Mission Statement

The Research and Development Learning Center was established in 1975. The purpose of the learning center is to provide direct, instructional activities for individuals from nursery school through the University school level, in order to help them to develop the skills necessary to demonstrate excellence in the learning environment. Through our early childhood programs, parents and teachers learn how to provide enriched environments to foster intellectual development in young children. Our educational programs provide educational enrichment opportunities through tutorial services to help children to achieve their highest potential. Our parent child and school provides opportunities for parents to learn effective skills in helping their children to achieve their best academically. Our middle school and high school pre-college programs help parents and students and direct instructional strategies to imporove math science and communication skills. It also helps parents to understand the role they play in preparing their child for the college experience. Our getting into and out of college works with parents and students in the college admission process help college students to understand the transformation that is necessary into the college environment, and provide direct assistant production in courses in the liberal arts curriculum. Students have an opportunity to avail themselves of services in term paper writing, degree planning, and twenty-frist century program planning for success in the work environment. This is a hands on project where the tools work directly on a one to one level with students. In our science, math and technology programs we focus on those skills involved in the STEM program, and helps students sharpen their skills in the maths and sciences. Practical skills and repetition are used in the math area with strong emphasis on Algebra, Calculus, Physics and Statistics. It is not the goal of the learning center to focus on why the student is having the problem, but to partner with the student and parent on how to solve the problem directly.