Public universities should control the public schools in the United States. Several states have already recognized the need for over site and supervision of select schools in select communities, they should go further and place all public schools under state universities. Universities can train and certify teachers, supervise the performance of the teachers and provide additional course work where required. It is necessary for American education to get on the same page. Teachers are taught one body of information, and placed in positions expecting a difference body of knowledge resulting in teacher failure and student failure. This failure cost the goverment billions of dollars, suggesting the goverment, Federal State and Local is paying for its own failure of its teachers and students. Religion has led the way in addressing this problem, the RCC and Protestant Universities and churches have taken the lead in correcting this wrong in some American education institutions.

Public Universities should control the public schools


Public Universities should take over the public schools and supervise the instructional preparation and instructional delivery of teachers and to students. Colleges prepare students for life in relationships, employment and professional career choices. The public school, unfortunately, in a significant percentage of the population does not prepare students for college. If students cannot get to college they will not be prepared for the 21st century and future centuries. Higher education in the United States is not free, public or private. Students are burdened with thousands of dollars in student loans for an education, which often fails to provide the skills expected. College students in pedagogical courses should expect to be job ready for teaching assignments. Parents should expect students attending the public schools should be college ready at least for the public colleges. This is not happening today. State Universities should take over and maintain a follow through on all of its students to determine if they are receing the services for which thousands of dollars were paid. The goverment on the local levels should have some method to determine that the billions in taxed dollars spent is getting its money worth. Failure cost more than success. It is time to throw out the cold war strategy used to try to destroy the United States through the destruction of its education system. An entire private education system was developed to prevent the success of this strategy. Thousands of students in economically challenged communities are still trapped in this cold war strategy, sadly many parents fight to keep failing schools. Those with wisdom and support system have fled this cold war project, but still thousands are still left behind. Leave no man behind, leave no family behind, leave no teacher behind, and leave no child behind in this battle for the future. This was a war, we won the war, but we left our wounded on the battlefield. It is time for all of us to come out together. Public Universities can go back for those left behind and bring them out on our shoulders.

            Some of the pedagogical ideas coming out of the last half of the 20th century were wrong and has sent a traditionally outstanding education system back to the dark ages. Teachers are educated to accept Eugenics as a science of thought and teaching strategies. Select populations are considered substandard and without ability to perform successfully in academic environments because of historical events and language differences. African Americans are considered hampered by the elements of slavery of their ancestors and permanently afflicted with stressful memories preventing them from developing the cognitive skills for academic performances. Students coming from homes with dual languages, specifically Spanish, are not equip to function in the learning environment. This is crazy talk and thought, but influences the belief systems of those working with children.

            During the 1970’s, professionals decided that the teaching of structures of language relating to spelling, grammar, punctuations and modes of speech should not be required of students. Teachers were encouraged to accept all forms of presentations in creative writings and speech. The theory behind this concept was that forcing student to learn Standard English writings and speech were considered to disrespect to the culture students were bringing to the classroom. The states continued to mark students on performance on standardized, and the failure rate was high.

            The policy of teaching one curriculum and testing students on a different curriculum continues until today and a significant number of American students are not prepared for the test of college. A significant number of new teachers have difficulty during the first five years of teaching for similar reasons. Individuals entering the preparation process for teaching are required to learn one curriculum in education courses but are required to a different skill set for the classroom. Many teachers are confused with the difficulty of the teaching assignment and emotional upset by low evaluations based on skill levels. Some teachers experience difficulty with state certification examination because examinations questions and content does not relate to information received in pedagogical courses. This break down in the American education system must be corrected. Individuals preparing for a profession in teaching should be provided with the required skill set. Teachers should receive the curriculum that students are required to know in order to be considered educated by the state. The state should eliminate the process of requiring teachers to teach one curriculum and then send in evaluators to test the students and the teachers on a different curriculum and a different set of variables.

            Public universities should assume the responsibility to monitor the common core knowledge base of teachers and students in the public schools, and require that public schools teach to the test of colleges and universities.

            Private and religious higher education institutions seem to be operating on a different system, suggesting that students in some of these institutions are job ready for teaching in the classroom, and academically ready for admittance to college. If the private and religious sector can prepare and educate the same population, with out race or blame, public institutions can do the same. It is time for America to eliminate Eugenics from its curriculum, it is incorrect and has failed, and since the data is flawed, it has caused confusion and billions of dollars spent in a failed educational preparation and delivery system.

Delores E. Harris Harrison, is a Certified Teacher in the State of New York, and worked for years as a college professor in a Catholic College, teaching education courses.

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