Make America great again? When has America been greater than she is today. America ended slavery white and black, an institution started by the Mother land England. America struggled to get over fear and racism as she learned to respect each man regardless of his financial conditions in life. America took the people dying in the streets during the turn of the century and developed programs to address needs. America has been through some hard times, but always she was up to the challenge of making this one nation under God. We are great because of the visions of our Founding Fathers and the words of our Constitution, a living document, with the power to grow as we grew. We the people are the vision, we are the words and spirit of the Constitution. Before we use the words “again” about America, let us make sure we know and remember how far we have come and we are not finished yet.

Make America great again suggests that America is not great. It suggests that the America, which opened its doors to the wretched poor of the world is not a great nation. The America that provided shelter for millions coming out of Europe is not great. Only a great nation can transform a people so poor that their children begged on the streets and mothers and fathers slep on the floor in flop houses for 5 cents a night, while other lay dying in the streets. America became great when a goverment was formed that cared for the poor and helpless and fed the hungry when they had no food to fill their noisey bellies. Corporate greed became wealthy exploiting the Irish, the Jew, the Italian and countless others who poured into our urban centers seeking the bare necessities of life. It was goverment that decided that young children should not beg or go homeless and hungry. It was goverment that made education of children a compulsory requirement, much to the anger of many, who were not interested in an educated citzenery.  Greatness comes from a people who demand a better quality of life for all men. Make America great again are code words for bring back business control over the business of life. The goverment should mind its own business and let the market determine what is right or wrong depending on what is good for business. Today the call to make America great again means, bring back economic power to the banks and insurance companies. Let the market determine who needs health care and what they could afford to pay. Goverment oversite of food, water, and the delivery of health service is wrong and not needed. The quest is who are these people who have forgotten history? Men did die in the streets, children were sold into work slavery, and grandmothers were expected to do their part and die at a given time. Today we have Museums telling the story of our past and how we got over. We have pictures of the other America, the way the other half lives. America works to be one people with justice for all. We are our brother’s keeper, and America is and always be great because we care about each other.

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