Life was so horrible for some during Biblical times and early European history, that the joy of dying and a promise of a better life through death became the foundation of the three major religions. Religious traditions such as the circumcision of males- the restrictions, silence and submission of females, and the practice of giving girl children in marriage to older men, caused unspoken pain in the obedient silent. The idea of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, although not a religious doctrine, does provide a look into the intent and mind of God. Scripture tells us the “ It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.” If this is so, why is there so much pain suffering and death in the stories we are encouraged to learn?

Do women have to give up rights to be loved and accepted by God? Does God require suffering and submission of women for the continuations of life? For the sake of a family, should women submit to the authority of her husband or religious rules even at the cost of sorrow and life? Why doe the major religions in the world, place major restrictions and punishments on women, and what is the role of women in ministry in these situations? How do pastors counsel dysfunctional families, and families abusing women and children? Are we as members of the faith and the cloth teaching women and children to become victims of the abuse of others?

A bully is a bully, and a bully is someone who believes they have the right and the power, to make others submit and endure punishment and pain. Children must grow up thinking they are loved and strong. Women must enter into relationships where they are valued and respected, above and beyond, class culture, religion and race. These are American values, and those intending to stay on these shores, must be prepared to change customs and beliefs, considered unlawful, and understand that secret religious customs, outside of the laws of the country, will not be tolerated.

Man seeking to relocate to the United States must ask, “Am I willing to give up abusing my wife and children” and a more difficult questions for those who do not understand, the powerlessness of religion, “ Do I know that I cannot have the sexual mutilations of my daughters ” if women in ministry are not prepared to take up these issues, then who will?

God does not ask women to submit to be acceptable. God created male and female at the same time with the same rights and privileges. (Genesis 1: 27) There was a time when people had goddesses, and established clear lines of respect for women.

The Greeks recognized the importance of women in the fabric of life. It seems however, that Christianity and some of the newer religions find the need to have women in submission to men. Judaism and Islam have separate customs for men and women. Some even find women unclean, but necessary. Some still believe that evil enters into mankind through Eve in a mythical relationship with a snake.

Early Egyptian tradition and other countries on the continent of Africa, had historical traditions of male and female rulers, and respected relationships between male and female. Those societies with royal lineage had respect for the gender in line for ruling the nation at a specific time.

It is not clear how the separations of genders with respect to rights and privileges started. In nations tending to go to war with neighbors or requiring a strong defense of life and property, it is understood, that the more males would be highly valued. Religious justifications for discriminating against women, and valuing them less than males, can be traced back to the Abrahamic faiths, Jews, Christians and Muslims. Sacred scripture has not been fair to women.

Events and circumstances require some women to work hard beside men in conditions of slavery, poverty and oppression. Women who have survived slavery, poverty or oppression, are not ready to take another subservient position because of religious beliefs. Some cultures offer girls and women in arranged marriages; some use women to establish political alliances with other nations. Some use women as valuable merchandise, selling sexual services for wealth.

To ask a woman to enter into a relationship of submission for the sake of God causes women to wonder about their place in God’s plan and why is it women who must obey and submit? America was founded on a vision of freedom, from bondage, slavery, servitude, oppression and submission. The foundation of America is freedom, and the idea of requiring women to lay down those hard won freedoms in the name of religions is asking too much. Previous generations of women may have had to obey and submit, because of financial and educational restrictions. You must keep a group poor and uneducated if you want them to submit to unfair religious traditions.

Some religions and traditions discourage the western practice of love and romance, and encourage female members to consider themselves born to serve and to live for the sake of others. The traditions of gods requiring sacrifices is slowly coming to an end, and educated women will not serve gods of their own oppression. Mothers may have lived for the sake of others, but daughters and granddaughters want to celebrate that they too are made in the image and likeness of God. Submitting to physical abuse because scripture suggests it is “God’s will,” cause questions to the purpose. Is it God will or man’s will and necessity that seeks to continue the practice of abusing women in the name of religion? America is a nation under God, but the vision for the nation does not include the abuse of women. In America women are free, and under the Constitutions subjected to the same rights and privileges as men. America is a spirit, and our Constitution is the inspired words of a living God.

The greatest event in human religious history is the evolution of the United States of America. Traditional Abraham religions, from the creation of Adam, to the Fall Of Man focuses of violence, human sacrifice, and restrictions on who one could worship with or share a meal. Religion was about obedience, submission and compliance. There were strict laws even to punishment by death, by the religious, for those resisting traditions.


God is love, but His people do not love through religion. Jesus was here for three years, and those most religious, participated in His suffering and death. Two thousand years after the death of Jesus, a new kingdom arises, dedicated to the idea of the equality of man. Dedicated also to the idea that all men had a right to seek happiness, in this world, and not have to wait, die and have a better life in the next world; new thoughts- new ideas and new promises of expecting God to deliver on His word on the earth plane. America is not perfect but her image of a perfect God and man as a perfect creation. Scripture and religion teaches that man is sinful, hopeless, and unless he goes through specific rituals and utter religious doctrine, he has no chance of seeing God or the good Kingdom.

God rises up a group of men from the ashes of a failed European dream, and inspires them to write the bible for America. There are no horror stories of a people seeking to know and do right, but a complex guide on what are the God given rights of all men. The Constitution sets out to do a new thing without the restrictions of any organized belief or condition system. The constitution is written so different populations at different stages of time and understanding can use the language. There are no references to what the early people did or thought, or punishment if the guidelines were not followed. The Constitution started the evolution of the country, and the people would together evolve into a new creation in God.


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