We the people do not elect the president in our Republic, that is the responsibility of our representatives, we do however elect the men and women who serve in our congress. It is time to remove from the congress those member who are not acting in the best interest of the people and the country. Congress runs the country, and if we are angry over injustices of corporate America, then it is time to change our caretakers. Congress loyality belongs to the people and should not be bought off by deep pockets. Congress is responsible for this racism mess, racism comes when people are frustrated and seeks a scapegoat. Scapegoats are religious issues. Congress needs to take care of business, and our churches had better get back into the Jesus business and out of the race and hate business.


Christianity is under attack here in America, just as Christianity was under attack in Europe, especially Germany, Italy, parts of England and other countries. Hitler used Christian teaching and preaching styles to reach in inner most thoughts and feelings of man’s deep seated hatred for those who were different or challenged. Racism in America is Christian, and most racist are Christian. What people did to Jews, Catholics and African Americans, in America, was Christian based, as symbolized by the cross of the KKK, There were deep spiritual feelings as men and women watched the torture and lynchings of those who they believed were not worthy of life. Christianity taught through sick ignorant minds contributed to a war here in America, costing 650,000 lives. The Civil was America’s blood bath, fueled by religious hatred and a distorted reading of the Bible instructing man to go kill his neighbor if he looks different and has a different religion or way of life.  Christians again are leading America in her strong hatred of gays, our brown neighbors from Mexico and women who want a choice over their own bodies. We are again on the wrong path, and believing that the stron feelings of hatred we have is the voice of God telling us what to do. Maybe it is time for American people to make a decision on which God they serve, and which country holds their spiritual loyality. It is also time for some people to turn in their Jesus papers along with their American citizenship papers, and return to the lands of their ancestors, where the leaders of European countries can decide the goals and visions of a people. The Founding Fathers of America did not set up a country where people can come and transform the new world back into the values of the old world. America is founded on Life Leberty and Justice for all men, not just some men, especially Aryan men, but all men. God is the Father of all men, not just a select group of men. Our Scott Irish Native American  and African heritage stands for  freedom equality and liberty, and the descendants of these great peoples have given their energy, blood and life on many battlefields at home and around the world to make this a reality. Make sure you vote and put this nation back under God.

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