Governing Dynamics, as theory developed by Professor John Nash of Princeton University, is very similar to the system set up by the Founding Fathers for America. America consideres what is good for the individual and the Union as a whole. This idea of greed is not American, although people come here with greed in their hearts to make their fortune. If it does not help and improve the quality of life for Americans, as a whole, it will not last. Wealth is God in circulation, share the wealth, give it away, then you can keep it.

Sometimes it is necessary to tell the story over and over again, it seems as if we do not know who we are and what we stand for- a nation, under God with liberty and justice for all. We pay attention to the great thinkers of the world, America includes the wisdom of the world in her on going development, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and yes the late John Nash. Governing Dynamics, although an principle in economics, talks about America. Economics is the science of who get what, when, where and how, in the supply of every day needs and wants. The question of how will what I do and say influence and affect others is a foundational principal of good business. Leaving out your neighbor will result in failed business practices. You may have periods of extreme selfish wealth, but it cannot be sustained. We are all connexted and as our understanding of that principle grows, so will our wealth. Someone has tilted the balance of these principles and is concentrating on bottom lines and profit margins, and leaving out the Nash principle of governing dynamics, if it does not benefit all, it will eventually collasp. Why are food prices so high, why are stores that supply goods and services to people charged sure high rents until they cannot stay in business? Why are American’s charged such high prices for education fully funded and provided by other Americans poorly compensated? According to the Nash principle, good and free education benefits the population as a whole and educated people produces more wealth. Providing reasonably priced healthy food would result in a healthy population, cutting down loss to business and industry. When and where did this greed and selfishness creep in, and what happened to our representatives who had the responsibility of supervising the needs of the people? Maybe it is time for a history lesson so we can remember who we are and the foundational beliefs for which we stand.

Over 400 years ago, this great land went through many changes. Millions of people were migrating out of the old world, seeking new and different experiences and survival. Changes took place as some fought to take land from people that occupied this promise land. Promised by whom – it is not clear, there were however, strong beliefs, that this area of land, later to be called the Americas, were destined to hold endless promises to boat wondering peoples from all over the world.

Battles were fought and hard times were had, and in the process and results of some blood stained victories, the beginning of a nation began to appear. This was to be a nation different from other nations, there were to be no kings or “high born” rulers with the power of life and death over anyone. This was a land where slaves, convicts and settlers fought for the right to be treated as free men, those who have been oppressed and enslaved, yearn for a Savior, someone to come and direct them and show them the way to a better life.

The fighters for freedom believed that a Savior or King would be wrong for this new social body, it was believed that this social group of people were not smart enough to select or elect a leader. There were many complexities in the interactions with other neighboring social groups and established nations. Careful care and considerations of human characteristics had to be taken into consideration. The animal part of the brain, the part that controls fight or flight would not be the part of the human mind used in the selection of a leader. The decision was made to select a group of trusted elders and learned men to make the selection of the leader, It was also agreed that individuals selected would not pay attention to emotional outburst influenced by human biological drives leading to flawed decisions making.

The representatives would work towards the better angels of the human spirit, and what we would want if we were thinking and doing our best, thinking about what policies would be best for the individual and the group as a whole.

Spiritual creative dynamics, the process of taking care of the self and the group for the benefit of the human family, the system developed, by the Founding Fathers. Understanding this background brings into question, our modern day understanding or misunderstanding of the Bill Of Rights. This would not lead us to understand Freedom of Speech as a right to hurt or offend. Hurting others with offensive speech helps the individual while doing harm to the group, putting a gun in the hands of those who seek to hurt others was not the intent of the Founding Fathers.

America follows no one religious doctrine, and is not under the control of any religious institution or power. No religious doctrine can tell us what to believe, what to eat, whom to marry and who is acceptable to call friend. As a nation we respect the many paths of faith of each man, and we believe that each man has a right to his separate and personal journey. America does not elect religious leaders or representatives, it elects respected men and women dedicated to the basic principles of Jesus The Christ, a Jewish Rabbi, stating we should love God and love our neighbor. We ask who and what is this America, are we missing something?


America is a spirit, and our Constitution is the inspired words of a living God.

The greatest event in human religious history is the evolution of the United States of America. Traditional Abraham religions, from the creation of Adam, to the Fall Of Man focuses of violence, human sacrifice, and restrictions on who one could worship with or share a meal. Religion was about obedience, submission and compliance. There were strict laws even to punishment by death, by the religious, for those resisting traditions.

Life was so horrible for some during Biblical times and early European history, that the joy of dying and a promise of a better life through death became the foundation of the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Religious traditions such as the circumcision of males- the restrictions, silence and submission of females, and the practice of giving girl children in marriage to older men, caused unspoken pain in the obedient silent.

The idea of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, although not a religious doctrine, do provide a look into the intent and mind of God. Scripture tells us the “ It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.” If this is so, why is there so much pain suffering and death in the stories we are encouraged to learn?

God is love, but His people do not love through religion. Jesus was here for three years, and those most religious, participated in His suffering and death. Two thousand years after the death of Jesus, a new kingdom arises, dedicated to the idea of the equality of man. Dedicated also to the idea that all men had a right to seek happiness, in this world, and not have to wait, die and have a better life in the next world; new thoughts- new ideas and new promises of expecting God to deliver on His word on the earth plane.

America is not perfect but her image of a perfect God and man as a perfect creation. Scripture and religion teaches that man is sinful, hopeless, and unless he goes through specific rituals and utter religious doctrine, he has no chance of seeing God or the good Kingdom.

God rises up a group of men from the ashes of a failed European dream, and inspires them to write the bible for America. There are no horror stories of a people seeking to know and do right, but a complex guide on what are the God given rights of all men. The Constitution sets out to do a new thing without the restrictions of any organized belief or condition system.

The constitution is written so different populations at different stages of time and understanding can use the language. There are no references to what the early people did or thought, or punishment if the guidelines were not followed.

The Constitution started the evolution of the country, and the people would together evolve into a new creation in God.

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