The rags to riches story of America inspires the world. The slavery to wealth story validates our glory. The mass movement of millions of people from all nationalities, greeds and genders demonstrate to the world that peace among human beings is possible. America has reluctantly assumed the responsibility of trying out the “Brave New World” before other nations join in. America is an awesome responsibility, and thank God He sends the best to lead this great nation. President Obama understands and has provided excellent leadership in these challening times, as did president Bush through his challenges. America must now lead in the area of education as a means to eliminating hunger and poverty in our time. Education must go after racism and religion and make sure man is doing the will of God rather than creating beliefs to justify the mistreatment of others. If Christianity is the source of racism in America, then Christianity must change to adjust to the belief that all men are the same and from the same family of God.

               Christians are not permitted or encouraged to question scripture and would never go that deep into scripture to determine meaning and reference, it is however referenced here because this scripture influences American thought about peoples of color and how they should be treated. If teachers tend to come from these two major groups and influnced by religious teachings, then it would be almost impossible to  change beliefs. If the Bible reference peoples of color as a cursed people, then something is wrong, since 75% of the world’s populations are peoples of color, and the Hebrews, themselves are an ancient people of color. Then what is the meaning of this chapter and where is the falacy in its teachings? The Old Testament is the history and stories of the recorded events occurring to the people on the continent of Africa, specifically north Africa. The New Testament follows up with mythologies and events passed down from the Middle East. These are all peoples of color, this begs the question with respect to who is God cursing, and what is the nature of that curse? Who transformed this story of creation and early history, and for what purpose? This would suggests that the birth place of man, which scientist have identified as Africa, is cursed, then all of humankind was cursed from creation, the question is why? Why create a people and develop various story lines to justify that curse? Can or would God curse him or herself, and if mankind is made in the image and likeness of God, then to curse mankind is to curse the self, this does not make logical sense. Perhaps it is time for the Christian faiths to enter into the discussions of scripture and come up with meaning and purpose, which can bring man closer to his purpose and his creator. With this thought and reference out of the way, this writer will now address the question education in New York City and what part can the church play in the transformation of people and belief systems?






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