joyful noise to the Lord in song, dance and the heart will be lifted up in health and wellness. It is time to  prime the pump so that the well will give up the wealth of financial waters.

Help American families; reduce the cost of living an average life. The stock markets have had an unprecedented successful run, and since there has not been the same process in the improvement of wages it is only fare to reduce prices.

Reduce the price of staple healthy foods such as bread, cereals, eggs, bacon, fruit and vegetables chicken, fish and meat. Reduce the price of going to the movies; reduce the price of sports entertainment and entrance to family events. Half of sporting events are empty because a fathers cannot afford the price of a ticket for himself his son, daughter and wife, including the expensive food venders. Reduce those prices, and make family entertainment a reality.

Most of my work involves helping adults make transformational changes in their lives, change and transformation comes through education. Today many thinking adults are blocked out of a transformation experience because they are reluctant to approach the tar baby of college loans. America needs to get rid of the college loans, and make the path way to social, spiritual, and educational transformation a possibility.

Make it possible for a man or woman to take care of a family and entertain a family with healthy activities. Lowering the price of goods and services will not decrease the bottom line of businesses, it will increase profit. Volume business is more productive and beneficial than high price selective business. I think I remember a business called Woolworth 5 & 10 , it was the use of the principle of reducing the cost to the customer, which resulted in profit in the millions. Eliminating the greed factor, and considering the needs and purchasing ability of people increased wealth. Reducing the cost of bread will result in more bread sold and less hungry families. Reducing the cost of affordable housing for families, will result in families staying together and helping to raise the next generation. Good business increases the bottom line, the system of greed will eventually cause the destruction of the company. The secret of wealth is still, you must give it away in order to sustain it and have growth. Reducing the cost of gas has resulted in people traveling, shopping, entertaining and living well and happy lives. Selling to more people, increased job opportunities and more men with jobs created a better economy, the country is better when all boats are lifted.

Include more American families in the dream that is America, and profits will go up with the quality of life.

Lower or exclude the cost of going to college, education is the doorway out of poverty and if that doorway is blocked by impossible cost and criminal ponzi student loans, then the dream is forgotten and the reality of hopelessness sets in.

Hopelessness leads to depression and mental illness, and it is the mentally ill that presents as the biggest problem in modern day urban America. People have lost their way and have not only lost the will to fight, but do not know how to start the fight.

Just something I was thinking about.

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