Israel is Hebrew and Hebrews are Egyptians from the land called Africa by the Romans. Current Israel considers itself European with European thoughts and value Systems, they are in conflict with their cousins of color. America DNA is slavery, Scott Irish, African, Native American Indian. The slaves do not want to acknowledge that they are connected and blood kin. They fight each other in bloody battles, seeking to prove who is the better. It is time for America to acknowledge who she is, and who are the people responsible for her dreams ideas and inspirations, and put down the racism crap, and work together for the visions of the founding fathers produced by our blood.The world is a mess, but we the inhabitants of this same world are called to be a light house shinning in a sea of storm. God has given us the assignment of bringing His people home. It is our job to demonstrate how we can work in Her world.

America is facing the same problem as Israel in the Middle East. Jews and Palestine’s are the same people, and Israel directs most of her anger towards her own kind, which she dismisses. Racism in America centers on the same people connect by blood and history and immigrants coming on the scene later trying to get into a game they were not invited to play. In America the racism is between white slaves and black slaves, both who know nothing about their history but respond to pain and injustices inflicted upon them and take this frustration out on others. History omits the white slaves and men and women of oppression dragged to these shores in the bottom of boats only to be sold as merchandise to the highest bidder. Treated with violence and injustice, both group won their freedom from oppression, but with no mental health resources to ease the pain, redirected the pain to the perceived weakest among the population. White slaves and black slaves mixed and mated with the Native Indian population and produced a nation of individuals strong enough to take on and defeat the greatest of enemies. They choose to fight each other, because history keeps their identity and relationships secret in the hopes of discouraging links and the formations of unions, which could results in a people destines to avenge those who tried to destroy man through violence and injustice. Israel fights her brothers and cousins, spurred on my outsiders in the region hoping to weaken the original occupants of the area with unwelcoming signs of violence and conflict. Who or what is the Middle East, and in the same thought, who or what is the American?
It is time for the African American, the Native American Indian and the Scott Irish to stop fighting among themselves and work together for this land to which they have given their blood, sweat and life to bring into existence. It is time for the Ellis Island immigrant to mind their own business, and keep the racist crap of Europe out of our country. We welcome the immigrant, but we are tired of their European cultural baggage spills over into our already challenging environment.
We the people descendants of ancestors who served out time as indentured servants, slaves, convicts, labors and settlers, have struggled through many wars and internal convicts to make this land a place of social justice for all. The bible suggests that we are a human society will always have the poor with us, we as the people of America struggling to overcome poverty and hard times want to deny that reality. We say let the weak say, I am strong, let the lame walk, let the dead of oppressions and racism rise again into a new world and reality.

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