Life comes from God, what you do with that life will come from you. No magical force will come and rescue you from poverty, it is up to you to rescue the you who is trapped in the circumstances of someone else’s behavior. Take control of that ship we will call your body and your self, and appoint yourself as captain. Do not permit any person, events or substances to take the controls away from you. Do not love, mate or produce children until you have taken your ship out of the waters of poverty. Do not permit others to use your ship as a pleasure craft without your total awareness and control. Get out of poverty, head your ship in that direction and do not stop until you are on the shores of wealth and independence.

           Breaking out of poverty will be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life; the failure rate is very high and the price expensive in the cost of emotional capital. If you are serious you must be prepared to become an immigrant in a new country. You must follow all of the steps taken by immigrants and prepare your self mentally and physically for a journey that will take a toll on your identity and your health.

Individuals who are motivated to leave the land of their birth have at some time made the decision that they cannot survive in their present surroundings, and for the sake of their own well being and the future, they must make extreme sacrifices and changes. Carefully research the area you are intending to immigrate; learn the culture, which include behavior traits and expectations, music, foods, shelter, relationships between men and women, and what is acceptable and expected. Identify the leaders of the area to which you are immigrating, and determine how they can help you adjust to the new environment.

Be prepared to change your clothing and physical look with respect to hairstyle and clothing. The last thing you want is to stand out like a sore thumb, therefore do a detailed research on what people look like. Just as you would do when planning a trip to a foreign land, check the weather and decide what to pack for the occasion, and what you may need to purchase letter. Pack your bag with all of your worldly possessions, say goodbye to your family and close friends, and accept the idea that once you immigrate to the new country, you will no longer we welcomed into the inner intimate circle again.

If you are strong enough to endure these challenges, welcome to the world of changing social classes and moving out of the culture of poverty.

The doorway out of poverty starts with education. There are really two doors, the first door is education and the second door is religion. These are dangerous exit paths, if you select the wrong path in education, you will fall down a dark hole of despair. If you select the wrong path in religion, you will fall down the same dark hole, you will just be shouting and singing. Public schools serving minority and poor students in New York City are path to dark holes. Churches helping you get into heaven as fast as you can without experiencing the joys of life, are also path to dark holes. You will need both the school and the church for your great escape.

The best way out of poverty is to secure a government job; almost half of the people in the country work for the government. Government jobs are policemen, firemen, teachers, sanitation, transportation, bridge and tunnels, doctors, lawyers, school personnel, air control, hospitals, post office, inspectors, all branches of the military.

The government only accepts the brightest and the best, and the rules and regulations are very strict. Government jobs pays good salaries, and usually have benefits and pensions. If you can secure a job working for the government, you have demonstrated that you understand the work world, and you do not think you are special, and entitled to wear nose rings and pierced tongues as a right of expression.

You cannot get out of poverty if you want to keep all expressions of your identity through hair and style of dress. Government workers represent the government and not themselves. Government employment agencies will tell you what is wrong with your appearance, your background check, your manner of speech, presentation and attitude, what your friends and family will not tell you about yourself, the government will.

The formula for success in America, when starting from poverty  starts with work. Work, honest work, do not be too proud to scrub floors or flip hamburgers. As long as you are not requested to do any thing illegal or immoral, obey instructions. Going to church regularly is important because it teaches you how to dress for the world. Every job has an uniform, find out the dress code, the dress code is the uniform you are expected to wear. Tattos and piercing, although fashionable suggests lack of emotional control or understanding about perceptions. There should be no outward expression of political, personal or religious views. You should project a competent worker capable of focusing on the job. Wear what you want on your own time, but on the job, you time is bought by your employer.

If you have problems and feel the need for free expressions, walk the streets of poverty and express yourself. Poverty is free, you may say and do what you want, but you will stay in the reserved pit of poverty. When you are ready to get out of the pit, put all that freedom of expression down, and work at the job at hand, getting out of poverty. You are out of poverty, when you pay for the place you live, the clothes you wear and the food you eat. Whom ever pays your bill ownes you and you are a poverty slave who must submit and obey. Get angry at poverty, resent it, avoid it and those who are in the pit with you. The prime directive is getting out, not making friends in the poverty pit. God wants you out, it gives God great pleasure to see you achieving wealth and prosperity. Do no man harm in thought word or deed, and God will send angels to help you on your journey.

Help where you can and as many as you can, but be prepared to go it alone, rather than permit anyone or anything to keep you in the pit. Seek and marry your future, suggesting, before you fall in love, make sure the person attracting your interest has achieved the life style you seek. Never bring children into a pit of poverty, but if life blesses you with children, pull them out with you, the impossible task will just be harder. You will need to work multiple jobs and go to school in the evening, God will expand time making it possible. Train your children to understand the program. Train them to sit quietly in the back of a college classroom doing homework or other planned activities. Make them part of the plan and the behavior for success. If you can get several escape ships going out of poverty, well and good, sharing responsibility can be beneficial, help, but do not permit those you seek to help to destroy your destination.

When you learn the path to freedom, plan to go back and help others. Do this only after you have achieved success and completed your journey. Saving other requires specialized skills, if you do not have professional life saving skills, do not jump back in the pit to save others. The poverty pit survives because it has built in safety gates to prevent escape. The members of the pit will fight you and destroy you if you attempt to leave or try to encourage other members to leave. Poverty is a culture and culture sustains itself with strength and fighting against its destruction or change.

Once you are out of the pit of poverty, be prepared for the challenges of living a middle class life. It will not be easy, but the reward is dignity and respect. The respect will come from yourself and others.

America is made of people who have escaped the pits of poverty and injustice. This land is made of individuals with self determination and willingness to suffer hard times for the betterment of their future and the future of their children. On the other side of the poverty pit, you will find many fellow travelers, the know the journey and the sacrifice, smile as you pass them, they know.


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