Being poor is not just about money, it is about so many factors that unfairly keep young people out of our better education system. Those who have and are blessed must pass on the wealth of God to others. There are children who are blessed with the opportunity to attend high quality and high performing public schools, usually placed in hidden selected communities. There are parents who work 2 or 3 jobs to keep their children in private schools. There are Catholic schools providing quality education for children demonstrating that race and family structure are not the determining factor in a child’s cognitive ability. There are dedicated teachers working day and night and often using their own resources to save students caught in educational environments planned for low expectations and failure. It is now up to we the people of God to bring our considerable resources into the battle and even out the playing field. Find ways to help teachers, find ways to help students, find ways to help families. It is time for Americans to get in the game and turn around our education system as a means of social justice for all. See a child, teach a child. Teach algebra, teach multiplication tables, teach spelling, teach comprehension. Tech companies should place a learning tool in the hands of all students not just the priviledged. Young people may have attention problems in other areas of life, but they can give total attention to hand help delivery devices. There is no ADD in the high tech industry. There is no poor attention skills, no poor processing skills, no poor perception skills, no poor spatial relational skills, no poor understanding skills or memory skills. The high tech industry does not play race games, they expect these qualities in all of its customers. If a student can operate a phone he has the cognitive ability to do algebra, teach him.

Every church should become a learning center. Every church should have an after-school center. Parents who cannot afford private schools and cannot gamble on the roll of the dice for Charter schools, should not have to suffer the agnoy of watching children fail. Parents must learn to take their children’s school problems to the church. The church must step in and fill the gap. Children should learn that where there is a church building there is someone inside who will help them with school work. They should be able to walk off the streets with pencil and paper in hand and say, “I need help.” Some one from the congregation should step forward and say, “Let me help.” It takes a whole village to raise a child and the village should meet in the church. Give your time and your talent to help America’s children

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