We must first feed people before praying for them. We must end world hunger before seeking world peace. We must feed people before we sit in conference on how to live together as riders on the same globe.

Churches should become fast food  Stop By For God McDonald centers. McDonald had a wonderful idea, providing inexpensive food for families in bright colorful buildings. A few minutes of joy comes in chewing foods in environments outside of the home, without the drama brought on by stress and poverty.

Children loved the environment, they loved the chicken nuggets, the french fries and the hamburgers, the loved the blast of sweet water, and the love the look on their mothers face. Nutrionest may come in and condem the nutritional value of the food, and complain about the use of sugan, fat and salt to control taste, but the kids were eating, happy and they were together as a family enjoying each other. Mother and dad could question and listen to the telling of the events of their school day in an environment free from the fear of secrets. Mother could add an extra vitamin at the end of the day to balance out the body’s needs. Happiness reduces stress and violence, and food influences happiness.

            Churches could get into the family business, providing places where families can come and eat a joy meal together and share the events of the day in an environment of active active wordless prayer. God can be in the environment, as He is in all environment, this time His presence in planned and acknowledged. Space can be set aside in churches, many of which now stand empty on weekdays and Saturday’s for family sessions. Homework and study sessions could be held in churches, where the family of man can come and be served.

            Our young men are turning to violence to handle rage, when God made food for that purpose. Mothers often cannot work 2 or 3 jobs, go to school at night, care for children, and emotionally support the men, without the help of the church. Man and woman must work their way out of poverty, and in the process of working to pay the bills of life, something suffers along the way.

            Churches can have drop in family centers, where fathers can stop by for God and have some quality time with the kids over chicken nuggets and french fries. Let God worry about the sugar and salt, a healthy mind and body can handle a little salt, fat and sugar.

            Feeding the hungry has many meanings. Churches should be feeding centers. Jesus fed people, He attended feast, and He dropped by the homes of friends to enjoy a meal.

            Churches can solve this violence in America problem if they go back to basics, first take care of the body, the body is the home of the spirit and a body in rage must be calmed down with food. Get the men into the church, not for a sermon, but for the physical nurishments from God’s earth, feed the man, feed the spirit, calm the rage.

There are other ways to solve problems and express the need not to be disrespected, but first a mind in heat must be cooled. Food has the power to turn down the temperature of the mind, absorb the heat and release the fluids of pleasure designed to flush the body.

            After Jesus fed the multitude of 5 thousand they were ready to listen to and receive the message of peace and prosperity. We can end world hunger, we can end poverty, we can end violence, we just need to eat and share the food God has given us.


Prayer is not enough. Prayer will not reduce rage and violence. Prayer will not stop child sexual abuse or abuse of women. Prayer will not stop gang violence. The answer is in the Bible if and when we read it right.

Before Jesus preached to people, He addressed the reality concerns of their life. Looking at how Jesus handled life’s problems can give directions for addressing world’s problems. We look to the miracle recorded in the Gospel. Food played a significant part in Jesus ministry to the world, suggesting that food causes behavioral changes in the brain releasing a calming substance effecting the pleasure nerve centers.

Jesus gathered thousands of individuals on a hill to hear a message He was commissioned to deliver. Thousands of people with thousands of views and thousands of cultural beliefs. Thousands of people each possessing the human characteristics to fear, hate, anger, love peace, kindness, hostility, patience, joy and greed.

With the bounty of the earth represented by four loaves of bread, and gift from the great seas, suggested by the two fish, He fed the multitude. The symbolic message is that all the resources needed to sustain life are contained within the earth, created million of God’s years before the creation of man.

Food was provided on the earth before man and woman were created and given the task of caring for the earth and its future. The secret to addressing the problems confronting human civilizations may be the field and the vine. The bread of the field and the wine of the vine. The fish from our vast oceans may yet contain the mysteries of life.


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