Jesus is the symbol of love and life. Jesus is about possibility, Jesus is about love even in hardship and diversity. There is too much teaching about sin and suggering. There is too much teaching about hardship and expected and accepted wrong doing and violence. Our religions are violent because they worship histories of violence among men. Jesus came to teach us that we can be a better people inspite of ourselves. Man should not seek to understand or accept his violence as unchangeable human behavior. Man does not have to be violent because of events in his life. We do not want to accept and understand traumatic distress as a reason for inhumanity to others.

Easter is a celebration of man overcoming his human behavior, dying to all indications of his animal instincts and becoming the image and likeness of the living God. America is an Easter experience of human life. White men and black men, convicts and settlers were all given a chance to rise up from the ashes of death into the Spiritual and reality vision of a new people and a new world.

Our religions and our country should teach the joy of the human spirit. What makes America great is not the history of her tragedies but the survival of her tragedies. America is a loving and compassionate country inspite of her racism, violence and  crazy behavior of some of her people.

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