Do not watch the series “Roots” until you know what effect the series will have on you and your belief systems about others.American peoples of color should not think about looking at the New Roots television series. The author cursed himself and this country by writing the original series and placing it in the American mind set about Nubians transported to the New World centuries ago.The term Nubian is used, by this Anthropologist, to reference the part of the world, given the name Africa by Rome. The fifteen million Jews in the world avoid any connection to the word or its history. Jews are very careful in the education of its people to use a controlled amount of violent history as an image of its people. Black Americans should be as careful as Jewish Americans in the use of history, real or artistically created, which can cause negative beliefs about another ethnic group. Color cames to Riverside Church and upset its core image and belief systems, and questioned its core religious beliefs about social justice and acceptance and love of others. Color also came to the presidency of the United States, also forcing a nation to look at its foundational core. Who are we, what do we think we know about each other, and what do we really know?

American history books are not filled with images of the horrors of Nazi Germany or the penal colonies located in the southern parts of the United States during the period of British control. America is still reluctant to give up its history and slow development of Appalachia and its people. The stories are about pain and suffering and do not inspire proud memories of an ethnic group. The term Africa and Africans will cause images and theologies of an inferior people demonstrating negative behaviors cursed to be servant to all mankind. Using the words Nubian, Cush, Mizramin, Moors, Hebrews, Ethopia, Samalia creates a different image in the mind. Television loves horror stories, the more blood, violence and misery given the mind, the more entertainment value. Creating negative stories about an entire ethnic group has also been used as a strategy for control and redirections of behavior. Positive images produce positive people, negative images destroys hope and gives non- valid reasons for adopting the behaviors of the hopeless. When Barack Obama became president of the United States, the act caused pathological confusion in the minds of thousands of individuals who had been given one image of an ethnic group, and is now being confused with other images that do not fit reality bases. How can an inferior people be accomplished, and if the Bible, educational and social institutions suggests negative images, how is the mind expected to handle different images? The revise of the “Roots” series is intended to restore negative images in the minds of the suffering and confused, and to stem the tide of Black accomplishments in America.

“An Italian study reported in the December issue of the Journal Nature Genetics

(1999) shows that scientists examining hereditary material in cells

advocated modern humans followed a migration wave from Africa to Asia

(The Negrito is a prime example) more than 50,000 years ago

after an earlier exodus to the Mediterranean and Greece.

Blood samples from people of east Africa and India

showed close genetic similarities that indicate a common African ancestor.

According to other DNA theories, Homo sapiens evolved in a single location

in sub-Saharan Africa 100,000–200,000 years ago

and emigrated relatively recently, replacing existing populations

of archaic humans across the globe.

[Nature (Vol. 325, 1987, pp 31-36),

Nature (Vol. 395, 8 Oct. 98, pp 539-40),

Nature Genetics (Vol. 23 Dec. 1999, 437)

Nature (Vol. 408 Dec. 2000, pp 652-3)].

The Lemba, a Bantu-speaking people of southern Africa,

have a tradition that a man named Buba led them out of Judea.

A team of geneticists has found that many Lemba men carry

in their male chromosome a set of DNA sequences that is

distinctive of the Cohanim, the Jewish priests believed to be the descendants of Aaron. The priestly genetic signature is particularly common among Lemba men

who belong to the senior of their 12 groups.

The discovery of the Lemba’s Jewish ancestry has come

about through the intertwining of two unusual strands of inquiry.

One was developed by geneticists in the United States,

Israel and England who wondered what truth there might be to the

Jewish tradition that priests are the descendants of Aaron,

the elder brother of Moses. He finds that 45 percent of Ashkenazi priests

and 56 percent of Sephardic priests have the Cohen genetic signature,

while in Jewish populations in general the frequency is

3 to 5 percent (Nicholas Wade, New York Times 1999).”

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