I am a Methodist, and I love this Pope. The Riverside Church, an Interdenominational, Interracial, International Church loves this Pope. Perhaps his message is for protestants and all peoples of the world, that it is time to address the man made problems of the world. Racism, inequality of ideas and services are man made. Man decides who is worthy and unworthy. Man decides for himself, who will be blessed and unblessed, who will have and have not. In America it is not nature who decides who makes it and who does not, these are often man made decisions. Health care is a man made decision, education is a man made decision. Whole populations could be educated into planned failure. God gives us His/Her gift of wealth, knowledge and resources for us to go forth and make His world a better place. Man decides on concepts of equality, what is the purpose in seeing other suffer when you have the resources to help.

Pope Francis – A man for all times – Education and Inequality

           Pope Francis is right inequality is the root of all problems- and it is time for religion and education to step in and address this issue

           In America- people are educated to be poor- and poverty can change genetic responses. Just as some studies suggests that there appears to be some genetic problems in areas such as silicon valley- where very intelligent engineers marry intelligent engineers and produce an environment where high indications of Autism have been reported – what are the results of people in low academic performing areas- mating and marrying individuals coming from a culture of poverty.

Could inequality come from the results of an unequal education system? Poverty in some southern and mid western states – is the results of an education system – insulated from incoming fresh new and different ideas – ideas making it possible to create change in the future. Trailer park residents marrying trailer park sweet hearts – create passion and love- but what are the chances of creating students for MIT – and technology is where the money is?

The best and the brightest are not assigned to teach in trailer park or project communities- and- without the best and the brightest preparing to teach the formula for financial success- poverty will sustain itself through second class education producing second class citizens.

The problem is- second – class education creates anger- frustration- and the need to search for a victim. Religion further steps in and addresses this anger and frustration- and indirectly encourages- the weak minded to believe- hard times are the results of some original sin- and man not following the will of God. This removes the responsibility for life from the individual and no chance for transformation can take place. The weak must believe there is a possibility for strength and the lame must have the faith that eventually they can and will walk.

Without education- and a mind trained to think and reason- religion takes over- and racism and fault blaming results. The uneducated seeks out a victim – and racism is born in the hearts of the uneducated.

The problem of inequality can be solved with equality in education – education produces wealth- and wealth is God in circulation- and capitalism is good- only if everyone has an opportunity to play in the game.

In New Jersey- the decision was made to change the formula for education- and eliminate the two-tier system of instructional preparation and instructional delivery. Taxes are high- but parents can send their children to the public schools and know that they will receive a first quality education- resulting in New Jersey having one of the best education systems in the country. Those areas where students are not performing – are communities where parents fight for local school usually failing- and fight to maintain the failing teachers and failing administrators.

Politicians have vested interest in maintaining the status quo- and attempt to block all  suggestions of changing policies. The idea that children cannot be taught because of race- color- family background- language or economic circumstances- is the favorite excuse given for low performance.

Teachers cannot teach and transform the lives of students if the training programs for potential teachers do not contain the curriculum for success. Our legislators conceive and design the curriculums used in universities and public school classrooms. Data contained in teacher course work relating to the cognitive inability of minority and poor children to learn because of lack of parental support is wrong and harmful.

Marie Montessori, an Italian scientist, proved that education and cognitive growth could occur with or without the parents. Her success with a group of homeless children on the streets of Italy, demonstrated that with professional teachings and dedication, homeless children performed as well on government issued examinations. The Montessori private educational system is used in many middle class communities, in the United States, by parents who can afford the best for their children. There were no parents and the homeless children in Italy excelled, what is America’s excuse?

In America our children attend 12 years of free education, and when they graduate from High School, many have to go through a remediation period to get ready for college. What were they learning in the 12 years where they were legally required to attend school and receive an education designed to prepare them for the American society.

Having one of the best education systems in the world, and at the same time delivering the worst education to the economically poor and minority populations is a complex problem. It appears that ignorance in America is planned for economical purposes, suggesting that the American economy and business system, needs a significant number of people to be poorly educated in order for certain corporate businesses to have a strong financial bottom. If this can be verified it would be a sad commentary on America and her education system, one would hope that it could not be proved that education systems in some zip codes in America are conduits to our financially successful prison system and law enforcement systems. Middle class communities public education systems, places its graduates in university classroom seats, are our working class and minority public schools placing its students on prison benches?

It is the state legislators in the 50 states throughout the union, who have the sole responsibility of deciding the- who- what and when of the country’s education system. It is no wonder the country is in a big fight over the Common Core Curriculum, the idea that all children should receive the same basic level of education and content would throw the system of separate and not equal off. Teachers are not educated to treat and teach all children the same.

Teachers must learn who is worthy and unworthy in a “Hidden Curriculum” designed to maintain the status quo. To see teachers and parents fighting against programs designed to equalize the system is very sad, they know not what they do. It is difficult to find any individual willing to devote the physical, emotional and financial time into an educational preparatory system designed to cause personal failure and failure in students whom they have dedicated to teach. Individuals going into teaching are unaware of this system of planned failure, when some discover what is happening, many leave the profession, others play musical chairs, trying to find a placement where education matters.

Parents caught in these political economic traps- never visit other schools in other communities- to see who is teaching the children- and how the children are performing. There are highly qualified teachers- able to teach every healthy child- without race or blame- but- if  parents have never observed excellence teaching in operation- they will continue to fight for failure. Perhaps America should bring back Bussing, only this time Bus highly skilled and highly qualified teachers into failing schools, let communities experience excellence, when you know what you are doing, you make it look easy. If successful hospitals can take over failing and poor rating hospitals, then successful educators can take over failing schools, the question is, who has a vested interest in the failure of American public school systems? Please do not say our legislators, God forbid!

America has the skills and the talents to deliver the answer to solving the inequality issue. America has the skills and the obligation to solve many of the social problems in the world – some of the problems in the world – through its excellent education programs. America exported capitalism around the world- and one of the more positive aspects of this exportations- is the world is not as violent as it has been throughout history. The world is on the road to the pursuits of life liberty and the search for happiness – and happy well-fed healthy happy people do not fight. Now if America can just share this vision with her own people. May God continue to bless this pope as he brings God’s message to the peoples of God.

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