The prison systems of Europe created some of the best parts of America, perhaps it is time for America to use her own prison system to create another world. Racism, injustice, police frustration and abuse, people our American prison system, and is sustained by that same abuse by prison guards who participate in or turn a blind eye to those suffering in our prisons. Society is not judged by its wealth, fine cars and beautiful people, but how it treats the least and the weak. We are who we are when no one is looking, and no one is looking at what is happening in our prison systems. Who are the people in our system, and how did they get there? America came out of a penal system created by England, it is time to get rid of the one we created out of the call of liberty and justice for all.

Out of the worst of the old world came the creation and development of one of the greatest nations and people of the world. England put in prison some of  her best and brightest, people considered to be a pain in the neck because they listened to the music of a different song and marched to the tune of a different beat. Those she did not want, those she grew tired of seeing  on her streets and teaching them what was right and what was wrong from the privilegded man’s point of view, were shipped to the new world and her colonies. Who were these people so hated and dispised that England selected the worst from among them as policemen and supervisors? What was England like in the 1600 to create a group of people so angry and frustrated over conditions of life that they sought ways of expressions that was causing upset and confusion?

England shipped her poor and her Irish out of her sight and established penal colonies thousands of miles away and cross life changing oceans. The  British North American southern colonies, and the country of Australia would be the receipient of the unwanted people from Europe.

Evil may have been the motivating force for the project, but God was in its design and purpose. Today the heart and soul of America is Irish. The stone that England rejected became the corner foundation of a great land. What could we as a people do with our rejected to create another world?

Our prison systems number about 2 million individuals, cut off from society, family and friends, because something in the American system  put them on a path of contempt and frustration. We produce and create our prison system by the way we treat the helpless, the frustrated, the needy and the greedy. Injustice and inattention produces an unwanted citizen. Racism and hatreds creates a man who is willing to die in the streets and take other with him. Not paying attention to mental health signals in children will produce mad adults who devalue the meaning of life and become the silent sneaky face slasher in our urban centers.

Creating a feeling of entitlement in some people, makes them develop creative systems of thinking, which results in ponzi  and hedge fund schemes designed to take away the resources of the get rich quick greedy.

America does not want to see these people who cause them physical, emotional or financial pain, so we lock them up, we put them in the holes of our deepest prisons. Wanting them out of our sight, we make no effort to see what is happening to them. Most are raped and physically abused, fed God knows what, served by the other imprisoned souls, just serving out their angry time.

Maybe it is time to start a new country, the 2 million men and women could perhaps create a new world relating to solving their own inability to fit into developed systems.

We have a true and tried model of what could happen if the rejects had an opportunity to do their own thing. Location would be the biggest challenge, it would have to be some place where the environment was temperate and pleasant, hard places makes hard people. The weather cannot be too hot or too cold, it has to be a land blessed by God with all the survival necessities of life, such as plant and animals.

Maybe we the people in order to create a better quality of life for those challenged around us, need to create a space within our own country, right in the middle of this land intended to do the right thing for all. A Space For Grace, a special piece of land set up within America where people can go to live and work together to solve life’s problems using what is best about America.  This concept comes from my church. Many years ago, in an effort to answer the needs of a multicultural and diverse congregation, each wanting theirown spiritual needs addressed, The Rev. Dr. James Forbes dropped a church inside of a church. The Space for Grace in the Riverside Church is very successful, as the church continues to serve the needs of thousands of members and people in the urban community.

It is time to get rid of our million man prison system, and put in its place, a space for grace where families can live together and individuals have their individual and collective needs net.

Included in this Space For Grace community should be colleges, universities and a fundamental education system, teaching a common core of values individuals need to know in order to understand the complexities of human societies. It is time to release all of that pent up energy and use it as generators and power to fuel the greater society within.

At the end of WW2 America judged Germany for the way she treated and killed millions of Jews. We cannot turn our backs and say, we did not know what was happening in our prison system.

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