Heavenly Father, we thank you for this opportunity to come together as sisters in Christ. Bless each one of us and tend to our individual needs that only you know about. Bless Women Ministry as we seek to represent the Heart of God to His people. Heavenly Father let us remember that you had such love and faith in us as women, that you made the decision to send your beloved Son Jesus down to be delivered through the body of a woman. We thank you for Mary, a woman giving birth to the Word. Thank you oh God for your faith and trust in us as women-strong enough to carry the Word. Bless our president and congress of the United States, and inspire them to also be carriers of the word to the American people. Bless and all the work she has been doing to make Women Ministry an important arm of ACLC. Help us to learn how to love each other and to respect our different paths of Faith. Let us not focus on who or what we hate, but whom we should love in Thy name. Bless the ACLC and its mission to do your work on earth. Bless our individual ministries, and let us continue to dedicate our lives to your purpose. We pray this in the name of the Father, The Son, and the Blessed Holy Spirit.

“Mary the mother of Jesus our Lord, was a humble servant of God given a special task to do. God trusted Mary enough to bring his only Son into the world and to raise him. Mary nurtured are Lord from birth and had a big influence on him. Mary held a unique place in the early Christian Church. God came into Mary not once, but twice. God came into Mary the first time when the Holy Spirit created Jesus Christ in her (Luke 1:35). God came into Mary the second time at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit filled her with the Spirit along with all her Christian brothers and sisters (Acts 2:1–4). Jesus loves his mother, Mary, with a special love, and she is sister in Christ. The Scriptures say that she’s blessed. I am sure that she holds a high place in the Kingdom of Heaven, because she is the King’s mother. Moses and the profits gave us the Word in the OT. The disciples wrote the Word in the NT. Mary gave us Jesus, the True Word of God.
Woman was created in the image of God along with man. Women are baptized with the Holy Spirit as well as men. The revolt of woman against her inequalities with man is at bottom a protest against the restraints of a culture without faith, one that has chained her God given talents. One of the most beautiful lessons in the world emerges from the Annunciation, namely, the vocation of woman to supreme religious values.
Jesus is quoted at the wedding at Cana and also at his crucifixion as referring to his mother as “Woman”. This is parallel to referring to himself as the “son of man”; and implies ‘Genesis 3:15’ in which God promised salvation through the woman’s offspring. Mary seemed to be the hostess at the marriage party, the one in charge.”

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