Why does God need a blood sacrifice? The force of good must check the drive for evil if life is to survive. Man’s greatest challenge is to know the power of the God force within and search for the better angels of the Abraham story, which prevents destruction of the future. If Abraham had killed His son Isaac, he would have destroyed his future. Let us not be so quick to offer and carry through sacrifices without listening to the silent powerful voices of the angels pointing the way to a different path. God does not need or want His people to sacrifice sons and daughters to Her glory. God made each and every one of us, and therefore knows what is in our hearts and minds. God does not require the blood of humanity as a tribute to Him.

God created the sun, the moon and the stars. He created all the planets, the universe and the cosmos. Oceans, seas, rivers lakes were spoken into existence to beautify and support these awesome designs. Birds were created to travel high above His glorious displays, creatures big and small move in splendor around the grounds of earthly and possibile planetary splendor. To top it off, God created an image of Her self with all the likeness and  endless possibilities to know and appreciate His great accomplishments. The question then becomes, why did this God of creation need human and life sacrifices to acknowledge His greatness? Why does a God need sacrifices of human sexual organs and life? Abraham is considered the father of three major religions on this earth created by this supreme entity. Abraham is required to sacrifice sacrifice part of his own sexual organ, and to physical perform a pain procedure on all of the men for whom he is responsible. Abraham, is furth required, according to scripture, to kill the living form of himself, a life, his son, a requirement that he agrees with in submission and obedience. It is only the interjection of a thinking entity from the God head real, in the form of an angel, which causes a halt to the whole barbaric procedure. Why, and what part does all the need for blood human sacrifice play in the horrors of history. Sacred scripture describes the torture and death of Jesus, the Son of God, sent down to be the needed sacrificial lamb to apease this strange need of the God whom we are calleded to serve. Perhaps German Christians were called to sacrifice 6 million Jews to this blood need? Perhaps American Christian members of KKK churches were called to sacrifice Jews, Catholics and Africans on swing trees of glory in the name of obedience and submission? Today, nations in the Middleeast are sacrificing men women and children because of strong religious beliefs fueled by the need for a blood sacrifice. It is time to ask, why the need for blood, the conversation takes courage, it is hoped that angels from heaven will again step in and say, this is not the way, let us look for another way to show our feelings and obedience.

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