Prayer is not enough. Prayer will not reduce rage and violence. Prayer will not stop child sexual abuse or abuse of women. Prayer will not stop gang violence. The answer is in the Bible if and when we read it right. Before Jesus preached to people, He addressed the reality concerns of their life. Looking at how Jesus handled life’s problems can give directions for addressing world’s problems. We look to the miracle recorded in the Gospel. Food played a significant part in Jesus ministry to the world, suggesting that food causes behavioral changes in the brain releasing a calming substance effecting the pleasure nerve centers. Jesus gathered thousands of individuals on a hill to hear a message He was commissioned to deliver. Thousands of people with thousands of views and thousands of cultural beliefs. Thousands of people each possessing the human characteristics to fear, hate, anger, love peace, kindness, hostility, patience, joy and greed. With the bounty of the earth represented by four loaves of bread, and gift from the great seas, suggested by the two fish, He fed the multitude. The symbolic message is that all the resources needed to sustain life are contained within the earth, created million of God’s years before the creation of man. Food was provided on the earth before man and woman were created and given the task of caring for the earth and its future. The secret to addressing the problems confronting human civilizations may be the field and the vine. The bread of the field and the wine of the vine. The fish from our vast oceans may yet contain the mysteries of life. We must first feed people before praying for them. We must end world hunger before seeking world peace. We must feed people before we sit in conference on how to live together as riders on the same globe.

The G 20 G8 G5, leaders of the world should come together and agree to work on eliminating world hunger in a decade. Sometimes a man is angry because he is hungry and cannot feed his family or take care of their basic needs. Sometimes the hunger is spiritual, some belief has convinced them that wrongs are being done and the need to fight is important. Sometimes the need is just about an emptiness and frustration on the values of life. All of these can be fed with the bread and wine of life. When a man is fed, he can stop and listen to what is said by others, and listen. Women have tamed the wrath of males through food, and great decisions of life are often made over great feast. There is power in food, let us look at food as a possible solution to handling world conflicts, family conflicts and substance abuse issues. America is hungry, the world is hungry and we are commanded by Jesus to show love for Him by feeding His people.

Churches should become fast food  centers. McDonald had a wonderful idea, provide inexpensive food for families in bright colorful buildings. A few minutes of joy comes in chewing foods without the drama brought on by stress and poverty.

Children loved the environment, they loved the chicken nuggets, the french fries and the hamburgers, the loved the blast of sweet water, and the love the look on their mothers face. Nutrionist may come in and condem the nutritional value of the food, and complain about the use of sugan, fat and salt to control taste, but the kids were eating, happy and they were together as a family enjoying each other.

Mother and dad could question and listen to the telling of the events of their school day in an environment free from the fear of secrets. Mother could add an extra vitamin at the end of the day to balance out the body’s needs. Happiness reduces stress and violence, and food influences happiness.

                Churches could get into the family business, providing places where families can come and eat a joy meal together and share the events of the day in an environment of active active wordless prayer. God can be in the environment, as He is in all environment, this time His presence in planned and acknowledged. Space can be set aside in churches, many of which now stand empty on weekdays and Saturday’s for family sessions. Homework and study sessions could be held in churches, where the family of man can come and be served.

                Our young men are turning to violence to handle rage,  God made food for that purpose. Mothers often cannot work 2 or 3 jobs, go to school at night, care for children, and emotionally support the men, without the help of the church. Man and woman must work their way out of poverty, and in the process of working to pay the bills of life, something suffers along the way.

                Churches can have drop in family centers, where fathers can stop by for God and have some quality time with the kids over chicken nuggets and french fries. Let God worry about the sugar and salt, a healthy mind and body can handle a little salt, fat and sugar.

                Feeding the hungry has many meanings. Churches should be feeding centers. Jesus fed people, He attended feast, and He dropped by the homes of friends to enjoy a meal.

                Churches can solve this violence in America problem if the go back to basics, first take care of the body, the body is the home of the spirit and a body in rage must be calmed down with food.

Get the men into the church, not  just for a sermon, but for the physical nurishments from God’s earth, feed the man, feed the spirit, calm the rage. There are other ways to solve problems and express the need not to be disrespected, but first a mind in heat must be cooled. Food has the power to turn down the temperature of the mind, absorb the heat and release the fluids of pleasure designed to flush the body.

                After Jesus fed the multitude of 5 thousand they were ready to listen to and receive the message of peace and prosperity. We can end world hunger, we can end poverty, we can end violence, we just need to eat and share the food God has given us.



           Boots on the ground to change the human conditions. Preaching and teaching are not the only answers to life’s problems, sometime physical and active participation and changes in procedures and expectations are more effective. People need to experience a better quality of life in order to change belief systems. A man sees himself as worthy when he has fresh water, clean air, clean living facilities. In one country in the world, women have no or few bathroom facilities. Human beings must have the ability to separate themselves from the nurishments for life, and the natural process of eliminating those nurishments.

The care and concern for basic human needs benefits all. Environment and health conditions are influenced by filth. We not only are our brother’s keeper, but we are our brother. Wealth comes from making it possible for others to experience and share in its gifts. Wealth that is not God in circulations will not be sustained, it will flow out quicker than it flows in.

As man is gifted with the talents others are willing to pay to experience, the universe pays close attention to how that gift is used. Entertainer who give wealth away as boots of life, will have paths of gold for those boots to walk on, and will grown blessed and strong in their lives.

An unblessed life and talent requires drugs to sustain it, and the talents will leave the life of the entertainer, or the entertainer will leave the gift of life. Cashing in a quarter of a million dollar car and paying the mortgages for several struggling families for a year, will add to the flow of blessings needed to sustain life. A man needs to experience the joys of purchasing a home with his own resources and providing for his wife and children in that home.Banks can make mortgages available, and not just ponzi scheme mortages, designed to make money for early players in the game. Real mortages affordable and available to real people represents boots on the ground in the quality of life and justice. The epidemic of obesity in America could suggests that women use fat and weight to protect themselves from abusive relationships, putting a foce field around bodies and fragile emotions. These fat women somehow manage to protect themselves and their children without resorting to excessive physical violence, the tool of the bullied or the fearful. Big women put big boots on the ground against violence against women.

We study about poverty around the world but we never look at poverty in the United States, and the root causes of poverty. We do not look at how individuals escape from poverty in this developed country, and what prevented those still caught in poverty from escaping. In the developing world, those who control power, plan strategies to maintain the status quo. The rich want to remain rich, and the powerful want to continue their hold on power.Class and economic position must be transferred from one generation to the next. It is necessary for some form of mental and visual transformation to take place before a physical and behavorial transformation occurs.

Each society has its means of maintaining social order and preventing transformation from occuring, or occuring to quickly. In America social order is achieved through a planned failed education system. Only so much education is put into the pipe line and distributed to the various communities in America, and that education is carefully filtered so that any insight or motivation for social change are eliminated. The poor get the messages and education intended to help them to remain poor and the service class to the middle and upper classes.

The middle class, usually composed of those who through struggle or luck, found themselves on a track out of the economic class of their fathers or grandfathers, but exposed to a new world with all of its challenges and few guided directions. Being fighters and risk takers, they work through challenges and adversities, and are often rewarded with wealth and power unheard of in the sacred stories of their ancestors.

The risk takers stopped listening to the stories long ago, and decided to go out and write their own stories making them up as they go on their way. This group even abandoned the gods of their ancestors; gods of fear, which exacted a dear price and demanded total obedience and surrender of thought. The poor all over the world are religious to the death, and continue to worship at the feets of their gods of poverty, ignorance, dispair, hopelessness and violence.

In America, the worship of the god of ignorance is the most sacred, and a considerable amout of time and ritual is dedicated to its service. Our educational system is not only our god, but it is the social service agency to the poor. It is the source from which those who are assigned to the bottom tier of society come to and get their daily hand out for survival.

Our public educational system  and some of our churches hand out pablum of defeat as nurishment for a planned life. Our colleges and universities, offer watered down instructors to teach water down courses, which do not provide the information or direction required to make significant changes in life’s conditions.

If America is truly interested in addressing issues of poverty, inequality and injustice around the world, it must first look for the core reasons for this poverty, inequality and injustice. It could start with looking at its own country and what part it plays in designing this planned socio economic system designed to benefit the chosen, the question is who are the chosen, and how did they become the chosen?

Poverty in America is entered into through its failed education system, and is existed through one of the best educational system, respected throughout the whole world, and located in the same country. The best and the brightest come here to study, and the most challenging and difficult are here to be studied upon as a labatory of how to keep social order through keeping a select people in its assigned economic place through education.

Western thought prevents the idea that man has the ability to change his conditions in life,  these conditions are predescribed by the gods and the children of the gods.

We have pictures of those gods, with their blond hair flowing in the wind, and their piercing blue eyes suggesting that they see with the eyes of heaven. The closer the children of these gods look like their father, the more entitled they are believed to be. It is the children of these golden gods who are considered the chosen, and as such are entitled by divine right to the wealth of the earth. The problem is that 75% of the global population do not look like the golden gods and as such are not children entitled to the inherited wealth. They however must be taught their place as a majority serving the minority, and this is done through education and strategies placing puppet governments in place all over the world.

China has elected to play its own game without the class intervention and group separation. China wanted to eliminate the poverty system in its own country and she decided to do it through her own education system. She invited experts to come in to teach, but not to preach. They welcomed the technology of the western world, but not the gods of that world. Without the god fear and restrictions, China is releasing the capabilities of the human potential without restrainst or planned restrictions. She has problems, but she also has the progress that comes with releasing the potential within. Her greatest challeng is controllong the freedom of the mind, and developing a sense of obligation and responsibility without the traditional fear check mechanisms.

America has not yet decided how to release all of her citizens to the freedom of their capabilities. She still has her golden gods to worship, and the children of those gods work hard to make sure those who are not considered chosen play in the muddy waters and not permitted into the clear running waters of health and wealth.

Our educational systems are still the gatekeepers to upper mobility, and the pathway from the schools of the poor lead into a multibillion dollar prison system, while the road from the schools of the middle class leads to the university system. These are pictures, which the country does not like to talk about and will seldom acknowledeg.

How do you help the poor trapped in failed education systems, designed to encourage failure, frustration and drop out, rather than to encourage success. In our higher education systems, individuals filled with hope of the possibility of an opportunity to transform lives and economic conditions, are met with poorly prepared instructors lacking the skills to break down conceptual thought necessary for learning.

In many American colleges, students learn what what they came in with, what they know is what they have acquired through previous interactions with outside sources. Instructors test what information was brought into the learning process, and not information given to students from and by learning experiences in the classroom. In some cases students do not even need to personally interact with the instructor, but exchange ideas through an electronic medium requiring the cutting and pasting of thought, rather than the development of thought through inter personal relations.

If we cannot get into human to human relations with students with whom we have been assigned to transform lives, then how can we in all honesty handle the problems on a global scale, where the world is looking for answers on how to change the quality of their lives, a life design they are no longer willing to accept. Do we really want the poor to think rich? Do we really want individuals to take responsibility for their own health and sexual behaviors? Do we really want to free women from the control of men? Do we really want the son or daughter of the poor field hand, thinking that they are entitled to the same rights and privileges as the master of the house? Do we really want people in developing countries knowing the value of the resources beneath their feet and in the hills and mountains, and possessing the skills to get those resources? Do we really want to turn our prisons into learning centers and universities and have our public schools become transformational centers designed to equalize chances regardless of the inequality of our birth? These are the hard questions we must ask before we embark on systems of global awareness and change.

           Education achieves its purpose by maintaining the status quo, where children of the lower socio-economic class become the lower socio economic adults, and middle and upper class children become middle and upper-class adults.[1] This cycle occurs because the dominant group has, over time, made it their bussiness through curriculum content and design to closely aligned education with middle class values and aims, thus alienating people of other classes[2]. Hunger and poverty in the world follows the same design.

World leadership will change directions in the future, the focus policies and attention will come from the Pacific Rim. The age of Rome and Greece are over. The age of the golden gods are over. The world has color, awareness and experience, it has become risk takers, and taking risk beyond their own borders.

Many are following the American model of multiculturalism, encouraging the world and its diversity to come in and share their gifts and talents for the benefit of all. The wealth of the future is not monetary capital but human capital, the countries, which can harness the intellectual energies of their own people to challenge the gods to become co creators of this globe, will be the leaders of the future. Poverty is slowly becoming a dying economic system built by the gods to keep unneeded people in their place. With the need for human capital to build stairways to the stars, man is once again the most important resource on earth.











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