We the people are not smart enough to select the president of the United States. Americans have no idea of the qualifications necessary to be elected the leader of the free world. We have no idea what issues await the individual elected to carry the awesome responsibility of maintaining peace and security in a world of violence and hate. We pray for our representatives, the delegates and super delegates, that they will be guided by laws and agreements in the selection of the candidate. We the people do have cognitive and spiritual gifts, the question is how we use those skills. The media tells us who to hate and whom to love. Maybe it is time to listen to the Holy Spirit, known as the Spirit of God within. It is time to get through and past the journey of hatred motivated by experiences and media entertainment and get down to the serious responsibility of being an active participant in God’s world.

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

Emma Lazarus


Welcome To America – I am in – now you go home.


America is the land choosen by God to heal the social injustic in the world – not to worry – she has the bank book of God- Wealth is God in circulation and America is the stewards of God’s wealth.


The 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Ellis Island was the primary entrance point to the Land of the free and the home of the brave for a majority of immigrants. This was a time of hope and courage for millions of people hoping to escape poverty and injustice in Europe. More than 20 million people found the courage to cross the ocean between 1892 and 1930 and entered the U.S. through Ellis Island. There was no such thing as legal or illegal separating those who could come in and – excluding the unwanted – America opened its doors to a suffering mass and shared its resources with the unfortunate. The requirement for the trip were make it to the water’s edge where the ships were located; survive a difficult through physical examination; America did not want anyone with poor health conditions or contageous disease in the country. Immigrants needed $25 – proof they were not contract labors and no crimminal records.

Today, sons and grandsons of these immigrants fight hard to close the doors of freedom to others seeking a chance at the American promise. Gone are the memories and stories of survival through a difficult and frightening experience. Stories of wealth and privilege block out experiences and the reality of who they were as a people, and what sacrifices were made to bring out the transformations in lives and financial circumstances. Darken memories and insensitive hearts call for the refusing entrance and even deportation of the tempest – tossed.

Immigrants on Ellis Island came from all over the earth, the majority however, came from poverty situations in Europe.


There were no visas required to settle in the US before 1875. In 1880 the Chinese Exclusion Act prohibited the entry of Chinese. The US -Green Cards were not issued in the United States to immigrants until 1950.

Many descendants are unhappy with the United States system of government, a system of which they struggled so hard to become a part. – Many failing to understand what it means to be part of a Republic – where the voice of the people – does not control systems of government. It was not the voice of the people who said – let the immigrants come in and share our bounty with us- it was the voice of the Founding Fathers- speaking for the country and God- sometimes over the wishes of the people. This spirit of God working through the better angels of our heart – stating loudly and clearly – the kind of nation we wanted to be. The people of the country did not welcome the new immigrants – the country welcomed them- and set up institutions to help them adjust to the new homeland.

America always acts on her better angels when it comes to social justice issues – sometimes the country is ahead of the people – and drag the people – kicking and screaming into the spiritual reality – of the right of every man to breathe free. Some are frustrated with Congress – suggesting that the Representatives are not listening to the will and voice of the people – especially on issues of immigrations.

America is another world – her government is like no other. Those elected to serve must be guided by a Higher – Spirit – in conducting the business of state – they are not elected to follow the people – but to lead through discernment and prayer – the better angels of the heart. When we listen to the voice and frustrations of the people – we have racism – hatred – intolerance and feelings of privileged. Thank God our representatives do not follow the media or other representatives – of our fear and frustrations. The media needs blood -and – intolerance – in order to maintain a lead in interest. Blood and gore leads in media and politics – but love and the visions of the Founding Fathers- keeps us on track. America is better than she thinks she is because of this duality in existence- we talk hate- but we live love. We argue over frustrations and disappointments – but celebrate our history of over 200 years of social justice. We fight for our freedom of speech – and punish those who seek to hurt others through thought word or deed.

The American people would be very disappointed if the KKK represents our feeling towards each other- and at one time it did. If putting fences around our borders to prevent our brown brothers from leaving our neighbors to the south – or selecting only those of Aryan blood to immigrate – if this is who we are- and what our congress represents – the spirit of our founding fathers and the people would be very disappointed.

We talk mean- but our heart speaks love – and in times of crisis we are one- we talk isolation from issues of the world – but we like to see America on the front line in times of need.

Send us your poor- and your rich – your people yearning to breathe free – we are the nation of transformation- we are the nation with the power to make all men equal – we lay the ground – work – for achieving your highest potential. You will work harder- but smarter – than you ever worked before- sometime working 2 and 3 jobs. You will go to college at night- and in one or two generations – the spirit of freedom and possibilities will manifest itself in your lives. The lamp is still lit and shines bright in the doorway of our harbors- welcome to America – Now behave.


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