Language is a weapon, God, the creator of the Universe, transformed the selected animal into an image of Him/Herself by giving man an apposable tongue. This different tongue was connected to the brain and vocal chords. This tongue was given the power to persuade and subdue other men, and it was given more power than the fist, the sword or the gun. God later sends the tongue down, as the Word, in the physical and Spiritual form of His Son Jesus The Christ.

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and other Greeks knew the power of the tongue and encourage man to learn its power and use. It was through the tongue that men learned  to persuade other men to give them what they wanted, or what they did or did not deserve. Men had to learn how to organize  thoughts and emotions and stand in total control before other men and persuade men to grant power and wishes. Barbarians may have used brute force and the animal pack loyality, to invade the lands of other men and take what they wanted. The larger and more brutal the animal pack was, they more they were able to take. In the process of taking, they destroyed lives and left nothing to symbolize victories. These brutal victories created no life just destruction and survival, and for man in his post animal strage, it was just a matter of time before the next wave of violent conquest would occur. Man has always wanted what other men had, and what men wanted they took by force. When where how and why the decision was made to try a different technique is not recorded, so we say God in His infinite wisdom decided to loosen the tongue of man and change the course of human history. Our Bible is the story of words with violence and words without violence.  Beautiful words pour forth as  poetry of the soul from the Book of Psalms. The Old Testament give powerful confusing and conflicting accounts of man intellectually wrestling with his creator to try to find mean and purpose in life. The Bible is filled with language, the type of language, which produces thought, and the results of thought, which produces things. Man through the years have discovered that with the power of thought turned into language the world could be conquered with out the bloodshed of Babarian ancestors.

Modern civilizations developed schools of learning focusing on how to organize thought in order to achieve compliance in man and animal. Universities created schools of law, where men learned how to control the thinkings of other men through the use of ethics, logic, and compassion. Men discovered with the use of language they could motivate and inspire other men to good or evil, with little effort, language and the tongue were on the way to conquering the world and making the strong submit to the weak.

In politics, language is used in coded form, to stir passions of hate and love, and individuals listening to the same message may have different reactions depending on how the coded words are received.

Make a nation great again may be coded words for there is too much civil rights and social justice, power has shifted from the top to the bottom or from black to white. The codes are imbedded inside of the language and received only by the intended groups.  Unchecked language can lead man back to his barbarian stage where force was the normal and accepted means of communication.

In Christian theology, the Word is Jesus, and the language is love and understanding. Our churches should not be involved in encouraging the mind through the use of the tongue to un love other men for greed and profit. We are all guest on this planet and in this part of the world.

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