The Historical Black Church and the Roman Catholic Church saved America from becoming just another European colony of England. The fight for Irish justice and black freedom made America. The Native American gave the spirit of the land and the secrets of living with diversity. The Scott’s/ Irish /Native and African form the DNA of this great land, how they handled challenges and conflicts is the story of America. The African transformed the religion of the European into a theology of liberation. Spiritual mental black and liberation theology make it possible for African Americans to survive and thrive and become the educated and wealthiest peoples of color on earth. This is about the role the church played in that miracle.

The Church is the foundation of America not religion, the Church was a major institutions in the lives of people. Good and evil were found in the Church. God used this institution to demonstrate His power not only to transform a people, but to sustain a nation through difficult circumstances. The  Catholic Church was the major educational institution in the country and it trained and prepared the best Irish teachers to work with the millions of refugees coming out of Europe. Millions poured through Ellis Island seeking a hope for a better life. Most came from a culture of poverty, and they were thrown into a land of a different people and a different culture. The Europeans arrived at a time when America had laws of compolsory education for children. The biggest mistake that American teachers make today is to believe that the children of the Ellis Island immigrant were different from the children coming as refugees from Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Children are children and cultural challenges remain the same. What is different are the teachers and the people elected to serve the cultural and educational challenges of today’s student. What is also different is the role the Church played in working with families and individuals adjusting to the post traumatic challenges they had experienced. The best and the happiest people do not leave their own country to travel thousands of miles across oceans for a better chance at life. It was the Catholic Church that was there to encourage,  educate and sustain the Italian, Irish, Polish and Southern Eastern European pouring into the country and the school system. Teachers stepped up to the plate and made the famous American transformation a reality. Kids were rude, disrespectful and frightened and acted the way all frightened people act. Poverty produces anti social behaviors and incidents of police brutality and long prison terms for immigrant men were not uncommon. Some Irish, Italian and Jewish men fought their way out of poverty through organized crime gangs, still others fought their way through the free colleges and used education as a doorway out of poverty. It is wrong and it is racist, for teachers to say that these were different times and yesterday’s immigrants were different, they were not. What is different is the absence of the Church as a major role player, and the lack of required preparations of teachers dedicating their lives to safe and change the world. Good intentions do not make effective teachers, good classroom management, curriculum mastery and methods training, produces success. The paths to successful teaching are strong Instructional Preparations and Instructional Delivery. You cannot teach what you do not know, and you cannot manage children if you do not know how. Religious Schools, Private Schools and Charter Schools, bring in the what, the how and the who required for success. The failed public education institutions stands back and call foul requesting the formations of committees to evaluate these institutions and the programs used. America, in its wisdom, stated that the money follows the child, and education systems may use any name as long as American children are educated for the jobs of the present and future. The Catholic Church was again used as a model on how you educate all children leaving no child behind. The Historical Black Church has used its system since the beginning of the Republic.  In the front of the Church, people may be singing, reading scripture and shouting, but in backrooms and basements, academic learning was taking place. Historical Black Churches, through slavery and beyond, poured people and resources into the education of individuals and families regardless of circumstances. Come in, shut up, sit down listen and learn, through the power of God, be ye transformed and made smart.

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