God Needs To Get Out Of The Poverty Business, It Is The Fathers Good Pleasure To Give Us The Kingdom

God Needs To Get Out Of The Poverty Business

Change poor communities from happy centers into science centers. Bring in the top science technology engineering and math people into schools, learning centers and churches and teach the science of God. Take the singing and dancing out of the communities of the poor and oppress, and open up the mind to God, and let young minds study the endless possibilities of this earth. The poor are given happy curriculums to get them out of the way of the rich and privileged, there is wealth in poverty, and poverty has the work force, and can be motivated to surpass the accomplishments of the rich and privileged.

The country will reach into its urban centers when it discovers that there are areas in the country where the secrets and skills of wealth are being taught. The urban centers already have a secret, which is causing the silent return of the white flight from the inner cities. The struggle to survive and the diversity and need for structure – may result in low incidents of Autism or incidents of ADD/ADHD.  Now if the inner cities could add the extra variable of high traing in STEM for public school students, we would indeed see the workings of God.

Go for wealth and get it through science and technology, get wealth through the study of God. What is the God factor? What is the God particle? How does the evolution process differ from the creation process, and what happens when the mind of God motivates the mind of man? What is it like to be in the mind of God? Science is the study of God, and God is the process of science at work.

 Churches should open up Math Science And Technology Centers. This web site provides instructions to churches interested in creating God science centers in challenging neighborhoods.

            A child maybe born into poverty, but he is born with the mind of God; how he uses that mind determines his future.

Many years ago, as a doctoral student I studied a small country in the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda, a British possession, was experiencing typical class struggle; former slaves were the dominate population, but Europeans were in the ruling class and made up the rich and the privileged. Bermuda however, had a little secret. Although it was a favorite tourist destination, its wealth and quality of life did not come from tourism. Bermuda was in the off shore banking business, and the management, distribution, protection of foreign money, specifically American dollars was its chief aim and purpose.

People lived well on the non Caribbean Island. The native Bermudan made a decision that they wanted part of the wealth and resources of the Island. They wanted their children to go to the same high quality schools, which the Europeans attended. They wanted the opportunity to purchase homes cars and boats  same as the minority privileged. They wanted the middle class and upper class struggles and opportunities, and if they did not get it, there would be riots and interruptions of all of the countries services including banking.

The leaders of the country called a special meeting, considered all of the demands and consequences, and voted on the side of wealth. The leaders decided that it would be devastating to this mini Switzerland- this haven for hiding the wealth of the privileged  – if negative attention was attracted by civil unrest. Over night Bermuda became a free society for all.

An interesting part of this research revealed that the country made major changes in its education system. Bermuda needed math specialist,  accountants, bookkeepers and money managers, and it depended on the educational institutions to provide the human resources to meet the needs of the country.

Through the school system, poor Bermudan’s became wealthy money managers and insurance managers, and this was done through changing the curriculums.  This was done almost over night, as the country made a commitment to its people and an economy it did not want to disturb. The native populations had made its bankers and offer they could not refuse- share or lose it all.

Today this small Island, in the Atlantic Ocean, just 600 miles from South Carolina is the eighth wealthiest country in the world. Bermudans travel all over the world, and send their children to the best colleges and universities in America.

America could do the same with her poor.  Poverty is big business in America – keeping the poor ignorant and in place, is a recessary requirement of the status quo and wealthy in America.  Private schools depend upon the low performance and failure of the public schools. Up scale realestate depend upon the knowledge that the poor and oppressed living in the poorly serviced areas of town. In America, wealth depend upon poverty to be worthy.

Major industries and institutions depend upon poverty for its bottom line. Insurance, Health Care, Education, Penal Systems and RealEstate, think, incorrectly, that they will suffer significantly if there were movement or changes in the status quo. If America does not make major changes in its thought patterns about the rich and privileged, she will lose her future position as world leader. Nations of the world are working to eliminate world hunger and poverty, and they are doing this by changing the belief systems and culture of the society.

Key players on the American scene, still believe that keeping the masses poor increases the bottom line of dividen checks. The reality is that if and when America releases the song and potential of her poor, and provide the poor with the thinking and directional skills to obtain wealth, the bottom line of all industry will increase. Wealth comes when you make the poor wealthy – enabling them to purchase the goods and services provided by giant corporations.

Stop preaching and teaching the poor how to be poor and see God. Wealth is God in circulation, it is time to remove the scales from the blind man’s eyes, so he can realy see God and his endless possibilities.

The job markets in the 21st century, requires a skilled work force, to create and handle the demand for the new technological devices used by the entire world. Our educational institutions are  “happy centers ” for the poor. They learn to sing, dance, talk, study the creative and expressive arts and they enter into the world and job market, with no job ready skills  – many with college degrees have to work for minimum wages in service industry. Happiness soon turns to despair and frustration when graduates discover, that they are equipped to do nothing.

Happiness should not be the pabulum for the poor, to keep them from being a problem to the status quo. In Bermuda, the poor gave up the gift of diversionary happiness, and made their children work hard to learn the technological rules and skills of wealth.

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