After hundred of years of living in the new world as bondsmen, convicts, settlers, servants and slaves, the people had enough of second class treatment and decided that they wanted to live as and be free men. The rejects, those to be punished, those who sought after a new chance in life, were sent to live in this new land of challenge and danger. The rough, the ragged, the angry and the brave, took whatever weapon they could and with sheer determination, and right on their side, defeated the seasoned armed forces of the British Empire and declared that they were free from the tyranny of far away lands. These men of courage eased out of the British North American Colonies, and united the colonies into separate states; with an appointed group of men they formed a congress, dedicated to representing the hopes and dreams of a new nation.

Theology of America

Major themes of the Declaration: individual rights and the right of revolution. These ideas became widely held by Americans and spread internationally as well, influencing in particular the French Revolution.

America does not follow the belief structure of Rome as depicted in the magnificent artistic renditions of Michelangelo, his paintings on the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham is not the best symbol for family life in America. The idea of sacrificing one’s son for a belief system, did not translate over into the new country. Young men were encouraged to step forth live and serve, but blood sacrifices on animal altars were not widely encouraged. The people transferred to this undiscovered part of the world brought with them favored and disfavored belief systems, some they would keep, and others they were willing to forget. European churches brought over the practice of witch burning and the destruction and disrespect for the female form as anything other than a pleasure symbol or necessary reproductive vessel. Small groups outside of powerful churches realized that there was wisdom in the female and strength in her form. The new world developed the Mother as sacred and wise. The environment of the new world spoke to the woman, and she spoke to the man explaining what it had to say. The female in America became the head of the family, and the male became the strength of the family. Together they worked out a system of survival founded in thinking, making a decision, and engaging in some form of action. The people in the new world were an occupied force, brought to this part of the world for specific purposed, all related to the accumulation of wealth to be transported to sponsoring foreign governments. The development of skills and techniques for living under the radar of the ruling class was what the people of the new world developed. No head had to be higher than another, all movement had to be carefully orchestrated to move to a specific rhythm so as not to cause attention to anyone. Religious gathering, carefully observed and organized were designed to insure that all people focused on a life after death, and encouraged all members to believe that they were worthless sinners not worthy to live in God’s kingdom. The Church and the Royal families of the world were the keepers of entitlement, and they made the decision on who made the cut. Sometimes these decisions could be influenced by monetary contributions. The traditional theology coming out of the Christian Churches was that God was an angry entity and had to be appeased or punishment would be expected, the Church and the Royal families had the lone power to speak to God and for a significant amount of coin, promise or property influence decisions made by the divine. American theology does not enter into the financial barging with God for special privileges; American theology suggests a more partnership arrangement with the almighty. In exchange for doing all the hard work and devoted worship, the powerful partner would remove all the emotional, physical, sociological and environmental obstacles out of the way. Man through his own sheer will and strength would do his part to do the best and be the best, and God through the magic of His power will change hearts attitudes and belief systems of those dedicated to prevent progress. God created a spirit, which moves through the country and causes the country to work for the good of mankind, even when individuals in the country want to do mean and hurtful things to others.

This process of paying for God’s favors was the defining factor in the separation. The rules of survival in these early societies were influenced by belief systems, this writer called the American Theology.

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