Love God, Love Your Neighbor. Who is my neighbor? He is the diversity of human kind; he is African Asian European, and the complex mixtures of those three racial groups. He is the man adjusted by environment, geology and psychology. He is the man who in attempting to understand the forces around him created gods and religions in his own image. He is, at times, difficult to love because of fear and experiences, and his animal nature needing to subdue and destroy. The basic rule of survival of the fittest is to find a God to love, and to find a neighbor to love.





Man, by nature, does not want to love his neighbor, he seeks to subdue and control his neighbor for his own sake of selfishness. The woman is the neighbor of the man and the man is the neighbor of the woman. Creation is the evolutionary step between the animal nature of man and the spiritual nature of humanity. Man takes on the image and likeness of the divinity of God, and becomes co-creators of his world. The thoughts of God created the universe, and the thoughts of man, became things, and advanced civilizations. We love God because God is the self of man, and we love our neighbor because our neighbor is the reflection of God.

America has been struggling with the issue of loving God and loving neighbors for over 200 years, a drop in the bucket in the time sequence. America has worked out a plan for love through rejection of cultural values that restrict interactions between neighbors. Love has been codified into a set of rules and expectations from neighbors, a non – religious document inspired by God called the Constitution. In this document it suggest that no man is any better than any other man, regardless of situations of birth. It further suggests than all men had a right to seek the kingdom of God on earth. Happiness is a gift from God, and man has a right to pursue that happiness.

A generation of struggle over loving God and loving your neighbor has brought greatness to the cause of the birth of a nation, and is the fuel of our greatness. America’s greatest struggle is her open door policy, she invites the world in, and the world freely comes with suitcases packed with old traditions and cultures of hatred neighbors but also the God of neighbors.

Traditions of abuse and mutilations of women flow freely into the country with the demand to practice individual cultural and religious beliefs. America expects new comers to love our God and love our neighbors, and has yet to work out these difficulties in understanding. America worries about who is trying to cross her borders, rather than paying attention to who is coming through our airports, and what are they bringing with them? We can search the luggage, but searching the content of the head and heart becomes a difficult exercise. Immigrants want the happiness quest, but they want to use the same restriction of the quest to traditional guidelines used in the lands of birth. Some find it hard to accept the non-restricted guidelines for admittance to all worship facilities applying for tax- exempt status.

Many come to America seeking the new, but holding tightly to the old. America does now welcome or want hatred of God or hatred of neighbor on her shores, she is still struggling with her own future, as she seeks to do a new thing, as the new kid on the block. The world has had thousands of years of struggle with the God and neighbor battle, in a little over 200 years; she has tried to create a new Eden on earth with the descendants of the people expelled from other Eden’s of the world. We seek neither to enslave nor behead other world populations, and although we do occupy another peoples land, we are trying to use the spirit of the original native inhabitants to develop a doorway of welcome to God’s real estate for mankind.

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