Our prison systems are filled because segments of our American society does not want to see black doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, professors, scientist, bankers and captains of industry. Slavery is not legal, but denying the black man equal opportunities is the greatest challenge to those who think because they look like God, they alone are entitled to the benefits of His world. World War 2 was about entitlements and rights, and those who were considered inferior did not have the right to life. Here in America, we do not have ovens, but we do have life killing prison systems. All life matters and those who think they are better than others are in for a rude awakening.

End our prison system as we know it today. Human societies have always had prison systems, but the American prison system is different. People who do wrong and hurt others need to be punished and at time put away from society. What America has is a system, which seeks to reduce potential workers and participants in society. American society is selected for the individuals selected to participate in the goods and wealth of the land, to the exclusion of individuals who might attempt to take away benefits. Prisons reduces the amount of lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, business and financial people who will challenge the rights of all to have an equal opportunity for success.

Education is the key to ending our unfair prison system. A child who does not receive an education has no chance. He has not learned how to pproblem solve in school, because from birth he is cursed with poor parents, who do not know how to help and placed in an education system that expects his failure. The education system of black men and the poor are designed for future penal institutions. The middle and working class are not smarter than the black man or the poor, it is just they are placed in different systems. Middle class children are placed in schools where teachers not only have high expectations, but parents are aware of the fact that it is their responsibility to help their children. Minority parents are fed a religion of poverty and told that God wants the children to be poor and to help a child with school work goes against the will of God.

During slavery in the British North American Colonies, slaves, black and white, were taught a Gospel of poverty, and to help anyone avoid poverty was going against the will of God. Crazy …yes but people were conditioned to believe that we would always have the poor among us and to be black and poor was a blessing. In many cases poor people fought for the right to be poor, and exhibited behaviors that would keep them poor, in prison and closer to God.

This is crazy and it has to change. You cannot change the prison system without changing the school system and in some situation the “poor” church system. Middle class folks pay for tutors and corporations to teach children what they are not getting in school. Children are trained to learn and how to learn. They are train how to test and how to prepare for and take a test. The “poor” church folks would consider that a sin. Helping with homework and showing children how to solve problems and do things, are sins, and poor folks and minorities do not like to sin. Most teachers learn to teach to the test is cheating, and cheating is a sin. Teachers therefore, are trained not to teach children what they need to know to be successful. Teachers who produce successful minority students are punished. If the belief is that minorities cannot learn, and any learning takes place, then cheating has also taken place. Minorities into prisons and others into universities. But miracles happen, minorities were learning, graduating and achieving because good teachers were teaching above and beyond the call of duty. It was the teachers who said, free us and let us teach, we know how to do it. It was also this miracle and this cry, which said change our prison syste, and thus education stepped in and said, we can change things. We know how to put students in university seats rather than prison benches, and so a new American revolution was born, end prison slavery.

There must be a vested interest in education and non prison systems, just as it is in prison systems. Massive tutorial programs should be started to help children know right from wrong and the right way to do academic work. Helping is not cheating, and kids should not have to wait to die or go to jail to get heavenly rewards. Someone is playing a big con on the American people, the question is, can we still afford to play the game.

Our American system is planned, organized and operated on zip codes, it is the zip codes of blacks and minorities, which determine future prison profits.  It is a shame that the prison industry is a billion dollar institution, with share holders and bottom line accountability.

Slavery is over, the Revolution War is over, the Civil War is over, we defeated and won both at great cost. Our wars were fought for life liberty and freedom for all men, and we will no longer tolerate a sneaky slavery system. Prison is slavery, it about power, state power and religious power. It is time for God to get out of the prison business and free the minds and spirits of a people who believe that to imprison a man is the will of God and the best interest of society. Man was uneducated into prison, and man must be educated out of its zip code system.


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