The Irish and the African were dragged over to the British North American Colonies in the bottom of boats, some in chains. They were brought over here to serve the ruling class and to be the labor force for what was to develop into one of the greatest nations in modern history. America was to become the Rome and Greece of the post ancient world. This group was used and abused until after two vicious battles, The Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and with a great loss of life, they secured freedom and became the foundation and soul of the United States of America. Today the spirit of these brave men must again rise up and unite with each other to save the future. It is time for another Bacon Rebellion, where black men and white men, poor struggling and forgotten, take back America. Our empty churches should become restoration centers and universities for taking back America through education. Our kids are becoming zombies to technology they do not understand. The are not being prepared through our education centers for the jobs making it possible to take part in the American dream. The dream will be restored, and this time the dreamer will include Appalachia.

It is time to put down the Smart Phone and restore the Smart Student. Our students have become Thumb Talkers and not thinkers. Thumb Talking will not keep America in the leadership position in the world. Thumb Talking trains the brain to think in one orderly way. The information provided in the Thumb Machines requires total concentration, almost to a hypnotic control of the thought process. All communication with the surrounding environment fades into the background and a pleasurable release take over the mind and body. In order to continue in the experience more steps and controlled procedures must be learned as America’s Alice’s’ are guided deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. The knowledge of what is in these mental holes are not known by the American society, there is little they can say and do to protect itself from the power of the technology revolution. No one dares ask who is in control of this technology revolution and what are the goals and aims of its leaders. It is certainly not to benefit Americans because Americans, the DNA’s of America seem to be left out. Jobs requiring technology skills are not attracting Americans either because they lack the cognitive skills to use and understand the complexities of the science, or there is some deliberate plan to transfer the role of world leadership to another group. Americans are brain thinkers; they solve problems through oral communication, social interaction and observing nature. Americans look up and look around, they touch, ask questions and learn from each other. Americans are not good at the obedience and submission requirement, and when caught in such environment, the mind seeks to find ways to escape. Training the mind to accept submissions and obedience is necessary if America is going to be replaced in her position as Alpha Dog. America cannot be beat in the field of battle, her scrappy nature and will to fight to the bitter end makes her a difficult foe to defeat. Our enemies have tried the destruction of our education system, stripping down, and eliminating required skills of excellence. Dumb down teachers were taught to Dumb Down students. The government has shut down free college programs, and citizens have forgotten that they ever existed. Without data it is difficult to prove, but Americans do not appear to be getting healthier, our health care systems seem to have abandon us. Our grandparents have Alzheimer’s and our grandchildren have Autism or some other difficult to name neurological challenges. Hard working families are losing homes to Hedge Fund Bankers more interested in destruction for the sake of wealth than what benefits the citizens and the country. It is time for another Bacon Rebellion.

Bacon’s Rebellion was an uprising in 1676 in the Virginia Colony in North America, led by a 29-year-old planter, Nathaniel Bacon.

It was the first rebellion in the American colonies in which discontented frontiersmen took part; a similar uprising in Maryland would take place later that year. About a thousand Virginians (including former indentured servants, poor whites and poor blacks) rose up in arms against the rule of Virginia Governor William Berkeley. Berkeley had recently refused to retaliate for a series of Indian attacks on frontier settlements

The alliance between former indentured servants and Africans disturbed the ruling class, who responded by hardening the racial caste of slavery.[2][3][1] While the farmers did not succeed in their goal of driving Native Americans from Virginia, the rebellion did result in Berkeley being recalled to England.

Indentured servants( DNA) both black and white joined the frontier rebellion.The uniting of black people, white people, the poor and oppressed caused fear in the ruling class. “ Historians believe the rebellion hastened the hardening of racial lines associated with slavery, as a way for planters and the colony to control some of the poor.”[17]

There needs to be a reuniting of America, the indentured servants need to take back America from this invading force that is turning our children into Thumb Talkers, and encouraging the ethnic groups to attack each other. Whenever it appears as if harmony and progress is developing among the American people, someone throws out a racial bone to to chew on for distraction. We must find ways to rescue our youth and restore them to their DNA history.

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