There Is A Need For Free College Education For All American Students, And The Goverment Should Pick Up The Cost Of All Current Student Loan Debt In Exchange For Two Years Service To The Country

Making a bargin with the devil in an attempt to get a college education. Looking back over the wonderful experience I had in school, and remembering the excellent professors I had, has blinded me to what was the cost in future mental anguish, disturbing calls and punishment for the experience. I am not talking about some bout in some forbidden activity, I am talking about the hidden demon in student college loans. The joy of the educational experience is almost wiped away as I struggle to educate the next generation, while at the same time asking myself is all this pain worth it. If education is so important to this country, then it is the responsiblity this country to help good people in need. We did all the right things, obeyed all the rules, attended church, prayed and stayed, and for this we are punished because some of us wanted to improve the quality of our lives. Help, help, help, some one some where has to be able to know the pain of owing someone, for something, that was not a luxury but a necessity is painful.

Higher education is where the real learning takes place. During the 12 years of traditional American grade school education, no learning is really taking place. School is in reality holding center for youth to keep them out of the hair of adults, who are too busy earning money to pay off the high cost of living and their own education and cannot worry about children free in the streets during the hours of 8 and 3 pm.

 Warm bodies are distributed to classrooms all over the country, with the prime directive, keep the children in school buildings, safe, and make sure they know how to sit still, stand in line and not destroy property. In between training activities and adjustment exercises, the warm bodies will introduce topice in reading, math and writing. Bright students will find ways to form relationships and some creative projects may develop, but in general, most students will not learn enough to pass a simple college entrance examination.

Those who do, through sacrifices and a fortune paid to tutors, private schools and religious schools, guaranteed to scare any evil intent out of the best student, will be fortune enough to be accept into one of the thousands of   higher education institutions designed to prepare you for the world of earning a living, so you can move out of the tiny living space called ” your room.” It is at this point, where you will enter into the world of learning. It is also at this point where you discover that you must pay for that learning. American employers will always ask the question about your college attendance, and your answer will determine if you will work for minimum wage, or struggling wages. Struggling wages will make it possible for you to walk around your friends pretending you earn enough to live comfortably. Your deal with the devil begins with financial aide applications, you sign and you sign, and you give away information to your future in your social security number. You promise to pay at a future date, all the money you borrow for an education.Do you dare say to young people, do not do it, the pain is not worth it, or do you rather say to the goverment that higher education should be a right. The goverment also needs to change its policies of education and see to it that citizens, learn a different learning curriculum in the 12 years of wasted time in grade school. The quality of education must improve, European, Asian and African schools graduate young people ready for the world and advanced  education studies. American student start learning in the 13th grade, which the world calls the first year in college. The goverment also should assume the responsibility of covering all these student loans, with which citizens are over burdened. Quality education is a national security issue, it is time for free college education for all citizens, and pick up the cost of tring to become an informed citizen.

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